• Ban fracking in England
    Fracking pollutes the water, destroys our countryside, and can cause earthquakes big enough to damage homes. The emissions from dirty energy pollute the air and cause climate change, endangering our precious environment. Country after country has banned fracking, but our government still supports the fracking industry. Sign the petition now, and call on the government to ban fracking to protect our communities and the environment from this dangerous form of energy extraction.
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  • More single use plastic than we can take
    Single use plastic cannot be recycled or responsibly repurposed. Responsible packaging is a social and environmental good we all wish for.
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    Created by Paul Stansall
  • Urban tree planting
    Important for the environment as the planting of trees helps to mitigate global warming
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    Created by Hazel Richardson
  • Ban Christmas Crackers
    The prizes are usually made of non recyclable plastic that will end up in landfill and the wrappers are covered in silver or gold foil that is not recyclable so the whole lot ends up in the bin. There were 27.2 million households in the UK in 2017 & most will have crackers!
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    Created by Gail Loynes Picture
  • Landfill Or Landscape
    Over the years Harrow council has made it compulsory for domestic food waste to be collected weekly from our doorstep and be recycled. Why not make it compulsory for schools? Hundreds & thousands of bin bags full of unwanted food from children’s plates is disposed and thrown away every academic year . This is wrong we’re teaching our children about climate change and green gasses Saving the planet should start from raising awareness of the damage we’re causing right here right now , let’s do the right thing to protect our future generation. Children are the future they have a right to a beautiful green and happy planet.
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    Created by Marina Constanti
  • Stop Killing Killingworth
    Killingworth is a beautiful, independent Town that shouldn’t be swallowed up into a faceless conurbation by unnecessary housing estates whose development will destroy green lands & kill local rare wildlife like deer and badgers and their natural habitat which needs to be protected at all costs.
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    Created by Stuart Latimer Picture
  • Stop the installation of an Electronic Billboard at Elm Grove
    This will create a new night-time light that may be bright and impact the current "quietly-lit" residential street. The applicant claims this is "consistent with the current visual amenity" and is "not materially different than the existing position". However there is every reason to believe that this electronic billboard will be a detriment the aesthetics of our neighbourhood, will be distracting to drivers as they go up Elm Grove and will adversely affect our property values and quality of life.
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    Created by Robert Bissell
  • Reduce/eliminate plastic at concerts
    This is important because we are in a climate crisis right now and we need to go to dramatic lengths to stop the damage we are doing to the world. Knowing there are such simple changes we can make right now to lower our plastic use and they’re not being done is something I find quite weird,I’m 18 and what’s happening right now honestly terrifies me because it’s my future that’s being taken away from me,I’m fighting for change everyday as are millions around the world and I think this needs to be done now. The amount of plastic you see covering the floors after a concert is ridiculous and all of it is single use,the majority of it doesn’t even end up in the recycling bin,by making reusable water bottles available,they can be used 1000s of times and not just thrown away/on the floor when empty. I couldn’t walk 1 step when I saw Shawn Mendes in April this year without treading on a plastic cup,the arena floor looked horrific as everyone cleared out without taking their rubbish,it makes me so sad to see what we’re doing to this planet. We need change and we need it now. This is such a small but well needed change that we need to implement now.
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    Created by Nicole Stephenson
  • Leeds Council tip charges
    Leeds Citizens deserve a full disposal service.
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    Created by John Sidebottom Picture
  • Ban single use plastics in the UK.
    In the UK alone the amount of plastic waste generated annually is estimated to be nearly 5 million tonnes. With only 9% of all plastic ever made actually being recycled that means that our beautiful planet is filling up with toxic plastics. It is clogging up our seas, killing our wildlife and is in our food and in the air that we breathe. The saddest thing is that most of this plastic is completely unnecessary and we now have so many solutions and alternatives available and we need to put pressure on our governments to put laws and solutions in place to stop this devastation now. Everything that is made from plastic can be made from hemp and this is easy to grow, it enriches and heals the soil it is grown in, cleans the air, and reduces pollution. It has some of the longest, strongest natural fibers known to man. I feel so passionate about this issue as I have seen first hand in Bali the waterways and beaches awash and full of plastics. It is heartbreaking and I set out to help make people aware of what is happening and bring about positive action and change. There are millions of images of animals that are being tortured and killed by our everyday plastic use. Plastics that are completely disposable and that last forever on our planet.
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    Created by shelley Hayes-Williams Picture
  • Ban plastic/card waste at eat in restaurants
    To reduce waste of the earth's resources and reduce waste going to landfill and recycling.
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    Created by Peter Hussey
  • Aluminium foil packaging
    Aluminium is a commodity and should not be sen to landfill when it is one of the easiest recyclable metals
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    Created by Stuart Best Picture