• The grove community center
    The youth have no where to play socialise and meet so they hang around the town in groups they desperately need some where to go.
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    Created by Kieran Stone
  • Lets stop envelopes with plastic windows!
    Plastic is a major polluter of landfill sites and more and more of our plastic is ending up in our oceans. Every year the amounts increase. We need to take steps, even small ones, to protect our world for our children and grandchildren.
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    Created by Julian Stokes
  • Road Safety at Cilfynydd and Norton Bridge
    Safe crossing areas are essential to YGG Pontsionnorton and Pontypridd High. The area has not seen any funding or improvement for sometime however following the catastrophic accident recently involving a young person at Pontypridd High and car crash at YGG PSN residents wish to protect the most vulnerable and make areas more accessible whilst slowing the traffic to a safer speed.
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    Created by Geraint Ashcroft
  • Remove disposable coffee cups from all hospitals cafes
    They can't be recycled and the scottish government has already baned them from all their sites so I think the NHS Scotand should do the same amd encourage more people to bring their own cups.
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    Created by Lynne Bond
  • Barlborough Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Crossings
    Having had an increase in traffic due to house building elsewhere in the Bolsover District and the increase in Pedestrian accicdents it’s imperative that Pedestrian access throughout the village is increased so that our children can walk to both Junior and secondary schools
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    Created by Cllr. Brian Watson
  • Safe access path to Girton Recreation Ground
    To ensure the safety and well-being of the many users of the community facilities. Currently, parishioners must cross the busy recreation ground car park, which is especially hazardous for the many young children using the playground and other community facilities. There has been talk of a path being built for years but still no action taken.
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    Created by Sharon Doris
  • Protect forests from commercial exploitation
    Forests are a crucial habitat for wildlife. Britain has the lowest amount of woodland per acre of anywhere in Europe; we should be protecting our forests, not building holiday parks in them. More information: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/apr/27/privatisation-forests-forestry-commission-commercial-development
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    Created by Julie Howe
  • Kent - The Rubbish Dump of England (formerly known as The Garden of England)
    The rubbish and litter situation along the A2 between Canterbury and Dover is now out of control and a national and local disgrace. The problem has been escalating year on year and is now totally unacceptable potentially endangering the health of the public with bottles of urine being thrown from vehicles on to the roadside. The valiant efforts of volunteers are now at its limit and the situation overwhelming and fraught with danger trying to stem the tide of defecation being heaped on to this our beautiful countryside. Canterbury City Council, Kent County Council, Highways England and various other authorities have all been made aware of this appalling situation by outraged residents and despite the constant stream of concern and level of complaint raised, there appears nothing is being done to properly address the situation and find a solution and deterrent to it. This has got to stop and this petition calls upon all those in authority to act accordingly and bring an end to this intolerable blight on our lives.
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    Created by Patricia Rice
    No animal deserves to die a slow and agonising death with very unnecessary suffering. Glue traps are also indescriminate - they can trap loved pets and wildlife that was not under target.
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    Created by Jan Fairhurst
  • Say NO! to Heathrow Expansion into Stanwell and Stanwell Moor's Open Spaces
    We treasure the open land to the north of Stanwell and Stanwell Moor, populated in many places by trees and bushes, which acts as a baffle and carbon sink, and reduces the amount of air pollution and ground noise crossing the short distance from the airport to reach our villages. At times, for some of us, the air can be difficult to breathe due to fumes; imagine what it would be like if Heathrow were allowed to go ahead with their plans to concrete over “Stanwell’s green lungs” in their anticipation of being given the go ahead for the third runway to the north of the airport. North-east Ashford is also affected with plans for a polluted water and sewerage site, and other loss of open land in West Bedfont. Please sign the petition and visit our Facebook Page (Stanwell's Green Lungs) @stanwellsgreenlungs to find out more, or email us on stanwellsgreenlungs@btinternet.com
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    Created by Paul Jacobs
  • STOP the Severnside incinerator
    This petition urges MCC to overturn the decision to allow DC/2017/00563 to go ahead and furthermore to reject the application DC/2017/00700 by DPS waste incineration. This directly affects your health and that of your family and friends. YOUR VOICE MATTERS and IT DOES COUNT. If approved Severnside air pollution WILL increase forever, with significant predictable life threatening and life changing health consequences for many, including the most vulnerable youngest members of society. Research has proven unborn babies; infants and children are most at risk from incinerator emissions. Incinerators are associated with direct causal links to all-cause mortality, cardiovascular mortality and lung cancer, including both adult and childhood cancer. Other associated issues include: birth defects, increased respiratory issues, emotional and behavioural problems in children including autism, dyslexia, ADHD, learning difficulties, and delinquency. And, furthermore potential cell level genetic changes pose a risk to future generations. Whilst in adults: violence, dementia, depression and Parkinson’s disease are all attributable. These findings come from a wide variety of peer reviewed research and reports conducted by The World Health Organisation, British Heart Foundation, British Lung Foundation, DEFRA, Asthma UK, and many others. The latest planning application (DC2017/00700) is needed to build Chimneystacks for the operation of both the incinerator unit and storage units for the waste both pre and post incineration. The planned chimneystacks are out of keeping with surrounding local village architecture and may potentially contravene NPPF guidelines. Equally the granting of this application may contravene The Future Generations Act 2015 and this must be considered in any decision made. No one can guarantee that waste incineration is totally safe for public health. The toxic emissions and particulate pollution have to go somewhere. It is enshrined in EC and UK legislation that reducing emissions produces true health benefits, reduces the burden on healthcare, and protects against the impacts of acid air, and its effect on water including local and wide ranging ecosystems and the food chain. . Research has demonstrated that the hazards of incineration are greater than previously realised especially relating to fine and ultra fine particulates. Operating waste incinerators in urban areas results in dangerous health and environmental consequences from both construction and operation. The proposed site is adjacent to a community Greenfield site (The Cornfield project), used daily by dog walkers as well as families using the numerous picnic areas contained within it. Caldicot Castle and Country Park are within ½ mile, which is also used for food festivals and outdoor concerts exposing even more people to potential harm. In the village there is an infant/junior school whilst a newly built comprehensive lies within two miles. Furthermore there is already one housing development locally of 212 houses and a proposed development of 285 houses and dementia care facility to be built virtually opposite this facility. Residents of Severnside have the human right to clean air and their health protected. Transport of the Waste to the plant causes another issue, with huge diesel lorries coming and going from Bristol to the property throughout the day passing both the country park, new development and dementia care facility on the Crick Road site in Portskewett. The company will be self regulated meaning they would be responsible for reporting their own breaches. In other self-regulatory plants it has been reported there have been over 1000 breaches recorded. And whilst it is implied the emissions from the plant “Will not harm the health of residents”, what safeguards are there for more vulnerable groups, including those with asthma, COPD and youngsters whose lung development can be stunted by pollution This plant may potentially release a cocktail of particulate matter, chemicals, metals, dioxins and furans - the most toxic chemicals known to science. The major source of dioxins & furans in the environment come from burning waste! Experts have warned these are all a major cause of cancers, birth defects, breathing difficulties and heart disease. These poisons will fall over a wide area around Severnside and beyond, wherever the winds take it. We urge MCC to disallow planning for the proposed stacks and to overturn its original decision (DC/2017/00563) to allow the site to be used for incineration. Sign this petition. Save our future generations by saying no to incineration.
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    Created by Gary Turner
  • 20's Plenty for South Woodford & Wanstead
    Why? Research shows that reducing traffic speeds to 20 mph is one of the most effective ways of making our roads safer for children, older people, disabled people, pedestrians and cyclists. In the past five years there have been .... insert figures from analysis. Reduction in incidents data Does driving at 20 mph increase pollution? 20mph zones are supported by a many environmental groups such as Friends of the Earth as driving at 20 mph can reduce emissions. Driving at 20mph reduces braking and accelerating which increase a vehicles fuel consumption and emissions. The AA’s report, Fuel For Thought (Jan 2008) “accepts that targeted 20 mph speed limits in residential areas are popular and improve safety. Along shorter roads with junctions and roundabouts, limiting acceleration to up to 20 mph reduces fuel consumption" . Reference to imperial study? Does it increase my journey time? No. On our roads today it is very rare that you can travel at a constant speed of 30 mph. Bends, blind spots, parked cars, junctions, pedestrian crossings, cars turning right, traffic lights etc mean that you have to slow down or stop very often. Research shows that...... How can you help? 1. sign this petition and encourage your friends and neighbours to as well. 2. help us collect petition signatures [ insert Elisa'a contact?] 2. Show your support by displaying a 20's Plenty poster which you can download at http://bit.ly/2nxo0Nr
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    Created by Ellen Pugh Picture