• Please stop Heathrow Airport expansion plans.
    Currently, all residents local to Heathrow Airport are receiving leaflets claiming there is overwhelming support for expanding capacity by building a new runway and extra facilities. THIS IS A BLATANT LIE !! In fact, many thousands of local residents have been petitioning for years to prevent this extra runway. Apart from the extra noise, it would mean the total removal of hundreds of homes and everyone who lives there. Please prove to our government that we do not want extra noise and pollution. We certainly should petition for the future of all the residents who wish to stay in their present homes, without being uprooted by uncaring commercial interests. Please sign this petition and then forward it to everyone you know. Thank you. The distribution of the leaflets claiming support for expansion, prove the interested parties behind this proposal are prepared to lie and deceive in order to persuade parliament that it has strong local support. We need to let our government know that we are wise to this deception and are not in favour of any increase in the size of Heathrow. Our lives are already blighted by the noise of planes flying overhead and we certainly don't want it to get any worse.
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    Created by Paul Ratcliffe
  • Open Nunhead Reservoir
    Nunhead Reservoir has one of the best views in South London. It has been a much loved picnicking spot, place to relax and hang out with friends for many years, and deserves to be officially opened so that everybody can enjoy it. London is being sold off piece by piece to private owners for private interests, let's not let them take this much loved green space along with it.
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    Created by Rosanna Thompson
    The global demand for electricity is projected to grow by nearly 80 percent between now and 2030. The over-reliance on fossil fuels and its environmental cost combined with wind energy becoming increasingly cost competitive rests the case firmly with wind. A modern wind turbine produces 180 times more electricity at less than half the cost per kWh than the most efficient turbine 20 years ago. This staggering statistic points to wind energy’s coming of age and its onward journey of promise into a reliable and cost competitive, renewable energy source. The maturing of the wind industry has led to more efficient value chains and growing economies of scale, and can already compete with coal and gas in certain circumstances. As the price of emitting Co2 rises, the relative cost of wind power has improved even more. Neath needs to be in a position whereby it produces its own energy - both from sustainable sources and with an ability to sell it to the National Grid when there is a surplus. Drummau Mountain is the ideal location for wind turbines, as are most hills and mountains within the locale, like Mynydd Marchywel, for example. We call on Neath Port Talbot Council to continue to explore and build renewable energy projects across the county borough, without prejudice, and for the common good.
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    Drummau Mountain is a peaceful, natural environment for quiet enjoyment, not an industrial zone. The area is an attraction for walkers and horse-riders. ‘Climbing Drummau’ to explore nature and its wildlife, free from traffic and noise, has been a favourite pastime of local children for generations. The installation of a 77-metre high, noisy turbine along with the construction of access tracks would result in the destruction of this activity and wildlife habitat. Drummau Mountain is a heritage asset. It is home to the standing stone Carreg Bica and to prehistoric cairns which are important to the archaeology of the area. Neath Port Talbot Council’s Alfred Russel Wallace Trail promotes visiting Drummau Mountain as a leisure pursuit, bringing tourism into the borough. In a press release in 2013, the Leader of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council, Cllr Ali Thomas said: "We are proud that our beautiful and diverse county played such a pivotal part in Wallace's life and a key role in the development of scientific theory. It is great that the natural environment Wallace fell in love with is still visible today.” The visual impact of this wind turbine will be detrimental and a significant part of Wallace’s Trail will be destroyed. This is not an objection to the Council’s green energy policies. There are other large wind farm developments in Neath Port Talbot. It is a question of balance and choice over a suitable environment...... PLEASE SIGN
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    Created by Janice Gardner
  • Stop building on greenfield sites in Crossways Dorset
    Crossways is a village with a population of 2300 housed within 1000 dwellings. There are currently plans to build 5-700 new homes boardering the south of the village and up to 1000 holiday homes within the Silverlakes development to the west. We are now seeing a number of applications for smaller developments of between 85 to100 additional homes on green land surrounding the village. These combined developments will change the character of the village and surrounding area creating an urban sprawl. If we allow this scale of building to take place we will lose large areas of forest and open land forever.
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    Created by Mark Hill
  • Save The Town Wharf Trees in Brentford
    THIS WEDNESDAY developer Ballymore intends to chop down all the trees on Town Wharf – part of a big programme of tree removal on the South side of Brentford High Street in preparation for future development. Town Wharf is a small historic harbour formed by a loop in the River Brent. It is home to seventeen people living on boats, over 23 species of birds (including kingfishers) and has a thriving population of extremely rare two-lipped doorsnails that are only found on this stretch of the River Thames (see http://www.lbp.org.uk/downloads/PrioityInverts/ThamesDoorSnail.pdf) Chopping down the trees will destroy the beautiful communal gardens that residents have created over the past decade. It will disrupt birds at the height of the nesting season and damage the habitat of the two-lipped doorsnails who climb the trees to feed off algae on bark and leaves. We strongly challenge the necessity of removing the trees at this point in Ballymore’s Brentford development – years before the developers will be ready to plant replacement trees or create new wetland habitats.
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    Created by Catherine Flood
  • stop subsidising fossil fuels
    This is massively important. Governments are subsidising these huge fossil powers to tune of billions to get the ever degrading fossil fuels when we can't afford to be. We all know what the consequences are. We need to cut subsidies and subsidise renewable clean energy instead. The reason? Governments subsidise these powerful elites because their reward comes back to them in the form of massive donations to the parties involved. These companies then have a say in policies. Money talks.
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  • Demand Divestment at the Tate Gallery
    For over 100 years the Tate gallery has displayed contemporary and traditional British, and contemporary international artists. It has become a cultural cornerstone in Britain's art scene and has a responsibility to defend the interests of the people to whom it represents and receives funding from. As we face the greatest moral dilemma of our age, private and public institutions alike must take responsible actions on behalf of billions of people worldwide, present and future generations. The production and consumption of oil, coal and gas is not sustainable and will have devastating effects if left at its current monstrous rate: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/ng-interactive/2015/apr/10/how-much-fossil-fuel-are-we-using-right-now As shown by The Guardian's 'Keep it in the Ground' campaign, dubbed 'the biggest story in the world' an estimated 1/3 of known oil reserves, 4/5 of coal reserves and 1/2 of gas reserves must be left untouched if we are to remain below an already dangerous 2 degree rise in global temperature. http://www.theguardian.com/environment/ng-interactive/2015/mar/16/the-biggest-story-in-the-world The time to act is now. We must divest from these archaic, destructive institutions, and we must begin by showing them that they no longer have a place in this world if it is to remain habitable. BP is still demanding that fines that are yet to be issued are cut due to a proposed lack of finances, and must be made to take responsibility for their actions. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-12124830 http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/02/03/us-bp-trial-idUSKBN0L724420150203 Oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and Azerbaijan are devastating symptoms of a greater, catastrophic disease, condemning the inhabitants of our planet to agricultural and financial collapse, fracturing an already fragile ecosystem on the brink of collapse. http://www.theguardian.com/environment/gallery/2015/apr/18/bp-deepwater-horizon-oil-spill-five-years-on-gallery http://content.time.com/time/video/player/0,32068,83190883001_1987392,00.html It is an industry that you subsidize, an industry at the forefront of corporate lobbying, an industry that supports undemocratic trade 'agreements'. It is time to take a stand. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/04/business/04bptax.html?_r=0 http://www.bp.com/en/global/corporate/press/speeches/energy-for-europe-time-to-reflect.html This is just one small step to the greatest of victories. Your comments, suggestions and actions are welcome. Thank you for visiting.
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    Created by Joe Marshall
  • Children Against Global Warming
    To halt the warming of the planet which is getting dangerously near to the 2 degree 'tipping point' unless something is done in the next 5 to 10 years. This is a petition set up by 12 year old 'Laurel' who presents her appeal at cagw-uk.org. Rightly she is concerned about her generations future if we continue to ignore the warning signs of climate change. Laurel is now becoming a leading campaigner and spoke at the recent climate change march in London which can be seen on You Tube. This is a petition not just for children but for anyone who is concerned for their future, and that of the planets,
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    Created by Kevin Smith
  • Stop Fracking in South Bristol and North Somerset
    The government has already issued Petroleum Exploration and Development Licenses to fracking companies. These licenses cover the whole area surrounding Chew Magna and the reservoirs which provide Bristol’s water supply and they extend as far as Parson Street in Bedminster ! At present fracking companies need to lease land (or seek agreements to drill) from public or private landowners and they need to obtain planning permission from the local council. However, the coalition government has already drafted an energy bill which proposes abolishing the requirement for planning permission. UK Methane has put on hold its plans to extract shale gas using fracking close to the Hicks Gate roundabout on the A4 near Keynsham and the company has relinquished the license covering Chew Magna (PEDL 226). However, that work may start again at any time and the license can be renewed or taken up by another fracking company. http://www.frackfreesomerset.org/ Why should we be concerned? Fracking uses huge amounts of the local water supply and toxic chemicals such as Benzene, Toluene, Phenol and Formaldehyde to fracture impermeable rock and release shale gas or to obtain methane from coal seams underground. It involves drilling first vertically and then horizontally for up to one kilometre or more in both directions. Numerous wells are drilled to ensure continuing production, and this not only disfigures the landscape but also carries the risk of long-term contamination of water sources because all wells leak and degrade over time. Toxic slurry stored in holding ponds also causes air pollution and contaminates the land, especially during heavy rain or flooding. A report for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that exposure to chemicals used in fracking may result in headaches, nausea, insomnia, gastric disturbances, blurred vision and blindness in humans; may affect the brain / nervous system, the kidneys and the immune and cardiovascular systems, and may cause cancer (Colborn, T., Kwiatkowski, C., Schultz, K, and Bachran, M. 2011. Natural gas operations from a public health perspective. Human and Ecological Rick Assessment, 17: 1039-1056. In the UK, Medact has described fracking as an “inherently risky” practice, and 18 leading health professionals state: “The arguments against fracking on public health and ecological grounds are overwhelming. There are clear grounds for adopting the precautionary principle and prohibiting fracking” (British Medical Journal (1st April 2015) Health Professionals call for urgent halt to fracking because of public health concerns). Fracking can also cause subsidence and has been associated with earthquakes in Lancashire. Moreover, it makes climate change worse by increasing greenhouse gas emissions. To understand what fracking could mean for individual households, look at the film Gasland on YouTube. You could also take a look at The Truth Behind the Dash for Gas, a DVD produced by Frack Free Somerset.
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  • Demand an outright Ban on Fracking in Northern Ireland
    Fracking causes devastating effects, affecting every sector of public life, from health to agriculture, to tourism and the environment. Places such as the USA, or Australia where Fracking has already happened have seen a complete degradation of normal life; taking a shower brings your whole body out in a painful red rash, you can light your water on fire, you can't sleep for the noise of the machines and worse, the division of communities due to the manipulation of the Fracking companies. The effects of Fracking are truly endless, with long term effects still being uncovered. We want a ban on Fracking because we love our families, our friends and where we live. Many people have become seriously ill when Fracking companies have started drilling near them. There are many stories of heartache, from someone's wife who has cancer to a mother's young son with severe asthma. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to put communities through the ordeal of Fracking for the sole reason of extracting fossil fuel from the ground. With the effects of the Climate Change becoming worse, this is not the time to invest in Fossil Fuels. If we do not change our habits the repercussions of Climate Change will affect every single person on this earth. We should therefore be investing in renewable energy, not in polluting practises such as Fracking. By signing this petition we make it the duty of our politicians to ensure that Climate change is curbed and Fracking never happens in Northern Ireland.
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    Created by Maeve McCann
  • Save Southwark Woods
    We are petitioning the London Borough of Southwark to stop destroying trees, open spaces and graves in Camberwell Old and New Cemeteries and make the cemeteries nature reserves. Southwark Council is destroying the woods and graves of Camberwell Old and New Cemeteries for the largest grave mounding and excavation project in UK history. Southwark Council is destroying 12 acres of woodland, mounding over tens of thousands of public graves then excavating every grave over 75 years old for 'new' inner city burial. These woods are the lungs of London. These graves are our history and our heritage. We want the Camberwell Cemeteries saved and declared Local Nature Reserves, as Nunhead, Highgate, and Tower Hamlets Cemeteries now are, with the graves and monuments protected with respect for the dead, and woods for the living.
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