• Zebra Crossing King Street Winterton
    There is no crossing facilities at all other than several speed bump crossing zones on earlsgate, with several in place on the same road. The lower end of the village has no crossing provision at all. All children utilise the church on a daily basis, plus there are vulnerable adults in the village that would gain some independence if they could cross the road safely to get to the shops.
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    Created by Pen Billam
  • Fighting for the rights of people living in supported accommodation
    This is important because the living standards are unsafe for young people and parents to live in. It is also singling out the residents living at the properties giving them next to no connection to their families and friends
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    Created by Stephanie Miller
    This charity is well respected and loved by the people of Stockport for its' invaluable help in raising funds for local charity. 'Formal objection' from TV giant Sky seeks to switch off major Stockport charity event The company does not want Roughleys Bike Show taking place outside its contact centre Mega-rich TV giant Sky will try and prevent one of Stockport ’s major charity events going ahead, protesting that it will affect the employee smoking area – on a bank holiday. Roughleys Bike Show has taken place in the town centre since 2000, annually attracting thousands of visitors and raising up to £10,000 for worthy causes.
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    Created by Norah Cowpe
  • More SEN Training for teachers and TA'S in schools
    This very important because we need to help our children cope in society, prepare our children for a happy and meaningful life. My daughter is 12 years old, though out her primary school days struggled with going to school, crying a lot, her anxiety levels were through the roof. Only when my daughter was in year 4 the school had noticed my daughter had communication problems I was never told about until year 5. When my daughter was 3 years old I had taken to the GP, she was very violent so our GP referred my daughter over to the community paediatric services I got my local MP involved. After all those years of stress, anxiety, we finally received a outcome, on the 6th Dec 2016 my daughter was finally diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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    Created by Andrea Yates
  • British Man's Wife Denied a UK Visa
    We are a family of 5 people, 4 of us are British citizens. My wife in Venezuelan. The children are aged 8, 7 and 3 months. I live and work and pay taxes in the UK and my wife is being denied a UK visa for no reason. Our family is being destroyed by this ridiculous decision. My wife and children are currently in Venezuela while I am in the UK setting up a home and working so everything is ready for my family to come here. We have been separated for more than 10 months while waiting for the visa to be issued. We meet all of the visa requirements including my wife passing an English proficiency exam with the British Council in Venezuela and me being in full time employment earning more than the £18,600 wage threshold that is required by the British Government. Regardless of my stability in the UK, mine and our 3 children British nationality and citizenship the immigration department refused the visa and a Judge dismissed the appeal. The dismissal was based on my work situation but this is not a true or valid reason because I am in full time employment and earn more than the minimum wages required. There is no reason to deny my wife the visa yet she is being denied the visa. My children are suffering terribly by this unnecessary separation that has been enforced upon us by the British authorities. Their future is being taken from them by a decision that is wrong and is contradictory to the visa requirements. We meet every one of the requirements and we are still being denied the visa.
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    Created by Craig Reynolds
  • Governments '96% project' for school attendance
    There is a 48 hour rule on contagious illness for a reason - so that the whole school isnt infected yet this new scheme penalises those parents who abide by the 48 hour rule putting the rest of the school at risk and not allowing our children to fully recover from their illnesses (reducing their immune systems and need for additional medical care in the future!) The 96% project will also put additional pressure on the NHS for everyday illnesses to be confirmed by already over stretched doctors just so the children arent marked as 'absent'. There needs to be a better way of targeting attendance that doesnt put a huge risk to the health of our schools and add pressure to the NHS, not to mention the cost to our schools in implementing this system.
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    Created by Abi Gilchrist
  • Jess Lawson - Colourful Bench
    Jess Lawson from Wolfreton school, Willerby went on a school trip and never came home, she was 12 years old at the time. The Kirkella and Westella Parish Council have turned down a request for a colourful bench to be placed on the corner of School Lane opposite St. Andrews School in Kirkella for reasons as stated by Margaret Raymond, "It may make it look like Disney land" I say why not? Jess was colourful and no one should ever wave goodbye to their child and not see them again. The existing bench is broken to add insult to injury. ! Please add your support and let's get the family what they deserve. Thank you.
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    Created by Rachael T
  • Make electricity/gas prices easier to understand
    at the moment each & every electric/gas quote is split between Kw/Hr & various standing charges so get them to make them all one price so people can understand them easier & see what is cheaper & dearer. Please vote for this petition to get them to organise prices we can all understand easily
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    Created by John Deacon
  • Support Daffodils Outdoor Nursery and Arthingworth Village
    Daffodils Outdoor Nursery is a family run business which has just registered with Ofsted to provide childcare for children in the Arthingworth and surrounding areas. We are a unique nursery following an outdoor approach to learning and offering something different to families in the area. Someone has put in an application for permission to open a nursery directly opposite ours. It has come to our attention that a previous application for permission to build 27 houses was rejected, and that the change in application to incorporate a nursery is in fact a ploy to gain permission for a housing development. As a brand new business, we do obviously have concerns about the sustainability of two day nurseries in such a small village. But we also have concerns about the increased traffic more housing and another nursery will bring, as well as the change to the village that a large housing development will have. We urge you to please consider the application and the motives behind it, and to consider the detrimental affect it will have on not only us as small family run business that has not yet had a chance to establish itself, but on the beautiful village of Arthingworth as a whole.
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    Created by Amy Claypole