• Give hypothyroid patients a chance
    One in twenty adults in this country is affected by thyroid disease. Women with hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s disease outnumber men by ten to one. Hypothyroid is also caused by a thyroidectomy or other treatments for hyperthyroidism. Symptoms of hypothyroid include anxiety and depression, hair loss, lack of libido, physical pain, exhaustion, hypertension, high cholesterol and weight gain. Some GPs also tell patients that diabetes is an inevitable long term consequence. The NHS diagnosis and management of the condition is through one blood test which measures thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), secreted by the pituitary gland. The lower the thyroid hormones in the pituitary, the more TSH the pituitary secretes. For decades now, this condition has been treated with Levothyroxine, a synthetic form of one thyroid hormone: T4. For some, T4 converts to T3, which is then released into the body, giving it energy. However, for many patients, this treatment does not work. The thyroid hormones in the pituitary gland do not always accurately reflect the thyroid hormones in the rest of the body. Therefore, people’s TSH readings may well fall into the ‘normal’ range (which, depending on your GP, can be anywhere between under 5 and under 10) but their symptoms soon return and worsen, even if they abate at first. They are then told it’s ‘all in their mind’ or due to their lifestyle, and they receive no further help to cope with an ever-decreasing quality of life. Some may, in the meantime, be prescribed anti depressants, or have tests done for ME, Fibromyalgia or CFS, which often come back as negative. Most, at any rate, simply have to deal with their condition on their own with no help or much understanding from the NHS. Much success has been achieved privately, however, using natural dessicated thyroid, ironically, the treatment the NHS used to use before Levothyroxine. There is a growing trend amongst patient self help forums to take their treatment into their own hands: including more extensive blood testing to show the real extent of their thyroid’s condition and activity, and thereby more accurately gauge the effectiveness of medication. This does, however, mostly have to happen privately due to the strict guidelines of the NHS. This means that, apart from the individual expense, monitoring of the treatment and condition is not regulated and information/research is not being gathered by the extensive NHS network to improve understanding and treatment of hypothyroidism. We call on you to reconsider the NHS's adherence to the TSH reading as the only guideline for diagnosing and monitoring hypothyroidism, to take patients’ symptoms more into consideration and to introduce a full panel of thyroid blood tests to gauge exactly what is happening to the thyroid. We also call on the NHS to make the combined medication of T3 (brand named Tiromel or Cytomel) with Levothyroxine much more easily available, and to reintroduce natural dessicated thyroid as a licensed treatment for hypothyroid, particularly for patients whose symptoms do not sufficiently improve on T4 alone. Considering the amount of work days lost and lack of quality of life for such a large number of tax payers, it is in the country’s interest that these patients should get more help. Their symptoms of exhaustion, physical pain, depression and anxiety, along with the increased tendency to develop diabetes, should not be dismissed as just another malaise of middle age when there is a growing body of evidence from people who have managed to treat themselves back to a level of health and vitality that they, and their GPs, thought they had lost for ever.
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  • Expel Atos Health Care worker from BMA
    When you become a doctor or nurse, you sign the hipocratic oath, to serve and protect the poor and vulnerable, and not to exploit them or abuse your medical 'training' (is they had any), to cause pain and distress to the vulnerable! As these Department of Work and Pensions 'doctors and nurses'. have driven hundreds of thousands, to total despair, destitution, starvation, even having to beg for food at Food Banks, and driving some (hundreds), to suicide, I demand that these medical personnel be struck off and expelled from the BMA and Medical Register for the suffering that THEY HAVE caused! These people can also be held accountable, under sections 2 & 4, of the Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide!
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  • Safe Cycling for Kids on Bristol Downs
    We are a growing group of families in North Bristol who want our children to grow up as fit, healthy and confident cyclists. At present there are very few opportunities for safe traffic-free cycling in this area; currently we need to load bikes on to cars and drive to places such as Festival Way or Ashton Court. Cycling on the Downs is forbidden due to a bylaw which was made in 1861. The Downs Committee (7 Merchant Venturers and 7 Councillors) has permitted a short stretch of cycle path near the Water Tower. Apart from that, this uniquely beautiful and flat parkland can only be explored on foot or via the road. Temporary closures of Circular Road on the Downs would create a brilliant car-free loop of over 3km, which children of all ages and cycling abilities could enjoy. It would also open up the Downs to people with disabilities who don’t feel safe cycling on the road alongside cars. Our campaign has support from Sustrans, The Bristol Cycling Campaign, CTC Bristol, LifeCycle, Travel West, Bikeability and Bristol Public Health. We want you to help us show the Downs Committee that there are many, many people who feel that the Downs should be a place where children can enjoy cycling in safety. By signing this petition and pledging to join our rides during Bristol Green Capital 2015, you will help to convince the committee that children should indeed have the freedom to ride on the Downs, and that this can be arranged in a way that accommodates the interests of all users of the Downs.
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  • Stop ebola spreading - Please take proactive steps to stop the spread
    Ebola has had a slow start. But it is escalating and today, is zooming past borders and timezones. Letting the cat out the the bag is one thing. Getting it back in quiet another. As this escalates, imagine the resources needed to steralise the globe. This clever virus forces its victims to an agonizing death and propagates itself through bodily fluids. It takes over its "host" and jumps to its next. While I would love to trust the worlds politicians that they know best. This is a very clever disease. The cost of clearing up and the negative impact on millions is at stake. Close the borders today and unite to fight this.
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  • Give NHS staff 10% pay rise
    We all need the NHS these people work for little money and gratitude , but without them where would we be !! Please support my campaign . Every day these people help us and our loved ones , what do MPs do ???
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  • Fight Edinburgh Allotments Rent Rise
    It's unfair and contrary to Allotment legislation. It breaches an agreement that governs prices in Edinburgh. It will make allotments unaffordable. It is prejudicial against the poor, disabled and elderly. It would make Edinburgh allotments the most expensive in the UK. It is contrary to healthy living policies of Council and Government.
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  • Back Clive Efford MP's Bill to save our N.H.S.
    On November 21, MPs will vote on a Private Member’s Bill aimed at halting the spread of privatisation across the NHS. Clive Efford’s Bill would scrap the worst parts of the Government’s Health and Social Care Act of 2012. The 2012 Act unleashed privatisation by imposing competition law on the NHS and exposing services to bids from private companies. Clive Efford’s Bill would rein in privatisation by • Removing competition requirements and regulations • Preventing the NHS watchdog Monitor acting as a competition enforcer • Restoring the Secretary of State’s duty to provide National Health Services • Shrinking what NHS hospitals are allowed to earn from private patients – currently up to half their total income! This petition has been launched by Stockport NHS Watch. We will deliver it to all four of Stockport’s MPs and lobby them to stand up for the NHS on November 21. We cannot stand and watch the NHS being stolen from us!
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    It is in danger of becoming a world wide epidemic with millions dying needlessly
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  • CLOSE THE BORDERS - Until Ebola is under control. Care about people. Not money.
    Close the UK Borders until Ebola is under control. Keeping the UK Borders open to travellers is only going to help spread Ebola Worldwide. Essential Travellers can be monitored in Ebola Quarantine Centres. It is time to forgoe money, in favour of care for the people of the UK. It may seem like a radical step. But isolation and containment is the only way to get this outbreak under control.
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  • One chance to beat Ebola!
    The Ebola outbreak is worsening by the day. So far close to 4 thousand people have died in West Africa and single victims of the disease have already appeared in US, Europe and Australia. The buildup of response from politicians and international community appears to be slow and painfully inadequate. The ideas like screening travelling public at airports is NOT GOING TO WORK! There is, however, experimental drug, which offers some hope of cure - ZMapp, unfortunately all available doses have already been used and manufacturing of new doses is slow and too low to make the difference to already affected areas. Surely, now is the time to put pressure on the Manufacturer to share the science with ALL capable pharmaceutical companies all over the world to take up the production immediately in parallel with each other. There are obviously questions of patents and protection of profits ect. but even at this stage the containment of this crisis is going to cost global community, potentially billions of dollars, so the financial solution can be found. The decision of this importance can only be taken at the highest levels of power and in conjunction with American partners, since the manufacturer is an American company. Please support this call to the UK PM, to take necessary steps to make this happen!
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  • Stop the 'Shape of Training'
    The Shape of Training is a review of medical training being implemented by the government and its recommendations pose a serious threat to patient safety and high quality patient care by reducing the amount of time take to train hospital consultants. Evidence also suggests that the government may have influenced the review in a non-transparent manner. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-31048279 The review's key recommendations include reducing the time taken to train to become a 'consultant' by at least 2 years and changing the point at which doctors become fully registered to practice by the GMC. The major professional bodies including the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Surgeons and the British Medical Association have expressed serious concerns about these recommendations. Tom Dolphin of the BMA was involved in the review and has recently spoken out against its recommendations: " This is an egregious assault at the heart of medical standards; we cannot allow it to proceed. " The Shape of Training review in its current form is not compatible with high quality patient care and maintaining patient safety in the NHS to a high standard, and for this reason I would urge you to sign this petition.
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  • government should help fund nurses and midwives NMC fees
    We are facing pay freezes and poor working conditions and the NMC keep increasing our registration fees. The purpose of the NMC is to protect the public. But no-one is protecting us from the extortionate increases the NMC apply each year.
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