• Officially change Henman Hill to Murray Mound
    The majority of sporting venues throughout the world recognise their greatest champions. I know Wimbledon is different in that it sticks with tradition and would never rename the courts. I however believe this would be a way showing support and appreciation for what Andy has brought to British tennis over the past decade or so.
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  • Put an end to extortionate TV charges at Raigmore Hospital - up to £9.90 a day for bedside TV
    Patients are paying up to £9.90 for bedside televisions in Raigmore Hospital, Inverness. This is a lot of money to pay for access to TV and we believe it should either be scrapped or replaced with a free - or at least cheaper - service which includes public WiFi when the current contract comes to an end in June 2019. Patients often spend a long time in hospital and access to TV can help distract people from there hospital stay. It can also be quite lonely with many patients not getting many visitors and, with hospitals understaffed, nurses don’t have a great amount of time to spend talking to each patient. Giving patients free or affordable access to TV will help with the social isolation that staying at hospital can create. Please sign the petition now.
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    Created by Matt Drum
  • Support our two-hour daily recommendaton for children's recreational screen-time
    The recent report, Movement for Movement, published by Dr. Aric Sigman, strongly supports the premise that recreational screen-time is increasingly displacing outdoor play among children as young as two years old, and this is having a detrimental effect on their physical and mental heath. Currently, by the age of eight, the average child will have spent one full year sitting in front of a screen and this is beginning to take a toll on our children. Based on the research outlined by Dr. Sigman in the report, we strongly support the introduction of a two-hour a day maximum recreational screen-time allowance for children and young people, and we want the government to formally introduce this as the guideline for parents. Parents and carers need a clearer guideline from the government on what constitutes acceptable levels of discretionary screen-time, and how children should balance use of screen-based devices with other activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. This is becoming more important in recent times, especially as children's recreational screen-time has increased by 50% in less than a decade. We are also losing our outdoor space, with playgrounds closing at an alarming rate, 347 closures since 2014, and many more planned. You can explore more facts and figures around how screen-time is displacing play, and what the health implications are for children on our website: https://www.api-play.org/movementformovement
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  • Disabled Parking at Hospitals in England
    England is the only part of the UK where hospitals routinely charge patients and visitors for parking at all. Guidance by the Department of Health & Social Care is that concessions should be available for disabled people.* Free parking should be allowed for disabled people because they: > Are commonly forced to visit hospital more frequently, precisely because of their disabilities > Generally have much lower incomes, often less than half the national average > Are much more likely to live in poverty** > Often have to meet extra costs directly caused by their disabilities * https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/nhs-patient-visitor-and-staff-car-parking-principles/nhs-patient-visitor-and-staff-car-parking-principles#fn:2 ** https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/disability-facts-and-figures/disability-facts-and-figures#living-standards
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  • Divest Parliament from Fossil Fuels
    There is currently a campaign asking MPs to pledge to support the divestment of Parliament from fossil fuels.This has already happened in the Irish Parliament and has had a massive effect in changing public opinion and making them aware of the devastating effect that the fossil fuel industry has on the environment. If only 20% of the proven fossil fuel reserves are burned, we will not be able to keep within the UN's target of 1.5 degree temperature rise, and any more than this will cause catastrophic and irreversible climate change. This makes the drive towards fracking utterly non-sensical, as fracking is part of the problem and not part of the solution. Divestment from fossil fuels is an essential component of limiting climate change, because we cannot afford to be investing in such a damaging industry. Just 100 companies, many of which are fossil fuel companies, contribute 71% of carbon emissions worldwide. I am asking you please to sign the parliamentary pledge at the earliest opportunity. It will send an important message to other MPs if you do so. If you are not prepared to sign it, I would like to know the reasons why you do not share the view that this is an essential step in the process towards limiting climate change.
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    The handing in of the contract at Whyburn surgery will leave our community woefully short of full-time doctors and extend waiting times beyond the, already unacceptable, level. Hucknall people deserve better.
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  • Limit Online Gambling amounts
    It is important because online gambling is destroying families and peoples lives. The online gambling companies are quick enough to restrict or even close peoples accounts if they are winning too much. In other words it is impossible to win. Let's level the playing field by restricting what everyone can spend with an online gambling company to say £50 per week. This way debt and asset loss cannot spiral out of control in an extremely worrying short space of time. I know of a case where somebody gambled away their family home without their partner knowing anything until the repossessors knocked on the door.
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    Created by Robbie Fraser
  • Save Stanmore Country Park (Shropshire)
    Friends of Stanmore, a voluntary group established in 2013, have worked in partnership with Shropshire Council to maintain and enhance our beautiful green space. Successfully applying for grants including Veolia - Make a Difference used for 43 wildlife boxes and Tesco - Bags of Help used for path improvements, wildlife meadows, interpretation signage and tree planting. The green space is a substantial wildlife habitat which is important to preserve in order to protect biodiversity. The local population will lose out as they currently enjoy free and unrestricted access to a large green space for recreation. The country park forms a hub which has enhanced community integration through volunteering, wildlife identification events and a community orchard. There is a deficiency of open space in the immediate area.
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  • Free UK Public Transport to reduce Climate Change
    We need to reduce Climate change and the UK needs to play it’s part in doing so and offer an alternative to taking the car every where we go. The government want’s us to chance our vehicles away from Diesel and Petrol at our expense with very little or no incentive to do so.
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  • Terminate NHS England Contract With Capita Now
    It’s very simple people’s lives are at risk. “I would express my serious concerns regarding NHS England's contract with Capita. I am in the range of 50-64yr olds, every 5 years for the cervical screening test. I couldn't tell you when my last cervical screening test was prior to this year. I received a letter in November 2018 informing me that due to an administrative error there had been a delay in sending me a letter to make an appointment for my cervical screening test. I had absolutely no idea when my previous test had been & no idea how late the delay was. I absolutely rely on the NHS to ensure these appointments are timed correctly. My father died of prostate cancer, my mother had bowel cancer, my sister had breast cancer. Delays with these tests could put people's lives at risk. An administrative delay is deadly. Terminate NHS England Contract With Capita Now. Bridget Yuill 57yrs.” In November 2018 the following was reported: “Dr Richard Vautrey, the BMA GP committee chair, repeated the doctors’ union’s demand for the contractor to be stripped of its contract. “This is just the latest in a long line of failures since Capita took over a number of GP services in 2015, and yet NHS England have not demonstrated to the profession that they are serious at addressing what ultimately they are responsible for,” he said. You had a serious warning in November this year that things were seriously wrong.” Enough is enough NHS England must ensure there is no further repeat of these serious errors by stripping Capita of the GP back-office services contract immediately. Read more here https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/nov/14/capitas-cancer-screening-blunder-hits-50000-nhs-patients Women’s lives matter.
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  • Hygiene ratings should have to be displayed in all food outlets in England
    To help to prevent food poisoning. In Wales establishments try to gain a 5 rating. There is no reall incentive in English restraunts to try to improve as most customers are not aware of the ratings food outlets have.
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    Created by Patricia Maher
  • No more leaks! - Recognise ACORN tenants' union at Emperor Court
    Open letter to the people of Birmingham Mohammed JJ Khan is well-known to all in the Stirchley community as the proud owner of the distinctive £7,500 statue of a begging gorilla that sits above JJ’s Flooring Services. We, the families of Emperor Court, also live above JJ’s Flooring Services. We want the people of Birmingham to know that as the owner of the building that we live in, JJ is the one with his hand out, happy to collect rent money, and turning his back on us by refusing to discuss urgent health and safety issues. The building has let in the rain for years, and as a result our flats are damp and mouldy. Like Scrooge, unwilling to spend, JJ has resisted all efforts so far to get him to properly fix this problem. Some of our neighbours have had to move out as their children have been made ill. Unable to bear these shameful conditions any longer, we have joined the renters’ union ACORN, who now represent all families in Emperor Court. JJ has brought in a block management company to look after the building, Bright Willis. Both he and the block management company refuse to speak with ACORN, saying they will only talk to our individual landlords. Our asks are absolutely reasonable. As the people having to live in these wet conditions, speaking with one voice, we demand that JJ and Bright Willis recognise our union ACORN and meet with us regularly to ensure that our homes are maintained according to his legal obligation as freeholder. If you agree with us, then please sign our online letter of support, or why not tell JJ directly what you think? Thank you!
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