• Wigan Council - Fix the Subsidence at Wigan Rd Park Atherton before a serious accident occurs
    The Council Officers have been in contact but are not reacting quickly enough even - it has been over a year - even though Councillors have tried. It is an accident waiting to happen and could be either geographical or climate change that is causing it. Either way there is a serious risk of potential harm to Children should it completely collapse. As the summer months arrive more children will be playing and should the worse happen it would be an avoidable disaster if the councils environment and parks dept act now as a matter of urgency.
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    Created by Michelle Morris
  • Stop the closure of the Mental Health Unit in Bassetlaw Hospital
    If this unit is closed people that require mental health support will have to go to Millbrook in Mansfield - 18 miles away. This is a long car journey, but if you do not have access to private transport, its an even longer journey by bus. I have been a patient at both Millbrook and Bassetlaw, and as I was fortunate enough to have a car, my family was able to visit me. However, I am concerned for families that do not have their own form of transport. This could act as a barrier to treatment, or family support during treatment. The pandemic has put an extra strain on mental health support services, and exposed how important they are. I believe that it is important to keep the services at Bassetlaw Hospital open as a result.
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    Created by Jean Cullen
  • Care Parity for adults with Cerebral Palsy
    When people living with cerebral palsy reach 18, the joined-up healthcare they've received stops. This is wrong. We want a government review to adopt the recommended guidelines so when people with CP become adults, their care doesn't ‘fall off a cliff’. They are being treated like Second Class Citizens. People with other lifelong conditions receive joined-up healthcare provision and a clear care pathway, so why not adults with cerebral palsy? Simply adopting the NICE guidelines would be life-changing for 130,000 UK adults with CP and, it’s estimated, would boost the economy to the tune of £422mn by helping people stay healthy and stay in work. We just want Care Parity for CP. Please sign the petition and convince the government to do the right thing. NICE guidelines apply to England, Wales and, effectively, Northern Ireland. In Scotland, there is an equivalent called SIGN guidelines. There are currently no SIGN guidelines for adults with cerebral palsy – a further inequality. Adult CP Hub is also insisting that the NICE guidelines can and should be adapted as SIGN guidelines and adopted in Scotland Image credit: CPG
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    Created by Emma Livingstone
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  • Didcot Mountain Bike Park
    Didcot's population has grown rapidly due to the creation of three significant housing developments. Along with local infrastructure considerations there needs to be provision of leisure facilities. Didcot has a vibrant mountain bike community thanks largely to its proximity to the Ridgeway. While this offers miles and miles of bridleway to improve ones fitness those looking to develop other bike skills need to look much further afield, often involving a drive, an option not available to the younger generation. The physical and mental benefits of any sport are well defined and mountain biking is certainly no different. Furthermore by providing enhanced leisure facilities we may be able to discourage anti social behaviour in the community. I believe a mountain bike park in Didcot would promote the town in a positive way, in line with the objectives of the garden town plan and promote physical and mental health in our local community.
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    Created by Daniel Andrew
  • Pay award for District Nurses
    District nurses have 24 hour responsibility for caseload of patients, most of the time over 100 patients, DN are first line mangers to teams of community nursing staff. District nursing is losing experienced nurses to hospital environments due to the lack of professional recognition and associated pay scale. As DN service transforms to meet the needs of the population, the care DN provide is complex and unlike hospitals, our wards are never closed, we are the wards without walls. Any investment in District nursing is to protect admission to acute care and not as a specialist service in its own right. With money invested in prevention admission , enhanced community care and acute frailty teams. District nurses were previously thought of as pillars of the community, supporting families for centuries. Now they themselves are requiring to be supported The people of Scotland deserve to have highly specialised community nurses in the heart of their community; improving health outcomes, supporting self care and providing end of life care at home. Please give the DISTRICT NURSES the professional recognition and the financial equality of hospital based nursing staff in Scotland
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    Created by Jacqueline Finnegan
  • Honouring Sir Captain Tom
    Its important that this wonderful man and all that he did in our countrys dark days be remembered forever
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    Created by Jan Inman
    I think it is important because it reflects the mood of the nation.
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    At the age of 99 Sir Tom. Decided to selflessly raise some much needed funds for our NHS at a time our country was on its knees due to Covid 19.... He managed to raise a phenomenal amount of £33 million.... Today our hero laid down his sword I cannot think of a more fitting honour and legacy
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    Created by Samantha Haworth
  • Captain Sir Tom Moore Day
    We need to honour this wonderful man, because he deserves recognition for everything he achieved.
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  • 24 hours Crisis Centre in Dundee
    Dundee suicide rates as obtained from NHS Tayside up to November 2020 is 69 deaths by Suicide. 78% were Men. Dundee has the second highest suicide rates in Scotland and the rates could be higher. Edinburgh has a very successful Crisis Centre and Dundee needs one ASAP especially with the effects of Mental Health during and after the Pandemic.
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    Created by Walk and Blether
  • Moving the Eye Pavillion to Livingston
    This is the thin end of the wedge for Edinburgh, we have already lost several health facilities in Edinburgh. Livingston is not accessible to the elderly, as it takes over an hour by public transport.
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    Created by Ruby Suggitt