• STOP the Vale cutting the Abbey Meadow Outdoor pool season to ONLY 6 weeks!!
    The council say 'high oil price - no money'. We say.... A Missed opportunity to experience nature and the outdoors. A Missed opportunity to improve public mental health through exercise. A Missed opportunity to bring people into the town centre. A Missed opportunity to boost struggling businesses. Open the Pool on May 28th as usual - it is not a dispensable, last on the list, afterthought - it is a valuable public asset in a beautiful setting. Support the pool, let's get it open, let's send the Vale of the White Horse District Council a message. We have one of the most beautiful locations of any pool in the country, such a waste!! In 2018 the Tories got the pool refurbished. Come on Lib Dems You've got total control of the council – show us you can make it work for people of Abingdon. Don’t let us down!!
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    Created by Nick Bell, Friends of Abbey Meadow Outdoor Pool
  • 2030 is unnecessary delay to stop all HIV infections in the UK
    Other people should join this petition to tell those organisations, the government and the NHS that it could be doing better and 2030 is just not good enough. There is no reasonable explanation why HIV cannot be stopped sooner and why are these organisations. like THT, the Elton John AIDS foundation decided to sit on their hands and fail over the decades to democratise HIV sector and push for better representation of HIV+ people directly to have a say in their own NHS care - why has been left to a doctors union to saturate the commissioning of HIV services and wield to much power over the sector. It is important to stop the silent complicity that is threatened by adverse public contract outcomes by the people who set the specifications for HIV treatment and also have a hand in the awarding of contracts to HIV charities and sit on the boards and trustees for the same charities. It is important to stop excluding HIV+ people as they have limited say and input into a sector that claims to be representing their needs but is constantly prioritising the funding applications for public contracts.
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    Created by Craig Reading
  • Fighting POTS discrimination from the medical profession.
    I have, I believe, suffered with POTS since I was 16/17 years old. The symptoms I developed at 16/17 years old have got worse over the years. I was told repeatedly it was all anxiety related. I was even wrongly diagnosed with BPD, mainly because I always argued my case around my physical health problems which were denied. I was repeatedly admitted to hospital and not listened to. Finally I was diagnosed with POTS in November 2021, before this symptoms such as breathlessness on walking from one room to another and passing out when standing up were put down as anxiety. I have heard repeated stories from around the world of people suffering endlessly because sufferers of POTS are not taken seriously! This needs to stop NOW.
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    Created by Gemma Thompson
    Start action now with poverty and the energy crisis at all time low the working class cannot afford private. Do we want a nation with related health conditions brought on by poor dental hygiene are we still looking at the poor, rich divide. We pride ourselves on our NHS services envied by the world over yet the government are destroying the very establishment which makes us who we are. Invest now, action now, no more excuses. Sign the petition get it in front of the people we voted to represent us and we want answers and a solution not for 10 or 20 years down the line we need action now with a worldwide recruitment campaign and investment in this country to equip our own residents with knowledge and the expertise to work and invest in the country they live in.
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    Created by Claire Powderly
  • Better care and treatment for survivors of childhood trauma
    Psychological injury is invisible. Thousands if not millions of people across the UK are suffering on a daily basis. All we want is to heal, just like anybody from any other injury.
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    Created by Leanne Thomas Picture
  • Unpaid carers need to get free lateral flow tests
    Paid carers , health workers etc can still receive free lateral flow tests . Unpaid carers often spend hours a week with people for whom Covid would be very dangerous, in some cases fatal. We want to keep our loved ones safe. Unpaid carers are often not acknowledged, yet there is a whole army of us who give unconditional love, care,and support, are on call 24/7 in many cases at a detriment to our own physical and mental health. The majority of unpaid carers are financially challenged, whilst caring out of love , respect, or need, have their lives on hold. We ask the government to acknowledge us and allow us free lateral flow tests the same as paid carers , professional staff, and some volunteers. £2 does not sound a lot . But multiple that by the number of tests we are obliged to take a month it’s a huge amount .
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    Created by Rachelle Silver
  • Wessex Roundabout Crossing Campaign
    This roundabout is crossed by many pedestrians and cyclists in order to get to school, work and to access shopping and leisure facilities. It has become increasingly busy and dangerous to cross here, where there are currently no controlled crossings: a pedestrian crossing is urgently needed, as proven by a recent Council traffic survey. Our children have been sworn and shouted at when trying to cross on their way to school - very intimidating when you're just 12 years old. A local lady contacted us recently to say she was nearly run over when trying to cross that road to get to work on the Granby estate. Parents who drive their children to school past the roundabout report how vulnerable people are when trying to cross there. The Council has a duty of care to provide safe routes to school; a controlled crossing MUST be installed as quickly as possible, before any accidents resulting in serious injury or even death occur.
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    Created by Denise Harris
    Current cautionary guidance from Food Standards Scotland(FSS) is clear, but requires further updating following new data from the European Food Standards Agency, suggesting the exposure of young people to farmed Scottish salmon needs to be further reduced. The most up to date guidance concerning oily fish consumption can be found on the FSS website. This recognises that these fish can contain low levels of pollutants that can build up in the body. For this reason, there are maximum recommendations for the number of portions some groups should be eating each week. The following people should eat no more than 2 portions of oily fish a week: - girls - women who are planning a pregnancy and women of reproductive age - pregnant and breastfeeding women This is because pollutants found in oily fish may build up in the body and affect the future development of a baby in the womb. Pilgrim House, Old Ford Road, Aberdeen, AB11 5RL www.foodstandards.gov.scot However, a recent study in Europe found that exposure to these chemicals may need to be reduced by up to 75%, for both boys and girls. Meaning that children should be consuming no more than 50gms of farmed salmon per week. https://efsa.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.2903/j.efsa.2018.5333 Current Government policy is to promote increased consumption of farmed Scottish Salmon in schools. Scottish salmon also has a range of very severe environmental impacts on Scotland: - https://archive2021.parliament.scot/S5_Environment/Inquiries/20180305_GD_to_Rec_salmon_farming.pdf - https://www.facebook.com/issf.org.uk/videos/
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    Created by Healthy Scotland
  • Support the development of individual electric transport
    The city's infrastructure, especially the new neighborhoods, needs to be redone. We need to allocate more space for bicycle lanes. These very spaces will be used by individual transportation, such as bicycles, scooters, balance boards, and monocars. Also, some of the money collected from the road tax should be used to subsidize individual transportation. This is especially important to support youth transportation. This is important to keep the ecology of our planet, our country and our city clean. It is important to leave clean air to our children.
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    Created by Daniel Rosen
  • Stop the clinically vulnerable from having to risk their lives to get the Covid drugs they need
    Today there are over 3 million people in the UK who are still clinically extremely vulnerable to Covid. Not only do our underlying health conditions put us at greater risk for severe disease or death, immunosuppression can cause the Covid vaccines to be less effective. Not all of us are mounting immune response to vaccinations, even after four doses, and as of October 2021, 91% of us were still shielding, nearly two years into this pandemic. Right now the only protection the government is offering us is post-Covid infection: We are being asked to take our chances of getting the disease, which may be deadly for many of us, before we can access antivirals or monoclonals to help our chances of survival. We need a vaccine equivalent that protects us proactively so we can go back to living our lives safely. Without this, we live an isolated and perilous existence. Some other countries have already approved monoclonal antibody treatments such as AstraZeneca's Evusheld as prevention against infection for the immunosuppressed community. We ask that these be fully approved, distributed and provided as long-term prophylaxis treatment to the clinically vulnerable in the UK.
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    Created by Shannon Banks
  • 10 Days Isolation not 14 for Care Home Residents with Covid
    My own parents live in a Care Home and I have seen the damage and distress the long period of isolation and lack of human contact can do to residents, especially to those with any kind of Dementia. Almost half a million people live in Care Homes in the UK and it is simply unfair that the period of isolation is 14 days for them when the rest of the population is treated differently.
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    Created by Rita Rees
  • Combat local suicides now
    Our local leaders need to know that this can not keep happening and that more needs to be done. They will only act on things if enough of us feel the same way. So please if your sick of waking up to the news of young local people tragically killing themselves get this signed. Its a matter of time before this issue effects you personally if it already hasn't.
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    Created by Rikki Turner Picture