• Drop Women’s Marital Status Titles
    Men do not have to specify their marital status at all and have a one-size-fits all title. What sort of message is this sending to women? That their marital status is somehow related to their worth? That society might judge them based on their marital status? If marital status is irrelevant to our value in society then why do we have to specify it?
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    Created by Chloe Hanchen-Garner
  • Unlimited attempts to take Literacy and Numeracy Skills Test for PGCE Teacher Training Courses
    If you cannot pass the tests in your third attempt, like me, then this holds you back from becoming an outstanding teacher. 2 years is a lot of time and it holds students back from wanting to teach because if you cannot pass after 2 years then you have to wait for another 2 years. I would like unlimited chances to pass Literacy and numeracy skills test to be put back to action because the government is loosing so many highly skilled student teachers as they are unable to pass their qts tests. I am sure most PGCE students would agree with this.
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    Created by Emine Aladag
  • Save solihull's 500 yr old oak treehouse created by Treepirates
    Because; 1the tree was much bigger 2 Art and beauty must not be destroyed by beaurocracy 3 it has no roof ,it is just a platform made of wood on a remnant of a trunk of an ancient tree that has become functional art 4 council money should be spent more wisely
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    Created by Andy Doughty
  • Get the snap map banned
    It is unsafe and makes people vulnerable. It's an invasion of privacy, not only can your friends see where you are but also the creators of the app and G*d knows who else!
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    Created by Tara Linkowska
  • Surnames to be removed from student nursing badges
    To protect student nurses identity and privacy in practice to ensure their welfare and safety outside of work.
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    Created by Sarah Callow
  • Don't ban or weaken WhatsApp!
    (To skip the history of this issue please scroll to **) In 2016 the government passed a bill called the "Investigatory Powers Bill" (now the Investigatory Powers Act). This bill replaced the UK's old RIPA (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) from 2000, which referred to the powers the UK police and security services had when it came to collecting, monitoring, intercepting, etc - electronic communications from any UK resident, or person currently in the country. The bill effectively makes it legal for the government to spy on everyone in the country, at their will, as well as conducting mass surveillance of the entire country (which they have renamed to "Bulk Collection", as this tends to make people less concerned.) This bill was hugely opposed by those who knew about it, however it wasn't widely known about due to the government precisely timing when they bought it to parliament to coincide with much bigger issues (such as BREXIT). When this bill officially became law it was referred to in headlines as "The UK now has a surveillance law that is more suited to a dictatorship than a democracy". Now the Conservative party are trying to sneak through an expansion of this bill. When the IPAct was bought into power the Conservatives said on numerous occasions said they would not ban or undermine encryption (by implementing backdoors etc) Theresa May personally said "We believe that encryption is important. It is important that data can be kept safe and secure. We are not proposing in the bill to make any changes in relation to the issue of encryption and the legal position around that. The current legal position in respect of encryption will be repeated in the legislation of the bill". ** However the following has document has made its way into the open (article link on page): https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/05/04/uk_bulk_surveillance_powers_draft/ Technology and apps like WhatsApp and Signal rely on strong encryption to keep our messages private. Weakening the encryption or inserting backdoors is an enormous risk for the entire UK, as the same encryption that keeps these messages safe, also secures things such as bank transactions, social media login, emails, etc. Theresa May usually refers to her famous "double lock" system. Meaning these kinds of things must be authorised by both the home secretary (for example) and a judge. The problem we have seen with this is that these people are not experts in these fields, so rather than question who, how, what, where, when and why they just rubber stamp it. The USA has a court that their surveillance has to go through. This court has rejected 0.03% of all requests ever made. Companies like Facebook (who own WhatsApp) have previously shown their dedication to keeping their users privacy. For them to disable encryption for the UK means anybody messaging that person is also vulnerable, which could cause WhatsApp the shut down in the UK. They may also refuse the request, which could then lead the Government to ban WhatsApp. Please join with me in getting the government to withdraw these plans, and work with an expert in the field to attempt to come up with an approach that keeps us all secure as well as sparing our privacy. Thank you.
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    Created by John Cruickshank
  • Boarding passes at airport shops
    Because it's really annoying and an unnecessary invasion of privacy
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    Created by Jem Rogers
  • Stop Nextdoor.com
    Neighbourhood groups are important to many people but social networks that show full names and even partial addresses such as street name and neighbourhood name make the most vulnerable amongst us even more vulnerable!
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    Created by Irmgard Hofer
  • Stop Virgin Media targeting vulnerable people
    My daughter who has learning difficulties and lives in a Mencap supported house, with my support, cancelled a package she had, despite the fact it was made clear at the time she could not act individually in this sort of situation she was phoned direct and phone/bullied into a new package she did not want causing her extreme distress.
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    Created by Dave Nichols
  • Refuse Royal Assent to the Investigatory Powers Bill
    The most important liberty of all is privacy, a right to operate in silence and in peace. Assuming no one is being harmed and everyone is innocent until proven guilty; I'd rank it above the freedom to speak. I wish to admit, but avoid, my republican nature in my argument and I think I can. I wish to remain polite and not be too crude. Unfortunately life is very much crude, and events are rarely polite. I cannot help but notice the masses around me suffering poverty under the guise of austerity. The sheer amount of charities that have sprung up, to cope with public services' duties. I feel this creates an air of "Us First", pitting poor against poor. Whilst those who are supposed to serve this kingdom do so well. This is aimed at our politicians and not a republican's slip. You have a chance to break with tradition and remind the world that "how we've always done it" is a terrible argument for a society that wishes to progress. As I'm sure you are well aware, Royal Assent has not been given in person since 1854 and has not been refused since 1707. I believe that breaking both of these records on the same day would send an important message through the ranks who support this bill, as well as to the people who oppose it. I fear that if you do not, Eric Arthur Blair may become the greatest prophet this country ever created. This comes from someone who hates clichéd tropes.
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    Created by Allan Forbes
  • Ensuring Personal Privacy and Sexual Freedom
    PERSONAL PRIVACY: The Digital Economy Bill currently before Parliament will introduce compulsory age verification without guaranteeing privacy protections for subscribers. This omission risks users’ personal details and private sexual preferences being exploited for commercial gain and/or leaked into the public domain. SEXUAL FREEDOM: Consensual adult sex should not be outlawed, yet this Bill will prohibit the publication of depictions of sexual activities that are legal to perform. This Bill imposes a financial burden on free, amateur and niche commercial websites, affecting sexual minorities by denying them from freely expressing their sexuality.
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    Created by Myles Jackman Picture
  • #optmeoutoflocation tracking by the mobile and Wi-Fi operators
    A location history of your movements for the last year or more is incredibly insightful. Location data can show your sex, your approx age, your home and work addresses, where your children go to school, whether you are ill or becoming ill, how affluent you are (or how much poorer you are becoming), who your friends and family are (or were), your sexual orientation, how fast you drive, your personal preferences and lifestyle and much more. Worse - you really don't know who this data is being sold to or what for. To learn more and how to opt out go to www.optmeoutoflocation.com and sign our petition asking the UK ICO (Information Commissioners Office) to make the mobile and Wi-Fi operators ask our consent before they take and use this data.
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    Created by Geoff Revill