This the same as proposing to spy directly on our thoughts. Why is this? Thinking people will see that it is only the TECHNOLOGY that changes between spying on our internet intimacy and the spying on the intimacy of our thoughts. Scientists have ALREADY been able to 'read our thoughts' using an electronic implant. If these (irresponsible) power seekers proposed today to spy on our thoughts, there would be such a hue and cry that it would shake the very foundations of our society. We need to make sure that this erosion of our human rights, this constant leveraging of available technology by the ‘in power’ spies is outlawed once and for all. Perhaps this would be a good reason to have (within the UK) a written constitution? The argument that it is all done for the common good is not good enough – not unless you wish your thoughts to be opened up to scrutiny in future by the then ‘democratic or undemocratic’ power brokers. SAY NO NOW.
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    Created by john phillips
  • Net Neutrality Protection
    The proposal to abandon Net Neutrality on the internet in favor of a multi-tiered content-biased system is deeply flawed. It would: 1. create a system that inhibits technical innovation by allowing ISPs to choose which technologies their customers can access. 2. create a system that protects entrenched companies while penalizing the start-ups that have been the life blood of the internet. 3. limit access of non-profit organizations that cannot afford "fast-lane" fees. 4. penalize media companies that do not directly own cable or satellite access to consumers. The Internet has flourished under the de facto common carrier ISPs held until recently. It is time for the FCC to declare that ISPs are Common Carriers and hold them to that status. Please exam with an open mind, see the value in net neutrality, to business and private users equal access enables creativity and new business growth. A two tear access to the internet is bad for competion, R&D and the next generation of new world beating businesses. Professionals from the scientific community offer this view and as an MP you must listen to experts who are not in the pocket of lobbyists for example:- http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/forum_thread.php?id=75141 http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/09/10/favorite_sites_looking_slow_today_its_a_net_neutrality_protest/
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    Created by Pat Robins
  • Stop GCHQ Spying on us
    GCHQ are taking away our freedoms and rights to privacy. Collecting masses of data that will undoubtably be leaked in the future. All of UK citizens privacy is now at risk!
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    Created by Andrew Crowdy
  • EU: Leave Google censorship notifications alone!
    The Internet is the world's greatest platform for free speech. I accept the need to censor a few things, but not the need to do so in secret. Far from it. Why should the applicant have an automatic right to censor another's work without being held accountable for doing so?
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    Created by Chris Wilson
  • Stop the snoops
    More time is needed to ensure proper laws are discussed and agreed. We do not live in a policed state... Maybe there is law firm out there that would take on a mass case of legal challenges by the public to force telecoms companies to destroy the data now and thereby force the government into proper dialogue with people they are representing!
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    Created by Pete Hanley
  • 'Innocent' yet already in print!
    If you were accused of something terrible and degrading that you had not done, and your details together with these allegations appeared on the front page of your local newspaper, for example, then can you imagine the damage caused to you alone? You as a son or daughter, an employer or employee, parent, a sister or brother, a friend, minister, you as a celebrity,... let alone others too like your children, friends and family and associates. Can you see how that would quite easily stain your life having a profound and long lasting impact that could not be erased!? Yes, this regularly happens to innocent people like you and me before any opportunity to a fair hearing or trial and by mistake. The permanent damage based on alleged guilt is unfair and unjustified! It’s done just so that newspapers can have something to print, 'a juicy story', scare tactics or for greed. Sign this petition to reduce the media's powers to invade your privacy, devastate and ruin lives by being able to print allegations with personal details. I had not given it too much consideration until it happened to me and my family. Anonymity is the only fair way for the innocent.
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    Created by Samantha Shaw