• STOP Wellingborough Driving Test Centre from Closing
    STOP - THE LOCAL COMMUNITY CUTBACKS. Used by 1000’s of Local people and more that 40 local Driving Instructors. DVSA choosing to save money (ASSUMED as no reason has been given) rather than support local community. Approx 1500 tests per year. Runs from a charity organisation. The DVSA income is very important to Glamis Hall. STOP - THE INCREASED LEAD TIMES FOR TEST DATES. Closing Wellingborough Test Centre will increase the lead times at other test centres, especially Northampton. STOP - THE INCREASE IN CONGESTION AND EMISSIONS IN AND AROUND NORTHAMPTON AND KETTERING. Extra 1500 test each year. More cars going up and down our roads too and from. More cars running around the other towns. STOP - THE INCREASED COSTS TO LEARNER DRIVERS AND PARENTS(up to 2x). Lesson times around wellingborough can be 1 hr long. Lesson times will have to be at least 1.5 hrs due to increased distance. STOP - THE INCREASED HASSLE FACTOR FOR LOCAL PEOPLE AND DRIVING INSTRUCTORS. Wellingborough Instructors have a great working relationship with the wellingborough DVSA examiners - they are a good bunch. Driving tests from Glamis Hall simply work for all parties. This directly affects more than 40 local Driving Instructors who live and work in and around Wellingborough. THIS MAKES NO SENSE GIVEN WELLINGBOROUGH’S CURRENT AND FUTURE GROWTH IN HOUSING Wellingborough is growing massively with Stanton Cross(3500 new homes) and Glenvale Park off niort way(3000 new Homes) The Wellingborough Test Centre is heavily oversubscribed - The DVSA were talking of increasing capacity.- now no capacity.
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    Created by Chris Howard
  • Save Moray Music Tuition
    Music bring so many benefits to so many people and the ability to learn an instrument at school is critical in protecting our cultural heritage. Music should not just be for those that can afford it. Get It Right For Every Child
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    Created by Scott Whitefield
  • NorthEdinburgh#saveourservices
    Cutting funding to these organisations will force complete closure of some centres and a dramatically reduced programme of groups/services to others. This will have severe consequences on the local community, young and old, with detrimental impacts on their health and well being. Pilton Community Health Project, Pilton Equalities Project, North Edinburgh Timebank, Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre, Muirhouse Millennium Centre, Almond Mains Initiative and North West Carers all face major cuts to their services. Some will have to close. These projects provide a lifeline for many people. They offer support for women experiencing domestic abuse; breakfast clubs for children; activities for older people; counselling and support for those with mental health problems; access to food for those on low incomes; literacy work with people with learning disabilities; low cost handyman service for older people and more. These services enable people to participate in their community, keep themselves active and healthy. Poverty and social isolation blight our communities. The organisations were already working to the limits of their resources and still not meeting all the need.
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    Created by Jason Whitefield
  • Save Lancashire Wellbeing Service!
    Lancashire County Council (LCC) are proposing to scrap the Lancashire Wellbeing Service. This service helps thousands of people with mental health, emotional wellbeing and long term health conditions. In its own report, LCC said that scrapping Lancashire Wellbeing Service is likely to result in increased pressure on already overstretched NHS, social care, emergency and voluntary sector services and the likelihood that there will be a lower life expectancy particularly, for people living in areas of disadvantage across the county. The government has just said that in 2019 it aims to target prevention of ill-health, community health care and improving mental health, all of which are have been key focuses for LWS. And an independent review concluded that LWS has provided excellent social return on the investment by the local authority, The council are having a budget meeting on the 14th of February, and there are rumours that the Lancashire Wellbeing Service will be discussed. We need to show them that the service is worth the money and vital to our community. Please sign the petition to say that you strongly oppose the proposal to scrap the Lancashire Wellbeing Service. Let's make public health a priority in Lancashire by saving Lancashire Wellbeing Service!
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    Created by Lynn Harrison
  • Unison Bucks Health and Community Branch's Thames Valley Allowance Campaign
    The cost of living in the south-east is spiralling out of control. Rental prices have far out stripped incomes. The situation is causing a real and substantial crisis in the recruitment and retention of public sector workers. Workers are finding the purchasing power of their wages has decreased with the average public sector wage being worth 16% less than it was worth in 2008. Staffing levels in the NHS and local government have crashed to record lows with 15-20% of positions vacant in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire, remaining workers face worsening job and income positions from rising rents and stagnating wages.
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    Created by Paul Tovey
  • Saving Our Shelter
    We are currently in occupation of 169 Church Street, Eccles, Salford, M30 0LU. We are working alongside Salford Unemployment and Community Resource Centre and the Broughton Trust to use the building to house the homeless and help them get back on their feet. The building has been empty for many years yet they want to kick 15 to 20 homeless people out onto the street and leave the building yet again empty. We are willing to give them rent too. Please help by signing our petition to let us stay. If they kick us out that will mean 3 people we have just got employment will end up back on the streets. 4 people we have just got on courses will also be on the streets too. The rest of the homeless we are helping to get back on their feet will also be on the streets.
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    Created by Stuart Potts
  • Edinburgh Council, impose a £3 per night tourist tax to fund social services and street maintenance.
    Edinburgh Council plans to stop funding many vital social services - this doesn’t need to happen. For too long, Edinburgh citizens have been paying to clean up after tourists in the city centre while non-central areas of the city are neglected. The only people who benefit from the tourist trade are business owners - the rest of us pay for it. A modest tourist tax could keep vital social services running.
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    Created by Jane Gaye Bell
  • Stockport Council - Withdraw plan to scrap the emergency Local Assistance Scheme
    We, the undersigned note with extreme concern : 1) That Stockport Council has put forward a proposal to terminate the Stockport Local Assistance Scheme, in order to make a budget cut in 2019-20 of £486,000. 2) That the Scheme offers support to meet emergency needs, such as when someone has no food, clothing or gas and electric for their home and it provides practical support to persons moving on from temporary accommodation, through provision of furniture, beds and essential household items. 3) That the Council's proposal comes at a time when Professor Alston, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, has reported that : "14 million people, a fifth of the population, live in poverty. Four million of these are more than 50% below the poverty line, and 1.5 million are destitute" and Stockport Foodbank states that 1 in 5 children in the Borough live in homes below the poverty threshold. 4) That the Council's proposal comes at a time when Universal Credit is being rolled out in Stockport, bringing with it all the well documented effects of increased hardship and increased debt. 5) That this proposed cut, hitting the poorest people in the Borough, comes just a few months after the Council declared a budget surplus of £4.7 million for the 2017-18 financial year. 6) That the Council's own Equality Impact Assessment on the proposal reveals that 36% of the awards from the Scheme, in the last 3 years, went to people in the Borough's poorest ward, Brinnington & Central, whilst only 0.4% went to people in the wealthiest ward, in Bramhall. We, the undersigned believe that it is morally repugnant and wrong for the plight of the poorest people in the Borough to be worsened by this cut being targeted upon them. We, the undersigned demand that the Council withdraws the proposal to terminate the Stockport Local Assistance Scheme and instead that the Council ensures that the Scheme continues and that the funding of it is increased where necessary as needs become greater.
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    Created by John Pearson
  • Stop cuts to Citizens Advice in Suffolk
    The future of Citizens Advice in Suffolk is under threat because Suffolk County Council is proposing to halve and then completely withdraw its funding to the charities. The Citizens Advice network helped 22,000 people in Suffolk with more than 75,000 issues last year. The volunteer advisers provide quality assured advice on a wide range of issues such as debt, disability benefits, housing, employment and relationships. Cuts would lead to a significantly reduced service for people in Suffolk. The number of staff and volunteers available to give advice would have to be drastically reduced. If you have a story to tell about how we have helped you or your family then please share it in the reason for signing.
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  • Save Lambeth Children's Centres!
    Only two years after the last round of devastating cuts to our children's centres, many children in Lambeth are in danger of losing out on essential early years support. The Council have announced plans for a borough-wide restructure, which threatens five centres with closure. Another seven centres will have their provision cut in half under these proposals, and many staff are faced with losing their jobs. Children's Centres are a vital service for parents and their children in our local area. They combat isolation and loneliness which many of us experience when on maternity leave or looking after early years children. They provide support and guidance from professionals as well as a chance to mix with a range of families you didn't know before.
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    Created by Ruth Cashman
  • Keep Lisnaskea School Bus Depot open
    Education Authority plans to close Lisnaskea School Bus depot as a cost-saving exercise are unacceptable and a threat to OUR children’s health and safety! When Lisnaskea school bus depot is closed (and sold off?), the closest bus depot will be in Enniskillen which will mean school buses will either have to travel there for refueling or refuel in commercial fore courts in Lisnaskea. This will be very wasteful and bad for the environment and will further increase congestion in the county town. Closing the Lisnaskea depot is yet another local service being removed from our villages and towns but there's no reason for this to happen. Once it is closed all the school buses operating from Roslea to Lisbellaw will be based out of Enniskillen. This risks delays of up to one hour in getting replacement buses in event of a winter breakdown - the distance for a spare bus to come out could be more than 22 miles and there's no one on duty to even take a call before 7am. What's more there is no mobile phone coverage east of Lisnaskea so a driver might have to walk a considerable distance, leaving children on an unheated school bus, to the nearest house to use a land-line. If there are delays in getting a school bus to replace one broken down in the cold - not only are children put at risk but parents who rely on school buses being on time could have to arrange childcare at short notice or risk missing work. The uncertainty over bus provision could cause children enrolled to take exams disruption. The last thing the Education Authority appears to be thinking about is the needs of children or their families. But this is not all - the school bus drivers are hugely concerned about the risk of accidents from school buses which are too big to refuel safely at local commercial service stations hitting children or even adults leaving the service station. The Education Authority bus drivers are very concerned about this move. While the EA tell us that it will save money - we don't understand how this could be the case. Sending buses to the Enniskillen depot for refuelling will cost more – the only possible explanation is that EA are looking to sell off Lisnaskea Bus Depot! We are asking that you help the School Bus drivers in their fight to protect the children and keep open Lisnaskea School Bus Depot. Please take the time to sign our petition and share with your friends online.
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  • Support Trussell Trust proposed fix of Universal Credit
    Because Universal Credit is driving up demand for foodbanks ---- This petition is being run by a Member of Parliament - 38 Degrees is independent of all political parties.
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    Created by Liam Byrne