• Keep University Hospital Monklands in Central Monklands
    It is important that the people of Lanarkshire have a hospital facility that is in easy reach for all.
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    Created by Neil Gray MP
    Greenlight Environmental is a social enterprise employing around 100 local people in the West of Scotland and with almost three decades of experience providing recycling services. Many of their staff have been recruited through schemes to assist the long-term unemployed and these vulnerable workers are now being issued with redundancy notices. GMB Scotland is calling on the leaders of West Dunbartonshire, Inverclyde and Argyll & Bute Councils to intervene and prevent the liquidation of the company and the redundancy of its workforce.
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  • The Government must provide emergency funding to foodbanks
    It is well reported that foodbank use in the UK has seen an unprecedented rise in use. They rely solely on public donations to feed people. Because it is government policy that has caused this rise, they must intervene now. Foodbanks are running out daily and face the awful task of turning people away. Health and wellbeing is at severe risk. These charities are doing the government's work free of charge. This must change.
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  • No. 17 bus service
    The no. 17 bus is more than just a bus from A to B. It is a lifeline for many elderly people who live in the area, they use this bus service for companionship. When this bus is withdrawn many of these people will be left housebound; not able to walk to the local shops and not able to afford a taxi. St Marys hospital is expanding with more appointments being held there, with the new service cutting out a large portion of the route many people will be unable to get to the hospital, again too far for people to walk and taxis being far too expensive for OAPs to afford. It is not only the elderly this will affect, it will also affect the kids getting to school, students attending Portsmouth College, people getting to work. First Hroup are axing this service as too many old people enjoy this service.
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    Created by Julie Kemp
  • Put more money into children’s mental health
    My granddaughter has mental health issues and resources are stretched. Because of this she is not able to get the help she needs, there are more and more children / teenagers being let down
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    Created by Carla Woodley
  • Stop First Bus from carrying out devastating cuts to timetables in South Worcestershire
    Many people rely on these services to enable them to carry out every day tasks such as going to work, doing the shopping, attending medical appointments and meeting with friends & family. South Worcestershire is a largely rural area where public transport is limited and isolation a real risk. In addition to this an over reliance on car use is having a detrimental impact on air quality and health and well-being. These drastic cuts would be devastating.
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    Created by Natalie McVey
  • Saving St Aldhelm's Play Park
    Wiltshire Council have closed St. Aldhelms play area citing it is too expensive to maintain, having neglected it (and other parks in the area and across Wiltshire) for a sustained period of time. It is a hugely important amenity which is well used by children of all ages, and must be saved for the community.
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    Created by Dom Newton
  • Save Penny Pie Park
    Barnsley Council are wanting to build a gyratory on Penny Pie Park in Pogmoor effectively turning the remaining park into a roundabout. The objections are: It’s a much loved and used green space by a variety of people from young children, teenagers, dog walkers, disabled, the elderly, people reading papers and everything in between. Obesity levels are on the rise and to take away one of the few large green spaces would be a detriment to the community. Children would end up on street corners or in their bedroom Both noise and air pollution would rise due to the felling of healthy trees We should be discouraging cars rather than creating ways to encourage them to come into town so improvements should be made to our public transport system The park is a lifesaver as the Yorkshire Air Ambulance lands on the park due to the hospital not having a helipad this is usually to support the Embrace service The park creates an income as the Scott Pullen & Son Fairground comes several times a year The park is maintained by a Community group who organise events throughout the year. They have been nominated and won awards including Pride of Barnsley. They have raised funds to provide a pathway, trees, shrubs and are still doing the good work. Tree sculptures have been created around the park incorporating a story/nature trail for the younger children.
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  • Dont cut school funding for school buses
    It is important so my son and other children get to and home from school safely
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    Created by Amanda Walton
  • Meet and protect the rights of disabled children, adults and their families.
    I’m a mother, but no one has ever called me mummy. I’ve resuscitated my child, but I’ve never put a plaster on his knee. I’ve not been fined for taking my child out of school for a holiday, but I’ve been fighting to get him into school for almost four years. I’ve gone for months at a time with little sleep - but not with a baby, with a child who stops breathing. There are no family days out, because there’s nowhere to change my immobile and incontinent teenager. For four years, I have to sedate my child to travel because his wheelchair doesn’t fit and causes him pain. I’ve said goodbye more times than I can count - not for a school trip, but because I was told he would die. Our first community nurse told me to visit a morgue so I could get used to the idea of seeing my son in a freezer. I was told by a care company manager that if I complained about her staff, she’d ensure my son was put in a home. They were asleep when he wasn’t breathing, they overdosed his medications and they forcibly strapped him down to his own bed to stop them needing to move him. I’ve had to plan and write down all of the details of my child’s funeral. We have lost our home, jobs and self esteem - sponging from society, because care and education has not been sufficiently funded to allow us to work - to support our own family. I was a teacher, I fought for the children of others, I loved my job. Now, I have to fight for my son and his rights, to be his ICU nurse, to try to find time to be his mum when I’m so tired and so sad. My husband cared for people with MND or dementia, supporting them and their families until the end of their lives. Now he can only support us. Our lives revolve around keeping our son alive, well and comfortable.
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  • Don't cut funding for children's school buses
    In September Thetford Academy are cutting funding to Lewis Coaches so that they no longer run the bus service for our children to get to school. I have no other way of getting my 12 year old to and from school. And many other parents are in the same position. Please don't compromise the safety or education of our children.
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    Created by Amanda Walton
  • Reinstate bus services in Shepway
    It is affecting the elderly, disabled, mothers and children who need to use these services and access to public transport.
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    Created by Joanna Bennett