• Freeze cuts to youth facilities in London.
    This is fundamental because in a country where youth crime is at such a high rate, youth facilities provide vital refuge from Britain's gang scene for youth. Despite this, their budgets are being dwindled. This needs to stop!
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    Created by Kids Before Cuts
  • Save Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau
    This is a vital service for many people across Renfrewshire. Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau took on almost 3000 new cases in 2016-17. Demand for their services is growing as welfare reform continues to impact the poorest communities; as the number of people who privately rent property rises and as the scurge of precarious employment shows no sign of going away. Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau offers a comprehensive service to people that no other organisation does. If Renfrewshire Citizens Advice Bureau is not funded properly or fairly for the work that it does, it will see desperate people with no where else to turn to, become even more desperate.
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    Created by Lauren
  • Hourly Bus Service between Ascot and Legoland
    The first bus to Windsor from North Street is 10.05 am, therefore people are unable to get to hospital appointments or their places of work. The last bus from Windsor to North Ascot is at 3.46 pm, therefore anyone working or going to late hospital appointments , or travelling from Slough is left stranded. This bus service has been changed to a 2-hour service, so anyone missing a bus has to wait for 2 hours.
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    Created by Bruce Singleton
  • Save Charing Cross Hospital
    These plans will lose more than 300 acute care beds, and London will lose a hospital with a world class reputation for treatment. This is important to me on a personal level as my mother was treated there during her illness and received really excellent treatment. Here are the key findings of the Independent Healthcare Commission regarding the closure: - There is no completed, up-to-date business plan in place that sets out the case for delivering the Shaping a Healthier Future (SaHF) programme, demonstrating that the programme is affordable and deliverable. - There was limited and inadequate public consultation on the SaHF proposals and those proposals themselves did not provide an accurate view of the costs and risks to the people affected. - The escalating cost of the programme does not represent value for money and is a waste of precious public resources. - NHS facilities, delivering important public healthcare services, have been closed without adequate alternative provision being put in place. - The original business case seriously underestimated the increasing size of the population in North West London and fails to address the increasing need for services.
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    Created by Anouska Sutherland
  • Keep Herefordshire libraries safe. No to outsourcing
    We deeply regret that, despite strong arguments against it, you and your Cabinet colleagues decided on 28th June to press ahead with a tendering exercise to outsource the County’s library service. Given recent national experience, we are convinced that this is misguided. There is no material evidence that outsourcing libraries in Herefordshire would be cheaper or deliver a better service – we know of no contractor with a successful track record of running a library service in a rural setting comparable to Herefordshire. The current management and staff of Herefordshire libraries are doing a fine job under strained circumstances.
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    Created by Tom Harvey
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    Created by WAYNE NORMAN
  • Save Woodchurch Leisure Centre
    If this proposal is passed we feel it will be the start of the demise leading to permanent closure of this very valued community Leisure Centre. We are all being urged to keep healthy and fit by both the Council and NHS England and swimming is one of the ways they advise, so closing a popular pool is not acceptable. Woodchurch Leisure Centre needs investment not closure. Please sign this petition and help us stop these unwanted changes.
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    Created by Vincent Atherton
  • Stop the Velo South Cycle Event - 23rd September in West Sussex
    The event will hold hostage thousands of residents in their own homes around the 100 mile route for up to 8 hours, cost local businesses real money, risk the livelihood of farmers and welfare of farm animals, all for the commercial gain of Velo South. West Sussex County Councillors were not able to democratically vote on this and neither were Chichester District Council nor the Parish Councils.
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    Created by Alan Pearson
  • HandsoffHandsworth
    The academisation of schools affects the lives of our school children and teaching staff. The academy chain will benefit the CEO and their inflated salaries. Autonomy and local control NOT a profiteering chain.
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    Created by Jo Arrowsmith
  • Bristol City Council Health & Wellbeing Board
    This is important for local health and wellbeing is represented by local people and democratic scrutiny. Until now all councillors have done is put cuts through and been hoodwinked by some CEOs of Trusts, on the HWB that do not care of the local population only payouts by big insurance companies trying to take over UK healthcare services.
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    Created by Viran Patel
  • Stop cuts to 666 bus services between Faversham & the William Harvey Hospital Ashford
    The recent changes to the 666 bus service are a barrier preventing access to vital healthcare services. Timetable changes introduced on the 3rd June 2018 have seen an already limited service dramatically reduced. Prior to this date Stagecoach ran 7 daily services on weekdays between Faversham and the William Harvey Hospital. The new timetable changes now mean only 2 services per day run between Faversham and the William Harvey Hospital. These changes adversely discriminate against those with limited mobility, the vulnerable and the elderly users of this bus service, who previously used the 666 as it served as a direct route to essential health services at the William Harvey. For many users, the increased journey time and problems of changing onto a connecting bus at Ashford Park Street has made this journey dangerous and distressing.
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    Created by JACK BRIGHT
  • Yiewsley recreation ground
    Communit facilities are regularly taken away from South of the Borough, whilst the money is transferred to the North. Most of the South is designated as a deprived area.
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    Created by Geoff Courtenay