• Abandon the Library Consultation
    Libraries matter to communities. To make informed decisons about libraries the Council needs to know what people think. But this consultation will not do that. The consultation is stuff full of jargon. The language is confusing. It should be in plain English. Readability of text can be measured using a SMOG test. That's "Simple Measure of Gobbledygook". The Sun newspaper has a SMOG value of less than 14. The Express is less than 16. The Guardian and Telegraph is around 17. The SMOG value of Worcestershire County Council's consulation is an amazing 44! Ordinary people have little chance of understanding it. But a good consultation should be about getting ordinary people's views. The Council should therefore abandon it and do it properly!
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    Created by Robert Barlow
  • Save our Libraries Essex (SOLE)
    Essex County Council have announced plans to close 25 libraries and to turn a further 19 over to be run by local communities to save money. My local library, in West Mersea, employs 2 people for 21 hours a week. Not only will they lose their jobs if these closures go ahead, but so will all the staff at the threatened 44 libraries. My library is thriving. It is always busy with people of all ages reading newspapers and periodicals, borrowing books, DVDs and CDs, accessing the internet, researching their family ancestry and speaking to others. Libraries are fantastic assets to the community and need to be saved. No libraries in Essex should be closed or downgraded to being run by volunteers The elderly population of Essex need these libraries. Many do not have computers and some of them may not speak to anyone else in their day. We need local libraries in local communities which can be accessed on foot or bike, by all sections of society. Please think again before implementing these closures.
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    Created by Bry Mogridge
  • All4 back to Freesat
    To ensure All4 is inclusive and available to all the population and does not exclude those who cannot receive it by other means.
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    Created by Rodger Meadows
  • Stop the Closure of the New School Butterstone
    The New School Butterstone was originally founded in rural Perthshire, as a safehaven for education for young people with complex needs such as asperges and autism. These students come to Butterstone having found mainstream education challenging, and find that they are able to get on and thrive in an environment tailored to their needs. Smaller classes, individualized lessons and like minded students. WHAT will happen to these young people now? Will they simply be segwayed back into mainstream education in large classes, where they will be misunderstood, ignored and left at a disadvantage. We shouldn't be loosing places like 'The New School...' we should be gaining them, and learning from them. Please sign and help!
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    Created by Jeni Deards
  • Don't Cut Faversham Library Opening Hours
    The library is one of the few indoor public spaces in Faversham that everyone has access to. Kent County Council have just completed a major refurbishment of the library, if council tax payers are to get the benefit from this expenditure they need a library which at a minimum retains its opening hours. A 16 hour reduction in weekly opening could mean the library being closed for one extra day a week and opening hours reducing on other days. This will be a considerable inconvenience to local residents and could lead to a reduction in users and further cuts. Please help us maintain library hours and once you have signed the petition visit kent.gov.uk/lrastrategy to respond to the formal consultation
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    Created by Julian Saunders
  • Scrap universal credit
    It's important because people are being forced into universal credit disabled made fit to work and cant work people looseing their homes under universal credit people are committing suicide under universal credit children are going to school with empty stomachs under universal credit people are suffering please I am asking and the people are asking the European court to take action on the un profesor philip Alstons damming report against the conservatives our human rights are being breached and abused please we beg you to scrap universal credit now
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    Created by Sean Maguire
  • Save Welshpool Library
    The County Council wish to relocate the library to the museum, which is half the size and result in the downgrading of both services. Welshpool Library is purpose built in a central location which is convenient for all. It has parking spaces and is instantly recognisable. In the proposed location, it would house less than half the current bookstock, and there is very little space for children's storytimes and activities. The Museum would be squeezed into an upstairs space and jobs would be lost.
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    Created by Roger Foulkes
  • Eating Disorder Services for East Yorkshire
    I want to highlight the sparsity of resources in the NHS for treating patients with eating disorders. This is a national issue but it has to begin somewhere. I mention anorexia in particular because it came into our family, but the same points apply to all eating disorders. The eating disorder charity BEAT states: "Anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder, from medical complications associated with the illness as well as suicide." So where is the funding? Where are the specialists? The Royal College of Psychiatrists report: “We are seeing waits of up to 16 months for non-urgent referrals. It is really worrying, because we know that the more quickly people start receiving treatment the quicker they are to respond to it.” Anorexia is an illness. Despite what some people might think, no-one chooses to be anorexic in the same way that no-one chooses cancer. It is a physical illness and it is a mental illness but it is also a neglected illness as far as the NHS is concerned. In the East Riding of Yorkshire, until recently, there was no provision for eating disorders. This year, CAMHS has established an Eating Disorder Service. What about those patients who are not children? Those patients like my own loved one. Four years ago, a beautiful, talented, artistic young lady whom I love with all my heart fell prey to anorexia and I watched in impotence as she shrank before my eyes. She was 16 and resisted medical treatment for the best part of a year. Once she accepted help, her GP was wonderful at keeping an eye on her and referring her to a general mental health therapist but there were no specialists in eating disorders or any specialist treatment. Early in 2017, when my loved one became so ill that she weighed 5 stone and had a BMI of 12, she was admitted to a gastroenterology ward at the general hospital. The doctors and nurses were marvellous but they were not experts in the treatment of eating disorders. However, they found her a place at a residential ED Clinic in Grimsby, 54 miles and a drive of an hour and a half away. Grimsby is not in East Yorkshire; it’s in Lincolnshire. Still, we were lucky. Did you see the programme, ‘Wasting Away: The Truth about Anorexia’, which told the story of news reader Mark Austin’s daughter? I watched in tears as their story unfolded in an almost carbon copy of our own. Now if someone in the public eye, with a doctor for a wife, had no clue what to do, and if help wasn’t readily available to them, then what chance did we have? Mark Austin's research taught him that there are only 200 beds for ED patients in Britain and his programme revealed a young woman from Nottingham who was sent to Edinburgh for treatment. Her mum had to make a 600 mile round trip to visit her. UK eating disorder statistics • 1.6 million people in the UK are affected by an eating disorder • 11% of the 1.6 million people struggling with an eating disorder are male • Eating disorders are more common in individuals between the ages of 14 and 25 years old • There are up to 18 new diagnoses of bulimia nervosa, per 100,000 people, per year • 1 in 100 women aged between 15 and 30, are affected by anorexia nervosa • 10% of people affected by an eating disorder suffer from anorexia nervosa • 40% of people affected by an eating disorder suffer from bulimia nervosa • The rest of sufferers fall into the BED (binge eating disorder) or OSFED (other specified feeding or eating disorder) categories of eating disorders • Research suggests that the earlier that eating disorder treatment is sought, the better the sufferer’s chance of recovery These UK eating disorder statistics are derived from data published by Beat and Mind. For the sake of the futures of our young people, we need to hold the government to account, locally and nationally, to keep their promises and to ensure that there is money in every local authority for ED Services.
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  • Keep free T.V. for over 75's
    Many older people are lonely and isolated. The only friend they have is their television. To reintroduce the licence fee, will cause hardship to those who need their T.V. most.. *Free image by Masterfile
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    Created by Roger Cliffe-Thompson
  • Closure of day centres for the elderly
    Loneliness is considered to be one of the main problems among elderly persons which can have a serious effect on health so why would the government close such active community centres?
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    Created by annie K
  • Do not close Glasgow People's Palace and Winter Gardens indefinitely!
    This is a iconic historic landmark, and is home to a collection dedicated to documenting the social history of Glasgow. When it was opened in 1898, Lord Rosebery described it as "A palace of pleasure and imagination around which the people may place their affections and which may give them a home on which their memory may rest" - and he declared the building "open to the people for ever and ever!" This building is a hive of activity and local people hold it in their hearts and they are passionate and proud of its success. It's physical building is a significant but also the events and activities it hosts contribute to the health and well being of local people and also contribute to the Glasgow's vibrant and historic culture.
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    Created by Julie Broadley
  • Make Selly Oak Safer
    The University, as one of Birmingham’s largest employers, must use its political influence to prioritise the safety of its students and keep this at the top of the agendas of local councillors and MPs. Whilst the police have continually offered wonderful support in times of crisis, due to local and national funding cuts to the police it is clear they are overworked and not able to offer the support that is so badly needed in the area. Every year there is a call to action but nothing is ever resolved. It’s time for the University and local government to follow through on its promises and ensure that student safety is continually at the forefront of their priorities – and not just something discussed ‘after the event’. These stakeholders need to take individual and collective responsibility for ensuring the safety of students in Selly Oak.
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    Created by Adam Tomes