• Stop the inequality that exists in pain management in the NHS
    Pain management is an important part of treating people with chronic pain so that they can continue living their lives and functioning on a day to day basis. My mum has fibromyalgia and a degenerative spinal condition and neck. She has been offered very little help on the NHS but she was receiving steroid injections every three months that enabled her to walk again and function on a daily basis. Her commissioning group in Nottingham have now decided that they will no longer offer this service and she has received a letter informing her that if she wants to continue receiving the treatment she will have to pay £550 a time. If she lived in Derbyshire she could continue to receive this treatment for FREE. My mum is 73, she worked all of her life and has paid into the NHS and taken very little out. It is completely unfair to expect my mum who only has her pension to live on to find this money when other people are receiving the treatment for FREE. I understand that the NHS doesn't have money for everything but these injections have been keeping my mum out of a wheelchair and able to walk, able to exercise and able to live her life without the constant pain that she has to endure on a daily basis. The only alternative she is ever given is opiate pain killers which are known to be addictive and do nothing but make her feel ill. Please help me to raise awareness of the inequality that exists in the services that are offered for those who need chronic pain management and campaign for the Nottingham commissioning group to reinstate these services and offer some hope for those with chronic pain to continue receiving treatment for FREE. Health care should not be a postcode lottery. The government have caused this lottery by allowing local areas to commission their own services that they feel will benefit their areas this is causing massive inequalities in health care. The government should ensure that all patients have access to services regardless of where they live. I therefore call upon the government to end the postcode lottery that exists in health care and ensure that everyone has the same access to services.
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    Created by Debbie Moody
  • HELP FOR those with Autism in Halton
    Because having only 1 Autism/Asperger group mainly for kids there is no official group for adults on the autism spectrum in Halton B.C so i feel the council is not doing enough to give help providing a group to socialize with other people with the same conditions
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    Created by PETER LANCASTER
  • Transport link for people of THORNE, MOORENDS, RAWCLIFE BRIDGE TO GOOLE
    Remote villages need access to frequent reliable transport links to towns. Anyone who does not drives will be isolated and cut off from doing normal things in society
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    Created by Sally Lee
  • Carers Bus Pass
    I Believe this is important because at the minute carers either have to get the disabled person or elderly to go with them with a companion disabled concession card or Cost a lot to the bank balance out of the limited funds each week. This means going shopping for the disabled or elderly with out spending the small amount of carers funds
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  • Fund Fun 4 All
    Fun for all is an exciting project for the family which organises trips and fun activities for families living in Redbridge with a disabled child aged 0-18 years. A small charge is made for the activities but it is often a fraction of the full cost. Some of the trips offered are Theme Parks, London, Ice Skating, Swimming, Zoo & More. Without this service many families wouldn't be able to do these activities as they wouldn't feel confident taking a child with special need out in public.
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    Created by Bianca Spencer
  • Save the no 1 and no3 rural bus route service
    The no1 and no3 bus service is due to be discontinued leaving rural villages with elderly residents, working people and students without transport to Chelmsford town centre, Southend town centre and Rayleigh station. This isolates service users and stops transport to doctors surgeries, colleges, universities, train stations and hospitals.
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    Created by Helen Earp
  • Concessionary fares scheme for 16 to 18 year olds
    A Wiltshire wide concessionary fares scheme should be considered by Wiltshire Council. Many of these young people are in full time education and have no access to there own transport. And in many cases if there is public transport the price is beyond there reach.
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  • Save Heysham Swimming Pool.
    Cllr Margaret Pattison, Cllr Janice Hanson, Cllr Darren Clifford and Cllr David Whittaker are very concerned with living in a seaside area such as Morecambe and Heysham that children should have a local pool to learn to swim. The pool has 54.000 visitors a year with 16 schools using the pool for swimming lessons and groups helping people to keep fit and healthy, if closed this would effect the health and safety of the people in Morecambe.
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    Created by Cllr Margaret Pattison.
  • Legally recognise ADUK Dogs as Carers for Direct Payments
    These are amazing carers who maintain and promote independence for people who have various and complex care and social needs. Our assistance dogs care for us 24/7 who should be legally recognised by the government and save the government millions a year in care charges. The government needs to offer people the right to be able to claim for these costs to be able to keep us independent and motivated and socialised within the community. The average homecare cost is £200 per week the average cost of an ADUK is about £50 per week. Some more progressive councils allow for these amazing carers to be honoured and covered by a direct payment, whilst other councils take the guideline discriptor of carer ( meaning human ) as literal- this should be addressed to show the change since it was written. It will also help with the crisis in the health and social care situation.
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  • Better Wifi for Kenmore & Acharn
    So people can run their business Better Residential communication
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  • Second Disabled Parking Space in Station Road Area Radyr
    Over the past forty years Radyr has grown from 900 houses to over 3000. Houses tend to have more than one car also. I have lived in Radyr for over 30 years and I have cerebral palsy affecting my mobility and I have a blue badge. I work in Station Road area and find it very hard to park down there socially and when I go to work. Sometimes I have no choice but to park in the Disabled Bay with my badge, which according to current regulations I am entitled to do. A complaint has been made against me to Cardiff Council about me parking there during work time. They are looking to impose a 3 hour limit on the space currently. I would like to be able to park outside my workplace or in other spaces but I am unable to due to train station commuters or people not following current restrictions. I fall on a regular basis and I am unable to walk long distances. I hate the fact that me parking there has upset people so much that they feel the need to complain about me. I would ideally like Cardiff County Council to reconsider putting a second space in for Blue Badge holders. Some may argue that businesses may be put off by a second space going into Station Road. The residents of. Radyr are living longer and there are more badges being issued. Areas like Whitchurch and Llandaff have more than one disabled space. It may encourage blue badge holders to shop locally. Thank you, Victoria
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    Created by Victoria Massey