• Provide hoists and wide, adjustable treatment beds in all GP surgeries
    In 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer. I live with Spinabifida and am a wheelchair user because I'm paralysed from above the waist down. It is not legally possible to prove, but it is my sincere belief that had I been examined earlier in the year using a hoist and adjustable wide treatment bed, my cancer may have been discovered sooner. Disabled people and particularly paralysed people, don't always feel changes in their body, so require better than average monitoring. This equipment would provide that extra safeguarding and would protect disabled people from developing further physical issues that cost huge amounts of tax payer's money to address and great distress.
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    Created by Tracy Locke
  • Stop the outsourcing of benefits (universal credit)to Capita
    Vulnerable people are being treated unfairly and DEMORALISED and discriminated against
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    Created by James Hughes
  • Better community mental health services for brain injuries
    My husband has a brain injury. He has changes to his whole life. It can make him moody , volatile , depressed even agressive. He also suffered badly from severe side effects from his epilepsy medication. This gave an incorrect assessment as when he came off it he improved. Not many people realize but once you have a brain injury you are classed under mental health. There is no access to regular mental health services as you are rejected because you have a brain injury so it's specialized. You can't go back to the Neuro services because you are no longer acute. There is a false idea that everyone will get compensation because it's usually been an accident. Not if it's been a bleed or a fall of nobodies fault. We have stroke services but not the services for brain injuries. My husband couldn't get a new report. He couldn't get an outpatient appointment with a Neuro psychologist or even a psychologist. He snapped . He ended up out of city a brain injury unit in a medium secure hospital as there where no beds. It hasnt helped ,it's been horrible and now He faces being placed in some kind of home. Of which there are few. Often brain injuries are placed with sever dementia patients even if their cognitive abilities are fairly good. It's a national disgrace. Until this happened he took part in regular community groups with support from a PA. Gained an NVQ. Now he faces being shut away he's not over 65. How many others are there?
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  • Sign and State - Improved Disabled Access
    We are living in the 21st Century. Against the backdrop of #MeToo, gender advancement and increased LGBT+ inclusion, disability rights continually are left behind as the poor relation of societal oppression when it is part of the same struggle for liberation. It is, for example, frustrating to see venues hold celebratory 'Pride' when a number of participants are excluded from taking part due to access issues. The request, therefore, that venues sign and state in respect of disabled access is an attempt to promote a dialogue that leads to change
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    Created by Warren Holmes
  • Help for my Dad
    This is my dad the first photo was taken just before Christmas last year the other 3 are of my dad today we are in desperate need of help my dad and me have looked after each other for the last 14 years however 6 weeks ago my dad had a stroke its got so bad now i'm having to stay at home to look after him wipe his bum wash is face pull up his trousers etc etc all things that a few months ago my dad would have been able to do himself Now i am prepared to look after my dad but I need help but for some strange reason and the fact that we live in the countryside we are not even going to be assessed by Cornwall Social services for at least 6 to 8 weeks any package that will be put in place will take at least moths double figure to be implemented all my dad want is to stay at home for the last days of his life is this to much to ask apparently it is where is this country's social justice we have worked all our lives payed into the system and when we require the system to help us we are just left hanging because apparently theirs no emergency set up for when old people deteriorate rapidly because we have not asked for help in the last 14 years and sorted out problems ourselves we apparently don't exist please please contact your local MP and Get Social Justice for my Dad so that he can get the care he needs and stay at home for the remainder of his years and share this content far and wide our elderly should not be treated this way
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  • Help Victoria get home to school transport
    Victoria uses a wheelchair and has been awarded transport for eight years, but now that she is 16 the funding has been stopped. I'm more than happy to pay towards the bus but Victoria's place has still been refused. The city council have said that travel assistance up to 16 is statutory but only "discretionary" for those of sixth-form age. Without transport Victoria who has a mental age of around 6, faces having catching two buses to get to Selly Oak Trust School everyday. Victoria uses a wheelchair for long distances. Victoria finds it difficult to understand danger or cope with busy places. It is extremely important that Victoria is allowed to carry on using the bus.
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  • Getting access to paediatricians for autistic children
    After waiting for a paediatrician through my doctors referral service after 4 months, my son was refused by Barts health Specialist childrens service. The problem is my sons panic attacks and lack of sleep, my wife and I are very tired and 4 months ago we visited our Doctor to get help. We were told she could not help and that we needed to see a paediatrician as they are the only ones who can help us (in case we needed medication) but as they have refused to see our son I need to see if other parents are having the same issues as me and my wife namely that my son cannot get any help with his medical condition.
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    Created by alan hawkes
  • Hull Paragon Station - keep the station accessible for disabled people! keep the gate open!
    For many disabled people this is the ONLY accessible route into the station. First Transpennine are suggesting that disabled people should call a mobile number and wait for a member of staff to open the gate. This will result in: • People being left, possibly on their own and feeling vulnerable, whilst they are waiting to be permitted entry. • Longer journey times –people would need to get the station earlier. • Unfair treatment – disabled people need to do something different to non-disabled people to gain access to the station. This will also impact on non-disabled people too!!! • Inconvenience, especially for occasional users, for example people going on holiday, with luggage and children, who are arriving by taxi, will have to wait for the gate to be opened or walk around the station. • Waiting time at the drop off point is 20 minutes – negotiating the closed gate will inevitably take longer than this now when picking someone up, increasing the risk of a financial penalty. The closure is being trialled to protect station staff, but disabled people shouldn't suffer because of this. Alternate solutions should be found that don't result in disabled people being left without access.
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  • Big Children's changing facilities in public toilets
    • Keep carers and vulnerable child/adult free from infection. • Dignity! • Hygiene. • I'm disgusted we even have to ask in 2019!!
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  • Fibromyalgia and Depression
    I have suffered with fibromyalgia for the last 10 years or so and the pain just gets worse on a daily basis. All I'm told is I have to live with the pain as there's nothing they can do for me.
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  • Let Us In
    Wheelchair users are being discriminated against every day, in all walks of life - education, work, homebuilding and social life. They are being denied access to buildings, venues and premises that other people in our society enjoy. Non-wheelchair users are often unaware of the obstacles wheelchair users face. Wheelchair users may want to join in with things but are being denied the opportunity to. The world puts up so many barriers . For instance, going to the theatre is an experience enjoyed and cherished by many families, especially during the festive season. However, like many other activities, theatres and shows often fail to be wheelchair accessible. Although the accessibility of venues has improved, wheelchair access is often forgotten, or indeed never thought about. I acquired my disability in 2010, and was plunged into a World that I didn’t know existed. I found that I couldn’t go here, couldn’t go there, couldn’t do this, couldn’t do that. It’s torture. The Equality Act describes disability as a ‘protected characteristic’. However, the Act is neither monitored nor enforced. If I think someone is in breach of the Act, it is up to me personally to raise a court action. As the majority of wheelchair users will be surviving on DLA/PIP, this means that this is outwith the realms of affordability for most of us. Is it deliberately cost prohibitive? This Act is nothing more than lip service – a façade to wrongly give the impression that the Government gives a damn. I was concerned about the number of premises which appeared to be inaccessible in the City Centre of my home town of Edinburgh, so I undertook my own accessibility survey. The results revealed some gobsmacking figures. I surveyed 130 properties on Lothian Road/Bread Street/Grassmarket on the West side of the City Centre. A massive 95 (73%) are NOT wheelchair accessible. This is Edinburgh, home of the Edinburgh International Festival and World famous Hogmanay celebrations and Scotland’s capital city, in the 21st Century. It’s appalling. This means that I would have to raise 95 court actions! Everyone who asked what I was doing during the survey made the same comment – “I thought everywhere was/had to be accessible now/these days”. I am not niaive to believe that this situation is confined to one City. The issue exists in every village, town and City, UK-wide. Wheelchair access needs to be a pre-requisite of planning permission for old AND new buildings. Inaccessible premises change ownership, undergo extensive refurbishment and re-open as ‘newly opened’ businesses, and are still inaccessible! How is this being allowed to happen?
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  • Personal Independence Payments for Over 65s
    Over 65s are as likely if not more likely to need these payments as their younger counterparts. As people get older their joints and body become less able to cope with public transport especially if they have disabilities, but they also need to be able to remain independent in order to maintain their quality of life.
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