• Ensure needs of people with Autism are met in any future pandemic response
    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many people with Autism in the UK struggled to process and understand information, advice and guidance, if they found any. Appropriate, Autism-suitable information needs to be provided on all platforms - TV, Radio, Newspapers, Leaflets, Websites and Social Media by the UK Government during a health crisis like this. The mental health of many people with Autism has been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Emerald Insight Survey ‘The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Autistic Adults’ published in February 2021 stated:"72% of respondents reported some or significant deterioration in Mental Health during the pandemic” and said the most negative impacts were the result of “uncertainty and disruption of normal routine”. This needs preventing in a health crisis. Action needs to be taken because it effects so many people, Autistic people themselves, their families, their friends, work colleagues etc. This needs to be made Law, here are my Legislation Proposals I have produced: Legislation to protect people with Autism during a future health crisis Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic there has been a lack of consideration and support by the UK Government for people with Autism. Legislation needs to be put in place to ensure this does not happen again in a future health crisis. 1. Information for Autistic people needs to be in clear straightforward language with short and simple sentences, no abbreviations and jargon. Bullet points and visual images should be used to assist processing and understanding. 2. Information should be provided on the following platforms, TV, Radio, Newspapers, Leaflets, Websites and Social Media. 3. Warnings should be put in place before programmes and advertisements. This would prevent Autistic people being subjected to information which is not delivered in an appropriate way for people with Autism. This would reduce so much confusion, anxiety, distress and panic attacks. The failures which people with Autism in the UK suffered throughout the Covid-19 pandemic must not ever happen again in a future health crisis. Please sign and share. Thank you.
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    Created by Ivan Ambrose
  • Increase Disabled Facility Grant in line with inflation
    The Disabled Facilities Grant helps people with disabilities make changes to their homes so they can continue to live there. Thousands of families with disabilities now are faced with making up the shortfall for the grant. For example a 3x3m extension of living space with no adaptations is costed at over £45,000. Therefore families, including my own are forced to try and raise upwards of £15,000. If that money is not available we have to go without vital adaptions to live comfortably and with dignity.
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  • Stop the loss of Dorset SENDIASS
    Outsourcing this service would lose the trust of parents and the local knowledge and relationships with the existing team. We want the voices of parents and carers heard who would like to see support and resources given to the existing in-house team to continue to provide the excellent service they do and build a better service for the future of SEN children across Dorset. We feel that outsourcing will result in a service provider that does not know our families or our demographic. It will result in a long transition period of handover. Of the service provider does not meet their obligations to SEN families then there will be along assessment period and transition of services to another provider or back in-house. All the while children and thee families fall through the cracks. We are highly concerned that adequate consultation was not given to a wide range of groups and parents with an interest in this area as a result the decision is not reflective of their feelings.
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    Created by Leeann Boon
  • Special Needs school for Social emotional and mental health, ADHD & Autism
    No spaces within specifically SEMH schools and the closest primary being Haywood Grove with limited spaces and a 1year waiting list. We have a few Secondary SEMH Schools but all with waiting lists therefore these children are without an education or support as it’s just a waiting game. These Children have a right to an education and there is plenty of evidence that there are not enough schools catering for SEMH therefore why is nothing being done to change this. We need this to change, something needs to be done. The fact that there are schools struggling with the ability to keep children within their school that need the kind of support that only a Special Needs School can give and get the most out of their education, this being in a School that best caters for their needs. There are children at risk of being permanently excluded because they are unable to follow the everyday expectations of mainstream which has a decremental effect on their Education, Self-esteem and mental health due to the inability to be able to converse within mainstream. I have been in this situation for nearly 2 yrs and it was one of the most stressful time of my life, feeling like you are failing your child. This situation needs to be addressed and would take pressure of mainstream schools and families struggling with the uncertainty of what there child’s future will look like. As mentioned there is a SEMH Secondary but again a waiting list, also the fact that Falconer is without green space to use on a daily basis and this is a necessity for for all schools to have, particularly an SEMH. Please sign and support change.
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    Created by Samantha Carey
  • Petition calling for urgent improvements to accessibility in Ramsgate
    We the undersigned are appalled at the lack of accessibility in Ramsgate. People with disabilities, including wheelchair users, mobility scooter users, those who need to use other walking aids are being continually discriminated against by being denied access to our town and amenities. There are, Insufficient dropped curbs Poorly maintained dropped curbs Poorly maintained pavements Appalling signage Lifts not working No access to the beach Insufficient crossings on main roads Poor access to many shops and cafes Too few disabled parking bays KCC need to take urgent action to allow us full access and to respect our human rights as people with a disability.
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    Created by Joe Shaw
  • Scrap Social Care Charging
    Thousands of disabled and older people throughout the Covid pandemic have experienced social care cuts and increases in care charging. Families are struggling to make ends meet and pay the week's shopping bill. In some cases, people have to make an unenviable choice of heating the home or putting food on the table. Others are being pushed into debt. As Sue explains: "Out of the blue in August, my son got a bill for £4,500. He's nineteen, profoundly disabled. He lives in a care home. I have no idea how we can pay for it. It would clear out most of his account, leaving him with as little as £100 a month to live his life for the rest of his life. We've yet to receive an explanation or how they expect us to pay, and I'm worried this is just the start." Unlike the NHS, social care support is not free, and even people with a meagre income, including those on means-tested benefits, have to pay towards social care. Good social care support helps Disabled and older people to live fulfilling lives with choice, control and dignity to have meaningful relationships, and take part in community life. We are, therefore, calling on the government to abolish social care charging as part of social care reform. And in the interim, we call on the government to ensure Disabled and older people are not forced to pay for social care out of their benefits.
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  • PIP for Amputees
    It’s important that this disability is recognised as such and all Amputees are given PIP enhanced rate.
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    Created by Kim Smith
  • Include people with autism and Asperger’s into the covid vaccine policy
    It is important because people in the above groups have been forgotten about in this pandemic and it needs to stop. People with autistic spectrum disorders and all people with learning disabilities should be included not left out. And put on the scrap heap as they usually get done to them so they have a voice now
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    Created by Mark Barnett
  • We Must Keep The Disabled Parking Bay At The Back Of The Tor - Glastonbury
    This is discrimation against those with disability, and the elderly. There are many disabled and elderly people who come to the Tor and need to park close by, even if they cannot climb to the top of the Tor. There are pathways around the edge. This is an ancient sacred site, and part of this countries heritage, disabled and elderly people should be welcomed to access it. At these times it is absolutely paramount that we stand up for those who are vulnerable in our communities. There is also speculation as to if this parking bay is being removed to make it easier for Wellhouse Lane to become a through road. Along with plans to direct traffic up between the springs, making it difficult for people to stop to get water. Liz Leyshon - Where is your justification for taking away the disabled parking bay? To take away this disabled access bay, goes against your duty as a civil servant to consider all the people in the community and against your duty to consider and adhere to the conditions of the Human Rights Act. Please email Liz Leyshon letting her know that we as the people do not agree with this ‘development’. [email protected]
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    Created by Kirsty Robinson
  • Fight for TMA Tilbury
    This gym was built on love , and all members have given back over the years, whether it be painting, cleaning, etc . As a member I became a volunteer for many years and helped in many classes, including children with learning disabilities.
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    Created by Sherie-Sean Buckley
  • Belhus chase accessibility problems
    By not having disabled access from aveley though belhus chase run by woodland trust, disabled and elderly people are forced to risk their lives by going in fast driven country roads in wheelchairs or scooters to be able to walk their dogs or to just visit the country park. Just this week an elderly woman with her dog was almost hit.
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    Created by Lisa Clancy
  • Increase the number of SEND school places in Kent
    SEND children are being denied their human right to an education appropriate to their needs due to lack of suitable schools places
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    Created by Julia Baldwin