• Scrap Social Care Charging
    Thousands of disabled and older people throughout the Covid pandemic have experienced social care cuts and increases in care charging. Families are struggling to make ends meet and pay the week's shopping bill. In some cases, people have to make an unenviable choice of heating the home or putting food on the table. Others are being pushed into debt. As Sue explains: "Out of the blue in August, my son got a bill for £4,500. He's nineteen, profoundly disabled. He lives in a care home. I have no idea how we can pay for it. It would clear out most of his account, leaving him with as little as £100 a month to live his life for the rest of his life. We've yet to receive an explanation or how they expect us to pay, and I'm worried this is just the start." Unlike the NHS, social care support is not free, and even people with a meagre income, including those on means-tested benefits, have to pay towards social care. Good social care support helps Disabled and older people to live fulfilling lives with choice, control and dignity to have meaningful relationships, and take part in community life. We are, therefore, calling on the government to abolish social care charging as part of social care reform. And in the interim, we call on the government to ensure Disabled and older people are not forced to pay for social care out of their benefits.
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    Created by Jon Abrams Picture
  • PIP for Amputees
    It’s important that this disability is recognised as such and all Amputees are given PIP enhanced rate.
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    Created by Kim Smith
  • Include people with autism and Asperger’s into the covid vaccine policy
    It is important because people in the above groups have been forgotten about in this pandemic and it needs to stop. People with autistic spectrum disorders and all people with learning disabilities should be included not left out. And put on the scrap heap as they usually get done to them so they have a voice now
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    Created by Mark Barnett
  • We Must Keep The Disabled Parking Bay At The Back Of The Tor - Glastonbury
    This is discrimation against those with disability, and the elderly. There are many disabled and elderly people who come to the Tor and need to park close by, even if they cannot climb to the top of the Tor. There are pathways around the edge. This is an ancient sacred site, and part of this countries heritage, disabled and elderly people should be welcomed to access it. At these times it is absolutely paramount that we stand up for those who are vulnerable in our communities. There is also speculation as to if this parking bay is being removed to make it easier for Wellhouse Lane to become a through road. Along with plans to direct traffic up between the springs, making it difficult for people to stop to get water. Liz Leyshon - Where is your justification for taking away the disabled parking bay? To take away this disabled access bay, goes against your duty as a civil servant to consider all the people in the community and against your duty to consider and adhere to the conditions of the Human Rights Act. Please email Liz Leyshon letting her know that we as the people do not agree with this ‘development’. [email protected]
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    Created by Kirsty Robinson
  • Fibromyalgia as a disability
    So fibromyalgia patient are taken seriously and their pain seriously Their daily routine is never the same Each day It’s different The ppl look normal But the severity of aches are like we are been put in a crusher ,
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    Created by Ghazala Paul
  • Disability Shopping Days
    Since we are experiencing COVID-19 supermarkets have set up NHS shopping, ELDERLY shopping etc etc ....... this got me to thinking , why isn’t there anything like this for people who have additional/complex needs . We do like to do everything that any able bodied person would like to do , but we are human and don’t like to be made to feel less than good enough , just because I don’t behave like you , doesn’t make my heart and my feelings any less than yours . Therefore I believe that a certain day should be put aside for the likes of me to shop in peace .
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    Created by Tania Ryan
  • Fight for TMA Tilbury
    This gym was built on love , and all members have given back over the years, whether it be painting, cleaning, etc . As a member I became a volunteer for many years and helped in many classes, including children with learning disabilities.
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    Created by Sherie-Sean Buckley
  • Belhus chase accessibility problems
    By not having disabled access from aveley though belhus chase run by woodland trust, disabled and elderly people are forced to risk their lives by going in fast driven country roads in wheelchairs or scooters to be able to walk their dogs or to just visit the country park. Just this week an elderly woman with her dog was almost hit.
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    Created by Lisa Clancy
  • Increase the number of SEND school places in Kent
    SEND children are being denied their human right to an education appropriate to their needs due to lack of suitable schools places
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    Created by Julia Baldwin
  • Securing a permanent provision for disability access to the sea in Hastings
    On a hot day like this, I can cross the road, jump in the sea without a seconds thought.  I don't need to plan weeks in advance, hire expensive equipment and be at a specific place at a certain time. Who actually wants this? It takes the whole fun out of it. I can't believe I live in a town populated of almost 90 thousand people and no permanent disability access to the sea!  Hastings has always been about inclusivity, and being able to take a dip on a sweltering day like today is a very basic human right. There has already been great interest in this idea from many people in the Hastings area and people have come forward to say it has always been a dream to go in the sea whenever they want. With your help we can make these dreams a reality.
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    Created by Lucas Howard
  • Approve funding for Nadia's educational and social placement at Foxes Academy
    I'm writing on behalf of a dear friend and colleague who is currently experiencing injustice from Stoke Council in relation to her daughter's special educational needs. Stoke Local Authority are currently denying Nadia the funding that she needs to go to a college where she can gain recognised qualifications that will allow her to gain a job in the hospitality industry and to gain the skills she needs to live as independently as possible. Nadia should have the same rights as any young person in achieving her goals of becoming independent and working and contributing to society in a meaningful way. Too many people with special educational needs are being turned down the opportunity by their local authorities to gain the educational and social environment they so need to enable them to reach their potential in life. Nadia, Celeste's 20 year old daughter has Downs Syndrome and significant developmental delay. Despite her special needs, Nadia is a strong-minded, confident and perceptive young woman. Nadia is very able to express her wishes and needs but I think because she has a stammer the council think she is incapable of having any ideas about her future. She has strong views on her plans for her future and wants to be as independent as she can and contribute to society in a meaningful way. Celeste has always supported Nadia in her wishes and needs. She has had to fight for Nadia's rights, especially educational, all of Nadia's life. She is now having to take Nadia's case to appeal but this won't happen until November and Nadia needs to start college in September. Nadia is very distressed about not knowing what is going to happen to her future aims. Celeste has jumped through all of the hoops that the council have asked of her and she is currently receiving no information back from them. Foxes Academy are offering Open Days to their new recruits so that they can look around the facilities and the accommodation but Nadia can not go as she is not guaranteed a place. This is having a major impact on her mental health. Celeste is not the only parent struggling with the lack of information, and sometimes tactics, that the local authority offer. Most parents end up giving up at the last hurdle as they are too emotionally and financially exhausted to deal with the obstacles that the LA put in place. Please can we put pressure on Stoke Council to allow Nadia to go to Foxes. It will not only be an investment in Nadia's future contribution to society but may also end up being a cheaper alternative than other measures that will need to be put in place to allow Nadia some independence.
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    Created by Dawn Linda
  • Better pavements for the disabled
    Because being disabled like myself I have experienced driving my chair down a pavement that was too high a dip. And I have seen other people who are disabled have problems with pavements. I want them more accessible.
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    Created by Alex Rust