• Understanding the benefits of getting disabled people into work
    During Channel 4’s leaders’ debate, a member of the audience asked what the Conservatives plan to do to get more disabled people into work. David Cameron replied that the culture of employers needs to change. I could not agree more. I am a visually impaired qualified business administrator who has also studied business studies seeking a new job in the administrative or marketing profession. I have been asked questions during interviews that would never be asked of a non-disabled candidate – such as how I use the telephone – despite evidence of my competencies and ability to do the job. According to the Labour Force Survey, disabled people remain significantly less likely to be in employment than non-disabled people. It is not enough to comply with disability discrimination legislation or to offer “guaranteed interviews” to disabled applicants. Employers fear that disabled employees will be a burden and so reject these candidates – on grounds such as lack of experience in an area of work not essential for the job – even when they perform well at interview. This is important to me as I am a disabled young individual who is desperate to find work, but to barriers which employers put I place, cannot get a job. This is very frustrating for me, as I want to give something back to the community as wellraising awareness that disabled people can work and are just as qualified as able bodied people
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    Created by isobel calladine
  • What the Frack! Regular referendums. Let the UK public vote for their future.
    Members of the public find it difficult to support a political party 100%. Our system is out of date, our MPs out of touch, the public go unheard. We agree with points made by the Lib Dems, the Conservatives, Labour, the Green Party, the SNP etc and sometimes we disagree with them all. Either way we can't communicate with the government effectively. The system needs to work for us all but instead it's dusty, nobody really understands it or cares to sort it out with any long term vision. We need to start again. Simplify. Direct questions, direct answers. If regular referendums were to take place, the public are truly part of the process, allowing us to demonstrate what we care about, that we're united and want to invest in the future of this land and it's people. Less moaning and more doing, having a proactive and fair say, feeling satisfied that the decisions are being made and supported by the majority of the UK. Let the UK public vote for their future. This Kingdom can then begin to feel proud and respected, and most importantly, united.
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    Created by Tezia Perret
  • Stop the ministry of defense discrimating against people with austism
    I feel this is important as people with autism are just as capable of serving their country as their neurotypical counterparts (even more in some cases)
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    Created by lewis smith
  • Re-opening the independent living fund for disabled people
    This petition is important as it will widely help disabled people live their life independently and efficiently. 18,000 people with high support needs relied on the fund and said it "transformed their life". The fund has recently been closed resulting in changing peoples lives greatly in a negative way. This petition may contribute towards re-opening the independent living fund even if it is a small difference. Please take a couple of minutes out of your time to sign up for this campaign. It will be greatly appreciated :)
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    Created by Sonia Haider
  • Extra Third Trimester Scan to Prevent Premature and IUGR Births
    This is important to me as my first daughter was born IUGR and we were not aware , when I became pregnant with my second daughter we were given am extra third trimester Doppler scan which detected the IUGR and Reverse chord flow, which led to a better planned pregnancy and early delivery. My Girls are in my photo Rubie was born at 32/40 @ 2lb 7oz delivered via EMCS due to IUGR and severe pre-eclampsia .. Rubie is now a happy average 5 year old at the same level as other children her age with no learning disabilities. Scarlet was born 30/40 @ 1lb 8oz due to severe early onset IUGR and reverse chord flow via EMCS only detected because of an extra Doppler scan. Scarlet is now a happy average 1 year old hitting all her milestones with no disabilities. Although both are tiny for their age.
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    Created by Kirsty Broadfield
  • Compel The DWP to investigate the effects of benefit cuts on mental health
    Department for Work and Pensions minister Priti Patel claimed any examination of temporary sanctions' effects would be "misleading" in isolation and should not be investigated. This is a cop out. They know that their cuts are causing wide scale mental health problems but also know that if they are forced to face up to this they will have to admit that their policies are wrong.
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    Created by Robin Stokes
  • Disabled Concessionary Card Holders Should Get Free Travel Uk Wide
    Why should we pay fares to travel if going out of our area like we can travel in and around Scotland free on buses and certain coach companys but we cant travel free in the rest of the uk. one rule for one and one rule for another. please please abolish how far we can travel. think of people in wheelchairs crutches and other disabled people who cant afford to travel further afield to visit familys or seaside resorts for a holiday, or our wounded ex veterans who served there country
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    My partner is a double below knee amputee and is currently having to live on the settee in our two storey property while we wait to be rehoused into a level access property eg a bungalow. However due to the current housing stock being so low we cannot be rehoused until at least 2017 and even that is a big maybe. He has no access to washing facilities and this is degrading as well as unhygienic and puts him at risk of infection and illness. Due to the size of the property and the struggle to navigate a wheelchair around tiny doorways and hallways he has had to resort to using his knees to crawl or transfer from his chair which massively increases the risk of needing to have his knees amputated also which would add years to rehabilitation. We also have three young children who are seeing their father suffer every day which in turn is affecting the families well being due to the continuous daily stresses we are experiencing. I'm sure we are not the only ones in this predicament which is part of a wider issue that there needs to be a major rethink in the property allocation process to ensure those in the greatest need are adequately housed.
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    Created by Sophie Marsollier
  • Disabled access on Plymouth streets
    I have been fighting for nearly 2 years to get drop kerbs installed on Cunningham road in Plymouth, to allow access for wheelchair and mobility scooters. I have mobility issues and rely on a scooter to get around, but with no drop kerbs, i cant leave my house. I have been lied to and treated like I don't matter by the council, and put onto a list for a fund that simply doesn't have enough money to do the work, meaning it will never be done. I have been told by the council that they don't have a budget for disability access issues and the only money available is £4000 in the living streets fund, while the work has been quoted as £5000. Why don't the council have a budget set aside for disability access issues? The discrimination act was put in place to prevent businesses from discriminating against disabled people yet the council don't have to do anything about it? I may only be one person asking for them, but not having them means my life is seriously effected as I do not have access to my GP, the hospital, the pain clinic or anywhere else. It is important that the council listen to what it's constituents need, are taken to account for failing to fulfil their job and are prepared for such occurrences with suitable budgets.
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    Created by Hayley Harris
  • Refugees Welcome in Alnwick
    We don't want Britain to be the kind of country that turns its back as people drown in their desperation to flee places like Syria. We want refugees to be welcome in rural areas too. So let's stand up for Britain's long tradition of helping refugees fleeing war. Let's show the Prime Minister that we, the people of the UK, are proud to do our part and provide refuge to people in their hour of need. Please sign and share, or start your own petition for your town or city here: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/efforts/refugees-welcome
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    Created by Julia Lyford
  • Back plans in Deptford for a world-class centre for blind young people
    This would be the UK’s first ever purpose built centre for blind and partially sighted children, young people and their families. We aim to tackle poverty and exclusion by giving blind young people and their families a space where they can understand their condition, interact, forge friendships and learn new skills supported by RLSB’s professional staff team. As a diverse, historic and ambitious London borough, with innovative plans for the regeneration of Deptford, we believe that Lewisham would be an ideal location for the centre. With the support of the Lewisham MP's, local councillors and the Deptford community, we can make this a reality. Find out more at: http://www.rlsb.org.uk/seetheirfuture The Royal London Society for Blind People (RLSB) is the no.1 charity for blind young people. Our experts work with parents and families to make sure blind children and young people discover the skills and confidence they need to take control of their life and beat a lifetime of exclusion and poverty.
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  • Benefit sanctions kill
    Challenge prejudice against people on benefits. Mark Wood, 44, of Bampton, Oxfordshire, starved to death in 2013 weighing just 5st 8lb after assessors Atos declared him fit to work and took away housing benefit and employment support allowance.
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    Created by Claire Wallington