• Carers allowance for pensioners
    There must be thousands of pensioners who care for people who are now worse off when they need it most.
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    Created by Colin Gargate
  • Scrap the PIP reform proposals
    This is extremely important because the people of whom claim PIP rely on the benefit's cash income for everyday use. Including those who find it difficult to get around unfamiliar places independently, those who find it difficult to walk long distances without support, mental health problems (which in some cases is highly severe) and those with hidden disabilities who rely on the income to purchase items to help them with everyday life. If the benefit is reformed, it will impact a lot of disabled people and those with mental health problems who would lose their money for being unable to work due to either their disability or very severe mental health. This petition is to tell the work and pensions secretary to scrap the proposals to reform PIP because so many people rely on it and they need it to survive financially if they're to get anywhere in life. Charities such as Scope have grave concerns about the situation surrounding the proposals and they are very worried that those who are in desperate need of their financial support will lose out on vital benefits. The situation is very stressful and concerning for the families and claimants on PIP who could potentially have sleepless nights over the fact that their financial support through PIP would not be there for them if the proposals were to take place. Mental health problems could get worse and the proposals would have a very serious impact on those who are claiming PIP for various reasons wether it is mental health related or disability related. These people really need their income.
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    Created by Victoria Austen Picture
  • Brighton & Hove Council: SEND us a Break!
    Children and Young People and their Parents and Carers urgently need this provision to be in place and accessible to all before the summer holidays start at the end of July 2024 so that children and young people can engage in meaningful activities when they are not at school or college, so that parents and carers can work, and so that parents and carers can have a break from their caring role. Since the closure of Extratime in 2023, the local authority has failed to produce a plan of action to provide short breaks and holiday activities for all children with SEND, the little that has been offered is not suitable for those with complex needs who need 1:1 support. This is contrary to the local authority’s legal duties and leaves Children and Young People and their families in crisis and struggling to cope. Without having adequate provision in place many families will not cope with the summer holidays and without adequate provision to allow parents to work parents may lose their jobs and many families will be plunged into financial and family crisis. This is likely to cost the local authority more in the long term if families in crisis results in more emergency placements for children and young people being required.
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    Created by Helen Irving
  • Increase SEN sessions, including during school holidays
    According to the Family Resources Survey (2021 to 2022), 16 million people in the UK have a disability. 11%, or 1.76 million of these are children. SEN children deserve the same opportunities as all other children but face many barriers to achieving these. Why does my child not have the same Opportunities to play as his sister does?
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    Created by Emily Oliver
  • Inclusion!
    I'm sick of not being able to see or hear my favourite artists and shows because I'm sat all the way at the back of the venue. And more often than not, there are no accessible areas anyway/they're all full because the venue only has 2-4 specific areas. I believe this should change.
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    Created by Megan Jane Hierons
  • Scrap dangerous disability benefit reforms
    The previous government announced changes to disability benefits which will deny vital support to over 400,000 people who become seriously ill or disabled from next year. People could also face sanctions if they do not comply with specific work-search expectations that could threaten their wellbeing.  Working age disabled people are already almost twice as likely to be in poverty. And this gap will only widen if the changes are introduced.  The new government has a real opportunity to turn the tide on disability benefit reform. But they are yet to commit to scrapping the changes.   The reforms should be stopped in their tracks and a consultation held with disabled people to build a better system which provides the security and support we all need.  Our social security system should be there for us all, especially when we need it most. Sign the petition today. 
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    Created by Evangeline Knapman
  • Playgrounds for all
    All children have the right to access provisions whether that be swimming pools, sport halls, cinemas, in other words ALL public places. However, for those children living with a disability, especially those with a physical disability, many never get to experience playing in a playground. It is imperative for all children to develop and the only way that can happen, is by accessing different environments. For any child to experience the movement of a swing, the wind on their face, to feel the movement of a roundabout, or a sea-saw, then to see the joy on their faces. This doesn't happen for those children who are disabled. This petition is asking the Minister for the Disabled Tom Pursglove |MP to take action by enabling and legislating for all playgrounds in the country to be accessible so that children will no longer feel that they are being barred from such a facility, through no fault of their own.
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    Created by Carla Woods
  • Inclusion for all children at holiday camps
    Holiday clubs carry a huge responsibility when it comes to disability. They represent the first few experiences my daughter (and other children with disabilities) have of society outside the protection of a loving family and hopefully a supportive school. They can either reinforce a sense of “I am different, but I am equal to everyone else”, or they expose disabled children to a negative sense of “I am different, I am a burden, I am excluded”. Each time a club says no, and a child is excluded, it's a little chip at their self-esteem and a lowering of expectations for their future self. According to a survey by Scope, the disability charity, nearly half of disabled adults surveyed feel excluded by society and day to day life. Two thirds have stopped doing something because of other people’s attitudes. This doesn’t happen overnight. It’s all these little negative experiences that chip away at them over time. It's totally unacceptable in today's society.
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    Created by Nicola Parton
  • Stop the government cuts to disability benefits
    There is no evidence they have jobs ready for people to go into. The current turn around for new/renewed claims is over 12 months. You cannot put vulnerable people into work with out the right support for both their mental and physical needs.
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    Created by Samii Taylor
  • Make public transport accessible to the clinically vulnerable
    Accessibility should be for all. Making spaces safe for clinically vulnerable people is an accessibility issue that we need to address moving forward.
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    Created by Nico Reznick
  • Disability parking space in Ludwell close Winterborne
    To help the environment with changing to elictric cars And help the elderly and disabled residents in Ludwell close Winterborne
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    Created by ALAN HISCOX
  • Show your support for Disabled people
    There are over 14 million Disabled people in the UK. Some of us are treated more unfairly than others. But we have lots of things in common. We all want to live in an inclusive society. We want to live in a community where everyone has a fulfilling life. We want everyone to feel connected and valued. We are asking the next UK Government to bring in a programme to make big changes in society. This programme should change how decisions are made and how funding is allocated. Right now,the way things are done slt in discrimination against Disabled people. The Disabled People's Manifesto sets out what we want them to do to end this discrimination. We all want the right support to be there when we need it. Our plan asks for four key things to be put in place: •Representation and Voice: We want to have a voice and have a say about things that are important to us. Nothing about us without us. •Rights: We want to have the same rights as everyone else. •Independence: We want the same choice and controlover our lives as everyone else. •Inclusion: We want to be included in society as equal citizens.
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    Created by Disability Rights UK