• We demand that Iain Duncan Smith is made to account for lies used to support his sanction policies
    This is important because just because of his position doesn't mean he should get away with flaunting the law and due process. As a politician he should be made to account for his actions. He was duly elected to be a true and right minister in Parliament. His actions are causing many to suffer and if his policies that do so are flawed then they should be removed or he must give this account.
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    Created by Michael Birchmore
  • Stop Disabled charity closure
    It is the difference between life and death, between suffering and gaining help to live as independently as we can and takes off huge NHS resources by not ending up in hospitals by gaining practical help and guidance. To find out more about the work of ECIL, please click here: http://www.ecil.org/
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    Created by logan Mason
  • Make it Accessible
    I am physically challenged and use an electric wheelchair, I find it increasingly frustrating when I ask why a building is not accessible only to hear that nothing can be done because the building is listed. I completely understand that we need to preserve history and beautiful buildings, but how on earth can I enjoy these buildings if I can't gain access, which is surely a BASIC human right? But here's the thing, its not only for leisure that its affecting me, its affecting me in my work. Not so long ago I had to work in a venue that wasn't accessible because it was listed, even the staff were so frustrated at the situation as it affected not only wheelchair users but also elderly, parents with push chairs and suppliers getting supplies in to the building. Its not fair, the law needs changing and can be changed.
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    Created by Asta Philpot
  • Save College - No to Cuts
    Staff at Salford City College, the area’s leading provider for young people, have been presented with a Business Transformation Plan (BTP) which aims to cut vital services at the college in order to fund a forecast £1.5m surplus per annum in future years. This is despite already having cash reserves of £6m. Although it is appreciated that the College needs to find some funds for buildings and equipment, the scale of the cuts to services is too harsh and may lead to a drastic reduction in the quality of service that Salford City College has to offer young people and other learners in the area. Some areas that will be cut are as follows: · Vital mentoring and counselling support, essential for students with mental health and emotional needs · The sale of land at the Walkden Centre, which will cut provision and ultimately affect access to education for learners in the wider deprived areas around Salford · Cuts to teaching staff where it is forecast they will be replaced with E-Learning, where students will have less time in a formal classroom environment There are also serious concerns that the BTP will conflict with the new OFSTED requirements published in June 2015, which will ultimately lead to a greater level of accountability for teachers and a possible downgrading of the college.
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    Created by Tom McCauley
  • FIRE Iain Duncan smith
    Iain duncan smith is being investigated by the EU Because poor and disabled people and people with mental illness have died or took there own life's because of the new reform's and in that case every death should be properly investigated ...2 million more jobs that shouldn't be the price of a life ...iain Duncan smith has made peoples lives so miserable that they felt they couldn't take it any longer ..all in the name of David Cameron and can say our long term economic plan is working ...(more like a long economic failure)....you cant put numbers or a price on someone's life
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    Created by rohit raj
  • Asperger Syndrome - Improve Healthcare Services in Derbyshire for Adults!
    We need to stop post coded lottery nhs support for those with High- Functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome. Derbyshire needs to take asperger syndrome as a real disorder, and start treating and managing the condition on the NHS. Because many of patients with mild autism/ asperger syndrome do not have a learning disability associated with aspergers diagnosis, then the adult cannot get specialized support from their nhs learning disability team. So where do adults with asperger syndrome go. Many adults with the condition then end up with mental health problems, like depression, on top of their aspergers diagnosis. This is not fair! Some asperger syndrome adult patients then end up thrown in the mental health service in Derbyshire, but asperger syndrome adults are not mentally ill, not can we treat the condition like mental illness - asperger syndrome cannot be cured and it is a long-term neurological developmental disorder. So adults with the condition needs specialist medical services, like specialist OT and speech therapy, specialized trained behavioral therapists and psychiatrists. Adults with mild autism and asperger syndrome are not being given a fair and personalized medical support in Derbyshire on the NHS, and this is scandalous.
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    Created by Sarah Child Picture