• Fair deal for John Lewis cleaners
    Cleaners are as integral to the team as shop assistants, managers, and directors. Outsourcing the cleaning services is demeaning, discriminatory and clearly counter to your founder's vision. We are grateful to Polly Toynbee for alerting us to the situation in a recent Guardian article. For some of us, it is so unjust and morally repugnant that we intend to boycott John Lewis, Waitrose and Greenbee until this injustice is put right - and encourage others to do likewise.
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    Created by Robert Twycross
  • No more Privitisation of public service jobs
    Just as the Con/Dem Goverment is attempting to hand over the best parts of the NHS then a Labour opposition should be totally against any more job losses in the public sector .A 100% run Labour Council is meeting this evening to discuss the possibility of handing over ALL of their services .This is the thin edge of the wedge when a Trade Union Congress as just called for a General Strike
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  • Combat Youth Unemployment
    With nearly one million young people unemployed in the UK today we believe the government could be doing much more to get us back into work. The Coalition recently set out its proposal to tackle the issue via the Youth Contract but we dont think it goes nearly far enough. Long-term youth unemployment has risen by 247% in the last year. We are living with the consequences and they are devastating. Stress, low self-confidence and even depression are just some of the tragic effects of youth unemployment. Our fear is that our generation is becoming a lost one. For too long this issue hasn't been properly addressed. We want the government to formally agree that they will do more by implementing our proposals. We have already spoken with Ed Miliband, David Miliband, Stella Creasy and Damian Collins about our campaign and are actively planning to get more appointments with key members of the Coalition. The more signatures we can get here, the more weight will be added to our cause so please support us. Thank you from approximately 1 million of us! Find out more about the Campaign to Combat Youth Unemployment at http://www.channel4.com/battlefront
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    Created by Ava Patel
  • Ridiculous Jam Laws
    A small British jam manufacturer (husband & wife team) recently introduced the first ever British apple-based jams onto the U.K. high street. However, the U.K. government has stated these products cannot legally be called jam because they don't contain enough sugar!!! Standard jams have a sugar content exceeding 60%; however, these apple-based jams have a sugar content of 52-53%. Unfortunately, between 51-59% sugar content there is no clear legal definition as to what these British apple-based products should be called. It's a jam 'no-mans land'! Jam Law across the EU is meant to be harmonised. However, France, Germany and Denmark have all recently used an 'escape clause' in the legislation to permit jams with sugar content below 60%. The U.K. government now needs to use this 'escape clause' to account for British apple-based jams. After 12 months of battling for the issue to be addressed, the U.K. government has finally agreed to consult on making changes to the Law (see http://www.defra.gov.uk/files/jam-consult-statement.pdf). However, there is no guarantee that the Law will be changed and it wouldn’t occur until the end of 2013. We therefore need to keep pressure on the U.K. government to ensure the ridiculous Jam Laws are changed. During these recessionary times, it is vital that the U.K. government supports British business, British innovation and British-specific traditions, i.e. Bramley apple growing. With obesity rates increasing, we should also be encouraging the general public to consume jams with more fruit and less added sugar.
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    Created by Paul James Gorman
  • Save Remploy Firms for the Disabled
    These disabled people are suffering enough with their disability and surely we as a caring society should be helpful and be prepared to help them in their fight with the government to keep their factories open.
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    Created by Alan Fox
  • Stop The Welfare Reform Death Scandal!
    We want justice for all those who've died as a result of harsh Welfare Reforms and who are listed on Calum's List and Peter's List, each with their own heart-breaking story. Human beings who had disabling and life-threatening conditions and had to live their last days or weeks in fear and harassment of having their entitlements withdrawn. Yes, entitlements, because every human being in a civilized society is entitled to financial security and having their needs met. Calum's list: http://calumslist.com/ Peter's List: http://calumslist.org/peters-list/
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  • Work towards a Single Land Tax in Great Britain
    The current system of taxation is over-complicated, inefficient and filled with loopholes. What's more, in taxing income or business transactions it disincentivises productive enterprises and encourages the wealthy to spend time and money avoiding paying taxes. A single tax based upon the value of unimproved land, as described by the economist Henry George, would recognise that natural resources are public property, would be easy to collect with a minimum of bureaucracy and would not decrease productivity. It would also significantly reduce inequality and counteract the worst effects of poverty. Such a tax is exactly what this country currently needs, and is the route to a better economy.
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    Created by James Winterbotham
  • Truth of cheques cleared/uncleared on bank statements
    Most people do not know that if a cheque is marked as cleared in their bank statement it may well not be, but that the money to the amount of the cheque can be used. This is, however, well know to fraudsters who have making the most of it. The banks know this fraud is happening but still mark cheques as cleared and expect their customers to carry the costs.
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    Created by Renée Kern
  • Get churches to move their money
    It has long been suspected that the Christian churches in this country ( and, no doubt, elsewhere) appear to be in thrall to the Big Money powers, as represented by the City, for example. The remaining influence which some churchmen still have could be turned to the good of working (i.e., not speculating) people, since a massive movement of church money to the ethical banks would be both a positive move and a slap on the wrists of the mega-greedy. The churches should, finally, for their own credibility, be seen to be on the side of the less-rich.
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  • Withdraw your sponsorship of PyeongChang 2018 Olympics in S. Korea, a Dog Eating Nation!
    In S. Korea, dog meat industry is estimated at $2 billion that results in the annual slaughter of over 2.5 million dogs, served in upwards of 20,000 restaurants nationwide. That's about 7,000 dogs slaughtered every single day. It is estimated that over 100,000 tons of dog meat is consumed annually, including 93,600 tons used to produce ‘health’ tonics called "Gae Soju" which is prepared by boiling dogs with various herbs until it become a thick liquid. Cats are also made into these tonics which is called "Goyangyee Soju". Current Situation of S. Korea's Dog Meat Industry Little has changed over the years regarding the dog meat industry in S. Korea. The selling and processing of dog meat is still technically illegal. The situation could be summed up with this paradox: it is illegal to produce and consume dog meat but it is not against the law. Debate continues on its legalization but an impasse remains at the moment between the S. Korean government and animal welfare groups, meaning that everything continues on now as it has done in the past. More Info: Korea still conflicted over its custom of dining on dogs (Part 1 of 2): http://koreajoongangdaily.joinsmsn.com/news/article/article.aspx?aid=2963308 Pets on plates are dog industry’s dirty little secret (Part 2 of 2): http://koreajoongangdaily.joinsmsn.com/news/article/article.aspx?aid=2963369&cloc=joongangdaily South Korea's dog meat clash: http://english.hani.co.kr/arti/english_edition/e_national/542514.html Dogs in Hell: http://koreandogs.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/dogsinhell.pdf The Fight Against the Dog Meat Industry: http://busanhaps.com/article/feature-fight-against-dog-meat-industry Send messages to Olympic Committee: https://secure.registration.olympic.org/en/faq/ask-question [Sample message] To the International Olympic Committee: I am extremely distressed about the torture and consumption of animal companions in South Korea. Even though the government has established an Animal Protection Law, dogs are still electrocuted, hanged, and beaten to death by farmers and slaughters. Also, dogs and cats are still being tortured and boiled alive for so-called elixirs, which have no medicinal properties except in the minds of gullible customers. Until South Korea ends this appalling suffering, the country’s reputation in the international community will continue to suffer. Its citizens will face shame and embarrassment. And South Korea will continue to be regarded as “third world,” despite its glittering modernization and attempts at globalized thinking. There will be worldwide attempts to boycott “PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics unless the abuse of cats and dogs has finally come to an end. Korean Olympic Committee Homepage: http://www.sports.or.kr/eng/
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    Created by Whang-Gu Kim
  • North West TUC Charter for Young People
    Austerity and recession are destroying employment opportunities all over the region. More than 64,000 young people, aged 18-24, are now out of work in the North West. There are 149,000 young people who are not in Education, Employment and Training (NEETs). With one in five young people jobless, many are being forced to take unskilled, part-time, temporary work, unpaid internships or work experience. Others simply become detached from society. Meanwhile, the abolition of the Educational Maintenance Allowance and increases in tuition fees are preventing thousands from gaining qualifications and new skills for the job market. Urgent action must be taken to give the young people of the North West a future that works. Taking positive action to help our young people will demand commitment, determination and real resources from Government, employers and trade unions. The North West TUC pledges to play its part. We urge MPs, local councillors, employers and others to sign up here – and pledge to take practical and immediate action to give young people a future that works.
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    Created by Matthew Finnegan
  • Please sign this petition to help the elderly people of this country.
    Since the pensions and earnings link was cut in 1980 by the then Thatcher Government, the State pension has severely declined in value because increases have been linked to the lower inflation rate, and not the much higher national average wages. Due to this policy, todate, millions of elderly people live in poverty due to among other things, excessively high Utility charges, and the price of food in shops. There are 12 million pensioners in Britain, and 1 in 5 live in poverty, with millions having to make choices between heating their homes and buying food. I have long believed that the younger people of this country have a duty to stand and be counted on behalf of the old, not least because if it had not been for our war veterans, none of us would likely be around today, but also because what's happening to the old today, is going to happen to the young when they are old. The State pension in this country is a national disgrace, yet means testing pensioners for equally disgraceful State handouts is costing 20 times more than a better and higher basic State pension. The thing is we can spend £9.1 billion a year in overseas aid, plus fight foreign wars, plus sending £50 million a day to the EU, yet we are told by our Government ministers that we can afford to pay our pensioners a decent level of State pension. I say that what's being said is rubbish. The reality is that the right wing Governmnent's we British have constantly elected over the past 3 decades, simply do not believe in the State pension, or the role of the State, they believe in private pensions, and privatisation, hence the cuts now. Today, critics will ask "why should richer pensioners also receive a much higher basic State pension ?". The answer is simple, "because they also have paid in all their working lives". The State pension should not be based on "need", it should be paid as a "right" for all UK pensioners. Also, remember, means testing pensioners for State handouts is via the beaurocratic paperwork involved, is costing 20 times more than a decent increase in the State pensions. It is also harrowing to know that Cold kills 180 British pensioners a day during winter. Britain has 12 million elderly people. “”Nine elderly people died every hour from cold-related illnesses last winter against a background of soaring energy bills. Official figures show the number of deaths linked to cold over the four-month period reached 25,400 in England and Wales, plus 2,760 in Scotland. Charities and energy company critics claim the UK has the highest winter death rate in northern Europe, even worse than much colder countries such as Finland and Sweden. Winter worries: More than 300,000 UK pensioners have died of cold related illnesses since 1997 There are fears the toll could rise this year following a recent barrage of price rises that may frighten elderly people into not turning on their heating. Heated issue: Pensioners see rising fuel bills and worry about whether they can afford to warm the house While the UK death rate is high, the total was down by around 30 per cent compared with 2008/9 because there were fewer flu outbreaks, according to the Office for National Statistics. Also the Coalition government has cut the last administration’s Winter Fuel Allowance payments of £250 for pensioners and £400 for those over 80, by £50, but nothings been said about it via the media. ENERGY BILL RISES Energy providers have announced big rises in prices this winter. • Scottish Power is increasing electricity bills by 8.9 per cent. • Scottish & Southern Electricity is putting up gas by almost 10 per cent. • British Gas announced a 7 per cent rise on gas and electricity Michelle Mitchell, director of the charity Age UK, said:'It’s still unacceptable that in this day and age tens of thousands more older people die in this country every winter from the effects of the cold weather. 'As another winter sets in, plummeting temperatures will once again spell misery, ill-health and, in some cases, even death for too many people in later life across the country. 'The simple fact that the UK has one of the highest winter mortality rates in Europe – higher than even Sweden or Finland – makes it clear this is very much a home-grown problem. The fact is the UK’s elderly have seen their living standards plummet since the 80’s, and as a result millions of pensioners have and are living in poverty, after paying taxes and N.I. Contributions into the system all their working lives, ie for 30, 40, and 50 years. And the same thing is going to happen to young people also, if things don’t change for the better soon in this country. Please sign my petition.
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