• Stop the £75,000 Care Home Bill for OAPs
    Those who cannot afford £75,000 can defer payment until after their death, and nobody would be forced to sell their home in their lifetime. But once the bill is settled by disposal of the property, many ordinary families will be left with little to show for what their relative has worked for all their life. In Liverpool, where the average home is worth around £132,000, there would be just £57,000 left over after settling the contribution to care costs. Stephen Burke, head of charity United for All Ages, called it “the dampest of damp squibs”. He added: “It is a con of the worst sort. There are fairer and better alternatives. The Government could have raised the capital threshold of paying for care to £200,000.” Labour peer Lord Warner, who sat on the Dilnot Commission, said members thought the cost cap should have been £50,000 at most. He added: “At that level, it would mean on average no-one would have to dispose of more than about a third of the value of their housing assets.” Shadow Care Minister Liz Kendall said the package was a “small step forward” as the assets people could own and still qualify for help had increased five-fold from just £23,250. But she added: “It won’t be fair for people with modest homes.”
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    Created by John Brown
  • Carry On Matron ! Bring Back Matron to our NHS hospital wards!
    We are asking, despite staff and budget cuts, that the traditional 'Matron' system of ward management may be re-instated or at least re-invented to prevent needless deaths from poor quality patient care.
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    Created by HeartbeatUK HeartbeatUK
  • Don't withdraw cost free visas for the children of Chernobyl
    A number of charities currently provide recuperative breaks in the UK for Belarusian children living with the after-effects of radiation caused by the Chernobyl disaster. These breaks give the children a chance to experience a healthy, happy few weeks with a volunteer family and improve both their quality of life and their health. Until recently, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) have recognised the importance of this work by providing free visas to these children. However, as of 31st March 2013, the FCO plans to withdraw these gratis visas, resulting in an additional cost to the charities of £86 per child. As the charities are already struggling for funding this amounts to a heavy additional burden. This could result in less children being able to benefit from these recuperative breaks and/or the complete closure of smaller charities.
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    Created by Adam Newton
  • Stop This Road To Nowhere
    We are local people, determined to prevent the environmentally disastrous white-elephant that is the “Bexhill-Hastings Link Road” from devastating one of Hastings’ and Bexhill’s most amazing natural treasures.We demand an affordable, sustainable transport system for our area, that improves the quality of all our lives without costing the earth.
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    To ensure that every child has equal access to a good school appropriate to their ability. To prevent the separation of a minority of the borough's children to be given the best education, leaving the majority to be given an inferior education. To remove the distress and psychological damage suffered by the children who 'fail' the test. To stop money buying advantage in state education.
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    Created by Jonathan Blake
  • Bring Amazon to book
    Because these companies are earning billions in this country and paying minimal tax, while the general public is being squeezed because the government's tax take is inadequate to reduce the deficit sufficiently. These global companies are not acting illegally, but they are using their financial muscle to implement tax avoidance schemes. Let's show them that we are not prepared to be taken for mugs by boycotting their products and services.
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    Created by Terry Cartwright
  • Supermarkets - Pay Your Staff the Living Wage
    The 'big four' supermarkets: Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsburys do not pay the Living Wage. These companies employ around 900,000 people meaning that together they employ the second largest number of people in the UK after the NHS. The Living Wage is “the threshold at which people can live above the poverty level with a sufficient safety net to provide for quality of life”. We need to ask these supermarkets to pay their staff the living wage. Big companies don’t like bad publicity. 38 Degrees members put pressure on the Olympic sponsors who were dodging their tax in the summer, and they caved to public pressure. We need to shame them into paying their staff a wage which affords them dignity and shows that they’re worth more than the legal minimum. Sign this petition to show the CEOs that you think they should pay their staff a wage they can live on! Together we can work together to lift people out of poverty. These supermarkets can afford it! The salaries paid to their CEOs are evidence of this. Justin King, the CEO of Sainsburys, receives £3.2 million a year; Philip Clarke of Tesco, £6.9 million; Dalton Philips of Morrisons, £4 million; Andy Clarke of Asda's pay is not in the public domain. If they can afford to pay their bosses this much, they can afford to pay their staff a few pounds more an hour. Tesco announced sales of more than £1 billion a week and annual profits of more than £3 billion despite the impact of the global downturn. Sainsburys opened five supermarkets, 28 convenience stores and two extensions, adding 267,000 square feet to its estate over the last three months. If they can afford to expand to at this rate, they can afford to pay their staff more. The Living Wage is beneficial to employees, employers and taxpayers. It prevents working poverty and the exploitation of low-paid workers. Taxpayers top up the low wages of supermarket workers by £50 a week in tax credits. If all low paid workers earned the living wage, the government could save £823 million a year by decreasing welfare benefits. It’s not just those who are unemployed who are in poverty, it’s also those in work who just don’t earn enough money to pay for the basics. One-fifth of women and one-seventh of men earn less than £7 per hour. More than six million working adults in Britain are living in poverty. Since the beginning of the Living Wage campaign in 2001 led by Citizens UK, they have lifted 45,000 people out of poverty and put over £210 million into the pockets of some of the lowest paid workers in the UK. *UPDATE* I have made a short link if you'd like to share the petition on Twitter: It is http://bit.ly/Big4LW745
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    Created by Danya Harris
  • Cut Housing costs
    This would bring down the cost of living across the board, but more importantly for people who can't afford rent or house prices.
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    Created by Martin Aughton
  • Re-nationalise Energy
    Year after year gas and electricity prices have risen, to the point that millions of us can't afford to TURN THE HEAT ON, and thousands freeze to death every winter. Yet, the Big Six energy companies are so profitable that they pay billions of pounds in dividends to shareholders and millions of pounds in pay and bonuses to their executives. And no wonder they make so much money - in just over 8 years, from October 2004 until February 2013, my gas charges increased by a whopping 279.36%* and electricity charges by 69.89%.** Poverty is destroying the lives of millions of people in the UK, and if the misery and deaths caused by fuel poverty are ever to be eliminated, energy must be affordable by all. This will never happen while our energy sector is in the hands of private profiteers. We must TURN THE HEAT ON Government to get rid of The Big Six and restore the UK energy sector to public ownership. * from 1.439p to 4.02p per kWh ** from 7.328p to 12.45p per kWh
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    Created by Phyllis North
  • Community owned banking
    So that communities can manage the flow of money and credit within their area for the benefit of the people living there and not for the personal enrichment of bankers in far off places with no commitment to communities. This will strengthen communities in times of economic hardship and empower communities to manage their local economy.
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    Created by william methven
  • Stop Police Driving Audis
    We're broke. Times are hard and, I'm reliably informed, we're all in it togeather...? I don't work and pay huge amounts of tax so that it can be wasted on frippery like this. Our Police force DO NOT need fancy cars. If the government is serious about saving money, then this would be saving straight off the bat - no job losses - no changes of conditions - no issues. We'd also be building transits in Southhampton and keeping UK workers in a jobs. It's a no-brainer.
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    Created by Alan Harkness
  • Community Based Regeneration for Irvine
    Communities, like Renton in West Dunbartonshire, have recreated themselves and regenerated their social, economic and physical environments through community-led development. We believe that the people of Irvine can do the same. We do not believe that the developments currently proposed by North Ayrshire Council and Irvine Bay Regeneration Company will achieve anything, other than to accelerate the decline of our town. They propose to destroy elements of our built heritage, compromise the setting of our historic Townhouse and slash the sports and leisure provision available to the people of the town and the West of Scotland (which will have significantly negative economic as well as health and social effects). We have a far better idea as to the actions which require to be taken. Irvine Action, a social enterprise based in the town, propose to help the community to develop its own development plan for the town. We wish the Scottish Government to review this plan in due course and, if acceptable, allocate resources to assist in its implementation.
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