• Make Zero-Hour Contracts Illegal in all Sectors of Work
    It's important as greater numbers of people are being offered these contracts and a higher percentage of these people are young. If we don't provide decent working contracts for young people they have no hope for the future, and this is detrimental to a feel-good factor in an economic recovery. It is also treating people as commodities.
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    Created by Joanna Barker
  • Make childcare costs an allowable business expense.
    For many self-employed people, they cannot operate without using a childcare provider. Eg. If you are a self-employed single parent who needs to meet a business client in their offices; why won't the HMRC accept that the childcare expense is wholly and exclusively for business purposes? The current position is an anomaly and indirectly discrimminates against women who disproportionately suffer a detriment under the current rules.
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    Created by Nicholas Win Picture
  • Get Taxpayers money back from RBS & other banks who have invested in PFI
    If less money is allowed to be diverted from the NHS and Treasury into greedy Banks and private sector PFI companies, public services including the NHS will not have to bear such deep cuts in their budgets and/or the country will recover quicker from Austerity measures
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  • Keep Brighton Hippodrome for live performance
    The magnificent Brighton Hippodrome needs your help to save it from being wrecked. It is a unique theatre building, listed Grade II* by English Heritage because of its historical and architectural significance. It was converted into a variety theatre in 1901/02 by Frank Matcham, the leading theatre architect of the time. It is one of only three theatres of its type in the country. It is of national importance. After closing as a variety theatre in 1965, it was a bingo hall until 2007. The stunning interior, however, is still in remarkable condition, with very little deterioration. Nonetheless, the Hippodrome is top of the Theatres Trust list of Theatre Buildings at Risk. Suddenly, in mid 2013, a proposal to convert the building into an eight-screen cinema emerged. The plans involve demolishing the stage, the fly-tower, all the back-stage facilities, the stalls and the orchestra pit. Without these it ceases to be a theatre. Please sign the petition to help to keep it intact. English Heritage has a statutory responsibility to protect listed buildings. It says any changes should be reversible. The proposed changes will make this impossible. No one so far has tried to produce a scheme for restoration for its real purpose: live performance. It would be a national scandal if the opportunity to save the Hippodrome were squandered because of misinformation and short-term gain. Please sign this petition to allow the Our Brighton Hippodrome campaign to produce that missing theatre proposal, for presentation to the Council, to English Heritage and the developers. We have the knowledge, we have the experience and we have the contacts. All we need is time. Read about the campaign, see the full details of our objection and see pictures of the Hippodrome Website: www.ourhippodrome.org.uk Facebook: www.facebook.com/ourbrightonhippodromepage Twitter: https://twitter.com/ourhippodrome The developer’s plan for conversion (not restoration!) to a multi-screen cinema: www.brightonhippodrome.co.uk/
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  • Hold Banks and bankers accountable
    It is important for the people of this country to know that no one is above the law. The current situation where the tax payer is bailing out the financial institutions is intolerable. How did banks end up selling and purchasing unsustainable mortgages if no fraud was committed.
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  • Why can't we cash in our small pension pot?
    Vast numbers of people are frustrated by restrictions on cashing in small pension pots, forcing them to take incomes of less than £5 a week, or in my case £72 a year! Government rules restrict us to taking just a tiny slice of our money, when we could cash in an amount of £2,000 or more, making a real difference to our lives.
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  • Fair Pay at RHUL! Oppose the Principal's pay rise
    We, the undersigned, are students, alumni and staff of Royal Holloway, University of London concerned about the recent pay rises awarded the Principal Paul Layzell. In 2012-2013, Professor Layzell was awarded an £8,000 pay rise of 3%, which he is yet to justify and we still do not know whether he was in receipt of a pay rise in 2013-2014.
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  • Save Salford Childrens Holiday Camp, Prestatyn - NOW SAVED
    The Jam Butty Camp has provided generations of Salfordian school children with the experience of a holiday by the sea, many of which would have never had the chance of a holiday under normal circumstances. Over the years it has supported our City and so when under attack we come to its aid and in turn support it. The camp is just as much a part of Salford as the Civic Centre you all inhabit, and should be protected at all costs. The purpose of this facility is just as relevant today as it was when it was first set up, and by the councils own admission the City and its people are suffering from the austerity cuts, and for many children this will be the only chance they have of having a holiday away from City life. This camp holds a special place in the hearts of many Salfordian's and should be immune to the Councils cuts on the grounds it provides a special service to Salford which is priceless.
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  • UK Government should support the Financial Transaction Tax
    Banks and financial institutions can make millions from risky speculations. However, when these go wrong, as happened in 2008, billions of pounds of public money were used to bail out the banks and save them from the consequences of their risk taking. Since the 2008 crash the total paid in bonuses will this year pass through the £80bn barrier – some three and a half times the amount banks have paid in Corporation tax and the bank levy – and equates to around £1,250 for every man, woman and child in the Britain. This Tax is not intended to be punitive: nicknamed the "Robin Hood Tax" it is, like the folk hero, intended to redistribute wealth and help those in difficulty. If we, the public and the tax payers, must share the financial risks of banks' trading then it seems simply fair that, at other times, we should also receive some benefit. This money can be distributed and spent to the benefit of all - in the UK, abroad and for the environment.
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    Created by Mark Neary
  • Boost Evesham Town Centre
    Evesham is a lovely town with much potential! The Evesham area has a population of over 52,000 with over 23,000 living in Evesham town itself. We need more good, popular shops in our town centre to keep our town alive!! We all know what lovely scenery and historical buildings are here for townsfolk and tourists to enjoy but we need to offer more selection in the town centre itself. If you care about our town and would like to be able to do your shopping in your town, please show your support for the above companies to open shops here!
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  • Increase the Bee population - Grants for beekeepers
    Bees pollinate 70% of our food crop and their numbers are dramatically falling. Over the last 100 years, the UK has lost over 75% of its Bee population but human population has nearly doubled from 38 million to 63.7! This will keep increasing and with their numbers falling, Bees cannot keep up with the task of pollinating our food supply which we rely on. We are asking the Government to provide financial support for farmers and beekeepers who in return will invest the money in their bees to encourage their maintenance and growth. Also, it may encourage others to take it up if there is a financial incentive. If we do not help bring back the Bees, our food will become more expensive as pollination of crops reduce. This is also a global issue so without our own Bees, what will we do when other Countries cannot pollinate enough crops for export to us? At present, the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs provides free training for amateur beekeepers but this is not enough. We are asking you to sign this petition and share it with your friends. We need a 100,000 signatures for the idea to be presented in Parliament so financial grants for beekeepers can be discussed. Thank you for signing :) Carmen and Sam
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  • Stop changes to Access to Work
    Access to Work isn't a benefit and doesn't incur a cost to government - in fact it brings money into the treasury, yet Deaf and disabled people are having their support allowance capped or cuts made (meaning they can no longer afford to use qualified interpreters or the support they need). This places jobs at risk and has already resulted in job losses and demotions. People currently in work are potentially being forced out of work and onto benefits, which goes against everything the government is telling us they are trying to achieve. Deaf and disabled people bring a vast amount of skill and talent to our workforce that we can't afford to lose. We want to ensure that full support is provided, and people are enabled to gain, maintain and progress in their chosen careers. Personal choice and control needs to be handed back to the experts on Deaf and disabled access needs in the workplace - the individual Deaf and disabled people who use the scheme We want to ensure Deaf and disabled people are not subjected to a glass ceiling due to lack of support.
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    Created by Emily Smith