• Stop High Street Loan Sharks
    STOP HIGH STREET LOAN SHARKS Through floods of tears our friend outlined her debt problem. She had borrowed from friends to make ends meet until payday. When she found paying them back difficult from her small salary she took out loans from high street money shops. New money shops are opening all the time. We get 3% APR on our savings. She was being charged between 2000% and 4000% APR. To default at such interest rates is like chasing a train that has left the station. You never catch up. Worse still she had assembled a “portfolio” of companies hoping to pay off one by another. Could we help her? Having money was useless because none of these companies wanted to provide statements or invoices. A nightmare. Yes. Is it legal? Yes. Slavery? Well yes. Salvation? For her yes through a Debt Relief Order thanks to you the great British taxpayer and the Legal Aid Scheme. My friend is not alone. 45% of people say they struggle to make it to payday. Millions are vulnerable to these legal loan sharks. Legislation is urgently needed. France caps the maximum charge for a loan at 133% APR and Germany 200% APR. For more information try www.sharkstoppers.org Dear 38degrees members please back the campaign to encourage parliament to pass legislation as soon as possible to introduce loan capping in the UK.
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    Created by Arthur and Judy Breens
  • Re-nationalise Britain's Infrastructure
    Why should a select minority make a profit from services which we all need and which could, with proper strategic investment, make Britain a more competitive player in the world.
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    Created by phil milston Picture
  • Keep the National Public Pay Rates
    This government will be looking at ending National Public Pay Rates and as part of this the public service staff working in poorer areas of the country will be payed less. It is important to note that this will have a huge negative impact on all people from both public and private sectors. There needs to be a strong case made against these plans and this petition is the starting point. We the people need to show the government that we won't accept the scrapping of National Public Pay Rates. We need to stand up together and make our voices heard. Getting rid of the National Public Pay Rates will only bring serious inequality and undermine both public and private sector. Most large private companies set equal pay rates across the country because it is fair, consistent and organised. The public sector pay system should remain as it is. There are already measures in place within the current system that allow for higher pay in areas such as London. Reducing the pay of people in the most deprived areas of the country is absolutely wrong and abhorrent! It just shows how disconnected and out of touch this government is. The private sector needs to improve its pay rates and pensions in line with the public sector instead of the public sector reducing pay and cutting pensions. In addition to this petition if everybody writes to their MP then that will contribute to getting the message out. Getting rid of the National Public Pay Rates makes no sense. Reducing public sector pay in poorest areas will not make private companies increase pay but give them a reason to carry on paying lower rates. I fail to see how this will help the economy because who is going to want to move to the poorer parts of the country when you get payed less for doing the same job but potentially working much harder because society is unhealthier, because there will be an increase in mental illness in these deprived areas, an increase in drug and alcohol use, an increase in divorce and poorer education because the best teachers won't do the jobs in these areas. People will become trapped in poverty. Who spends the money in shops, restaurants, hair dressers and on building extensions to their homes etc??. . . Millions of public sector workers do and they won’t be able to afford to do this anymore so how does this help stimulate growth in the economy when business will lose so much income? The answer is that it does not. This will place further pressures on household incomes and cause a crippling blow to the economy. People from both the private sector and public sector from across all fields and areas of work should be standing up together and telling the government that we will not allow them to do this. There will be serious inequalities in health and social care and serious inequalities in education and that impacts on all of us. The gap of inequality and deprivation in society will grow exponentially and we must stop this from happening. People must see that this is just morally wrong and we all need to spread the word, use social networking, write to the papers, write to the MP’s and Prime Minister and join the movement 38 Degrees if they have not already. This must not be allowed to happen! We must tell George Osborne and this government that we are the people and you will listen to us. The bankers are protected with their immoral, ridiculous and indefensible bonuses because “if they are not allowed to have them then they might leave the country” I say let them leave! This clearly does not apply to the Nurses, Teachers, Fire fighters, Police Officers, Radiographers, Social Workers and all other public sector workers. Already public sector workers are expected to have a pay freeze, contribute more to their pensions, work for longer and receive less and now they can expect to be payed less for doing the same job in poorer parts of the country where demand on these hard working and valuable members of society will be greater. This makes me so very angry and I am sure that millions across the country feel the same. This government is out of touch and slowly but surely destroying the foundations of our society. It must stop and the people must make it stop! Please make your voice heard and sign the petition.
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    Created by James Osben
  • bring back Working Family Tax Credit for 16 hours or more
    The changes have resulted in approximately 250, 000 working FAMILIES losing a substantial part of their income, often as much as a quarter of total income. These are people who are working at poorly paid part time jobs, often because they are caring for children or are partially disabled or simply can't find full time work. The WTFC was introduced to make even low-paid work a worthwhile alternative to unemployment benefit. These people want to work and have shown that they can work. To penalise them is just wrong! My family of 5 have lost £300 of our £1050 earnings and now have to cope with an income of about £11,000 . With our son losing his £30 Educational Maintenance Allowance qwe are struggling to pay for his travel to college and see little future for his younger brother and sister other than whatever job they can get when they are 16. The poorest people in this country are now directly subsidising the wealthiest
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    Created by iain rendell
  • Petition for Avon Pension Fund to end investment in fossil fuels
    As a fund member I am calling for divestment from this destructive industry and reinvestment of our money so it contributes to building a positive and sustainable future. 1. A climate emergency has been declared by local councils including Bristol, North Somerset South Gloucestershire and Bath & North East Somerset among over 100 local authorities in this country; 2. The Governor of the Bank of England has warned funds of the risk of ‘stranded assets’ if they continue to hold fossil fuel stocks; 3. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has given the world until 2030 to take action to reduce carbon emissions or face climate breakdown; 4. Around the world pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, investment houses and others have committed to divest from fossil fuels; 5. Avon Pension Fund now invests through the Brunel Pensions Partnership and has started to invest in a low carbon fund (though this fund does not exclude carbon intensive stocks); 6. This is the pension fund members’ money and fund members in local Unison branches have repeatedly resolved to seek this divestment. Unison has also called nationally and locally for divestment.
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    Created by Conan Connolly
  • Free Parking in Ramsgate Town
    With Westwood Cross just up the road and plenty of free parking available Ramsgate shop keepers are finding business harder and harder. One of the most common reasons people give for Ramsgate being so quiet and shop trade being down is the continual excessive cost of parking. To help Ramsgate stay open for business at least one of the town center car parks needs to have 3 hours free, Staffordshire Street, or Leopold Street Multi Story should provide 3 hours free. While Ramsgates car parks stay empty 99% of the week and all summer tourist rush around the town to get back to their cars just to save a couple of pound in parking Westwood Cross continues to have full car parks, the only benefit at Westwood is the lure of free parking. Thanet District Council allowed the building of Westwood Cross knowing the detrimental affect it would have on Ramsgate shops and so should be made to help Ramsgates shopkeepers to stay open by providing free parking even if only 3 hours so the shops can stay open
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    Created by Jim Brady
  • Primary school bus service. Millbank and rosebank primary
    This is important because it would take a lot of pressure off parents and their children. It would also keep the roads safer as it would mean less traffic on the lochloy Road as buses would mean less cars.
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  • Support the Curry Industry by Reviewing Immigration Policy
    Previous attempts by this and former governments to train chefs within specialized Training Centres of Excellence in the UK have consistently failed to produce the skilled chefs required to address the shortage. Closures of restaurants around the country are at an alarming rate of 3-4 per week. Heavy handed raids by UKBA and heavily imposed penalties add to the burden levied upon the restaurateurs eager to maintain and survive the current economic climate.
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    Created by Bangladesh Caterers Association
  • Lancashire County Council withdraws any intention of awarding the contract To Virgin Care
    This will cost local Lancashire Health Trusts £2.08mil for a nominal saving. It is important to reduce outsourcing because private providers owe a duty to their shareholders, as well as patients and may therefore seek to hide behind principles of ’commercial confidentiality’. Private providers are not subject to the Freedom of Information law in the same way that NHS organisations are
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  • Why tax on foreign income as it is not considered to get home mortgage by any leading banks of UK
    Coin has two sides. If you do not consider worldwide income for a first time buyer of home mortgage, then how come you can tax him / her on his / her foreign income?
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  • Implement new Stamp Duty exemptions fairly
    First-time buyers could have saved thousands of pounds each had they have had some prior warning about this policy. There should be support for young people, families, and first time buyers who are trying to responsibly manage their finances and who have been recently stung by Stamp Duty.
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  • To allow Dss tenants need to rent privately again
    It is becoming impossible to find a letting agent or landlord that accepts housing benefit. This is encouraging an army of illegal landlords letting out sheds and offices. It is making homelessness rise rapidly. It is like Victorian England again.
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    Created by Rachel mayhook