• The UK should implement the Robin Hood Tax.
    In 2008 financial speculation (gambling) by banks led to their bankruptcy and a global financial crisis. They were saved using tax payers' money. Today, banks continue to gamble and amass huge profits without directly creating anything new or solid. First, it is right that they should give something back to the society that they were created to serve and that rescued them, and second it is economically right, since it will rebalance economies away from uncreative speculation and towards real achievements.
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    Created by Mike McCulloch
  • Make billionaire Bernie Ecclestone pay his taxes
    At a time of austerity for the majority of working people in the UK and David Cameron and Nick Clegg claiming we are "in this together", the UK government continues to show it is one rule for the rich and one for the poor when it comes to paying taxes. ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS. It is time David Cameron stepped up and made good on his pledge for a fairer Britain.
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    Created by Glenn Lennox
  • Change Capitalistic system - Wellbeing of all citizens - 5 Year Plan! - 21stcenturycapitalism.org
    The current Capitalistic system has failed dismally, it has before and inevitably will again in the future causing further devastating misery and absolute despair across the globe if it is allowed to continue as it stands, with the undeserving populace of the world inevitably once again left to pick up the pieces of a failed and abused system still being allowed to be broken by just a few of the greediest and most gluttonous who are allowed to walk free! This current Capitalistic system has also resulted in the top few percentile of a countries population owning the vast majority of that countries assets and wealth leaving the majority of its' population progressively disenfranchised, increasingly exploited and even more poorer leaving generations for years to come suffering the consequences from this colossal failure that has been allowed to continue without proper scrutiny or rehabilitation. Check it out for yourself:- The report asserts... “...vicious circle where wealth and power are increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few, leaving the rest behind”.“This means the rules are constantly rewritten in favour of the rich, for example through policies such as lower taxes for high earners,” it says. The charity said the findings were “deeply worrying”, and that such inequality was a “sign of economic failure”. http://www.oxfam.org.uk/blogs/2014/03/5-richest-families-in-uk-are-wealthier-than-poorest-20-pc http://www.oxfam.org.uk/media-centre/press-releases/2014/03/a-tale-of-two-britains “400 people owning the wealth of half of the population of the United States”. The guardian The report, launched at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, states that "wealthy elites have co-opted political power to rig the rules of the economic game, undermining democracy". The 85 richest people on the planet "own the wealth of half the world's population," Oxfam said. The report exposes the "pernicious impact" of growing inequality that helps "the richest undermine democratic processes and drive policies that promote their interests at the expense of everyone else", the statement said. "We cannot hope to win the fight against poverty without tackling inequality. Widening inequality is creating a vicious circle where wealth and power are increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few, leaving the rest of us to fight over crumbs from the top table," said Winnie Byanyima, Oxfam Exec. Director. Present:- With the current Capitalistic system the employer exploits the employee to the extremes and the owners and shareholders cream off any profits made by them - Which has seen a scandalous pay gap develop between the highest paid and the lowest paid in the same company, and leaves many disenfranchised having to claim for unemployment benefits which keeps the wages of the lowest paid low and the working class having to pay higher taxes, leaving the richest in our society able to afford tax avoidance schemes!!! I want to revolutionize that broken and dilapidated system and make this planet we all live on a much better place and more inclusive for all the citizens of the world, and desperately need all your help if we are ever going to achieve this seismic change for the benefit of all humanity. Future:- The system I propose is a more modern, inclusive, and balanced Capitalistic System that’s fit for the 21st Century where company profits are shared out fairly between all the employees who actually make the product and deliver the service, the corporate employer who needs to reinvest funds for the future and the corporate shareholders who require and expect a fair return on their much needed investments. It is not only much fairer for the vast majority of all those concerned but this should also allow for a better more enfranchised and caring society whereby the wealth is redistributed more evenly throughout the population across all pay levels, giving scope for full employment prospects with everyone in a company pulling in the same direction which should deliver more wealth, better health and a much more balanced sense of well-being throughout all our communities in the future! This can be achieved over a 5 year period in a stable and controlled manner so as not to destabilise the markets and also allow a level playing field for all concerned parties by gradually increasing the employees share of the company profits/share ownership of a corporate company and placing it into an independent employees trust fund where it would be split equally between each employee. This would start at 10% of the profits/shares for the 1st year, then 20% the profits/shares the 2nd year, 30% the 3rd year, etc. - So this employees proportion is gradually increased until the wealth of the few at the top at present is re-distributed fairly and more evenly throughout the whole populace for a better and more inclusive society! 21stcenturycapitalism.org - The Athena Party.org
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  • Make the banks pay back the bailout
    Why should we bail out the banks? Why are we and our children and our children's children responsible for the mistakes the banks have made? I feel it is important to reform our system and to hold accountable the idiots at the top of the financial markets who have stollen money from our hands and burdened our children with paying off their mistakes. If I commit fraud for a few thousand pounds I go to jail for a long time, when these cowboys who are running the markets, and seemingly our governments do it they not only get away with fraud but they reward themselves with huge bonuses also. Something needs to be done now, not after the next collapse. When will there be reform, when we are paying ten pounds for a loaf of bread? This needs to be done NOW FOR THE SAKE OF OUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE.
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    Lots of pensioners are living abroad on very low incomes because their pensions have been frozen. My aunt aged 84 who qualifies for a British pension is in receipt of the pension she starting to get when she was 60. The amount she receives has remained the same - frozen at the 1990 rate just because she lives abroad. How can this be fair ?
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  • Legalise Cannabis
    If cannabis was legalised it could be regulated the same as we do alcohol with licensed vendors. This would also create a boom in the economy due to tax revenue; as we have seen in Colorado and many other states where it has been made legal for recreational use. Not only this, it would also enable scientists to research cannabis for every single possible benefit that this natural plant could possibly have. Medically we know that it kills most kinds of aggressive cancer growths and encourages new cell growth. It can also be used with people with eating disorders; bulimia, anorexia etc. Also, it can be used with diabetics as a way of regulating fasting insulin levels. The medicinal uses of this plant are endless and with more research who knows what other illnesses and diseases it may cure. Now as for industrial uses cannabis can be made in to a very good renewable energy source which would drive down our fuel costs and our co2 emissions. Not only fuel it can be used for building materials such as hempcrete which is self insulated and breatheable, making it ideal for housing. Cannabis can also be used with carbon to make a compound 10x stronger than steel. Henry ford, when developing his first cars, created this compound. Not only did he design a car made from hemp, it ran on hemp, the parts were made from hemp. So this automobile would be the greenest and most efficient car even its materials are environmentally friendly. The legalisation of cannabis is a very important step humanity needs to take towards creating an environmentally friendly world. Currently the way we are living is unsustainable not only for our country but for the entire world. It would provide us with a clean enviromentally safe building materials, a highly sustainable food source, an efficient and highly sustainable energy and fuel source. It would also provide people with low toxicity medicines. It would enable people to freely take their medicines with the fear of being turned into a criminal. Not only would this benifit the economy by creating a greener Britain it would benifit the economy by creating more jobs which would drive down unemployment but it would also create more in tax revenues driving down our deficit. So please take your time to do a little bit of your own reasearch into the uses of cannabis and together we can make this a reality for the good of our country and its honest people.
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  • Ban TV advertising of exploitative companies
    These advertisements are aimed at sections of society who are in dire financial need, or there would be no demand, and it is not likely that obtaining a 'payday loan' at exorbitant interest rates or gambling on-line will be to the benefit of individuals, their families and ultimately society as a whole. It is not difficult to imagine the distress that will ensue repaying loans of over 1000% APR. as advertised on billboard information for the same companies. We believe that a civilised society would not only end this type of commercial exploitation swiftly, but would legislate immediatley to close these industries down, review why they have been allowed to operate for so long and publish details of the individuals who have been profiting by them and defending them to Government.
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    Created by Sheldon Young
  • Bring Back British Leyland
    Lets look at Dacia (Renault). They've made a car, which has four wheels, some air bags and a little buzzing bag of bolts under the bonnet, on sale from £5995. These are selling where ever there's a Renault Dealer with them in stock. Supply cannot meet demand and more and more people are buying Dacia. All this is doing is funding Renault UK, who has these vehicles built in India. There's no benefit for the people. Introduce something as popular as the Metro was, sell it on the same sort of scale and enjoy the benefits of having a home engineered vehicle that people would be able to afford, giving more people reliable safe transport to use for work, which would in turn make more people accessible to work. British Leyland (Austin, Rover, MG) managed to built the Longbridge plant and implement technology relatively swiftly in order to produce the Metro (It was designed in '77, built in 1980). This isn't a long term project once the financials and commitment is on the table. So, lets put the Great into Great Britains motor industry!
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    This is a totally unnecessary decision and shows the Government does not value hard working nurses and health care support workers and are relying on their good nature and dedication to just accept it. A recent pay review body recommendation to increase MP’s salaries was accepted but then it was MP’s voting for their own pay increase! Please sign up to our petition so the Government knows how bitter a pill they are trying to make us swallow.
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  • Fair deal for pensioner's savings:
    Many pensioners live on a relatively meager pension supplemented by interest from their savings. Over recent years interest rates have been derisory leading to a poverty trap for many senior citizens. This must be urgently addressed.
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    Created by Joy Reardon
  • Introduce a Rent Cap in London
    Rents in London are unaffordable. We can’t afford to live here. We are sharing bedrooms with strangers and commuting for four hours a day. We are spending over 75% of our salaries on rent. We are being evicted and made homeless as we can’t afford rent rises imposed by our landlords. A rent cap is the quickest way to reduce rents and make homes affordable. It’s vital that the Government gives the Mayor of London the power to introduce a rent cap so we can afford to live in London. We should not have to choose between food or a home. We want a rent cap which is similar to council housing rents. For example: - Room in shared house: £75 a week - Studio: £95 a week - One bedroom property: £120 a week - Two bedroom property: £145 a week - Three bedroom property: £170 a week - Four bedroom property: £195 a week
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  • Move Parliament to Manchester
    1. South East is over crowded, expensive and takes up too much of the UKs resources. 2. If Parliament were not in the South East resources would be shared more equitably. 3. Manchester is the second largest city in England and could expand to balance the disparity between the South East and the North of England. 4.To work this has to be a permanent move, not a Parliament that sits sometimes in London and sometimes in Manchester. 5. Manchester is more accessible for regions such as Scotland and Northern Ireland. See:- http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/mar/04/westminster-manchester-democracy-parliament
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