• Protect Derby Carers' Services
    Carers usually carry on looking after other(s) until they drop. Carers services help stave off this for very modest sums. If they cannot care as they are doing, the financial costs fall on the NHS, Derby council etc. Carers are twice as likely to go to their GP's as the general population. Carers are adults as well as children and it's estimated there are 5,000 of them just in Derby. We need your help to demonstrate the community supports this campaign by 4th January when the Derby City Consultation closes.
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    Created by Tony Brookes
  • Discrimination against talented Children
    We are encouraged after the Olympics to nurture and encourage talent but we are blatantly discriminating against children who have ability to study at a higher level diploma at a younger age. My sixteen year old gained a place at a London College to fulfil her dream of studying musical theatre. Child Benefit would really have helped us to pay for her fares, college needs and as a vulnerable sixteen year old to come home at weekends, but this was taken from us as the course is a level 6 diploma and although she is 16 and in full time education the current legislation says she needs to do a lesser course to qualify!!!! so although she auditioned with over a thousand children across the country, was offered one of only 6 bursery's for her college costs. she is being discriminated against. It is simply not fare. Please help my cause. The £80 a month is not a huge amont of money but when we are left to fund her living cost, travel, lunches, equipment it would really help us. She has wanted to pursue this since the age of 5 and achieved so much. There are several people across the Country who are in the same position. Let us help our children develop and grow at the level they are capable of without discrimination
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    Created by Shirley Kenwright