• Pay rise
    Very important as incentive in recognition of their dedication and hard work cause by virana virus pandemic. Increase of income is necessary to meet their ends meet with the potential economic meltdown instead of giving flowers, clapping or flying balloons because of their diligence in performance of their duties even their health is at risk with the virus.
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    Created by Alfredo Villanueva
  • tax relief for essential workers
    I as a front line emergency service worker, have worked extra hours and put myself and my family at risk dealing with Covid Infected patients. My latest wage slip, I have been deducted over a 1/4 of the money earned in Income Tax and National Insurance. I have had no opportunity to work from home or be furloughed for my family or my protection. I find the tax taken from me at this time, highly unfair. This is a petition to support all the ESSENTIAL WORKERS and ask for a tax relief for all those who have worked above and beyond in this global crisis
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    Created by Adrian Yeowell Picture
  • Curtail corporate tax avoidance
    The Office for Budget Responsibility estimates that The Chancellor of the Exchequer will have to borrow £300bn to pay for the economic actions taken to address Covid-19. [1] A freeze of public sector workers would be a snub to those workers who risked their own lives and lives of their families to keep us all safe and society ticking over in these unprecedented times. Public sector workers should not have to bear the brunt of the UKs economic recovery actions when revenue from Tax Avoidance actions taken by large corporations would provide annual and sustainable increases in funds available to the UK government. Profits for large corporations should be capped until the money borrowed to support them during Covid-19 has been repaid in full. In 2018 Netflix clocked up worldwide revenues of $20bn and by our reckoning around £1.1bn of that will have been from subscribers in the UK. However, they received a Tax Credit form the UK government. [2] Amazon is not required to publish the accounts of its UK branch, meaning it is impossible to scrutinise the amount of tax it pays on profits generated here. However, it has a UK-based logistics arm, Amazon UK Services, which paid £4.6m in corporation tax in 2017 on reported profits of £80m. [3] In 2017 Starbucks paid tax equivalent to 2.8%. This equates to $5.9 million on a profit of $213 million. [4] The tax rate on corporate profits in 2017 was 19 per cent. [1] https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/05/12/exclusive-treasury-blueprint-raise-taxes-freeze-wages-pay-300bn/ [2] https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/comment/netflix-corporation-tax-uk-avoidance-analysis-a9315456.html [3] https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/jeremy-corbyn-attacks-amazon-tax-avoidance-a8989726.html [4] https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-19/starbucks-paid-2-8-effective-u-k-tax-last-year-ft-reports
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    Created by Darren Buller
  • Lack of Government income support for those who went Self-employed in 2019
    There are so many of us who have fallen through THE HUGE GAP of the self-employed income support scheme (SEISS) because we were either; not self-employed during 2018/19, or our self-employed earnings were less than 50% of our employed and self-employed earnings, combined in 2018/19. if the eligibility doesn't take into consideration self-employed profit (earnings) for 2019/20, then why can't this category of self-employed people have financial support based on their tax paid earnings during 2018/19, if they were self-employed during 2019/20 and still intending to trade in 2020/21. Just like the millions of self-employed people who will be eligible for the SEISS, and calculated based on their profit (earnings) of up to £50k in 2018/19 - this category of people don't have to have submitted their 2019/20 self-assessment to qualify for the SEISS; how does HMRC even know if they were even trading in 2019/20. I went full-time self-employed early 2019 and my taxable profits, after business expenses were just shy of £11,000. I intend to trade again as soon as possible in 2020/21. More frustratingly, I paid tax on £32000 in 2018/19 for my employed AND self-employed earnings combined, but I am not eligible to claim the SEISS because my self-employed earnings on their own for 2018/19, were less than 50% of my over-all earnings, and they're not taking into consideration 2019/20 profit (earnings)! How is this right or fair on the 1000's of people who fall into the same category as me? It's simply outrageous and the treasury needs to step up, re-think and support us too. Many of us will have been paying tax and national insurance on our earnings for most of our adult lives which could be as long as 40 years + and therefore contributing to the state, but when we need help the most, the state is abandoning us. The only other options for self-employed in this 'in limbo category' is to take out some kind of government backed loan, if indeed you can get one, BUT that has to be paid back. Yet millions of businesses are able to pay their furloughed staff up to 80% of their salary, regardless if they have been employed for 1 month or 20 years of their lives as at 19 March 2020 - They will NOT HAVE TO PAY THIS MONEY BACK. Millions of self-employed who are eligible for the SEISS, will be able to get up to £2500 per month for 3 months based on their profits (earnings) for 2018/19 - They will NOT HAVE TO PAY THIS MONEY BACK. The government have encouraged people to become entrepreneurs over recent years, which has positively contributed to the reduction in the unemployment rate, and now, many of us feel abandoned and had this thrown back in our faces. I'm sure, like me, 1000's of people have worked hard to get their businesses off the ground, with things starting to take off before COVID-19 hit us and we need something to be done to help us in order to stay afloat during these very difficult times.
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    Created by Julie Dolton
  • Give grant to Hillingdon small businesses without business accounts
    These business will not survive unless they get the grant
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    Created by Abdulkadir Mohamud
  • Time 2 Pay Key Workers
    While key workers are focused on looking after us, we should be focused on looking after them. Our key workers have been working tirelessly throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of these workers have historically been some of the lowest paid in our society. We want to begin to right that wrong, starting with an additional £2 per hour. These key workers include NHS workers, carers, frontline council workers, school support staff, nursery workers, retail workers, transport, contact centre and low paid factory workers. And let’s not forget the ‘unseen’ public service workers many of them working from home who are keeping our benefits, tax and other essential systems of government. They deserve all of our praise AND a raise!
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    Created by Scottish Trades Union Congress
  • Help for newly set up small businesses
    Without help recently set up small businesses may be forced to close. We are keen and hard working entrepreneurs but as we have set up recently we don't qualify for government help as we dont have years of accounts behind us - we are the small business owners that need the most help. Please change your rules and give us the help we need to survive!
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  • STOP leaving people out of Grants and Furloughs on stupid little loopholes!
    These staff are some of the hardest hit and do not have straight forward work circumstances. The government has not taken into account in these types of circumstances where businesses may have been taken over and there may be other issues. Neither have they responded to ANY emails from frustrated and worried people in these sorts of positions. Ignoring the problem in the hopes it will go away. It will not, and should not, these people are entitled to the SAME help as everyone else and should not be loop holed out of this through a lack of common sense at HMRC and local councils. It is not only morally wrong to let these people suffer and fall through the cracks, but it is a blatant breach of equality and a clear break of their promise that NO ONE WILL STAND ALONE during this crisis.
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    Created by Bev Winterton
  • Holiday Refunds
    The UK public are finding times hard enough without essential funds being refunded for holidays not taking place. We need this cash back to live and it is unacceptable that they are breaking EU law in not refunding customers within 14 days. We need definitive deadlines on refunds being received if nothing else. At the moment being told "you will be refunded but we cannot tell you when" is not good enough. Why should they be able to hold onto our money for events that are not to take place and in some instances even demand we continue to pay them for it. Action needs to be taken by the government to help both sides, the holiday firms so that they can survive and refund customers, and the UK public so they can receive this needed money back.
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    Created by James Stanton
  • Make 'We're in this together' real in post Covid-19 recovery
    The slogan, 'We're in this together' has been used a lot recently. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has suggested that a government deficit of over £200bn could be expected once this Covid-19 crisis is over. We have been told that everyone must be prepared to do their part to help the economy recover and prevent a second wave of austerity measures. I would suggest that one way of aiding this recovery would be to call on all those who hold money offshore and in tax havens, to ‘do the right thing’, by bringing this money back in from these tax havens and offshore accounts, so that they pay tax on the money and aid in the financial recovery. In particular I would address this call to members of the government and those who make decisions in financial institutions. If 'We are in this together' and want to avoid austerity measures, this would seem only just. There is currently no legal way of making this happen. I therefore hope that public opinion would be able to sway those concerned in offshore investment to make a moral decision to contribute to the recovery of the economy and therefore give credence to the statement, 'We're in this together.’
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  • Micro/Small manufacturing businesses - Please help! They feel abandoned
    This company is between a rock and a hard place at present due to Covid 19. They cannot work as they are, indefinitely without help, but can't lockdown completely as they are part of a key industry for medical machines. Unfortunately, this area of the customer base is not enough to cover monthly overheads. The company does not want to let these customers down or the recipients of these invaluable machines but this is not sustainable. They need help, not only to keep going though this but to still be a functional company after, when they will be a part of rebuilding the economy of the businesses that rely on them.
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  • Prevent coronavirus support for companies based in tax havens
    Companies that headquarter themselves in tax havens choose to do so to avoid paying UK corporation tax and should not therefore be able to benefit from taxpayer funded state support, the bill for which will ultimately be paid for by everyone in the UK who does pay tax. Allowing such companies to access coronavirus financial support is like allowing uninsured drivers to claim for accident damage – it clearly doesn’t make sense.
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    Created by David Gynn