• New counsellors at Haygrove school
    20% of teens experience depression before adulthood. 1/4 teens have depression and 80% of people with depression aren't getting treatment. Our one and only counsellor is fully booked for the rest of the year, with more help we can try and lower these statistics. Sign the petition to help make a difference to the health and well being of the students at Haygrove.
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    Created by Nell Edmonds
  • Fair Funding for ALL schools
    Because under the new formula schools will lose hundreds of thousands of pounds, equivalent to losing 3 teachers in primary schools and 6 teachers in secondary schools.
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    Created by Clare Sutton
  • Give Alfie reading his bus pass back
    Alfie is unable to go to school due to how far away it is.
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    Created by Sarah Groom
  • Stop the closure of Liverpool city libraries
    These libraries provide a quiet place for people to study and work in peace and safety, and the books on the shelves provide a vital lifeline of education to many children across the city region. Without them, many will lose a vital part of their everyday lives!
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    Created by Ryan Campbell
  • Open sports centre cafe on a monday
    There is a pre school sports session on and then many use soft play after, would be good to get drink, snack or lunch. Vending machines wouldn't work for hot drinks and the snack one is filled with fizzy juice and chocolate and crisps
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    Created by Angela Louch
  • Make Higher Education free in the UK
    Higher education has fees around £9000-£20000 per year. Not everyone can afford this education to pursue their career. Let everybody have equal opportunities to have the education if they want it. Help society understand that all education is equally important.
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    Created by Sophia Eden
  • More SEN Training for teachers and TA'S in schools
    This very important because we need to help our children cope in society, prepare our children for a happy and meaningful life. My daughter is 12 years old, though out her primary school days struggled with going to school, crying a lot, her anxiety levels were through the roof. Only when my daughter was in year 4 the school had noticed my daughter had communication problems I was never told about until year 5. When my daughter was 3 years old I had taken to the GP, she was very violent so our GP referred my daughter over to the community paediatric services I got my local MP involved. After all those years of stress, anxiety, we finally received a outcome, on the 6th Dec 2016 my daughter was finally diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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    Created by Andrea Yates
  • Governments '96% project' for school attendance
    There is a 48 hour rule on contagious illness for a reason - so that the whole school isnt infected yet this new scheme penalises those parents who abide by the 48 hour rule putting the rest of the school at risk and not allowing our children to fully recover from their illnesses (reducing their immune systems and need for additional medical care in the future!) The 96% project will also put additional pressure on the NHS for everyday illnesses to be confirmed by already over stretched doctors just so the children arent marked as 'absent'. There needs to be a better way of targeting attendance that doesnt put a huge risk to the health of our schools and add pressure to the NHS, not to mention the cost to our schools in implementing this system.
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    Created by Abi Gilchrist
  • Take away the bus stop.
    Is Important because it will save cost like looking for scooters won't be necessary. Thank you and can do without taxis.
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    Created by K Tina Shittu
  • Support Daffodils Outdoor Nursery and Arthingworth Village
    Daffodils Outdoor Nursery is a family run business which has just registered with Ofsted to provide childcare for children in the Arthingworth and surrounding areas. We are a unique nursery following an outdoor approach to learning and offering something different to families in the area. Someone has put in an application for permission to open a nursery directly opposite ours. It has come to our attention that a previous application for permission to build 27 houses was rejected, and that the change in application to incorporate a nursery is in fact a ploy to gain permission for a housing development. As a brand new business, we do obviously have concerns about the sustainability of two day nurseries in such a small village. But we also have concerns about the increased traffic more housing and another nursery will bring, as well as the change to the village that a large housing development will have. We urge you to please consider the application and the motives behind it, and to consider the detrimental affect it will have on not only us as small family run business that has not yet had a chance to establish itself, but on the beautiful village of Arthingworth as a whole.
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    Created by Amy Claypole
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    Created by Toby Clarke
  • Save Askham Bog Etc,near York
    As Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s first ever nature reserve, Askham Bog has special significance. In fact in 1946 the Trust was created with the purpose of looking after the site which was bought to save it from development. A brief summary of the issues relating to the proposals is as follows: Askham Bog supports an exceptionally high biodiversity with healthy populations of numerous nationally rare species, and the only regional populations of many others. Particular rarities include gingerbread sedge carex elongata (largest population in England), numerous water beetles and the fen square-spot moth diarsia florida. Askham Bog has been recognised as an exceptional habitat for two centuries. It is highly valued both by the population of York and by a national and international community of naturalists and ecologists. Just two miles from the city centre it offers a peaceful place to walk and enjoy nature. The importance of the site is entirely dependent on the integrity of the local water table and it is exceptionally sensitive to any disturbance of that. We are concerned that these housing proposals will irreversibly damage the hydrology of Askham Bog and its special interest will be lost. There has been no information presented to indicate that this will not be the case. We are also concerned about the huge increase in recreational access on to the reserve. There is highly likely to be unmanaged access from a range of locations, particularly from dog walkers and young people. Whilst we welcome large numbers of people on to many of our sites, Askham Bog is too small and fragile to cope with this high volume of unregulated access. We therefore consider that the site should not be allocated for development and that doing so would result in significant loss of the important wildlife features of the site. This allocation is therefore contrary to the Council’s own policies regarding the protection of biodiversity and Sites of Special Scientific Interest. http://www.ywt.org.uk/news/2014/06/12/help-save-york%E2%80%99s-wildlife http://www.ywt.org.uk/York
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    Created by Bruce King