• John Masefield High School Uniform
    This is important because there are a lot of students being picked on for their body type not allowing the school skirt to reach the knee and also the price of the uniform is 4 times the price as other uniform and it's very scruffy, not smart at all. On top of there are students being isolated because of the skirt not fitting them and trying to force them to buy a new skirt that doesn't fit them; which I think it very unfair. To make us look smarter I think we should have shirts, ties and blazers. If people want affordability for uniform shirts, skirts, trousers and ties should be able to be bought at supermarkets so it doesn't cost as much for low income families.
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    Created by Ruby Standen
  • Better Wifi for Kenmore & Acharn
    So people can run their business Better Residential communication
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    Created by Heather Wallace Smith
  • Get fair interest rates for student loans
    Students are currently paying 6.1% on the loans they take out so they can complete their education. TO put this in perspective, the government and large banks can borrow money at 0.25% interest. A 6.1% interest rate means that graduates will have to earn £55,000 a year just to keep up with the interest and prevent their loans getting larger. Its completely unrealistic, unsustainable and unfair. Its inevitable that most loans will never be re-paid and a generation will be saddled with un-payable debt. Interest rates are this high because the government has sold the debt on to private companies who hope to make a profit on young people trying to get an education and make their way in the world. We need people to go to university. We need a highly skilled workforce to drive the economy and tackle the urgent problems of the 21st Century with the creativity and innovation that Britain is known for. There is no excuse for charging students 24 times the base rate of interest. Ask Jo Johnson, Universities minister to ensure fair interest on student loans now.
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    Created by Sarah MacDonald
  • Teign school
    Students and parents are being made to pay extra for shoes when the ones they have bought are already perfectly acceptable and the new 24 lock down period is out of order
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    Created by Ethan Noble
  • control private landlords rent increases
    thousands of people are homeless everyday if the government took control of the landlords and set a basic rent for 1,2 and 3 bedroom properties no matter of the postcode or location just based on the number of rooms in the property something has to be done there are to many people homeless and struggling to pay their rents!!!!!!
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    Created by Sara Mc Namara
  • Get bebington high uniforms back to our local supplier
    The current supplier carries no stock and the uniforms supplied are of disappointing, ill fitting poor quality, and the location is not easily accessible
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    Created by Shelly Sadler Flinn
  • Keep Shine for St Ursula's E-Act Academy PE Lessons
    Shine offer professional coaching in a variety of sports that children may not be able to access ordinarily. The coaches provide positive role models that children are very comfortable with and they offer an alternative to parents and teachers in this respect in children's lives. They make engaging in physical exercise fun and achievable for all. The school believe that an internal coach facilitating sport through class teachers offers an effective, cost cutting solution in times of educational economic austerity. However we believe that the move will be to the detriment of our children's enthusiasm for sport, that they will be less active overall as they will not be as encouraged to join in physical activities outside of school, the range of different sporting activities available to them will decrease and the level of sporting prowess that many of the children currently possess (as demonstrated by St Ursula's achievements in inter-school matches and tournaments) will decline. In a world that promotes physical exercise as healthy this move suggests that E-Act do not hold physical educational as important as other aspects of the curriculum. Whilst the parents understand the need for the school to future-proof against the closure of the community hall and therefore the loss of Shine from the neighbouring building, the parents have long understood (as promoted by the school themselves in previous academic years) that Shine would operate from within the new school. The possible community hall closure has not yet been decided upon and even if that were to happen Shine would be on-site to continue their activities if what parents were previously led to believe is correct. Many parents selected St Ursula's as their child's primary school because of the close association between the school and Shine. E-Act are correct when they say that E-Act and Shine are two separate business organisations. However E-Act have, as recently as the autumn of 2016, used the association that exist between the two to promote their school. Many parents, on hearing that Shine will not be teaching PE to at least one key stage, feel that they have been mis-sold the school.
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    Created by Georgina Moden
  • Access to open access journal articles to those with no current institutional affiliation
    Current Government policy on pensions provision is based on the assumption that one third of one's life post starting work will be spent in retirement. The ability of retirees' ability 'to retain our intellectual, cultural and social capital' (Hartman, 2009) is compromised by the reluctance of university libraries to allow retired staff access away from university sites to e journals (see Paul Armstrong, Univ leeds, conference paper, undated but after 2011). This issue of the the defenestration of retired academics was given prominence by an influential survey of Retirees' views by Barbara Tizard widely reported in 2000-04. Access to journal articles by a substantial proportion of the UK population is severely limited, especially by those who cannot afford the exhorbitant rate of downloading one-off articles. The problem is writ large in terms of equity worldwide. Whilst most UK research councils (for example MRC, Welcome) now require publishing in open access journals and open access is on the increase, many journals still do not have an open access policy. The cost of such a policy should be born by a charge to institutions for publication in turn funded by research grant funding enhancements. The contribution of substantial expertise and dedication amongst academic and other retirees in particular is being compromised by this short sighted policy. (note: all these references can easily be obtained in a Google search by entering Barbara Tizard retirees)
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    Created by Russell Ecob
  • Challenge the touch taboo and encourage safe touch in schools and care settings
    Affective touch is a powerful medium for conveying empathy between people, for example when acknowledging that a child is highly successful, anxious or upset. A large body of recent neurobiological and psychological research clearly demonstrates that affective touch activates a crucial nerve system in the skin of all mammals that defends against stress and promotes feelings of well-being. A lack of touch is linked to less ability to cope. Safe touch also promotes discussion about what is not safe or wanted by other people.
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    Created by Sean Cameron
  • Maximum temperature
    Because there is a minimum but no maximum. We are In pain with the heat
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    Created by Jack Lea
  • Stop penalising Special needs schools
    we want the best for all of our children no matter what their needs or capabilities
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    Created by Julie Isles
  • Save our lollipop lady freda merton bank road
    Shes been a part of most the adults lives whos kids now attend this school, merton bank road is always a busy road with traffic coming from every direction especially at school times, losing freda is to much of a risk to all the children + parents who attend the school!! St helens council will have blood on there hands
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    Created by Lisa Westhead