• Open an inquiry into the sale of Royal Mail by the UK Government
    This is a public service, created by the hard working people of the UK in past generations, which has been sold off to make money for the government - but sold at a low price to ensure the certain people and agencies made money on the sale of the shares after going private. This is illegal, against the wish of the people, and a complete sham from a government who are supposed to represent and work for the will and welfare of the people. A full investigation should be held, and those who are found to have made money by insider knowledge held accountable.
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    Created by Simon Zielonka
  • Please give Carers more respect.
    Carers save the country an estimated £119 Billion pounds a year, and yet achieve no recognition for their work. Like myself a full time carer for my wife most carers are unable to escape the stresses of placed on us by the continuous need to be on duty 24/7 and the assistance provided by GPs Social Services and Charities, is severely limited by the cuts inflicted by this government. In general most governments and public service unions prefer to ignore us, and are content to allow us to take the brunt of spending cuts full on. These stresses are increasing day by day, causing both physical and mental problems thus increasing the workload on an already over stretched NHS. This must stop right now. Home Carers should be supported by the government and not be pitched from one charity to another like orphans looking for a new home. The government must stop abdicating it's responsibilities and do something positive.
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  • Please put cable internet in our area!
    Our estate was built almost 10 years ago and still does not have cable internet, despite there being a box for it literally round the corner from where we live. Our ADSL connections are intermittent and slow at best and for those who may work from home, unreliable.
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  • Write to Read! Stop Library Closures in Cornwall
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cdms-9yJK6w As an avid reader, it came as a shock to me that the opening hours of my local library were cut and were not seen as a priority for Cornwall Council - I think that these actions to cut the hours of the libraries should be halted immediately. Libraries are the only places where you can get books for free and the books are varied and of good quality. Please assist me in my quest to save Cornwall's libraries. Sign this petition and help further by spreading the word. Leon Remphry, Age 10
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    Created by Leon Remphry
  • No Privatisation at National Gallery
    The National Gallery has decided to privatise up to 400 of its 600 staff including those who look after security of the paintings, deal with the public and requests for information about the collection, complaints, school bookings and more. This came just a week after Director Nicholas Penny announced his resignation. Ten senior managers at the Gallery have left, been made redundant or dismissed in the last two years. A temporary “Security Consultant” responsible for the privatisation used to work for G4S, the private security firm. Only last November the Gallery Executive endorsed the view that privatisation could not guarantee quality of service and would not save money. Now they and the Board of Trustees have announced privatisation is the only option. This petition is initiated by the PCS union (Culture Sector) and so far supported officially by the Peoples' Assembly, the Musicians' Union, Lost Arts, BECTU and SERTUC
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  • Save Bury Hospice
    Bury Hospice provides invaluable in-patient, out-patient/day services and hospice at home services. They ensure vital support and care for those with a terminal or life-limiting illness and their friends and families.
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    Created by Karen Leach
  • More spending on the NHS
    This is important because the vast majority of people reading this petition will still be around in five years, and so this affects YOU. If we don't act now, then our safety and the safety of future generations will be in danger as our National Health Service slowly crumbles from a lack of funds.Furthermore, the population is ever increasing; as the ONS predicts, within 25 years the UK population will reach just over 73 million. This will put further strain on an already struggling institution. We need to say NO to spending £1.4 billion on redundancies, and YES to more spending on the NHS itself, its resources and its staff.
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  • Make NHS Complaints Count!
    When we are treated in hospital or by another practitioner we need to be able to trust that we receive correct, well administered, well handled treatment. When we complain we need to see clearly that our complaint is well handled, and, most important, that the outcome of the complaint is carried through in practice. When we are forced, because of the closure of ranks, to complain to the Ombudsman we expect fair and even handed treatment of our complaint, with high professional standards. This is about us, our lives and in some cases our deaths. We need to be able to trust hospitals, doctors and nurses. And, when it all goes wrong and we have to complain, we need to be sure that our complaint is given a fair hearing. We need to be able to trust the Ombudsman. Today we cannot.
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  • Government want to charge schools who have a Cadet unit in (CCF) to continue
    Where to start. CCFs in school bring a lot to the individuals, schools and the general public, like all cadet units. It is not an elitist organisation and is open to all abilities and what basic skills and self discipline cadets are taught they take to the classroom, community and any future employers. Even shy introverted youngsters fined their feet and learn great life skills and become more confident which reflects in the classroom. It also gives some of the more disruptive pupils an outlet which achieves some very positive results ad comments from Head teachers, teachers and parents
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    Created by Derek Adcock
  • Reduce threshold for qualifying petitions
    A recent petition against the closure of Sure Start children's centres containing 6,000 signatures was insufficient to trigger a debate in full Council. This stifled debate and thus undermined democracy. 1500 signatures should be sufficient evidence of widespread public feeling on any given issue and therefore should be enough to trigger a debate in full Council.
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  • Fair Pay For Nurses and other NHS Staff
    Lets get nurses and other hardworking grassroots NHS staff the pay rise they deserve. MPs have had a 10% pay rise in the last year, cost of living is said to have gone up by 13% in the past year or so, yet nurses have been refused a 1% pay rise. Some hardworking nurses are having to visit food banks to get by, is this right ?
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  • Save Cheshunt's Ashley Brown
    Ashley Brown; a Firefighter of over 25 years service and married Father of three, was summarily dismissed by Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) on a charge of gross misconduct, two weeks before Christmas last year. The charges against Ashley were in relation to his use of social media and concerned comments posted on his own personnel twitter account, regarding the pensions dispute between the Fire Brigade's Union (FBU) and the Government. Ashley has been suffering from extremely difficult domestic, financial and family-health circumstances and had been receiving psychological and occupational health support for some time;other than this most recent circumstance Ashley has an unblemished disciplinary record. HFRS in presenting evidence to justify their allegations against Ashley claimed that his tweets were: 1. "threatening in nature” and that; 2. He “…..MAY have brought Hertfordshire County Council into disrepute”. HFRS considered the tweets were so serious and the evidence so compelling that it constituted Gross Misconduct and that immediate dismissal without pay was justified. Ashley was dismissed and his dismissal upheld on appeal by the appointed Hertfordshire County Council hearing manager. Regarding the first allegation against Ashley it is important to note the following: • No direct threats were made in the tweets against any individual or group of individuals. • No-one was named or identified by nick name, occupation, role or workplace. • Contrary to untrue and malicious rumours, no reference was made whatsoever to who people were, where they may live or what may happen to their homes. • HFRS made no allegation of bullying or harassment against Ashley. • There is no evidence of bullying or harassment of any individual or group of individuals. • No complaint has been made to twitter about the content or nature of the tweets. • No referral has been made to the police about any alleged threats or the alleged threatening nature of the tweets. Turning to the second allegation, it is important to note: • There was no reference to the fact, on the twitter account or in the tweets that Ashley was a serving HFRS firefighter. • There was no reference in the tweets to HFRS (or any particular FRS) or Herts County Council. • There was no actual evidence of Hertfordshire County Council’s reputation having been damaged or impacted upon in any way whatsoever by the tweets. Ashley's only wish is to return to work and continue to serve the people of Hertfordshire. We, the undersigned, call on Hertfordshire County Council to withdraw the charge of gross misconduct and reinstate Ashley Brown.
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