• Make the best use of derelict library space for all of our residents.
    Walsden Library has now been closed down following years of neglect. We want to ensure that the land is developed into something positive that could reduce flooding, have a positive impact on mental health and well-being, and promote the beauty of our village. The community garden would provide a place for young children to learn how to grow plants and a pleasant place for all residents to spend time in. This would provide a beautiful and welcoming entry into Calderdale. This space could also offer a lifeline to save the bee’s within Calderdale by building a bee hotel. This petition is independent from all party affiliations and is made on behalf of Walsden Neighbourhood Watch for the interests of the community.
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    Created by Matthew Doyle
  • Make the NHS and social care one system.
    Covid-19 has shown the problems we have with our social care system as it is. A country can be judged by how it treats it's older population. Not only is social care often inadequate, but many are staying in hospital blocking beds as there is not the support available in the community.
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    Background The pandemic is costing the Government billions. Do we really need to spend possibly another £100 billion on a project that has already been overtaken? When taking his February decision on HS2 the Prime Minister was, advised by both his Senior Adviser and his Transport Adviser to cancel the project but the then Chancellor of the Exchequer said it could be afforded. It was said to be justified by the cost to benefit ratio. Yet some say that ratio is being distorted by writing off much expenditure already incurred. Certainly the benefit will be eroded by the new procedures we are now being forced to learn. There is already less reliance on big meetings round a table usually in London. At the same time electric powered transport is being developed not only for cars and small buses but even for aeroplanes. The focus will be on journey times from home, now often the office, to venues for many fewer physical meetings likely to be held in out of town venues or close to small regional airports. Inter City connections will not give any time saving for such journeys. Much as the mid 20th Century saw the decline of railways as we took to the Motorways, so the 21st will see the decline of InterCity as we take to InterNet. The Future Politicians of all parties aspire to leave a legacy. That of the present generation is currently set to be a transport system mismatched with the needs of a post Coronavirus society. The cost would be: * a massive increase in debt at a time when debt will already be almost overwhelming; * the destruction of ancient woodland and desecration of nature; * the risk of increasing the spread of Covid-19 from workers arriving on site for HS2 in close knit groups as has already been reported. * the risk of jeopardising the improvement of rail links in the North of England in the event of an overspend on the current HS2 budget. Planning should start for the infrastucture needed in the world to which we are now moving. This should include major improvements to local or regional rail links in the North of England but it will not include the HS2 project which should now be cancelled or at the very least deferred.
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    Created by David Ambrose
    this is important because they have had to endure ten years of austerity and now is the prime time we can all see how daunting and horrific this job truly is. The NHS has been under mined and grossly under funded for far far too long. Why the NHS just saved the PM's life and delivered his new child. If it didn't exist it wouldn't have done that. They face death and illness everyday without PPE and vital safe guarding apparel. The very least the government can do is pay these nurses what you would pay anyone else who risks their very lives to keep us safe.
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  • Pension for coronavirus NHS and care worker widowers
    To show we really care for NHS and care home staff who die of coronavirus
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    Created by Mike Bold
  • Funding for NHS and National Social Care
    The NHS and National Social Care Sector needs more targeted funding. As a result of the Corona Virus Pandemic, we the UK public, are more aware than ever, of the important roles that the NHS and Social Care sectors play in the life of our country, and there would be a national willingness to support these areas through additional taxation, with the secure knowledge that this would be where the money would be spent.
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    Created by Janet Lundie
  • Deserving knighthood
    To honour this hero who bravely served his country and is still going above and beyond for his country
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  • A Knighthood for Captain Tom Moore
    He deserves recognition. He put his life on the line in WW2 - then raised a LOT for NHS Charities. More deserving than any 'businessman'.
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  • Change Chester Road
    Because peoples lives are at risk
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    Created by Katie Davis
  • Honour the Heroes – in our NHS, social care, key workers and community volunteers
    NHS and social care workers, carers, key workers and hundreds of thousands of community volunteers are keeping us and our country safe in the fight against Coronavirus – the silent enemy. An enemy that does not differentiate between young or old; rich or poor; or those with power or the powerless. We have witnessed immense courage and bravery of our NHS, public sector and community spirited volunteers who are serving humanity selflessly without the fear of putting themselves at risk. Everyone is doing their little bit in saving lives, helping and supporting the most vulnerable in our communities. Doctors, nurses, care workers, teachers and bus drivers have already sacrificed their lives in the line of duty and in their attempt to save the lives of others. The appreciation and love shown up and down the country by many people through lighting up buildings, by standing on our streets to #ClapforNHS #ClapforCarers #ClapforKeyWorkers and displaying rainbows in windows is overwhelming. We now need to further show our solidarity and support to honour them appropriately. We are proud of our NHS, social care, carers, key workers and community volunteer heroes for their efforts in protecting us all now and in the future. Generations to come will look back at their contributions and sacrifices for keeping us safe.
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    Created by Shaukat Ali
  • Prison officers need to be recognised as keyworkers
    During this outbreak, prison workers are going out each day to keep us safe. They are not being tested for covid-19 and are unable to lock down for 3 weeks as advised by the government. Imagine if they did, there would be riots in prisons across the UK if they were left with a skeleton staff. But Aldi will not recognise them as keyworkers. They are part of our crime and justice system, please sign this petition to get them recognised as keyworkers.
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  • Weekly waste bin collections
    As the majority of the country are off work and schools there is a lot more waste and rubbish. Normally people would travel to waste disposal centres themselves but as these are closed and as special uplift services have stopped also, rubbish is piling up everywhere, people may fly tip and we may soon be overrun.
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