• Statutory Youth Service
    Currently there is no statutory obligation placed on local authorities to provided a Youth Service via the respective Councils in the UK. Recently, this has meant that councils when faced with Government austerity cuts have chosen to cut vital services to our young people. Through these draconian measures many Youth Centres in the hearts of our communities have already faced forced closure and hundreds of thousands of young people now face a much reduced range of services, support, guidance and now lack access to opportunities to acquire critical life skills. Youth workers who have trained over three years to become professionally qualified are being put out of work after many years of loyal service. The young people in disadvantaged communities, in particular, are being harder hit by these measures. For many vulnerable young people their locally provided service is a lifeline and is a much needed supported pathway to a more productive, happy and fulfilled adulthood. Up and down the country young people, communities , supporters and their Youth Workers have been trying to resist these cuts - but a much louder voice is needed to ensure that services are put on a statutory footing - helping to prevent even more cuts and the betrayal of our young people in the future. With your help and public outcry we may be able to ensure our young people receive the necessary services, opportunities and support that so many so desperately need and rely so heavily upon. Please help.
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  • Better care standards for our elderly & disabled people in Derby
    You can read the Charter in full here https://www.unison.org.uk/upload/sharepoint/On%20line%20Catalogue/22014.pdf We believe that elderly and disabled people in our community deserve the best possible level of homecare to help them live independently and with dignity. In order to make this happen homecare workers need to be treated fairly and decently so they can do their jobs to the best of their ability. UNISON are therefore calling for this through by asking Derby City Council to adopt our ethical care charter. Across the country too many people who need care and too many care workers are not treated with the dignity they deserve. A number of other councils such as Islington and Reading have already done the right thing and adopted UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter. Please add your name and call ask that Derby City Council take responsibility for ensuring better care for our elderly and disabled people and for better treatment of our homecare workers. We are all going to need care at some point in our lifetimes, it is only right that the people who need it and the workers who provide it are treated with dignity and fairness. For updates visit http://www.derbycityunison.co.uk & follow @Unisonderbycity on Twitter
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  • Place more recycling bins around Reading so there is less litter
    This is important because recycling is part of building a sustainable future for the young people of tomorrow. If we do not recycle now then we will face major problems in the future.
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  • SOS: Save Refuges, Save Lives
    Two women are killed every week in England by a partner or ex-partner. These are the women who desperately need these specialist refuges. Last year Women's Aid member organisations supported nearly 10,000 women and over 10,000 children in refuge accommodation. However, on one day alone in 2013, 155 women with 103 children were turned away from the first refuge they approached, primarily due to a lack of available spaces. From 2010 to 2014 the number of specialist refuges declined from 187 to 155, leaving many more vulnerable women and children at risk and without specialist support. Closures of specialist refuges will cost lives. Help us to keep these services open for the women and children who need them. Help us Save Refuges to Save Lives.
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  • Abolish The 'Dementia Tax'
    For years now, people in the unfortunate position of suffering from dementia have had their dignity simply 'stripped' from them through the endless daylight robbery that they have faced while receiving full time care in a care home. I have had two family members who have suffered with this terrible disease, one of which is now in a care home and we, as a family, are doing our absolute utmost to obtain free full time social care for him. Why are we doing this? We're doing this because he has contributed to national insurance payments and income tax all of his working life meaning that he has already paid money into the NHS. This is just like thousands and thousands of other people who have rightfully contributed to the system all of their life but then, when old age takes it's toll, people are robbed off their hard earned assets, despite suffering from a complex health need that is of no fault of their own. In fact, the NHS have proven this point themselves: Man gets £5,000 nose job paid for by NHS who refuse to fund cancer care for a five-year-old girl. http://wakeupfromyourslumber.com/news/man-gets-5000-nose-job-paid-nhs-who-refuse-fund-cancer-care-five-year-old-girl Therefore, I urge you to sign this petition in order to make a difference to thousands and thousands of lives that do not deserve to be stripped of their dignity and their hard earned assets that they have worked so terribly hard for throughout their lives. Also, please take the time to email and share this with friends and family, and write to your MP urging him to support this campaign. Thank you!
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  • Start Including Disabled People in Leisure and Sport!
    By changing this and including more disabled people, you may be giving them an opportunity at becoming social again and meeting other people with similar interests. Having a physical disability shouldn't limit the enjoyment you get out of life or your levels of activity. Despite the big push to engage more disabled people in sports following the 2012 London Paralympics to Britain's 11 million disabled people just 18% of disabled adults undertake physical activity for more than 30 minutes a week, compared with 38% of non-disabled adults, according to Sport England. The same survey also found that 89% of sports clubs also saw no change in the number of disabled people participating following the 2012 Paralympics and only 25% of these clubs have said that they even have sufficient facilities for disabled people. The Leonard Cheshire Disability charity also created a survey of 300 UK leisure facilities to support their Exercise Your Right campaign, and disappointingly found that: • Nearly a third of gyms did not have an automatic door at the entrance to the gym, while some were fitted with heavy internal doors that were difficult to open. One survey reporter said he watched a wheelchair user forced to open such a door by pushing it with his head. • Although many gyms had lifts, just over one in five were not working properly. A common problem was that lifts were too small for larger wheelchairs and control buttons were set too high. In one case, it was reported that a lift leading to the gym area of a leisure centre did not appear to have been working for more than a year. • 25% of swimming pools did not have hoists to support disabled people to get into the water, while 31% of gyms did not have any fitness equipment that was suitable for disabled people. Our main aim is to petition the council to: - add at least one hoist to at least one swimming pool in Reading. - ensure there are disabled accessible lifts suitable for wheelchair users in this same centre. - ensure this same centre has ramps and doors accessible for all levels of physical disability, including wheelchairs.
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  • Reverse the Beeching Cuts
    It will encourage many people to commute by the railways to get quicker travel and cheaper payments. In addition many people are asking for their railways to be brought back especially in North Wales. My Dad would use the railways more then he would use the car.
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  • Stop Referring to Migrants as 'Illegal'
    It has been almost forty years since the UN recognised that referring to migrants as 'illegal' is dehumanising, discriminatory, and above all, incorrect. Since 1975, the UN has used either 'undocumented' or 'irregular' to refer to migrants that 'do not fulfil the requirements established by the country of destination to enter, stay, or exercise an economic activity'. As Editor-in-Chief of the BBC Tony Hall has the mandate to implement this change and correct inaccurate reporting. The BBC continues to use the term 'illegal' with no justification. A headline as recent as 15 May 2014 reads: 'Illegal migration to EU rises by nearly half'. As a public service broadcaster and influential media organisation the BBC ought to abide by its own clear editorial guidlines that say: 'We...are committed to achieving due accuracy in all our output...Impartiality lies at the core of the BBC's commitment to its audiences'. Unfounded discrimination against migrants is a clear breach of these standards. Human Rights Watch recently observed, 'The term “illegal”...reinforces prejudices about nationals of a particular country or persons of a particular race.' The term incorrectly suggests that migrants are criminals and encourages prejudiced views about those individuals. Cecilia Malmström, European Commisioner for Home Affairs clarified the issue in 2010. She said, 'Let me be clear about my vocabulary...illegal migrants do not exist. People may come to the EU and might be required to use irregular ways...but no human being is illegal'. This petition supports the use of the word 'undocumented' instead of 'irregular' as 'irregular' retains connotations of otherness and deviation from a perceived norm, marking individuals as abnormal and continuing to estrange migrants. For more information see: http://www.hrw.org/news/2014/06/24/dispatches-why-we-should-outlaw-illegal http://picum.org/picum.org/uploads/file_/TerminologyLeaflet_reprint_FINAL.pdf http://www.un.org/esa/population/migration/index.html
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    This campaign is an important way of bringing together local communities. Shutting down local libraries and Community Centres would not only cut members of the community off but it would also affect the local schools and isolate vulnerable people in the city of Peterborough. Children get taken to local libraries in the afternoons to help further their education. Not only that but some people rely on the library for access to reading material, computers or even just for social gatherings and this is true of community centres, which have taken over as a venue for families to access where Children's Centres have closed down. Not everybody can afford, or is able, to travel further distances to 'bigger libraries'. We are starting this petition to help voice all the smaller communities and to help them stand up to Peterborough City Council Cabinet Members and their plans. Libraries and Community Centres are a focal point for the whole community. They are a diverse space where children learn to read, pensioners can go to socialise, and free internet access is provided for everyone. They provide access to education and the arts for everyone. We cannot afford to lose them. Peterborough City Council is currently holding a consultation to find out the experiences and opinions of local people. Once you’ve signed the petition, please fill out this Council survey to let the Council know how important your library and Community Centres are to you: The Link for the survey is below http://www.nwaresearch.co.uk/surveys/pcc/community.htm The deadline for replies is 5pm on Friday 26th September 2014.
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  • NO charges for contacting the Police
    The charging of citizens for contacting the Police for non emergency calls is counterproductive as it deters people from reporting suspicious activity. It is also grossly unfair and unjust to ask people to pay twice for a service that should be available for everyone to use. Charges for non emergency calls are listed here: https://www.gov.uk/call-charges
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  • Stop the Scottish police routinely carrying firearms
    If police carry arms routinely, this will fuel fear and criminals might arm themselves more heavily. Despite this, a number of police officers (around 300) are now routinely carrying sidearms while on patrol in much of Scotland. Armed police officers have been seen in a bakery, in a branch of Aldi and at a routine traffic incident in Glasgow - all incidents where it was unnecessary for the officer to have a firearm by his side. Until 2009, firearms officers had to keep their weapons in a locked safe and have a senior officer’s authorisation to take them. Firearms officers should revert back to this practice, because it is not necessary that they take their arms on routine patrol.
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  • NO bowing to Israel
    Jeremy Bowen can be trusted. The BBC is destroying its own credibility by withdrawing him for telling the truth.
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