• Support the European Accessibility Act
    Disabled people are often excluded from using products because they have not been at the forefront of designers' thoughts at the initial stages. The European Accessibility Act has the potential to eradicate barriers to independent living by encouraging the accessibility of goods and services when governments provide services. After initial positive hope on the Act after the European Disability Strategy was published, in 2010, progress has stalled. Aspire the national Spinal Cord Injuries charity wants to resurrect the Act and wants MEPs to apply pressure and get Europe moving on this issue again.
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  • Save Stubbs Wood
    This is a well-used and loved local amenity constantly utilized by children, pet owners, ramblers, cyclists and even just people walking to the village shop. I have lived here for 15 years and have seen these woods used daily by many locals and also by ramblers, dog walkers, cyclists and horse riders who come from miles around to enjoy the wonderful views of Kent. Children play on their bikes, off the public footpaths, they even have a name for an area where they ride which has an undulating landscape, they call it "The Bumps". In the summer they play late into the evening and we often join them with marshmallows and drinks. If you want to avoid the road and the risk of getting run over, Stubbs Woods is a pleasant walk from Goathurst Common to the Ide Hill Village Shop. Many of us wander these paths to collect our Sunday paper. Last summer the residents of Goathurst Common and Mackerels Plain fought a planning application by one of the major landowners to develop another part of our area of outstanding natural beauty into an industrial farm complex. A petition raised to oppose that garnered 700 signatures. This was enough to persuade the local council to oppose the plan and it was eventually withdrawn citing the public opposition as the reason. So petitions work, I hope we can get a similar response to save our spectacular, ancient and well used public space.
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  • Save the Richardson Eating Disorder Inpatient Service in Newcastle
    People suffering from eating disorders are an extremely vulnerable group. The disorders can become so severe that admission to an inpatient unit is required in order to save their lives. Being admitted to hospital is a difficult time for patients and their families, but for people with eating disorders it can be made more challenging by the length of admissions required for successful treatment; often 6-12 months. Imagine if your son, daughter, mother, father, relative or friend was desperately ill with an eating disorder, where their life was in danger and the only thing that could help them would be to admit them to a specialised eating disorder unit. That would be difficult; right! now imagine that not only did they have to go into hospital, but they had to do so hundred of miles away from home. Currently in Newcastle if someone finds themselves in need of inpatient treatment they are no longer allowed to go to the Richardson Eating Disorder Service (REDS) at the RVI, a centre which has been providing the highest quality of care and support for people with eating disorders for over 16 years and has just been awarded the Beat award for Clinical Excellence. Instead patients must travel to the a commissioned unit, the nearest of which is in Darlington (almost an hour from Newcastle) and if that unit is full then they must go even further afield. It is recognised by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) that this group of patients must be treated in a unit with access to specialists and just as important, that they are treated near to their homes, so that family and friends can be able to visit regularly and support them through the treatment. So despite the guidelines from NICE, patients in the north east of England are being disadvantaged and made to suffer more by leaving their family and friends for months and months in order to receive the vital treatment they need. At NEEDAG we are getting increasing number of patients who are refusing to go in to treatment because they have to leave behind their family and friends. They are literally putting their lives in danger because NHS England is not meeting the needs of this vulnerable and at risk group of patients. We would like NHS England to reconsider the decision to close the Richardson Eating Disorder Service, it is clear that the north east of England needs to have more inpatient beds for eating disorders, highlighted by a recent review which showed the need for inpatient treatment for eating disorders in the north east of England had risen by 300% (greater than another region in England) and yet we have one specialist unit to meet the demand. At NEEDAG we feel that the current service in Darlington is needed, but we question whether it is actually capable of meeting the needs of patients in the north east. There are currently no inpatient beds between Edinburgh to Darlington and yet as you go south of Darlington, you find inpatient beds in York, Leeds and Sheffield. Given the evidence to show eating disorder patients need to be treated by specialist teams and close to their family and friends, NHS England is not fulfilling it responsibility to these patients in the North East of England.
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  • A much needed Diabetes Centre
    We as a local support group from South Tyneside have been campaigning since 2006, because a Diabetes pandemic has been predicted by professionals and we need to be prepared for this. As it stands Diabetes sufferers have to attend regular check ups e.g. Eye and Foot screening, Blood tests, podiatry and annual reviews at GP's surgery or hospital, at the moment these appointments are held at various locations and ideally would be much better to be done under one roof especially for the elderly or children who need public transport to attend each of these very important services.
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  • MP Maria Miller should face charges in a criminal court
    If I had scammed £90,718 off the DWP, I would be in jail. Why is this not the case for Maria Miller who stole our taxes in yet another expenses scandal? Mr Cameron, the message you are putting out is 'one rule for one and a different rule for the other'. It's like you're telling your MP's 'it's okay as long as you don't get caught'. I thought no one was meant to be above the law? Also, she only has to pay £5000 back? We, the people, want justice.
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    This is a totally unnecessary decision and shows the Government does not value hard working nurses and health care support workers and are relying on their good nature and dedication to just accept it. A recent pay review body recommendation to increase MP’s salaries was accepted but then it was MP’s voting for their own pay increase! Please sign up to our petition so the Government knows how bitter a pill they are trying to make us swallow.
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  • Save upper Beeding post office
    Our local village needs it's post office, it's a main part of the community, a post office is a place for the young and the old, a place where they can trust a postmaster to look after there needs , who else would know if an elderly person in the village had not been seen for a few days, or a vulnerable person had not received there benefit money , who else would know if someone was getting forgetful or if someone was taking advantage of some one , the post office is the hub of the community x
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  • Make provision of public toilets a statutory duty
    The public have no come-back, especially in rural areas, as it's not written down in law that they have to provide them. It is a public health issue as people will use other sites if necessary. This is a basic human right, which has more impact on women and disabled people, as well as workers in rural areas such as van drivers and bus drivers.
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  • Stop Staff Cuts at New Malden Post Office
    This petition is important for the simple reason that the Post Office is a vital part of the community in New Malden, and the only 'main' Post Office for a while around. Even a busy town like Kingston no longer has a main Post Office. The Post Office are trying to cut at least three, potentially four members of staff at the end of April, to be replaced by machines in Mid-May. The people of New Malden don't want machines to pay their bills - they prefer interacting with humans over the counter. DID YOU KNOW? Since 2012, if these plans are to go ahead, the Post Office will have lost 6 members of staff in 2 years - that's 50%! From 12 members of staff, to 6. Queues are already long enough now in New Malden Post Office, and it can't manage with 4 staff less. We need the Post Office to recruit new members of staff at New Malden Post Office to make up for this staff loss, and to, in effect, save New Malden Post Office. (See More at www.coombemonthly.co.uk)
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  • Move Parliament to Manchester
    1. South East is over crowded, expensive and takes up too much of the UKs resources. 2. If Parliament were not in the South East resources would be shared more equitably. 3. Manchester is the second largest city in England and could expand to balance the disparity between the South East and the North of England. 4.To work this has to be a permanent move, not a Parliament that sits sometimes in London and sometimes in Manchester. 5. Manchester is more accessible for regions such as Scotland and Northern Ireland. See:- http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/mar/04/westminster-manchester-democracy-parliament
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  • Save the local sure starts
    We as a community attended the centres for socialising with parents and are children antenatal appointments college courses and many more. We as a community that have had the opportunity to go to the centres are worried there will be nothing for the new mummy's and daddy's of the area.
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  • Save Probation from privatisation!
    Public safety is at risk due to the Governments plans to place the supervision of offenders into the hands of private companies. The Probation Service is being dismantled as I write. Myself and colleagues, up and down the country, are absolutely terrified about the serious consequences this will have on protecting the public from crime. I understand that many people reading this, may not know much about the Probation Service, and therefore will not realise just how important this issue is for all of us. The role of the police is understood, as is the purpose of prison, but Probation work appears less visible within our communities. I also understand, that many people may not feel inclined to read something about "offenders". Why care about them when they have shown disregard for society in committing crime? Well, please pay attention because these proposals will hurt all of us. Firstly, no one wants to be a victim of crime, but to be a victim of a crime that could have been prevented? Under the new proposals, not only will offenders be passed back and forth between agencies but this will happen at the worst possible time i.e. at times of crisis and rising risk. Risk can change within hours, not days; and quick, effective responses are essential. The army were drafted in for the Olympics security fiasco, but who will rescue the failing private companies when they are responsible for managing offenders? Secondly, if you aren't already worried, then consider the cost of these plans to the taxpayer. The proposals have not been costed; indeed the government's own risk assessment acknowledges that financial risk cannot even be risk assessed because of the absence of baseline information. Payment by Results has been the prime rationale for refusing to allow probation Trusts to even be allowed to bid for their work even though they are performing to a proven high standard. Nine million pounds has already be spent on "Transforming Rehabilitation" consultants. The government’s Transforming Rehabilitation proposals are completely untested. The changes proposed by the government’s plans in relation to extending supervision to those serving less than 12 month prison sentences, have nothing to do with the current work of the Probation Service, as there is currently NO statutory supervision for adults in this group. Conflating the need to reduce the re-offending of this group with the plans to dismantle the Probation Service is therefore, at best, disingenuous. I am starting this campaign due to my desire to prevent a miscarriage of justice against the population of the UK. Probation staff are part of a dedicated workforce, often going above and beyond the call of duty, in order to ensure that the work is completed properly. Probation staff will be on strike on March 31st and 1st April 2014, as splitting up the Probation Service is considered dangerous and legally dubious. It is being done in the absence of any scrutiny and it has no credible advocates. I have not been able to cover all the issues, so please make it your business to find out and hold this government to account. Please, please, support this campaign as we need your help.
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