• Secure the full promised restoration of Park Slip Margam Opencast Coal Site.
    The alternative 'restoration' plans can not in any way be considered a restoration, merely a 'tidying up' of a site which has devastated and industrialised a rural area which once had wheatfields and rare species habitats. Overbearing tips, totally out of character with the rest of the valley will remain together with a dangerous void, flooded to a depth of over 108 metres. The latter will be the deepest 'lake' or reservoir in England or Wales and will remain as an ongoing hazard within a couple of hundred metres of communities. The only way to make the site safe is to fill in the void with the onsite tips. We want our countryside returned. We want our roads and footpaths reinstated together with bridleways and cycle tracks. This might in some way compensate for the endurance of the local communities who have suffered the opencast, providing profits from more than 4 million tons of coal for the private operator, for twenty years and more. The company has ravaged the valley in reaping the coal and though it signed agreements and gained consents with promises of full restoration, when the time came to 'put it all back' it refused to do so. The local authorities have been floundering unsuccessfully to achieve restoration since 2008 and have finally thrown in the towel and are on the verge of accepting an unsafe, unsatisfactory and inadequate alternative to restoration. It is time that promises were fulfilled. Government intervention is needed to find a way of securing the only acceptable restoration based on the Welsh Government funded Restoration Scheme of April 2013. We have three governments at Wales, Westminster and Brussels; £162 million net goes to Europe on a weekly basis from this country, surely there are funds somewhere to restore this monstrosity, to invest in a decent legacy for the future, to increase biodiversity, develop tourism and leisure, to enhance the local environment, to reinstate and improve the cross valley links. Prior to privatisation, the Secretary of State overturned the local government decision to refuse consent for Park Slip West and therefore Westminster has a direct responsibility for at least half of this site. The presumption for opencast mining in the planning system has led to this devastation, along with inadequate strictures at time of privatisation to guarantee the restoration of opencast mines - a guarantee that was there under the nationalised industry. It is time for the government to take on the responsibility for securing the only acceptable restoration of this site. What is currently being offered is no restoration of any kind. Please support this petition asking the Welsh Government to take on the responsibility for securing the restoration, as promised since 1993 and earlier, of this outrageous insult to the local communities and their environment.
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  • PETITION AGAINST Fracking Application at KM8 Well site at Kirby Misperton
    We ask that North Yorkshire County Council reject the Third Energy application for fracking (NY/2015/0233/ENV) due to substantial concerns such as:  - HIGH TRAFFIC HEALTH AND SAFETY HAZARD from HGVs on narrow roads and junctions eg schoolchildren at the bus stop on the roundabout in Kirby Misperton, combining with existing high volumes of traffic from Flamingoland. - HIGH NOISE, VIBRATION AND LIGHT LEVELS 24 hours a day 7 days a week affecting residential areas in Kirby Misperton and Little Barugh just half a mile from well site - HIGH VISUAL IMPACT: KM8 lies in the Vale of Pickering which is designated an area of High Landscape Value in the Ryedale Plan - HIGH UNCERTAINTY as to the cumulative impact of a 9 year Production phase - HIGHLY PREJUDICIAL to the development of a County Mineral and Waste Plan, and Ryedale Local Plan sites allocation process, which give local people a voice in where they would like industrial development located.
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  • Please end the parking misery to residents on Heelands
    Residents are sick and tired of their lives being disrupted by bad and inconsiderate parking, when Church services are taking place, and the danger of emergency vechicles not getting through, and access blocked to a joining courts.
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  • Stop the repeal of animal welfare codes
    Abandoning codes of practice for farm animal welfare is not in the best interests of the animals or those who will ultimately consume an animal raised in poorer conditions. The RSPCA said it has been voicing concerns for the past three years about the “downgrading” of the guidelines from statutory codes to industry-led guidance and criticised the lack of transparency around the process. The meat industry has had many scandals over the years and weakening regulations can only increase animal suffering and impact those consuming meat reared under poorer quality conditions.
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  • Humans Before Houses - Build the link road first
    We the undersigned hereby call on all at Teignbridge District Council - district councillors; Simon Thornley, Ian Perry, and the other planning officers; Nicola Bulbeck, the chief executive officer; and Cllr Jeremy Christophers, the council leader - to put the safety of human lives in Dawlish first, before any further houses are built in the DA2 development. The three separate developers involved in Teignbridge District Council’s DA2 draft framework agreement, planning to build over 1000 new houses on adjoining land plots, are permitted to build and sell 50 houses each on their 3 separate developments, before Teignbridge considers it necessary to start to build the link road, from the Gatehouse Farm housing development, over the Shutterton Brook, through the Secmaton Farm housing development, and to the roundabout at Sainsburys to join the A379. Until then, Teignbridge District Council think it is acceptable to have all the construction traffic over residential roads such as Elm Grove Drive and Sandy Lane. With this logic, the people of Dawlish would be required to wait for 150 houses to be built, sold, and inhabited, before the new road is started. 150 houses will not appear overnight, so the people of Dawlish, especially: - residents on Elm Grove Road, Elm Grove Drive, and Sandy Lane; children attending the Gatehouse primary school, Dawlish Community College, Red Rock Youth Centre, and Dawlish United Youth Football and Mini Soccer FC; and people attending the leisure centre and playing fields - would have to endure many months of colossal amounts of heavily laden construction trucks, contractors’ vans, noise, extra traffic, and pot holes. These residential roads are not designed and built to endure months and years of heavy vehicles. Indeed they are already crumbling with numerous pot holes. We call on Teignbridge District Council to show the people of Dawlish the respect that is shown to Newton Abbot and Teignmouth, and to find the funds to build a service road for construction vehicles to use before any further building in the DA2 area developments. These funds will be repaid by the developers as they build the houses. If Teignbridge District Council can find in its reserves £13 million for a new shopping centre in Newton Abbot, and £2.5 million towards the Pavilions in Teignmouth, then the cost can surely be found to build a ‘base core’ service link road to be built before the construction of 150 new houses begins. Devon County Council has already agreed to funding the main bridge costs. The people of Dawlish should not have to wait for a fatality to happen on our streets before Teignbridge District Council realises that human lives are worth a whole lot more than 150 houses.
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  • Don't cut vital support for disabled people in Eltham
    George Osborne has announced plans to take £70 a week away from thousands of people with disabilities, by cutting Personal Independence Payments (PIP). For many of us, this will mean losing the crucial support which enables us to get out of the house. Many people in our area would be hit hard by this cut. This petition calls on our local MP to do all they can to stop this cruel and unfair plan. Please, show your support for local people with disabilities and help stop the cuts to PIP.
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  • Silence The Power Tool Industry
    To make it possible for people to enjoy their work and leisure time at home in relative peace without the deafening cacophony of an endless stream of power tools. The professional gardeners using these items tend to wear ear defenders which goes to show what a racket they make. I have personally had to abandon a weekend barbecue with friends as we could not hear each other speak due to the use of 3 power tools at once by the next door neighbours gardeners for over an hour. Surely this breaches noise pollution levels?
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    Created by John Gage
  • Support the SKELF Bike Skills Park in Edinburgh's Southside
    We want to create an open access bike skills park in the heart of Edinburgh, making mountain biking accessible from within the city. Our site is an area of neglected woodland wedged between the Southside area of Edinburgh and the Western boundary of Holyrood Park (immediately adjacent to the Crags Community Sports Centre). We want to build: - An 800m Blue Graded MTB Trail looping through the woods (for beginners, younger kids, and cycle proficiency) - Red Graded Skills Development Features (located along the Blue Trail) - An awesome Pump Track that will be great for developing skills and improving technique But we are doing way more than just creating a cool new bike play space: We are also cleaning up a potentially lovely but badly neglected woodland and turning it back into a green space that everyone, young and old, will actually use, spend time in & enjoy. Specifically we are: - Cleaning up all the rubbish, dog mess etc - Getting rid of all the needles so the woods are safe again for kids & dogs to play in again - Planting 200 new native species & fruit trees - Installing 30 bird & bat boxes - Installing new benches & rubbish bins - Improving footpaths for dog walkers & runners After four years of hard work we have: - Planning permission - A 25 year lease for the site - 80% of the funding - Loads of support from local people, organisations and businesses! Once up and running, the woods will also be a great community resource for local Eco schools & forest school projects, for young people to achieve their JASS & John Muir Awards, and for led walks by park rangers plus interpretive guided tours. So why is this so important? Learning to ride a bike gives young people great confidence, and an ability to access and explore the outdoors independently, which often goes on to benefit them throughout their adult lives. Young people often can't do this in safety on the street because they are too congested and dangerous to learn on. The danger of future generations slipping into sedentary lifestyles is also well documented. Sign the petition & help us make the SKELF Bike Park happen! For more info or to get in touch: Website: http://theskelf.org.uk/ Twitter: @skelfbikepark Facebook: SkelfEdinburgh Email: theskelfbikepark@gmail.com
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  • Save St Giles
    By targeting the most precious and valued greenbelt land in the Village of Chalfont St Giles for possible housing or commercial development (Local Plan page 40) Chiltern District Council lost the confidence of local residents. The meadows were purchased with public funds by CDC in 2002 and should be preserved for future generations, they define and contribute significantly to the character of our historic village. The Meadows are set on an active flood plain and are unsuited to any development. Classed as An Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty the meadows contain a rare and precious chalk stream river that flows through the picturesque Misbourne Valley. Home to protected wild life, flora and fauna the meadows are enjoyed by residents and visitors from all over the world.
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  • Demand the Environment Agency properly monitors the air and water around UFF sites!
    Unconventional Fossil Fuels extraction and the Volatile Organic Compounds that are released as gasses and liquid spills are inherently dangerous, and we have plenty of evidence from other countries that it causes major damage to life and health. If this industry is to be allowed to operate in this country close to people they should be regulated and monitored stringently. If the cost has to come from the industry then so be it, we need to ensure that the public, animals and environment are safe, and so far with calls to the sites that have been active in the UK the response from the EA has been less than desirable; lying and failing in their duties. Millions of lives are at risk if these wells leak, we need to prevent this from happening. At this moment in time there is no public safety net from this industry who are releasing contaminants into the atmosphere.
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  • Recycle Black PET Plastic in Bristol
    If such large quantities of Black PET are being used in the food industry to sell food in all supermarkets, then this recyclable resource needs to be used for the manufacture of further new Black containers, rather than being buried in the soil at further cost to the tax payer, let alone the careless damage done to the environment. Please change our policy for the better. Thanks.
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  • Save Derby's Darley Park Riverside
    The area of Darley fields has already lost considerable habitat with the cutting down of dozens of trees, many of which were not on original plans for flood defences. Now the other side of the river will lose habitat diversity as the banks are cleared. Kingfishers have been noted there. The environmental impact will be considerable. Also spring is well on its way and many nesting birds and small mammals will be destroyed. STOP THIS SENSELESS CLEARENCE
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