• Allow David and Cindy Pountney home to care for their sick parents
    It is very important that they are allowed to come home.
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    Created by Ann Beddow
  • Make the banks pay back the bailout
    Why should we bail out the banks? Why are we and our children and our children's children responsible for the mistakes the banks have made? I feel it is important to reform our system and to hold accountable the idiots at the top of the financial markets who have stollen money from our hands and burdened our children with paying off their mistakes. If I commit fraud for a few thousand pounds I go to jail for a long time, when these cowboys who are running the markets, and seemingly our governments do it they not only get away with fraud but they reward themselves with huge bonuses also. Something needs to be done now, not after the next collapse. When will there be reform, when we are paying ten pounds for a loaf of bread? This needs to be done NOW FOR THE SAKE OF OUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE.
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  • Legalise Cannabis
    If cannabis was legalised it could be regulated the same as we do alcohol with licensed vendors. This would also create a boom in the economy due to tax revenue; as we have seen in Colorado and many other states where it has been made legal for recreational use. Not only this, it would also enable scientists to research cannabis for every single possible benefit that this natural plant could possibly have. Medically we know that it kills most kinds of aggressive cancer growths and encourages new cell growth. It can also be used with people with eating disorders; bulimia, anorexia etc. Also, it can be used with diabetics as a way of regulating fasting insulin levels. The medicinal uses of this plant are endless and with more research who knows what other illnesses and diseases it may cure. Now as for industrial uses cannabis can be made in to a very good renewable energy source which would drive down our fuel costs and our co2 emissions. Not only fuel it can be used for building materials such as hempcrete which is self insulated and breatheable, making it ideal for housing. Cannabis can also be used with carbon to make a compound 10x stronger than steel. Henry ford, when developing his first cars, created this compound. Not only did he design a car made from hemp, it ran on hemp, the parts were made from hemp. So this automobile would be the greenest and most efficient car even its materials are environmentally friendly. The legalisation of cannabis is a very important step humanity needs to take towards creating an environmentally friendly world. Currently the way we are living is unsustainable not only for our country but for the entire world. It would provide us with a clean enviromentally safe building materials, a highly sustainable food source, an efficient and highly sustainable energy and fuel source. It would also provide people with low toxicity medicines. It would enable people to freely take their medicines with the fear of being turned into a criminal. Not only would this benifit the economy by creating a greener Britain it would benifit the economy by creating more jobs which would drive down unemployment but it would also create more in tax revenues driving down our deficit. So please take your time to do a little bit of your own reasearch into the uses of cannabis and together we can make this a reality for the good of our country and its honest people.
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    Created by Mark Darlow
  • End the Labour Party's support for New Nuclear and Fracking
    Increasing research and global experience in both Nuclear Energy and Fracking highlights the profound danger of these energy sources to all Sentient Beings and the precious Earth that supports us. New Nuclear and the proposed storage of nuclear waste on threatened coastal sights is a potential environmental catastrophe of horrifying proportion; is a threat to human health and the Earth; has a huge funding legacy that will continue to increase all our energy bills for years to come; and is totally unnecessary in the light of viable, safer and more economic green alternatives. Fracking has profound implications environmentally for the safety of water supplies,the poisoning of land, air quality, atmospheric carbon levels and the potential to cause earthquake. There are now safe, economic and green alternatives which must be supported by Government alongside an energy conservation programme. If we are concerned with the future of our children, and care for the Earth that so lovingly supports us all, we will act now and encourage a potential Prime Minister to review energy policies. What we do unto this Earth we do unto ourselves. Thank you.
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  • Eric Pickles: GIve Local Communities a true voice in the Planning System
    This petition calls upon Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to make the planning system work for ordinary people and put an end to the way in which big business and its multitude of corporate lawyers can bulldoze over the wishes of local communities. There are far too many instances where the planning system and its officials are exploited by the powerful at the expense of the powerless. Planning policy appears to be a box of goodies from which big business, developers and the legal profession can pick and choose what they want, ignoring those pieces that they don’t like. Take, for example, the plight of myself and my neighbours. Back in 1983 I moved into my house on a large new housing development in St.Ives, Cambridgeshire, knowing that a large Co-operative supermarket and associated car park were to be built on land behind my house. Being somewhat surprised at the size of the car park, before committing to purchase the property I asked the developer for assurances that nothing else would be built on the car park and was given those assurances. In 1985 the first application for a Petrol Filling Station and associated shop on the car park was lodged by the Co-op. Years before completion of the housing development they were claiming that their car park was and always would be under-utilized. The Application was refused by both the town and local district council. In 1990 the second planning application was lodged and again refused by the local district council on grounds of residential amenity and highway safety. An Appeal by the Anglia Co-operative Society was refused in 1991. In 2003 a third application was again refused by the local district council on the same grounds. The Anglia Regional Co-operative Society launched an Appeal which took the form of a public inquiry lasting two days. The Co-op was represented by a top London QC instructed by their agent. The representatives of the local district council deserve credit but they were defeated by the greater resources of the Co-op. The Appeal was granted in 2004, establishing a new precedent. In 2009, the local district to their credit again refused a new application on the grounds of residential amenity and highway safety, despite advice from their own planning officers that the decision would likely again go to Appeal at a cost to local council taxpayers. The application was granted on Appeal in 2011 with 5000.00 costs awarded against the local district council. Thus, not only were the views of local residents and local councilors ignored but they had to foot the bill for this privilege In both 2003 and in 2009, local residents argued their case on legitimate planning grounds. Their ward councilors made every effort to support and present these to members of The Development Management Panel who were convinced by the validity of the arguments. So where has it gone wrong? The Planning Inspector said in 2011: ‘Planning Authorities are not bound to accept the recommendations of their officers…(but)…need to show reasonable planning grounds for taking a contrary decision and produce relevant evidence on appeal. The councils' concerns …are legitimate planning concerns. However… The reasons for refusal have not been supported by relevant evidence’ [para-phrased] The fact of the matter is that neither the local district council nor residents have the wherewithal to fund these appeals. Surely it is enough that the local community is in agreement that this is not an appropriate site for a Petrol Filling Station? What has happened to democracy in the planning system when outcomes can be bought? You will note that in all of this, the Petrol Filling Station has never been built though planning permissions have been granted and then allowed to expire. So we are back where we started, with yet another planning application under consideration and yet another situation in which we are hopelessly outgunned by the resources of the so-called caring, sharing Co-op (this time Central England C-operative Limited) whose barrister warns us that a refusal of the application by local councilors ‘would inevitably bring more uncertainty for neighbours and further delay development of the site.’ To claim that building a Petrol Filling Station and shop within spitting distance of residents’ homes and gardens would not be of detriment to ‘residential amenity’ is invidious given that even the possibility of this has had a detrimental effect on my own and my neighbours’ lives for nigh on 30 years. It is also unworthy of the Co-operative Society, which trades on its reputation for fairness and ethical behaviour. But the fact of the matter is that the planning system is not designed for you and me or for the multitudes of ordinary people whom it oppresses. Sign my petition which calls for a true change to the planning system, one which gives a real voice to local communities and doesn’t represent an electoral sound-bite.
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    Created by Jean Eason
  • Please Bar Tzipi Livni complicit in apartied and hate crimes from entering the UK
    Tzipi Livni was a member of the Israeli cabinet that ordered the massacre of 1400 residents of Gaza 2008. She is planning to speak in the UK on Thursday 15 May. Tzipi Livni represents an aparteid state and a regime that repeatedly commits crimes against humanity. The UK has a moral obligation and a duty to international justice to stand clearly on this matter. The UK must maintain its credibility, and demonstrate its open and forward stance, that we as a nation will not tolerate regimes that repeatedly disregard international law.
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    Created by Anon Anon
  • End endemic racism in the media, film, tv, theatre & fashion industry
    BME people are significantly under represented in all forms of media, even though 1 in 6 people are of an ethnic minority in the UK. The endemic racism that exists in the TV, fashion, film, theatre, media & advertising sectors has been tolerated for too long & things have to change. Please sign this petition to ask the media & creative industry to stamp out racism & rethink its use & portrayal of BME people!
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  • National service - a very bad idea
    National service "conscription" was introduced leading up to WWII and was abolished 15 years after WWII for good reason. It did more harm than good to those who were forced into a minimum of 2 years service. For many it would have been easier to spend 2 years in prison but then they would still have had to do the term of service after. Many got out by faking long term illness, or by suicide but the rest had to get on with it. Those who endured the grueling 2 years of service and survived the regime mentally unscarred were few if any and a generation were brought up by the men who endured their time in service. It has a long lasting and generational effect on society. where cruelty is a tool for training those in service like electric shocks on a lab rat. A reintroduction of National service "conscription", serves for cheap labour for what ever means the government of the day sees fit and with those having to serve, forced to do what ever training the controllers set. There is no benefit for the individual to serve a term of service and no long term benefit for society. although those presenting the bill will disagree it is something that is so abhorrent to any critical thinking free person that someone should be enslaved for a period of time for what ever reason. if you are reading this on face book please sign
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    Created by nikki mitchell
  • Bomber Command Clasp
    This change is important because it impacts the lives of those few remaining souls who bravely fought for our freedom. Many thousands of their comrades died paying the ultimate sacrifice so that people like you and me could enjoy a life in relative peace, have the ability to receive justice and live as we wish.
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  • Equal pension rights for Veterans of Her Majesty's Forces serving before 1975.
    1 Service persons contributed indirectly to pensions by adjusted pay, and receive nothing for thier contributions. 2 Many Veterans served long periods of service, but due to many reasons did not reach the required 15 years service for officers, or 22 years for other ranks. 3 Many were demobbed as low a 2 days before reaching the pensionable 15 or 22 years. Families supported their partners and parents, moving at least every 3 years on postings, or living without a partner for long periods. Children were subjected to new schools, and teachers, or were boarded. All service persons had the vision of leaving the services after the required period with a good gratuity, and pension. And of course the chance of being able to work, and increasing the resulting pension at pensionable age. How many were demobbed a few days before the full serving period?. Many Veterans today just manage to exist, pride is that what keeps them going. They also live in the knowledge that service persons today receive a pension pro rate after just 2 years service. This is not only an abuse of equal rights, but also unfair, we need help because of the negative attitude towards our efforts to get justice. Things are not getting better for Veterans, not only are many on the bread line, but now are suffering abuse, as a thanks for the service, and loyalty given over the years.
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  • Stop the ongoing destruction of services for adults with disabilities in Barnet
    Your Choice Barnet, that provides services for adults with learning and physical disabilities. Your Choice Barnet Ltd (YCB) began operating as a Local Authority Trading Company (LATC) in February 2012 and 100% owned by Barnet Council. In February 2013 a year after its creation Your Choice Barnet, was in serious financial difficulties and as a result, it looked to make savings by cutting staff terms and conditions and reduce staffing levels in some of the social care settings. It also received a £1 million bail out from Barnet Homes requiring a 6% interest repayment. A significant number of loyal hard working care staff were made redundant last year as a result of this cut which has led to an increase in agency staff delivering services. In January 2014, Your Choice Barnet were still in a financial crisis and stated they needed to cut the staff bill by a further £400,000. It is obvious to everyone that the ongoing attack on the terms & conditions of care staff will ultimately lead to: • fewer stimulating activities in a safe environment for adults with disabilities in Barnet. • fewer staff to work with adults with vulnerable disabilities in Barnet. • less supervision of, training and support for remaining skilled staff. • loss of professional staff and lower morale and motivation among remaining staff. • negative impact on staff health and well-being, with a knock-on impact on service quality. Both the Francis Inquiry into Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust and the Winterbourne View abuse scandal highlighted the shocking results of employing unskilled and unsupervised staff. I note in a recent article http://www.conservativehome.com/localgovernment/2014/03/maude-praises-the-barnet-formula.html you have been extolling the virtues of mass outsourcing “Our approach is already paying dividends, by allowing us to cut Council Tax bills to all residents next year.” Surely you must concede that instead of making a gesture of funding a tax cut, which will save a Band D taxpayer all of 26p a week; the money would have been better spent on ensuring safe and quality services for adults with disabilities. In another article http://www.hamhigh.co.uk/news/barnet_can_make_future_council_tax_cuts_due_to_one_barnet_outsourcing_says_westminster_finance_chief_1_3429038 you are quoted as saying: “We’ve made enough savings via the One Barnet programme so that we can meet our budget and distribute the money saved, back to the community.” In which case why are you not ensuring the savings you are referring to are redirected to Your Choice Barnet?
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    This must lead to thousands of children returned to their birth parents. Thousands of children placed for fostering and adoptions are suffering psychological illness as a result of adoption targets based on fictional opinion. Forced adoptions are a gross-breach of human rights and social dangerous. HER MAJESTY has acknowledged a plan for a NATIONAL APOLOGY. The courts are waiting for a sucsessful response to this national call. Social workers managers also have the power to return children home. This new campaign is backed by undisputable research evidence. Dont allow the forms of holocaust to continue being listed at the International Criminal Court in the Hague. ACT NOW - JOIN THE CAMPAIGN.
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    Created by Roy Fox