For close to a decade, Isabella cleaned ex-immigration MP Mark Harper's home for £22 per week - as well as a number of other politicians. When her undocumented status was revealed, she became a pawn in a political point scoring battle and the focus of a national media campaign which resulted in Mark Harper resigning. As none of the MPs that Isabella worked for were criminalised, the same spirit of kindness ought to be immediately extended to the hard working Acevedo family. We’re asking Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to do the honourable thing and grant citizenship to this lady and her family, whose lives have been turned upside down by this whole affair. Isabella Acevedo has since been forced into hiding, her family is being torn apart and they are facing destitution having lost their income. The hard working Acevedo family have spent close to 15 years in London - building a modest life. During this time, Isabella never had any sick pay, never had any holiday pay and earned less the minimum wage. Despite the difficulty, she was able to provide for her small family and create a home and life in London. All of this is now at risk of being destroyed as result of the damaging politics of Theresa May and Mr Harper. Please sign this petition and support the Acevedo family in their struggle to stay together, to keep a roof over their heads and food on their plates. More information: http://legaldefencefund.wordpress.com/about/ ** A campaign to stand with Isabella Acevedo and others in similar circumstances was collectively launched in February. Supporters include: No One Is Illegal; Campaign Against The Criminalisation Of Communities; National Coalition Of Anti-Deportation Campaigns; Tawantinsuyu Nation; Myrdle Court Press; Defend The Right To Protest; Precarious Workers Brigade; Unity In The Community; Movimiento Ecuador en el Reino Undio Meru; This Is Not A Gateway; 3 Cosas Campaign; Movimiento Jaguar Despierto; Justice For Domestic Workers; Latin American Women's Aid; El Telefono De La Esperanza UK
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  • Educate people about drones
    I myself have only just started looking deeper into the use of UAV's in countries such as Pakistan, where in just 9 years over 2000 people have died as a direct result of drone strikes; at least 900 of these people were innocent civilians and out of this 900, 400 were children. The use of drones by countries such as the US and ourselves also goes against articles in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, for example Article 3 'Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person'. Innocent people are stripped of these 3 things by just one strike on their home and families. The use of UAV's also goes against articles in the UN Charter, an example being Chapter 1, article 2 in which the first point states 'The organisation is based on the sovereign equality of all it's members'. How can all it's members be equally sovereign if it just so happens the richest countries are allowed to obliterate anything that displeases them, taking a large number of the innocent too? I therefore strongly think that the British public should be better educated on the results of these drone attacks. The media is there to educate us on the world around and give us the knowledge to understand and question the decisions being made above us. This is a key issue which the general public need to know more about.
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    British Transport Police are putting up signs across nationwide train stations, including London Victoria, London Waterloo and Leeds stations. These signs state that any individual who is involved in activities including begging and rough sleeping can be issued with a Withdrawal of Implied Permission order, resulting in being “banned from entering or passing inside or outside the station for 6 months." Breaching this order can result in being arrested for trespass: Refusing to quit, which is a criminal offence if found guilty. You can be arrested immediately and charged with this. I strongly believe that the BRITISH TRANSPORT POLICE should not be targeting homeless people for sleeping rough around train stations, neither should they be prosecuting people with criminal convictions and arrest simply because they are homeless. According to the LinkedIn profile of Network Station’s Support Assistant “This project will be rolled out nationally to all Managed Station[s] eventually.’’ Since when has homelessness become a criminal offence? People who are homeless and have less fortune than others are still human beings. For whatever reasons they have found themselves down on their luck they are individuals struggling to survive in cities around the country. To prosecute homeless people for begging and rough sleeping is nothing short of abhorrent. I recently had a conversation with a young gentleman who was in this exact predicament. Cold, wet and hungry, he sat in a puddle on Buckingham Palace Road. Someone had stolen his sleeping bag the previous night. He was forced to beg outside Victoria station to raise enough cash for either a hostel that night or a new, cheap sleeping bag. Being short of money myself I gave him what I could muster - a meagre 90p. Other benevolent commuters within the vicinity joined us and listened to this man's predicament, offering him their small change whilst simultaneously voicing their disgust over the draconian posters proclaiming that vagrants will be prosecuted if caught begging. I strongly believe our most vulnerable in society should be treated with compassion – not made to be criminals. Perhaps we can look to our friends across the pond in Utah as to other ways of tackling homelessness: Nation Of Change recently reported that: “In 2005, Utah figured out that the annual cost of E.R. visits and jail stays for homeless people was about $16,670 per person, compared to $11,000 to provide each homeless person with an apartment and a social worker. So, the state began giving away apartments, with no strings attached. Participants in Utah’s Housing First program also get a caseworker to help them become self-sufficient, but they keep the apartment even if they fail. The program has been so successful that other states are hoping to achieve similar results with programs modeled on Utah’s.” “Using a 2004 survey and anecdotal evidence from activists, the report concluded that permanent housing for the homeless is cheaper than criminalization. Housing is not only more humane - it’s economical.” You can read the full article here: http://www.nationofchange.org/utah-ending-homelessness-giving-people-homes-1390056183 If they can get it right in a Republican state in the USA surely we can in the UK! Thanks in advance for reading and signing this petition.
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  • MP's: If 100,000+ sign a petition all MP's must attend the debate.
    This petition is a direct response to the perception that we cannot change the system which already exists. Even if it isn't fit for purpose, up to date with the modern world, or representative of most of the electorate. We can! The promise of parliamentary debate on any petition which reached 100.000 signatures was a brave manifesto promise by the conservatives, but without some significant changes in the way the commons work, these petitions will fall on deaf (or absent) ears. We live in an age of technology and information, many embrace it, many fear it. It is an age where almost everything you do is done on line. Whatever your personal feelings about it, the internet is here to stay, and has the so far untapped potential to allow YOU unprecedented control over YOUR life, and the direction of politics in real time. We have social media which is acting as a lightning rod, by allowing us to display our righteous indignation at policy's which we don't agree with, but with no effect whatsoever. How many would bother to sign a petition which WOULD be heard by those that create all of our futures? Internet petitions are branded "slacktivism" by the press, and yet many of us who walk in the middle of the road, or the "silent majority" fear taking part in any more pro active activism, because of the disproportionate response by the state to peaceful protest. Also in these austere times many simply cannot afford to take the time to participate in politics, except by signing these e- petitions, and going out to vote once every 4 or 5 years. At these times you are faced with a choice; to support one of 3 main parties, because it supports something which you are passionate about, even though you do not support all of the manifesto, give your vote to a fringe party, or like 45% of the electorate, not bother at all. If these changes were implemented then that would no longer need to be the way. At present there is no record (accessible to the public) of attendance in the commons except for voting figures. This is not acceptable, as the public must be able to see whether their MP has attended any debate which they have petitioned for, and for general transparency, as promised by every incoming government. All MPs are public servants, paid by the public purse, and, as we're reminded when we call HMRC, DWP, or any other government body, we are all customers of the state, and as customers we are entitled be listened to, and served well. We demand a certain level of service for our taxes,and as customers, as voters and most importantly as Humans, we demand the right to determine how we live, and have our voice heard! Its time to accept your "invitation to join the government of Britain" (This was the title of the Conservative manifesto 2010) "People have been shut out of Westminster politics for too long. Having a single vote every four or five years is not good enough – we need to give people real control over how they are governed. So, with a Conservative government, any petition that secures 100,000 signatures will be eligible for formal debate in Parliament". "The Big Society runs consistently through our policy programme. Our plans to reform public services, mend our broken society,and rebuild trust in politics are all part of our Big Society agenda. These plans involve redistributing power from the state to society; from the centre to local communities, giving people the opportunity to take more control over their lives". "Big Society; our reform plans require a social response in order to be successful. So building the Big Society is not just a question of the state stepping back and hoping for the best: it will require an active role for the state. The state must take action to agitate for, catalyse and galvanise social renewal. We must use the state to help remake society". The above are all excerpts from the Conservative party manifesto, printed before winning the 2010 general election. They all seem to say very much the same as this petition, and yet more and more of the people I speak to, feel the same as me, that they have less and less freedom, power and control over the way they are governed. Apathy is a dangerous thing because it shows a lack of hope. A lack of hope is acceptance of that which makes you unhappy. Acceptance of unhappiness is surrender. Once surrender has been accepted, it is irrevocable.
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  • Freedom to buy and sell Raw milk in any food shop
    Raw milk is a natural, delicious and health giving drink which has been demonised for the purpose of profit. And the Food agency want to ban it or at least make it impossible for our already beleaguered dairy farmers to sell where they choose. According to several sources, all outbreaks of salmonella come from pasteurised milk, not raw milk. Raw milk contains lactic acid producing bacteria that protect against pathogens. Pasteurisation destroys all enzymes in milk, enzymes which assist the body to assimilate essential nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium and trace elements. Pasteurisation also causes rancidity in unsaturated fatty acids and destroys a high percentage of vitamin C, B12 and D and other important nutrients. These are added later in Synthetic form which could have serious problems for the human body. And homogenisation has apparently been linked to heart disease. I have been giving raw milk to my family for 12 months now and one member no longer needs to use laxatives, and sleeps much better, and a friend who is lactose intolerant finds he can cope very well with raw milk. This makes sense as lack of enzymes which have been destroyed via pasteurisation put a huge strain on our digestive system. Before I discovered raw milk, we struggled to use 1 pint of pasteurised organic milk every other day. Now we get through at least 1 litre of raw milk every day in tea, as a delicious drink and making Kefir and tasty yogurt Pasteurisation was brought into the US in 1895 and in the 1950's in the UK because of unsanitary conditions with cows living in cities and fed on the swill from breweries. Once proper sanitary conditions were brought in for cattle and the dairy, and the cows were once again back in the pastures where they belong, it was no longer necessary to pasteurise milk but the food suppliers and supermarkets realised that pasteurised milk would have a much longer sell by date and so be more profitable, despite being almost totally deficient in nutrients, (and now they want good nourishing raw milk banned) so they lobbied their governments to make it illegal to sell raw milk via retail outlets such as supermarkets etc. Just think about it - the Masai are some of the strongest and healthiest people on the planet and raw milk is one of their main source of food, direct from the cow. Farmers in The Uk are not allowed to sell raw milk to retailers and are forced to put labeling on that makes this healthy giving, nourishing raw milk sound like the poison when it's the exact opposite.( ref The Milk book by Dr Campbell Douglas; Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon; Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Dr Mary Enig). Recently some of my raw milk separated after a few days and I found delicious recipes on the web for making curd tart or cream cheese from the curds and using the whey for scones, bread and pickling vegetables. I doubt if I could have done this with pasteurised milk, I would have just had to throw it away. According to Dr. Weston Price, raw milk is one of the most health giving and essential ingredients for any population and he traveled the world studying the diets of groups from every corner of the world, and now the Wise Traditions organisation, developed on the back of his in depth research, is gaining momentum and attracting interest across Britain, Europe and America. Please sign the petition so milk farmers and not big supermarkets have control over how they sell this amazing product and stop the threat to it being banned.
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  • Drop the Charges Against The Iceland Three
    ''A man will stand trial next month after being caught taking some tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese from the dustbins behind a branch of Iceland.........May, 35, along with Jason Chan and William James, all residents of a squat in north London, were arrested on 25 October, just before midnight, after a member of the public called the police to report three men climbing over a wall at the back of Iceland in Kentish Town...The total value of the items taken allegedly amounted to £33 and they were of low value." (from The Guardian). In this time of austerity we must stand up for those who can't afford to feed themselves, and who are also prepared to use food that would otherwise be interred in landfills. This is a call for humanity to triumph over the kind of greed and ignorance that causes the death and suffering of the most poor and vulnerable. Should this case be prosecuted, the implications for others who may find themselves in need, and who may choose, therefore, to skip, could be serious. Please sign this petition to stop a precedent being set by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service - Baljit Ublhey is the head of the CPS in London: let's send her a message. It's time to stand up for what is morally right.
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  • Boycott Olympic Sponsors
    The recent laws enacted in Russia relating to the dissemination (they call it propaganda) of information on homosexuality to people under the age of 18 will result in many young homosexuals committing suicide, or harming themselves in other serious ways. This law, therefore, seems designed to "rid Russia of the homosexual problem" as it will result in the deaths of many ordinary and normal young people. The Russian authorities have indicated they do not intend to budge, so the way to hit back is to boycott commercial organisations who either directly or indirectly support/endorse these laws. Olympic sponsors should have a better moral conscience. Those who continue to offer support to an event whose hosts subscribe to such evil beliefs, should be taught a lesson. It is an action that led to the destruction of apartheid in South Africa, where pressure on commercial organisations led to large numbers of multi-national companies abandoning South Africa in the mid-to-late 1980's. The same pressure needs to happen here - we need to protect young homosexuals in Russia from this evil.
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  • Prevent the use of water cannon by police in mainland UK
    The use of water cannon would be a violent and excessive use of force to combat protests on the streets of the UK. The right to protest is one of the most important aspects of our free and open democracy and I believe that the threat of this weapon will be an inhibitor to people of all ages from exercising that right. My concerns are twofold. 1 - ACPO's own report into water cannon states that: "the full-pressure jet from a water cannon is capable of causing serious injury or even death and says there are also possible injuries from the impact on the body of street furniture or other debris." http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/jan/22/police-home-secretary-approve-use-water-cannon-austerity-protest We have seen all too frequently instances of police abusing their power, and using unnecessary force to break up protests. Be it the death of Ian Tomlinson, or the assault on anti-fracking campaigner Sean O'Donnell, elements of the police force would prefer to use violence and aggression to silence peaceful protest. I don't believe allowing them access to this weapon will lead to less unprovoked aggression, but more. 2. This leads to my second point. The police are not the government's armed guards, hired to subjugate the will of the people. Increasingly I fear they are becoming so. ACPO argue that they would like water cannon in their arsenal "because austerity measures are likely to lead to continued protest" http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/jan/22/police-home-secretary-approve-use-water-cannon-austerity-protest For starters that is presumptive, and is not representative of their own report: "The report says there is no intelligence to suggest there is an increased likelihood of serious riots within England and Wales." If, however, they are right that increased austerity measures will need to further protests, then so be it. The people have a right to protest against the actions of the government that they do not agree with. It is not the job of the police to suppress this feeling with threat of serious injury, or even death, through the use of water cannon should people wish to protest. The police are for the protection of us all, not to maintain the establishment status quo. Water cannon are dangerous to the public and reinforce the notion that the police may use excessive force to quell the will of the people.
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  • Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill
    Imagine you were suffering a terminal or severely life-shortening condition. Wouldn't you want to talk openly and honestly about your situation with your doctor? Wouldn't you want the choice to be able to end your own life? Wouldn't you at least want to know more and be in charge? You might choose to act or you might not, but the decision should be up to you. For more information go to www.lifedeathchoice.org.uk
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  • The recording of all Employment Tribunal hearings
    I am campaigning (and asking for the help of the public) for all Employment Tribunal hearings to be recorded. Why you may wonder! I have been crucified for having the audacity for standing up and speaking out against an international multi million pound organisation and also the establishment. I have spent over 8 years of my life under severe duress to prove that the above case has been an ‘Establishment Cover Up’ and a total violation of my HUMAN RIGHTS. What I suffered whilst employed by PPC Ltd was horrendous but what followed is unbelievable and I have all the evidence fully documented with witnesses and witness statements to prove this. • Do you believe in democracy, justice and fairness? • Do you believe it takes courage to stand up and speak out – not only against an international multi-million pound organisation but also the ‘establishment’? • Do you believe that ‘WHISTLEBLOWERS’ deserve support and protection? • Do you believe that threats of costs (veiled threats) or otherwise of financial annihilation because you have spoken out should be addressed by government? • Do you believe that anyone who wilfully makes a false statement (no matter what their status) should be prosecuted? • Do you believe that legal representatives, judges, politicians, senior government figures should be held to account for wilfully making false statements and/or ‘looking the other way’ rather than do the right thing to protect members of the public? If you answer yes to all the above questions then please, please sign this campaign for change to protect others from my experience as this cannot be allowed to continue– future Employment Tribunal hearings must be recorded – justice should be about truth not ‘cover ups’ to protect the innocent not the guilty ....... • There is no record of my case against Provident Personal Credit Limited and no judgment issued in their name –Provident Personal Credit Ltd/Provident Financial Group have been protected by the establishment – This is immoral, disgusting and disturbing especially when a lone, vulnerable person is targeted by the legal and justice system in this country to deny them justice and compensation. How many lives have been destroyed by the legal/judicial system in this country by covering up the truth? How many more people in this country are going to suffer due to ‘establishment cover ups’ protecting multi million pound organisations? I cannot turn my back on the public, now having the knowledge and experience of a case such as mine and how it can all be brushed under the carpet. I will, and must do all that I can to protect other naive and innocent members of the public who still trust in the legal and judicial system as I once did. If you wish to read documents to support why I am campaigning then please click on the links below :- http://tinyurl.com/qg3893y - Letter to Iain Wright MP for Hartlepool from Jo Slater re lack of answers from questions from the Employment Tribunal (Newcastle) and to personally hand my letter to Jack Straw (former Secretary of State for Justice) - 16 July 2009 http://tinyurl.com/o5taw8m -Letter to Jack Straw (former Secretary of State for Justice from Jo Slater outlining case -16 July 2009 http://tinyurl.com/oxsapjo - Email to Jack Straw (copied to Ministry of Justice) 22 July 2009 http://tinyurl.com/q5gsq6n - Preliminary Response to the Defence dated 2 August 2012 of Provident Financial Group/Provident Personal Credit Limited dated 6 August – provided to Middlesbrough Combined Court and PFG/PPC Ltd http://tinyurl.com/o7j3xsh - Letter to Justice Underhill/President of the Employment Appeal Tribunal and others – re my case 28 February 2013 http://tinyurl.com/q39qv8r - Email from Dave Pascoe UK Press Officer UKIP/Hartlepool dated 20 March 2012 to Gerard Batton MEP re: my case http://tinyurl.com/o5ff82t - Fax to Middlesbrough Combined Court/Northampton Court/IPCC re: my complaints regarding my civil case against Provident Personal Credit Ltd – 12 May 2013 http://tinyurl.com/p6fyowr - Letter to Supt. Jon Green Head of Professional Standards, Cleveland Police re: ‘Failure to Investigate’ my allegations and ‘Failure to provide Explanation’ why information held on me is false, in-accurate/misleading Ms Jo Slater
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    Over 700 children a year are being abducted and taken abroad. Missing children is a massive problem in the UK and abroad. Why does the government leave it to parents whose children are missing abroad to find their children? Why does the government leave parents to fund everything? Why does the government not do health checks on children that have been found? Why is the government letting children be abused? In 2010 my son was abducted and taken to Thailand. My son's case was in the Prime Minster's questions in 2011 and David Cameron said he would do more to help parents whose children are missing. Nothing has been done. I walked from Cannock Staffordshire to London 10 Downing Street in August 2013 and handed in a petition asking the government to be more proactive - still nothing has been done. The FCO has released a statement saying that child abduction has risen 88% in the last few years. So why is nothing being done? Child Abduction is Child Abuse and in most cases the child is abused mentally or physically. Most parents never see their children again. Please help us to ask the government to help parents whose children are missing. On behalf of Sean Felton and Abducted Angels and all parents who want to be reunited with their children around the world.
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  • Stop evicting disabled, elderly and vulnerable boat dwellers
    Maggie* won't have had much of a Christmas. She has been living rough since she was brutally evicted and her boat and all her possessions seized by the Canal & River Trust in late November 2013. Her home was towed away by a team of 20 bailiffs, Canal & River Trust officials and police. She was left standing on the towpath with only the clothes she stood up in. Maggie suffers from schizophrenia. She hasn't been seen for weeks; friends, family and even the Police are concerned for her safety. They fear that the frightening nature of the eviction has affected her already fragile mental state. A friend who witnessed the eviction said "Maggie's illness contributed to the situation that led to the eviction. But what an appalling and distastefully unnecessary dispossession of a schizophrenic's home. Canal & River Trust should have helped this vulnerable woman to resolve the situation. They should not have waded in with this draconian show of force. Their behaviour is a disgrace". He continued: "Maggie needed support and as a charity, they should have acted with compassion, not sent in the troops to remove an eight-stone sick lady from her home. This is just one of many examples of Canal & River Trust's bullying of live-aboard boaters. Canal & River Trust is a charityless organisation. If Maggie has come to any harm I will personally hold Canal & River Trust responsible". Derek's* Christmas was almost as cheerless. A pensioner, he has lived on boats for more than 30 years. He became seriously ill several years ago. He needed regular medical treatment and had to stay near the hospital and doctor. Without a permanent mooring, the law states that under normal circumstances he should travel to a different place every 14 days. But in exceptional circumstances such as illness, he is entitled to stay for whatever longer period is reasonable. This did not stop Canal & River Trust pressuring him to take a mooring and then taking court action to evict him and seize his boat. He stands to lose his home in early 2014. Harry* is terminally ill. He needed to moor his boat near the hospital for extended periods while receiving treatment. Threats by Canal & River Trust to seize his home unless he took a mooring have forced him to pay for a mooring that is a long distance from the hospital, even though he has the right to stay longer than 14 days in one place if it is reasonable to do so. Canal & River Trust won't drop their enforcement action against him because they claim his past record of boat movement is poor. The reason he couldn't travel much was because of his terminal illness, but Canal & River Trust don't seem to care. They are legally a charity, but their actions are uncharitable. Harry deserves better in the remaining months of his life. There are many more disabled, elderly and vulnerable boat dwellers like Maggie, Derek and Harry who are being threatened with eviction and seizure of their homes by Canal & River Trust. These boat dwellers have rights under the Equality Act to be protected from losing their homes; rights that Canal & River Trust refuses to recognise, in breach of the law. A report by Bath and North East Somerset Council condemned Canal & River Trust's failure to meet its equality obligations. The report, published in July 2013, stated that the Council "met with senior executives of the Canal & River Trust and were disturbed both by their lack of awareness of equalities issues, and by their use of draconian powers to enforce the conditions of the licences they issue..." Boats can be licensed to use Canal & River Trust's waterways without a permanent mooring under Section 17 (3) (c) (ii) of the British Waterways Act 1995. For more information about the rights of boat dwellers without permanent moorings on Canal & River Trust's waterways, see this 30-minute film by Wiltshire Council http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYsBn5xABEc The report, Boat Dwellers and River Travellers: Housing and Major Projects Policy Development and Scrutiny Panel: a Task and Finish Group Review, by Bath and North East Somerset Council is online here at page 19 http://democracy.bathnes.gov.uk/documents/g3691/Public%20reports%20pack%2023rd-Jul-2013%2017.30%20Housing%20and%20Major%20Projects%20Policy%20Development%20and%20Scrutiny.pdf?T=10 *Names have been changed to protect these vulnerable people.
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