• Stay in UK for more than 10 years
    It's important because this will help reduce rates of crime and give people freedom and help take care of their families
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    Created by Johnson Adetoro
  • Liz Truss should resign after breaking the law selling weapons to Saudi Arabia (twice)
    Having ministers in parliament who don't blatantly flout the laws they themselves debate and bring into law.
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    Created by Sam Christmas Picture
  • top-up cards for the rough sleepers
    This is important because it is part of their human rights to be entitled to food as well as shelter. We are targeting the food side of it because it will make these people feel like their is a bit more hope and it will help them on their way to regaining a normal life. The cards will be funded by either Peterborough City Council or central government and will make a big difference to many rough sleepers' lives. https://www.youthforhumanrights.org/what-are-human-rights/universal-declaration-of-human-rights/articles-16-30.html
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    Created by Rhianne Coldham Haleema Hussain
  • creating a food bank for homeless
    This is really important because they are human too . They need food but they can't afford the food . also the winter is coming we don't want them to suffer in freezing cold weather .
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    Created by Laiba khanam
  • Don’t let Brexit keep child refugees from their families
    The government might close a route for separated child refugees to reach their families after a no-deal Brexit. Sayeed shares his story, and why you should sign the petition: "I am worried for child refugees in Europe who may no longer be able to reunite with family safely as I did. The Government could close this route to safety for child refugees, putting thousands of child refugees at risk. As a result children like me may be forced to jump on the back of lorries or overcrowded dinghies to be with family. I need your help to make sure the Government changes its mind. I need you to sign my petition. When I was 15 I was forced to flee Afghanistan because of civil war that made my life really dangerous. Leaving my Mum and Dad behind, I travelled for months on my own before I reached Calais - I walked, travelled by car, in lorries and on boats all by paying smugglers. Luckily when I reached Calais I found out that there was a legal route for me to be with my sister in the UK, until then most nights I was trying to jump on the back of lorries. But I never made it, I was stopped by police and beaten with a truncheon. It was so painful. Thanks to a route to family reunion I was able to come to the UK on the Eurostar to restart my life. I’ve now got leave to remain and am studying to be an electrician while taking my Maths and English GCSEs. I would feel awful if Brexit stopped other children like me from being with their family. Leaving them to make their own way from France, Greece or Italy is not a solution. Without this route they’ll be encouraged by traffickers to take even more dangerous journeys. Please sign the petition today."
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    Created by Andrew Hyams Picture
  • This is a test of a new feature
    If this works, it could really help lots of great local campagins
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    Created by Robin Priestley Picture
  • Give Hong Kong UK Overseas Passport Holders Full UK Residency Rights
    We have a responsibility to do so, in light of our Colonial history & ties to these people & due to the current mainland Chinese Authoritarian repression against them
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    Created by Keith Ward Picture
  • Sanction America for their cruelty to immigrant children.
    Children have already died in the cages at the southern border. Children are still in cages, even though the US government have been told to do something about it. The children are only supposed to be incarcerated for a maximum of 20 days - this has not been the case. This human caging of children has been going on for over a year, and now the US government want to cage the children (and families) indefinitely. The UK government needs to act and show the rest of the world that President Trump and his administration are cruel and heartless and we, as decent human beings, do not agree with such unfair and ruthless treatment of our fellow men, women and children. Sanction the US and hopefully other decent countries will follow suit.
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    Created by Ian Brooke
  • NHS Surcharge Fees
    It is important so applicants that have family in the UK don't go into debt and are not able to feed their family whenever they extend their stay because the renewal fees is almost 2 months worth of their wages.
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    Created by Eniola Oladunjoye
  • Bring Abiodun Juba home
    Your signature will hopefully bring Abiodun home and reflect how institutional wreckless and inhumane the idea of an out of country appeal really is. Give this young man a chance to be active in the most important decision to shape the outcome of his life and pivotal moments in his families. Abioduns case represents the miscarriage of justice faced by British people, that have been made to feel unwelcome in there own country due to there colour of there skin. Bring Abioden home.
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    Created by James Ward Picture
  • Raise awareness of Suicide in prison
    Recently I lost my young son who was in prison. He hung himself whilst on suicide watch. I don't want other families to go thro what I have just experience and will always experience if there was the extra support for him to reach out things may have turned out so different.
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    Created by Samantha Warren
  • Sanctions on India
    Indian army has been oppressing Kashmiri people since last 70 years. In the light of recent events, where India has started to extend its illegal occupation of Kashmir, human rights of people there are at stake. Kashmiri people are under siege with no freedom. India’s extremist regime is similar to Nazi regime, and minorities are facing serious risks to lives in India. There are mobs of Neo Nazi extremists, lynching innocent people on streets. Sanctions on India will force India to step back and solve the issue of Kashmir as per the will of Kashmiri people. it is our collective responsibility to protect rights of Kashmiri people and minorities in India.
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    Created by MUHAMMAD KHALIL Picture
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