• Stop Prejudiced DNR and Non Admission Requests to Disabled, Unwell & Elderly People
    NHS Inform states that we must never be denied access to NHS resources due to age, sex, race, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership and pregnancy or maternity. Disabled people, those with chronic health conditions and the elderly are being contacted by GP practices with checklists. Within these checklists are two questions which must be stopped: 1. Are you happy for us to put a DNR on your file?* 2. Are you happy for us to put on your file that you won't be admitted to hospital should you become unwell? ** *A DNR is a Do Not Resuscitate order. **Note, this does not say 'get Covid-19', but 'become unwell'. This is an act of prejudice. These questions are coming out of the blue. Notice the use of the word 'happy'. They are leading questions; the answer is implied in the question and this makes it is very hard to say 'no'. These questions also imply that our lives are worth less, that we can be 'cannon fodder' and should happily give up our rights to medical care. It implies that we are a burden. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have heard 'but it is only sick people who die from this', this has devalued us and made us feel more vulnerable. Now, we are being asked to give up their right to medical care and therefore, potentially our lives. End of Life conversations should be undertaken in a respectful, dignified and sensitive way. During this pandemic, it should be everybody or nobody. We are all at risk and may all need to consider how we would like to be treated in our final hours. It is not ok to ask those who may require medical care to forgo hospital admission and stay at home. Resuscitation is only performed where it is safe to do so. Perhaps more dangerous, is being asked to give up the right to hospital admission, thus hugely increasing the risk of death. Forget fighting over toilet rolls, we need to fight to keep our human rights upheld! (https://www.nhsinform.scot/care-support-and-rights/health-rights/access/accessing-and-using-the-nhs-in-scotland)
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  • Stop Patients Being Moved to Care Homes Unless Proved Negative of Covid-19
    Society's most vulnerable people live in care homes across the land. These people are of all ages and suffer from numerous conditions. They are there because they are unable to take care of themselves, oftentimes not even being able to ascertain what might dangers might befall them and rely on their families and care workers to keep them safe; to keep them alive. This decision (taken on April 2nd) is obviously an extremely dangerous one and is very likely to end in deaths of people who cannot save themselves, that could be and must be avoided. The responsibility is on us - otherwise what kind of a society are we? My mother is only 75. She developed sepsis in her 60s which affected her memory. Mum lives in a care home where she is happy, healthy, strong and extremely intelligent. She wants to live and has many more quality years available to her. Her life might easily be cut short because of this irresponsible decision by the government to house Covid-19 positive patients in her care home. Even with precautions would you want someone with the virus in the bedroom next to yours and sharing the same carers? No, neither does my Mum. Edited to add: The Government Guidelines: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/878099/Admission_and_Care_of_Residents_during_COVID-19_Incident_in_a_Care_Home.pdf Sky News: https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-whats-happening-in-uk-care-homes-right-now-is-a-scandal-our-grandchildren-will-ask-about-11971795
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  • Key workers on zero hours contacts to receive a living wage if they need to self isolate
    So that we can safely self isolate without the added stress of financial insecurity. We are some of the most productive workers at this time and our dedication and valuable contribution should be be recognised. We should be guaranteed financial equal to that offered to permanent employees and the self employed.
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  • Windrush: never again
    Two years after the Windrush Scandal, the independent report commissioned into the appalling failings that took place has finally been published. But with so much going on, we can’t let the lessons go unnoticed. The Home Office can no longer ignore the true scale of the scandal and its impact on people - from being made homeless or unemployed to being denied access to the NHS or unfairly deported. The Home Office must urgently stop any racial discrimination and to learn from the lessons published, so this never happens again. This includes full implementation of all recommendations - with an action plan to do this quickly, appointing an independent group to review progress, and doing more to support survivors now. You can read the full report here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/windrush-lessons-learned-review
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  • Allow 83 Year old Chilean man to remain in the UK with his British daughter
    Its Important to support Carlos & his daughter Myriam in their plight to remain together in Scotland as a family. Carlos needs his daughter since she is his main carer and he suffers with underlying health conditions, with no family ties in Chile that would be able to care for him in his elderly years. Carlos will have no access to the public purse. Deporting Carlos will be his death sentence. The Scottish people supports Carlos and his daughter. He has been welcomed in the past as a political refugee. Carlos has been tortured enough in his life time! The Home Office must learn to take into consideration relevant evidence supporting each application instead of "copying and pasting" refusals. NO MORE "One Glove Fits All" approach by Home Office.
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  • Improve the compensation scheme for Windrush survivors and family members
    In April 2019 the government launched the Windrush Compensation Scheme in response to the Windrush Scandal. But as recently as January 2020 only 36 cases had been awarded compensation - out of 1000 applications so far. The compensation scheme was meant to help people get their lives back on track and for the government to acknowledge and apologise in how they abused the rights of Black British Citizens. But instead the scheme has been far too complicated for victims to use, with very little support for those making claims. This has affected people's entire lives, like Michael Braithwaite who was born in Trinidad and came to Britain in 1961: ‘Over the last two years my life has been turned upside down. The mental stress and turmoil that caused me ill health still impact my daily life. The government compensation scheme has not been fairly documented, it was constructed behind closed doors, no public input and no one to represent the Windrush victims.’ Stephanie O ‘Connor, who moved to the UK in 1967 as a child says: 'For my mum the compensation scheme has come too late and I’m so disappointed that it is still taking this long for people to get what is owed to them. I just hope that people get compensated fairly for everything that they have been through.'
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  • No anti-LGBT campaigners in Parliament
    The committee inviting Lynda Rose to speak was prominent in the campaign for Section 28 which outlawed teaching about gay relationships in the 1980s. This narrative against inclusive sex education discriminates against the LGBT community who are already statistically more likely to experience discrimination and poor mental health.
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  • Allow Euthanasia Registered Chaperones to become legal
    It is cruel for humans to have to suffer illnesses and diseases with no say for their end of life, families are put under extreme pressure and grief totally unnecessarily. For humans to still be doing this to each other and being punished for helping to end misery is a shameful state of affairs. A recognised, registered chaperone to accompany euthanasia life ender's legally to their place of choosing needs to be made legal. For the sake of us now and in the future, for the benefit of our loved ones and those yet to come after us. For us to be held accountable for the choices that are ours to make, to allow us all to evolve to a higher level of awareness and grace.
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  • The Windrush scandal
    Families are being devastated by the detention and threat of loved ones being lost forever and possibly killed if deported to a country they have never known.
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  • Allow child refugees to take up the offer of free places at UK boarding schools
    My father and his brother were able to come here as child refugees in 1939 because of the generosity of Rydal School in North Wales, which hosted them. My uncle said later, ‘We came as strangers; you took us in.’ Today, boarding schools are making a similar generous offer to help some of the unaccompanied child refugees currently suffering appalling conditions in Lesbos, Calais and other refugee camps. Despite this offer being at no cost to the taxpayer, the government has failed to take it up.
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  • Enough is enough on clinic protests
    There has been an increase in anti-choice protests across the UK, targeting women seeking routine reproductive healthcare. A BPAS clinic in Stroud Green, North London was the most recent target in this series of intimidating and increasingly organised protests. We also note that there are protests planned throughout Lent outside a clinic in Stapleford in Nottingham, and there have been similar protests outside a clinic in Liverpool. According to the Back Off campaign, there have been 44 such incidents across the UK since September 2018. Abortion Rights Chair Kerry Abel said: "This is not acceptable. If they want to protest long held law on abortion, they should take it to the government – not attempt en masse to intimidate women trying to access healthcare information. Healthcare is a fundamental human right." Women attending abortion clinics and pregnancy advice centres report feeling fearful and intimidating after being exposed to targeted harassment by these anti-choice activists. They stand outside these clinics in groups, often handing out leaflets containing misleading or inaccurate information about abortion, and they follow women as they enter or leave the clinics. Sometimes they carry cameras and film these women, who are simply trying to access routine and legal healthcare in confidence. These protestors also intimidate staff at clinics, who occasionally need escorting from the building by the police as they fear for their own safety. Dr Pam Lowe, who researches anti-abortion activism, has analysed comments made by women who have experienced this form of harassment: "They feel it's an invasion of healthcare privacy, so it draws attention to the space and it's a shaming position. It's drawing public attention to what's happening. "This is a very private decision, it's a healthcare decision, and we wouldn't normally expect our private decisions to be made public in the way that it is." Please sign this petition for Health Secretary Matt Hancock to take action. He has a duty to ensure everyone can access legal healthcare free from harassment and intimidation – which this clearly is. Abortion Rights offers its solidarity to the clinic staff and women attending the affected clinics.
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  • Stop deportations until the Windrush report is published
    The UK government are planning to deport dozens of people - including many who’ve lived in the UK since they were children - to Jamaica. This means ripping them from their communities and sending them to a country they don’t know and tearing their families apart. The government claim they’re doing it because all of these people are extreme criminals, but there's mounting evidence this isn't the case. And the ones who have been convicted have already served their time. Deporting them would mean punishing them twice - just because they weren’t born here. The Home Office is also facing legal action over a phone signal outage in the Heathrow detention centres. People detained there have been facing deportation without properly working phones, which are their lifelines to solicitors who could help them challenge wrongful removal.
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