• Fill the food banks - every little helps
    Austerity and hardship affects so many in the UK today and that number is growing. Whilst the efforts of Tesco and other big retailers to support those in need of food banks is welcome (through collection points and other initiatives), offering shoppers the opportunity to gift / donate their 'points' to the local foodbank (and in the event of those who do not have a clubcard, to by default donate those unclaimed points) could really boost their supplies. Good for the food banks, good for the customers of Tesco and good for Tesco too! Non-political, humanitarian, community spirited and much needed. Especially in the run up to Christmas.
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    Created by Nadine Schofield
  • Benefit sanctions kill
    Challenge prejudice against people on benefits. Mark Wood, 44, of Bampton, Oxfordshire, starved to death in 2013 weighing just 5st 8lb after assessors Atos declared him fit to work and took away housing benefit and employment support allowance.
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    Created by Claire Wallington
  • Design out Motorsport deaths
    Changes to these regulations by the governing bodies of the series, will mean that deaths from incidents such as Henry Surtees and Justin Wilson will be significantly less likely.
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    Created by Richard Pacey
  • URGENT DEMAND - All EU States Must Set Up a Humanitarian Fund for the Current Refugee Crisis
    The rising death toll due to the unscrupulous methods used by traffickers and the daily scenes of unacceptable border treatment of vulnerable migrants.
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    Created by Dave Traxson
  • We demand that Iain Duncan Smith is made to account for lies used to support his sanction policies
    This is important because just because of his position doesn't mean he should get away with flaunting the law and due process. As a politician he should be made to account for his actions. He was duly elected to be a true and right minister in Parliament. His actions are causing many to suffer and if his policies that do so are flawed then they should be removed or he must give this account.
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    Created by Michael Birchmore
  • There's a housing crisis!
    Am I crazy? Surely giving social housing tenants the right to buy their homes and reducing their rent by 1% every year for four years is good news. Don't be fooled! In the short term these measures might seem advantageous to people living in social housing. In fact in the long term they pose a real threat to the very organisations that provide such housing and therefore to the tenants and future tenants. They also pose a threat to every taxpayer. Who will pay to pick up the pieces when housing associations (RPs) go under? Once lost to a social housing landlord, rent money cannot be recovered. Social landlords will not benefit financially from the sell-off of their properties - people's homes - but will have insufficient surpluses with which to replace them with new housing. Many RPs will have to shelve indefinitely their plans to develop new housing. Much social housing is old and costly to maintain. RPs might also have drastically to curtail their plans to modernise these homes. If they're really strapped for cash, routine maintenance plans will also be adversely affected. The knock-on effects of the Government's plans are serious and wide-ranging. There is a housing crisis! This is not the time to be impoverishing the very organisations that could help to remedy that.
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    Created by Elizabeth Walker
  • Make the SNP the Official Opposition.
    It is not inevitable that the second largest party should form the Opposition, any more than the largest single party should form the Government. It is the normal state of affairs, but many combinations are arithmetically possible and from time to time special circumstances may apply. This is one of those times. The interim leader of the Labour Party has stated that having lost the General Election, it cannot and should not vote against Bills brought forward by the Government. This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the parliamentary process at Westminster, and brings the whole House into disrepute. Adversarial politics requires a strong Opposition to hold the Government to account, by force of argument and by attempting to defeat it in divisions. An Opposition party that will not do so abdicates its constitutional role. In fairness, not all Labour MPs agree with the leader's position, and if there were so much as an even split it might be legitimate to leave the matter alone. But the 48 Labour members who voted against the Government's recent Welfare Bill constitute barely a quarter of the delegation, and are in themselves a smaller parliamentary group than the Scottish National Party. The official Opposition should be the largest party which actually opposes the Government. At present, that is the SNP, not Labour. There may be a case for reexamining the issue in September, depending on the result of the Labour leadership election and the policies it pursues thereafter, but that should not stay your hand now.
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    Created by Will Pickering
  • Ending Corporate Welfare
    George Osborne has cut 12 billion from Social Security from the young, the working poor and families. This will plunge many adults and children into poverty. Thus damaging children's physical, mental and emotional development costing the NHS much more to treat in the future. But George Osborne has given away more money for the very wealthy through inheritance tax changes and is cutting Corporation Tax for big business again, without any guarantees they will provide jobs, pay tax or benefit the communities they serve.
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    Created by Jonathan Maher
  • More social housing
    Many people are now having to seek private rented accommodation, due to there being a lack of social housing. They are being exploited by rogue, and greedy landlords, who can get away with mistreating tenants because they don`t have anywhere else to go. It`s common to read: NO DSS, NO PETS and NO CHILDREN ! Are people on benefits commiting a crime by having to accept benefits ?? Landlords are able to dictate terms, increase the rent and give you short notice to leave. We need to have affordable and secure tenancies, not expensive private lets. Previous, and existing governments, have created this dilemma, and they have admitted to relying on private landlords to fill in the gap. Right to buy is brilliant for the people that can take advantage of this opportunity, but, if there is no plan to replace these properties, they are lost to anyone wanting to rent for ever. I believe that the revenue from the right to buy was used to help pay off the national debt; which is very short sighted, and has resulted in the dire situation we have in the housing market now. I would like to reiterate, please, can we have some COMMON SENSE used before any government policies are implemented ?
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    Created by Larry Pearl
  • Meat-free Glastonbury Festival
    The huge scale of meat consumption in the west is not sustainable for much longer as the population of our planet continues to grow. It is very inefficient to get second-hand nutrients from livestock as it can take up to 16kg of grain to produce 1kg of meat. In turn this leaves less room for edible plant life to grow because we are overbreeding our livestock and they need to somewhere to graze. In terms of Glastonbury festival it is quite shocking to see how many people habitually gravitate towards the stalls which serve meat for every meal. There seems to be a great disparity between the ethos of the festival and the actions of the organisers when it comes to catering. Lets call on the organisers of the festival to stop serving meat, or at least to drastically reduce it's availability on site, and making it a less desirable option. This will not in any way affect ticket sales of the world's biggest performing arts festival. I'm in no doubt that feeding the population of Glastonbury festival (twice the population of the Isle of Man) with just vegetarian options would send a huge message to make people think twice about eating meat so frequently but also will save many hundreds of tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.
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    Created by Dane Baker
    Following the recent massacres in Egypt, France, Kuwait and Tunisia it's time for real action by world governments. Irresponsible governments and regimes must understand that the people of the world can't watch more bloodshed in silence. If we don't see real action to bring about peace in the world we will act.
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    Created by Elsayed Selim Picture
  • FIRE Iain Duncan smith
    Iain duncan smith is being investigated by the EU Because poor and disabled people and people with mental illness have died or took there own life's because of the new reform's and in that case every death should be properly investigated ...2 million more jobs that shouldn't be the price of a life ...iain Duncan smith has made peoples lives so miserable that they felt they couldn't take it any longer ..all in the name of David Cameron and can say our long term economic plan is working ...(more like a long economic failure)....you cant put numbers or a price on someone's life
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    Created by rohit raj