• End the Young Parent Penalty in Universal Credit
    Young single parent families are up to £66.13 worse off per month under Universal Credit compared with the legacy system - a drop of 20%. This is because rules have been changed so that single parents under 25s no longer receive the same rate as over 25s. People under 25 are entitled to a lower allowance of benefits than people aged 25 and over, but before Universal Credit was introduced there was an exemption for single parents in recognition of the cost of caring for a child alone. Now, that exemption has been removed. For parents receiving benefits this means a drop in their family budget when they move to Universal Credit – often through no choice of their own, and with little or no warning. Children in single parent families (92% of which are headed by women) are already twice as likely to be living in poverty than other children. We all want all children to have the best start in life – but this isn’t possible when there is inequality built into the safety net which is meant to be there to keep families afloat when times are hard. Denying young single parents the same level of social security penalises children on the basis of their parent’s age and pushes young families into poverty. We, and many parents we work with, think this is unfair, unjustified, and needs to be reversed as a matter of urgency. Find out more about the campaign and why it's important to young single parents and their children here: https://opfs.org.uk/policy-and-campaigns/campaigns/end-the-young-parent-penalty/
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  • Adult and child mental health support Cornwall
    Our mental health has a detrimental effect on all aspects of lives I believe Cornwall needs more support for the adults and children who need access to these services! I think a standard a 3 year waiting list for CAMHS is to long and having a very negative effect on young people if you do not access mental health services at the point needed it leads to self harm, depression, anxiety, anti social behaviour; drink/drugs and unfortunately suicide😓 coronavirus has only added to the very limited resources Cornwall is receiving . This cannot be accepted anymore Cornwall deserves more, everyone does. Mental health matters
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    Created by Sarah-jayne Dean
  • Free sport & leisure for all children to help repair mental health & wellbeing
    Children and young people have sacrificed so much during the Covid-19 pandemic and it is felt that their resilience has been taken somewhat for granted. The UK government has ploughed public money into the economy to help small businesses, charities, the self-employed, the unemployed and financed the furlough scheme. Implementing these policies was right, however our children and young people have been forgotten. Sending laptops to schools is helpful but it's not all about education now. Their mental health is at stake and this will likely hinder them for years, if not their whole lives. Furthermore, it will have long-term implications for the NHS too. We would like to see the UK government prioritise schemes to thank our young people for giving up so much for the greater good. We would like to see them provided with paid for gym and leisure centre memberships, paid courses for hobbies such as music, sports, amateur dramatic, martial arts, etc. This may not solve all of their well-being challenges but it would go some way to helping repair the damage of the pandemic and would also show our children and young people that we care and that they are important too.
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  • Support James Pember
    James Pember from Caerphilly is a fantastic intelligent young person who is the most kind thoughtful and funny boy I've ever met. His approachable and empathetic personality always puts everyone at ease and anyone who ever meets him thinks the world of him. He definitely deserves more praise for how much he is there for others but he doesn't always appreciate himself. This petition is to show him that we all care, and to encourage the Welsh Government to provide recognition of James in whatever way possible. Let's bring him to public prominence for his kindness!
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    Created by Emma Cairns
  • Introduce a 20mph speed limit in the residential areas of Shirenewton and Mynyddbach.
    The lanes and roads of the adjoined villages are dangerous for pedestrians and school children as there are few pavements and little street lighting. The Primary school is situated on a narrow lane between the two villages and due to the lack of pavements, people, prams and mobility aides all have to use the roads. Reducing the speed limit to 20mph will make the villages safer for everyone.
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    Created by Elizabeth Wixcey
  • Commit to free school meals over ALL school holidays
    It’s almost impossible to believe, but once again the government has opened up a new free school meals fiasco. Headteachers in England have been told not to provide free school meals for the children who need them over the half-term holiday next month. Instead they want councils to trial a new scheme especially for half term, which creates huge confusion and risks leaving children hungry. Children can’t learn on empty stomachs. Huge public pressure has meant that the government has already U-turned on their decision not to provide free school meals vouchers during the holidays. And just yesterday they U-turned on their decision to send out inadequate food parcels, and instead agreed to send out vouchers in term time again. If thousands of us sign this petition, it could be enough to force them to do the right thing again.
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    The government has replaced free school meals vouchers with food parcels, which are being provided by a private company. Parents are posting pictures all over social media of the shocking contents in these parcels and the ingredients provided are worth only a fraction of the original £30 free school meals voucher. This is a massive disrespect to families across the country and to parents trying to feed their children at home. Back in November, parents up and down the country told the government about the struggle to feed their children throughout this pandemic. But families with children feel like they’re back to square one again. This is unacceptable. A petition signed by thousands of people like you and me would send a clear message to the government: free school meal vouchers cannot be replaced with food parcels.
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  • Bring back priority shopping
    This was a huge help to many in the first lockdown but hasn't been repeated. The pandemic is worse than it was at the start and it makes sense to do it again now, so that these members of society can feel safe while they shop. While some people might argue that these groups shouldn't be going anywhere, the reality is that some still must because they're unable to get delivery slots or someone to help them. This might be the only outing older members of society have in a week to combat loneliness and keep their last bit of independence. Also, NHS staff are exhausted and burnt out so it would be great to help them out again by giving them some space to get their shopping done more peacefully.
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    Created by Simone Chalkley
  • Close down Hardware and DIY only Stores during Tier 4 Lockdown
    Keeping more stores open is increasing the risk of infection rates and allowing this new, higher-risk mutation of COVID-19 to spread quicker. Hardware stores were never classed as essential during the March lockdown and thus should remain that way. I am pretty sure the public can survive the Coronavirus without Christmas Lights, Dinner Plates or Bathroom Mirrors. Food however is your main concern and should be limited to these stores only. Unless of course, the government is willing to put money situations over people's lives.
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  • 20 is Plenty for Compton Martin
    Many villages and towns have now implemented 20mph limits which has been proven to dramatically improve air quality, provide better safety and less noise for the benefit the local community and surrounding wildlife. • Improve Air Quality & Lower Emissions • Better Pedestrian Safety • Less Noise Pollution We would like to request that Bath & North East Somerset Council reduce the speed limit to 20mph through the village of Compton Martin.
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  • Free WiFi for people who can't afford it
    I like many others have been struggling through all this, no home WiFi so I can't video call family in England, made redundant and can't look for many jobs as they expect video interviews! I am not the only one as many have lost jobs through this!
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  • Open Northampton SWEP
    Up to 30 individuals are still sleeping rough every night across Northampton. The Severe Weather Emergency Protocol which gets them indoors overnight is meant to be activated when the temperature is predicted to drop below 0 for 3 consecutive nights by the Met. Office. This has been the case and is getting worse but nothing has yet been done. Northampton SWEP is notoriously late and slow in opening every year, which is simply not good enough, people are at the risk of severe illness, even death while others sit in the warm discussing options. Winter didn't sneak up on us and take us by surprise, so why unlike other areas is Northampton never prepared? Activate SWEP before we loose lives to the cold.
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    Created by Stan Robertson