• End the two tier pension
    Because many older pensioners are struggling on a basic state pension This is £25 a week less than the the flat rate pension.
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    Created by Sue Curry
  • End sanctioned benefit poverty
    People can lose their homes, children, their basic need for food and water, their dignity, sanity, and the will to even live. People who have experienced sanctioned benefits are stripped of any income and any supporting housing payments leaving the person destitute and possibly homeless, all before any investigative outcome is made and before any guilty or innocent verdict. People have a basic right to food and water , human beings should not be forced to live in destitution due to an "investigation", its penalisising ,its degenerating and its damn right unethical
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  • Campaign for Jesy Nelson’s Documentary to be shown in all High Schools Nationally
    Cyber bullying is a worldwide crisis which needs to be clamped down on. Hopefully seeing the documentary will make people think twice about ever saying just one nasty remark. Cyber Bullying is taking lives daily! It has to stop!
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  • P I P assessment and its treatment of CSE/CSA Survivors
    Extremely vulnerable and broken people are being treated as though they’re consumer products by non qualified assessors. Its unfair and the harm being caused could cost lives. Survivors have been through hell and they are faced with having to go back their again with these inconsiderate, unprofessional and non consistent interviews - the fallout could easily tip someone over the edge - i know because it nearly did me. People could take their own lives having to go through this unfair hell !!
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  • Poverty Fighting Back
    It is important to make a changes to current housing laws so we can help enable people to have a place of warmth on the cold night , a place they can feel safe, somewhere people can begin to develop a focus, a meaning to themselves and best of all a place they can feel like they are worth something.. for many years i spent the best part of my life homeless , the trauma i suffered i wish on nobody i know not even my enemies but one thing i vowed to do for when i became settled in my life was to fight together to give others the same hope and feeling of loving life as i now do , so please please if you to have the same views in helping tackle homelessness or if you have been there or really want to make a difference , lets tackle this system together and lets help poverty fight back.
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    Created by Christopher Bedford
  • Building on the Green Belt
    This field is a sanctuary for a diversity of many small animals, moles, hedgehogs, birds and bees, but is also one of the top 10 sites in the County for its listed varieties of dung beetles. If the machines come on the field to bore the holes through the old landfill base of the field they may also release and spread methane and toxins of many sorts into the air and the old branch of the river Thames which runs along it. Because of the cost of clearing the landfill, any houses built here would be very expensive, not the affordable houses we need. Maintaining an easily accessible green belt is essential for people's mental health. #saveRedbridgeMeadow
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  • No child should go hungry during the holidays!
    I think this is so obvious that it is a bit insulting to say. Hunger is hunger. Malnutrition is malnutrition. No kid deserves this. There is increasing evidence that poor kids go hungry in the summer holidays because they don't get their school dinners. This is a disgrace. We are the sixth richest country in the world. I imagine the best way to do this is to give emergency money to local government and voluntary organisations but if it takes putting the army on the streets running soup kitchens then let's do it.
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    Created by Andy St John
  • Child Poverty- lets put an end to holiday hunger
    Hungry children feel anxious and they don't know why. During the school holidays, children who are entitled to free school meals are going hungry and experiencing social isolation because their parents can't afford to buy food or take them out.
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  • Ban Online Gambling
    It is far too easy and therefore creates a point where it becomes addictive.
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  • Sexual harassment: a demand for urgent change at Essex
    The recent BBC investigation into sexual harassment has put Essex has highlighted a system that is seriously failing students. It is totally unacceptable that complaints of sexual harassment can take several months to be investigated, leaving students that have been directly affected to suffer enormously. The toll this has taken on the students affected cannot be overestimated and cannot be undone. We owe it to every student that has ever been affected by sexual harassment to take this moment seriously. So on behalf of our 16,000 Students’ Union members, today we’re demanding that the University of Essex introduces the following urgent and fundamental changes: 1. INTRODUCE PROPER SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS THROUGHOUT THE 'REPORT AND SUPPORT' PROCESS Students must no longer be left unsupported or uninformed at any part of the process 2. URGENTLY UNDERTAKE A DETAILED REVIEW OF THE EXPERIENCE OF STUDENTS AFFECTED BY SEXUAL HARASSMENT As a Students’ Union we called for this action to be taken in May this year – now demand that this must be acted upon urgently 3. ALL INVESTIGATIONS INTO SEXUAL HARASSMENT MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 60 DAYS Currently only 80% of complaints are resolved within the timescale recommended by the Independent Adjudicator – this needs to be 100% 4. INTRODUCE TRANSPARENT REPORTING OF ACTION TAKEN IN RESPONSE TO REPORTS OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT The University must report regularly to students on the number of cases, the length of time these have taken and summaries of actions taken 5. INTRODUCE COMPULSORY CONSENT AND BYSTANDER TRAINING FOR ALL UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX STUDENTS Online training modules are not enough. These sessions have to be in person and must happen in the first week of the new academic year 6. INTRODUCE COMPULSORY SEXUAL HARASSMENT RESPONSE TRAINING FOR ALL FRONTLINE STAFF AND PERSONAL TUTORS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ESSEX Before the start of the new academic year, all members of staff in student-facing positions must be properly trained on how to respond to reports of sexual harassment and provide support to students in these circumstances 7. ALL OF THE SERVICES THAT OFFER REPORTING OR SUPPORT RELATING TO SEXUAL HARASSMENT MUST BE PROPERLY COMMUNICATED TO STUDENTS From the start of the new academic year, support services such as Student Support or SU Advice can no longer be hidden away or not clearly visible to students that need to access them 8. ESTABLISH A SINGLE PROCESS BETWEEN THE UNIVERSITY AND THE STUDENTS' UNION FOR MANAGING INCIDENTS OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT Immediate changes are needed as the current two-tier system is disjointed and confused and leaves students lost and unsupported 9. PRIORITISE CASES OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT OVER MINOR CONDUCT OR ACADEMIC ISSUES The University owes it to those affected to prioritise cases of sexual harassment over minor conduct or academic issues 10. RECOGNISE THAT THE UNI IS GROWING QUICKLY AND SUPPORT FOR STUDENTS NEEDS TO GROW WITH IT Additional support cannot afford to be a short-term fix: it must continue to grow in order to keep pace with Essex’s growing student population It is critical that all of the above actions must be applied equally to all three University of Essex campuses in Colchester, Southend and Loughton – this is an issue that affects all students equally and no campus should be unfairly prioritised. HOW YOU CAN HELP: We believe strongly that we have to act now to address the issue of sexual harassment at Essex and we’re committed to working on all of the above actions. You can show your support and help us demonstrate how many of our members care about this issue by signing our petition calling for urgent action to be taken.
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  • Ban online gambling ads
    It is important for the mental well being of the people of our country and the devastating consequences the addiction to these sites causes. Homes lost and lives ruined, thousands of pounds swallowed up by these sites which are designed to keep people spending.
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    Created by Marie Gabbitas
  • Raise Housing Welfare for Young Adults
    With half of all people in the United Kingdom using homelessness services being classed as a young person (Under 25), we need to take a stance and look after our youths. The welfare state has consistently penalised this age bracket solely because of their age and the result has been catastrophic. Sign our petition today and take a stance. Together lets try and raise the housing benefit and save thousands of young lives.
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    Created by Charlie Hunt