• Support Mhairi Black's private members bill
    It speaks to the people of this country this disunited Kingdom and indeed the world at large and it says here is a government that cares for the rich at the expense of the poor. I believe that this is important and as a nation it is up to us to speak out a challenge this cruelty.
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    Created by Tom Cairney
  • Remembrance Sunday- The Living Men and Woman Veterans who have been forgotten by their country.
    This Generation have given us everything. They fought for our freedom during WW2. Yet we give them nothing but misery, made to live on a pittance of a State pension. Without this Generations efforts and sacrifices during WW2, none of us would be here today.
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    Created by Michael Thompson Picture
  • Get rid of benefits fraud hot line
    Fraud only accounts for 0.7% of benefits claims, ( whilst society believes it to be closer to 30% ) The excellent film, I, Daniel Blake, accounts accurately people's experience of this system of conscious cruelty, further it perpuates the myth that those in receipt of social security claims are ( almost by default) potentially thieves. Compliance officers from the dwp make their living from such hotline calls, but the majority of investigations are found to be due to malicious calls from neighbours. The cost of running this hotline is far more substantial than the small minority caught. ( only £50 per person ) The government could then put this money into areas of social security or care where it's needed. The entire process is distressing and costly to the uk tax payer. Please stop this and help to end the myth of ' benefit fraud ' . This hotline is also free to call, unlike the 55p charge per minute it costs on a mobile to make a claim. It’s proof of the way this government unfairly targets and seeks to stigmatise the sick and vulnerable.
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  • We do not consent to Smart Water Meters
    Haringey residents have six concerns about the Smart Meter installation programme: 1. Not being consulted prior to installation; 2. Not compulsory (?); 3. Penalise poor people who live in crowded homes; 4. Risk to the health of humans, animals, pollinators, trees and plants; "10. The World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) categorised RF EMFs as a Possible CARCINOGEN (Group 2B), the same as lead, DDT, chloroform & methylmercury (31 May 2011)". "11. Dr Andrew Goldsworthy’s research warned that electromagnetically-conditioned water flow could strip lead from pipes (after firstly removing limescale) leading to lead poisoning. (1998, 2007, 2012 and 2016)". 5. Surveillance of water, gas and electric usage; and 6. Security risk through (nuclear) electromagnetic pulse attacks, space weather and hacking (“cybercrime”). Our focus is on Smart Water Meters but not exclusively. Full details about the Stop Smart Meters Haringey campaign can be found on our website below. This petition will be initially delivered to Haringey Council. The target is 2,200+
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    Created by Ron Hawkins
  • Bring Back Vital Support and Assistance Phone Lines For The Vulnerable
    Kent Support and Assistance as it was called (KSAS), a Government Scheme funded £2.8 million pound in its first year and millions since, has just recently had removal the information of its phone service with the web page edited slightly to remove the multi million scheme's name too. You can only find information on the scheme by typing 'help in a crisis' or something similar into the KCC search bar with it's new name 'Home essentials in a Crisis'. The page has its header name changed and their number removed but is other wise the same. This seems to also be the case with other essential council services whereby you have to report/claim for help online not taking into consideration the vulnerable and those without internet access or the know how to use this method, the only choice given. This is something us a non funded organisation fill the faps with as they refer clients to us when turning people down for help was not informed of, nor any other sign posting agency we lisise with. We are already seeing the rise in cases coming to us before this at our Thanet 7 day Food Bank, non funded and run by community, something we have had to take the demand for with errors to this KCC service since it began in Spring 2013 following the abolishment of the DWP's social fund's Crisis Loans and Community Care Grants. As an organisation, we have previously fought to get waiting times down in their first year which was proven to be productive after being asked to meet with the scheme's commissioner when we swapped figures on how many people Kent County Council were helping in Thanet compared to our non funded 7 day food bank. The figures were shocking Our concerns were acted on after myself and vice chairman Robin were asked to meet the commisioner of the scheme and his colleague who travelled to meet us from Maidstone after we voiced our growing concerns through several channels Waiting times were at least 14 days often longer for a decision on helping with emergency food, gas and electric, by which time their situations had largely started to sort themselves but claimants were still receiving food and fuel from KSAS after we had supported them through their hardships within 24 hours which even the clients acknowledged to be a waste of the council money. The commissioner, Hugh Martyn listened to what we provide non funded and he called me the 'Gap Filler', he asked what we see as the need here in Thanet and was quick to act with waiting time reduced to a matter of days rather than weeks within weeks. This was funded £2.8 million pound in the spring of 2013 with further millions in funding year on year following from Central Government to provide a service to the people in need from Maidstone to the whole of Kent. Right now, the people of Kent are being let down hugely yet again. We will be gathering more figures and FOI's into exactly how many services have had their phone contact service removed. **If you would like to get involved or would like to share your story, please send us an email to [email protected] or [email protected] Kerry Keating and Robin Vaughan Lyons
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  • Make electricity/gas prices easier to understand
    at the moment each & every electric/gas quote is split between Kw/Hr & various standing charges so get them to make them all one price so people can understand them easier & see what is cheaper & dearer. Please vote for this petition to get them to organise prices we can all understand easily
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    Created by John Deacon
  • Clean-up our hospitals from the risk of Germ/Infection movements!
    The bringing into hospital, germs etc, without due care and attention to the risk of Clinicians carrying the germs and infection to patients
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  • Allow disabled people to claim extra housing benefits
    My husband was made disabled by a surgeon in November. We privately rent our two bedroom house and it was fine until he became disabled. We have been put on the housing list but there are no suitable properties. We have told we are entitled to a 3 bedroom council property but there are non available. We currently are only ellagable for housing benefit for a two bedroom house which leaves us locked in our current property. Despite needing to move on medical grounds we are not allowed to apply for 3 bed housing benefit meaning we can't look to rent privately. We have an indefinite wait on the list. I am still sharing a room with our 18 month old son. My husband can't access any parts of the house besides his bedroom and the bathroom. It is having a negative effect on our mental and physical well being.
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    Created by Kaitlynn Bailey-Park
  • The breach of rights for profit must stop
    This has created a massive impact on the UK welfare population that goes all the way to mothers caring for their disabled children, charging people ludicrous fines and causing much suffering for those affected. For example of this here's links to supporting articles such as a woman accused of being married to a dead pensioner http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/37339981 http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/teen-mum-tax-credits-stopped-8825953
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    Created by Jade Halford
  • Damian Green, Department for Work and Pensions
    People who have planned sensibly for their retirement on the assumption they will be entitled to a pension, to which they have usually contributed, should not lose out to rich banks if their employer goes bust.
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    Created by Andy Wilson
  • Ban sanctions on Type One diabetics
    Food to a person with Type One diabetes is equal to medication, to lose any income is tantamount to at worse death at best the loss of a limb or permanent blindness. Daily Food is essential and means to keep insulin refrigerated , no sanctions under any circumstances for anyone with Type One diabetes, ever.
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    Created by Yvonne Redbourn
  • Save Pinehurst Residential Home
    Helps the NHS to free up beds and allows Carers to have somewhere for their relatives to stay while they have short breaks for themselves. My 99 year Mother old has stayed several times, she has been very happy there and it has allowed myself to recharge my batteries with a holiday. An amazing facility and staff that could greatly assist FPH with bed blocking and give patients the time and care to get them back in to the community.
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    Created by Stewart Kettle