• Recycle all IT equipment
    The government destroys or throws away too much It equipment due to security risks if the hard drives are removed from all laptops and pc's and a factory restore performed on all tablets and mobile phones to remove all data, then the equipment can be recycled without the risk of any data being compromised. Also by setting up workshops to train the unemployed you are giving them a skill set which will help them gain employment within the It industry.
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    Created by Martin Hancock
  • Lone child refugees at Camp Jungle
    The French authorities are about to demolish the refugee camp in Calais, known as Camp Jungle. They are making alternative provisions for all refugees, including children with families. But there are up to 1000 lone child refugees who have nowhere to go. There is a high risk that these children will disappear, and potentially fall victims to exploitation. As a civilised society, we cannot allow this to happen. These children have not done anything wrong, and they have already lost so much. The French authorities are hoping that the UK will finally fulfill its promise to move them to the UK where many have relatives. David Cameron promised to take up to 3000 unaccompanied children. It is about time the UK government made good its promise to these most vulnerable members of the refugee community.
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    Created by Andrea Thomas Picture
  • Make electricity/gas prices easier to understand
    at the moment each & every electric/gas quote is split between Kw/Hr & various standing charges so get them to make them all one price so people can understand them easier & see what is cheaper & dearer. Please vote for this petition to get them to organise prices we can all understand easily
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    Created by John Deacon
  • Legal aid
    Marriage break. Ups and one side. Not getting fair access to their children have no chance now with out legal aid. I won custody of my son 20 yr ago with out legal aid I could not have done it. Also poor people can no longer take civil action if wronged. Legal aid should be available to those that need it
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    Created by Joe Cooke Picture
  • Scholars Travel Eligibility for 16-18 year olds!
    The government has increased the age to which all young people in England must continue in education or training, requiring them to continue until the end of the academic year in which they turn 17 from 2013 and until their 18th birthday from 2015. However, Great Western Railway who provide heavily discounted Scholars Ticket for those under 16 do not offer the same for those young people in the 16-18 compulsory education category. Instead, they offer a 16-25 Rail card at a cost of £30 per year but its use is restricted in that if you travel between 04:30 and 09:59 Monday to Friday (except during July and August) a minimum fare of £12 will apply. Rendering it useless to get to place of education for a 8.30/9am start!
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    Created by Frustrated Parent
  • Take away the bus stop.
    Is Important because it will save cost like looking for scooters won't be necessary. Thank you and can do without taxis.
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    Created by K Tina Shittu Picture
  • insulate all buildings in UK
    If the government did this we would need one less nuclear power station. The cost of doing so is miniscule compared to the the cost of Hinkley Point and would only need to be done once and would last forever. Think of the small businesses and jobs that would be created and we would have lower energy bills.
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  • Install traffic calming measures in Clunes Avenue, Caol
    Clunes avenue is a residential are where many children play. A new School campus is only a matter of yards away. Too many cars are travelling at excessive speed on this road. It is only a matter of time before a child is injured or worse. By having traffic calming meaures such as speed bumps and 20 mph limit, this could potentially save a life.
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  • Wakefield Parkinson's Nurse Provision
    To help those who are dealing with Parkinson's, a degenerative disease that has no cure. Without the Parkinson's nurse provision the lives of both patients and their families can be made intolerable and at times almost impossible to the cope with.
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    Created by David Foster
  • Energy watch
    At present these cavernous buildings are freezing cold in winter and excessively hot in summer. For staff to be able to work in a comfortable temperature they require lots of heating in winter and cooling in summer. This is a great waste of limited energy resources. Insulating the buildings would cut down the waste and make them more comfortable to work in. Having solar panels on the roof would enable them to generate electricity from an infinite resource, the sun, and cut down their energy footprint.
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    Created by Lol Barnes Picture
  • More funding for children mental health
    Please put more money in to child mental heath more is spent on Adult mental health but children is where mental health starts in most cases please sign thus petition
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    Created by Mark Jackson
  • Support Daffodils Outdoor Nursery and Arthingworth Village
    Daffodils Outdoor Nursery is a family run business which has just registered with Ofsted to provide childcare for children in the Arthingworth and surrounding areas. We are a unique nursery following an outdoor approach to learning and offering something different to families in the area. Someone has put in an application for permission to open a nursery directly opposite ours. It has come to our attention that a previous application for permission to build 27 houses was rejected, and that the change in application to incorporate a nursery is in fact a ploy to gain permission for a housing development. As a brand new business, we do obviously have concerns about the sustainability of two day nurseries in such a small village. But we also have concerns about the increased traffic more housing and another nursery will bring, as well as the change to the village that a large housing development will have. We urge you to please consider the application and the motives behind it, and to consider the detrimental affect it will have on not only us as small family run business that has not yet had a chance to establish itself, but on the beautiful village of Arthingworth as a whole.
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    Created by Amy Claypole