• Commission a Zebra Crossing on Monmouth Drive to make it safer to enter Sutton Park by foot
    The Covid Pandemic has served to highlight the crucial role Sutton Park plays in the life of the town, and the benefits of walking, cycling and fresh air to both the physical and mental health of residents. Easier, safer access to our green spaces has become an even more pressing need and safer crossings are key to this. Sutton Coldfield has many elderly residents, young families and those with special needs who would all benefit from safer access to our wonderful park. We are all aware of the need to reduce car travel and increase walking and cycling for reasons of environment, health and improved quality of life. Making it easier to cross this junction will reduce the numbers of cars visiting the park and encourage more people to take up walking and cycling both for pleasure and as a transport option. This dovetails with both Birmingham City Council and our Town Council's commitments to reducing carbon emissions and improving the public realm. Boldmere Gate will be hosting the Commonwealth Games Triathlon next year and this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase Sutton Coldfield to a truly global audience. Much needed improvements to parking and infrastructure around Boldmere Gate have already been agreed and creating a safer pedestrian friendly entrance at this junction would be another critical piece in the jigsaw. Let's Make Sutton Safer, Healthier and Greener.
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    Created by Manish Puri
  • Zero Carbon in the West Midlands
    Human activity - since the start of the industrial revolution in this country, and especially over the last 30 years - is responsible for the accelerating climate change now evident worldwide. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions are driving the global temperature rise and they should cease. That is why we need zero carbon policies. The WMCA and local authorities should open their doors to the public, welcoming them to join in with the planning. This would accelerate and enhance a just and green transition.
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    Created by Bob Whitehead
  • Petition to create Acomb Town Council
    Acomb is a non-parish suburb in York. With a growing population of around 22,215, Acomb is the largest of all areas of the city. However, a plan for a Town Council for Acomb should be actively pursued. With the City of York Council too busy playing playground politics among political parties, refusing to listen to our community and leaving parks and play areas in Acomb to despair; we are campaigning to create Acomb Town Council. The formation of an independent Town Council for Acomb would mean better direct access to government funds and grants. This could benefit the community by being channelled into local projects and would open many opportunities for the area and its residents with a more tangible impact. The status ‘Town Council’ should be used over ‘Parish Council’ due Acomb having a sizable population and to reflect the range of services that would be available to local residents. Also, there is already an existing Acomb Parish Council in Northumberland. If successful, the newly formed Town Council can provide services around litter, parking, crime prevention, public toilets, community hubs, libraries, parks, and green spaces. We would become York's largest civil parish, leading the way for local voices and local decision making, giving residents more power and a say in how we can shape our community. To do this, we NEED a petition containing the signatures of at least 7.5% of Acomb residents, which is roughly 1,600 people, which I am sure we can achieve! If you are a resident and/or you work in Acomb, please sign the petition and share far and wide so we can create Acomb Town Council.
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    Created by Luke Walker Picture
  • Supermarkets Own Label Plastic Packaging
    This is a choice you make to package the majority of your own label products, the government should not have all the responsibility of destroying non recyclable packaging, you as the retailer are responsible for packaging own label products with non recyclable packaging, so you should bare the cost of dealing with your own non recyclable packaging. You have said you are making strides into not using non recyclable plastic packaging, it’s not enough and it’s not timely, so in the meantime, immediately take back your own label non recyclable packaging. This would send a clear message to all other supermarkets in the UK that you are taking responsibility for your actions and lead the way forward in this matter. As you all know, plastic non recyclable plastic packaging is a huge problem and affects the planet we call home. Supermarkets should take immediate responsibility for the materials they use and as such, should accept their own label non recyclable packaging at its stores. Tesco’s have 4000 stores for us to take their own label non recyclable packaging to. Tesco’s are the biggest supermarket in the UK, getting them to act immediately would encourage all other supermarkets to take back their own label non recyclable packaging.
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    Created by Andrew Mathison
  • Bank charges for Community and Charity organisiations
    This could escalate to other bank and everyone could be affected in some way or another. We need to stop this as , currently we could just change banks but no purpose in this if all the banks start to charge. This is not affecting bank accounts with large sums of money
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    Created by Lorraine Salt-Pulford
  • Protect the rite to protest at Holyrood
    We live in a democracy where those elected into power have to accept the rite to peacefully protest changes that affect us and our children's future
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    Created by Gary Kelly
  • Protect vulnerable older people in law by checking and registering private carers
    My 96 year old grandfather, Eric, was financially abused by his private carers. They manipulated him and stole his life-savings - nearly £200,000 from him. Sadly, he passed away shortly after finding out that the people he trusted had robbed him. Most people wouldn’t dream of doing something like this, but in an unregulated part of the care system, without safeguarding measures in place to protect vulnerable elderly people, there are always going to be those who seek to exploit that vulnerability. Let’s do more to protect our vulnerable older people, to recognise the important work of all carers, and to keep these criminals out of the profession. You can find out more about Eric’s story, from the professionals who helped to get him justice and from other agencies here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000ytns
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    Created by Anna Woodhouse
  • Afghan Refugees Welcome in Ely
    Like many others, we have watched in horror as the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan and thousands of ordinary people fled their homes. In 2015, we stepped up and offered safety to Syrian refugees fleeing ISIS. ECDC should do the same for Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban.
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    Created by Poppy Pearce
  • Aldershot Bank closure
    Please can you join me in putting pressure on the bank? This is vital for those of us who cannot do online banking. It can also be used to explain to our children all about the banking industry and how vital it is.
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    Created by Michelle Horne
  • Restore our Gaywood River chalk stream to full health and beauty
    We are proud, as local people, to be responsible stewards of this local rare chalk stream, but we need the proper authorities to do their part in giving the community back its healthy and flourishing river full of life again.
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    Created by Robert Shippey Picture
  • Totnes MIU to reopen
    Myself and many other local people have had to use the ambulance service where, prior to the closure of Totnes Hospital MIU, we would have gone there. Totnes Hospital urgently needs the MIU to be reopened. We've not had it for over 18 months now and it's causing huge problems, especially for those without access to transport.
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    Created by Yvette Yates
  • Scholar bus for Mortimer Children
    Children need to be able to get to school safely and on time. The school run is currently unacceptable. Too many children from a small area are trying to get on the bus at once, along with those who are travelling to work and taking small children to school. We need a scholar bus to assist the children to make it to school on time and safely. Mortimer Community College needs to provide a bus for their students which runs from Jarrow to Brokley Whinns to Boldon Lane and ending at Stanhope Road.
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    Created by Danielle Armstrong