• Equal Pay Justice Now
    In the 21st Century no women should be paid less than their male equivalent. A Labour Council should be setting a good example to other employers.
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    Created by Birmingham UNISON
  • Don’t make Paul Dacre a Lord
    Rumours are currently going round that Boris Johnson is set to add former Daily Mail Editor Paul Dacre to the House of Lords this summer. In his time at the Mail, Paul Dacre has been accused of stirring up hatred against immigrants, politicians and judges alike - and now he could have a say on how the UK is run. Someone like Paul Dacre, who used his time at the Mail to divide the country, represents the opposite of the values of fairness and respectfulness that we share as a country. He’s not the kind of person who should be celebrated by being made a Lord. Right now, it's just a rumour, but if enough of us speak out against the idea of Paul Dacre being made a Lord, we can make sure his appointment stays a rumour, and doesn't become a reality.
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  • Pricless mold gold cape
    Because it is of historical significance and should be returned to a welsh museum,The replica can then be transferred back to replace the Welsh historical artefact.
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    Created by Sarah Daily
  • Act fast to properly tackle fraud
    More than £1.3bn was stolen by con artists last year, where victims were tricked into making payments and this rose sharply as pandemic restrictions eased. And less than half of those victims were refunded. More needs to be done to tackle this crime. Introducing a new Fraud Minister to lead the fight against fraudsters and making banks refund all victims would offer consumers greater protection and peace of mind. The Government must act now to stop more people being affected by fraud.
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    Created by Megan Bentall
  • Open up Hitchin Railway Station
    Some 8,500 residents live in the Walsworth side of Hitchin but their ability to access the town’s railway station is hugely constricted, forced to walk on a narrow path under the railway bridge. People in Letchworth and the villages outside Hitchin also access the station, adding to traffic and congestion. Over the years, the County Council, the District Council and Hitchin’s MP have come together with Network Rail to discuss how to open up the station, creating access via the London-bound platform to alleviate commuter congestion. With more homes being built locally, it’s critical we get moving on this project.
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    Created by James Denselow
  • Update the NEC application process to include other documentation
    Many young people do not fit the system as designed for the majority - those young people are vulnerable and in need of equity. Asylum seekers have no legal right to work in Scotland - they are therefore forced to survive on less money than most households. Free bus travel has revolutionised access for young people in Scotland and a group which would benefit greatly is excluded from the process by bureaucracy. It’s an oversight which could be addressed very simply but the impact would be huge. In addition, the most disadvantaged households often face more setbacks for access to free services and acknowledging this and addressing it is an important factor in moving forward with inclusive policy.
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    Created by Stephanie Johnson
  • Stop the police having strip search powers on victims of sexual abuse
    When a female or male suffers sexual abuse often as a child at the hands of an adult it leaves lasting emotional and physical scars that never go away. Then forward to being forced to strip naked and "show" your nudity and genitals to another person and be forcibly pinned down and touched intimately at the hands of a police officer, whether it be female or male, brings feelings of controlling coercive abuse - the very thing that an abuse victim reports to police and runs away from their abuser. Police don't give you a choice and will pin you down and force it onto you no matter how you plead with them not to. Can you imagine the emotional turmoil? The physical pain? The anxiety? The panic? If you've never felt such feelings then think of the thing you fear worst and multiply by 1000. To the victim this feels like rape, all over again but by multiple perpetrators. In my eyes this makes the police nothing more than legalised paedophiles or rapists - controlling coercive rapists. Now, in that situation what do you do next? Lash out at a police officer to stop them and then get arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer? Or worse - 6 officers (as that is how many it took) to force you onto the floor legs spread for all them to see your private genitals. How can this be right in this supposedly civilised society? Or is your next thoughts suicide once you're released back home and you have the torture of legalised rape playing on your mind over and over. How? Why? How have the police been given such powers of control? Suicide is possibly the next plan of action as now you not only have your past rape constantly on your mind, you also have police rape on your mind. Can you imagine how many rape victims suffer this torture again at the hands of the police? If this were to happen anywhere other than in a police cell you'd be phoning the police for protection ...wait ...YOU'D BE PHONING THE POLICE FOR PROTECTION ... Yes you read that right. My petition is simple - stop strip and search for rape or sexual abuse victims. There has to be a kinder way, like taking that person to a room with a gender equal nurse where the search could be done in private. I bet there are many victims of this torture who think nothing will change so they don't bother trying to challenge or complain about the abuse they feel and go home and try or even succeed at suicide. The people's voice has a right to be heard.
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    Created by Mel Saddler
  • Bus Transport for Seafar community
    It will disrupt the community system of daily activities. And this area will be caught off from the society which means there is no equality for the people with others with buses.
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    Created by Debra Lalemi
  • Get our maternity and children services back at the Alexandra hospital in Redditch
    I gave birth to my little boy Albie on the 24th of December 2021. I was supposed to have a caesarean section as he was breach but I travelled 45 minutes to Worcester just to find out that I was 4 cm dilated but had to wait to have my caesarean as all of the rooms were taken up. Within the space of half an hour of them moving me to the delivery suite I was 10cm and was forced to give birth breach as nothing had been done at this point. My little boy ended up coming out with meconium aspiration syndrome as a result of this and had to go to Birmingham children's to have maximum life support. He was in hospital for the first month of his life. We desperately need our maternity and children's services back at the Alexandra hospital as there are many mums in Redditch that are having to travel to Worcestershire Royal to give birth when there is a perfect hospital here in Redditch but we are being forced to travel over to Worcester. This means a lot to me as I don't want any more mothers from Redditch to have to travel all the way over to Worcester like me. I know two other mums who have done so and we all had traumatic experiences.
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    Created by Anna Marie Bunce
  • Save South Derbyshire mental health association, Bankhouse!
    This charity has been here for 30 years plus and is vital support to many people, it is well used and needed, offering a drop in centre wirh help with food, counselling, paper work, bereavement, drug abuse, friendship, music, dance, so on and so on.
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    Created by Dave Bonner
  • AFC Bournemouth must cancel its sponsorship deal with gambling company, Dafabet.
    Today, AFC Bournemouth announced a two-year partnership with Dafabet, a Phillipines-based online betting company. As a result, the company’s logo will appear across the club’s Vitality Stadium, its shirt and various other online promotions. Why do I care? Because gambling doesn’t just destroy lives. Gambling kills. Gambling-related harm impacts millions of people either directly or indirectly. Research indicates there are between 250 and 650 gambling-related suicides in the UK each year, with football often acting as the hook that draws gamblers in. This industry has been normalised by the increase amongst young people through gambling advertising during live sport. There is evidence that children of primary school age have brand loyalty towards certain gambling companies: a degree of normalisation has led to four in five university students losing an average of £30 every week to gambling. Children shouldn’t be exposed to gambling advertising at all, so at the very least it should not be marketed in football stadiums. If you don’t think that’s a problem, the numbers are there for all to see. Ipsos Mori found that 37% of 11-16-year-olds in England and Scotland have gambled in the last 12 months and almost 2% of these are classified as ‘problem’ gamblers. It’s not just children who are affected. Former Cherries midfielder Warren Aspinall has said that his gambling addiction almost drove him to take his own life. He’s not alone. There are between 430,000 and 1.4 million people currently addicted to gambling in the UK, with those suffering from gambling disorder up to 15 times more likely to take their own lives than members of the general population. Could you imagine any other industry that causes this much harm being shown to millions of people every weekend? AFC Bournemouth proudly claims that ‘Together, Anything Is Possible’. They know it doesn’t have toi be like this. Earlier this year, 20 clubs wrote an open letter to the government calling for a ban on gambling adverts in football. Reports show that if gambling sponsorship was banned and replaced, it would lead to just a 2.5% cut in revenues. I believe that’s a price worth paying and so do clubs like Bolton Wanderers, Luton Town and Tranmere Rovers. In the Scottish Premier League, Hearts have openly commented that they found it fairly easy to find alternative sponsors. I’m calling on AFC Bournemouth fans to join with a growing wave of support for an end to gambling sponsorship in football. In doing so, we can: Make football a safer place for its community, young and old, to not feel pressured into gambling. Give children the chance to wear the same shirts as their parents and the players they adore. Make AFC Bournemouth a club where those who have been harmed by gambling can watch the club they love without encouragement to gamble. Please support me by adding your name to this petition.
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    Created by James Swyer
  • Miller Highbrae Homeowners Dispute of grassed areas.
    We have all invested in our homes and chose Highbrae to meet our expectations as homeowners. The first impression of the development is well below par and not what we collectively bought into. Miller have been able to turf other areas of the estate - so why not the grass verges on Damselfly Road, Goldeneye Green and the areas up by the playpark? Collectively we are paying factor's fees when there is little or no grass to maintain. Miller have a responsibility to us all to rectify the areas mentioned to an acceptable standard.
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    Created by Karen Falconer