Stevenage Borough Council (SBC) intend is to sanction building of housing in an area north of St Nicholas Church up to the Stevenage boundary. An outline planning application has been lodged with SBC for 800 homes. This land is dear to the hearts of hundreds of people both locally and much further afield as the land which the 20th century author E M Forster described as the loveliest in England. It is adjacent to his childhood home and is entirely Green belt. Building of these homes will mean a huge loss of amenity for ALL of Stevenage. North Hertfodshire have also proposed building on the adjacent area to the north. Apert from the heritage aspect many residents use this land for walking, running, exercising their dogs and horse riding.It is virtually the only remaining green lung in the north of Stevenage.
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    Created by John Spiers
  • Childcare cost
    It's important because I've had to drop down from 5 days to 3days work due to childcare cost being excessive. As a single mother 3 days is still crippling my pockets. I just don't understand why the 15/30hours free is not given at an early stage as maternity pay typically finishes at 9 months forcing most mothers to go back to work. To get the free hours at a younger age would be a great insensitive for more mothers to go back to work without the huge stress off cutting down on days and being financially unstable. What's the point in going back to work to use your pay for childcare costs? When we have other household bills that need paying and families to support.
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    Created by Giuseppina Manna
  • Keep acupuncture at the Whittington!
    An acupuncture session is caring and nurturing and taking it away will impact women's mental health, happiness and positive birth experiences. Acupuncture is important because it focuses on supporting women, giving them the autonomy to decide what is right for their bodies. Many women use the acupuncture services during pregnancy and also for vaginal pain, menopause, painful periods, and premenstrual syndrome and this non-invasive pain relief makes a huge difference to them. Taking away these services affects women's partners and families as well as acupuncture provides support and care for everyone. There is also evidence that complimentary therapies such as acupuncture are CHEAPER than (and have been proven to prevent) surgery or long-term use of expensive drugs. Many women with these painful conditions have been traumatised by years of difficult, painful, uncomfortable treatment and examinations - many have come from a background of sexual trauma where physical treatment and examinations can be upsetting, or even exacerbate pain. Acupuncture is a non-invasive and proven treatment of pain, often providing a calming aspect essential in some chronic pain cases. The ruling body (CCG)'s PoLCE policy states that they should always include women's voices in decisions, yet this has not happened and acupuncture has been removed as a choice without consulting patients. The CCG policy also states the CCG should take into account research evidence that NICE has not yet incorporated from other official bodies and medical journals...but this has not happened either. The policy even states that the CCG should always recognise that guideline committees can have biases - yet the cut has happened without any discussion with a wider circle of patients or people who have benefitted from this service. The removal of acupuncture and complimentary, non-invasive treatments is a nuanced social, economic and cultural issue - and we want a chance for women's voices to be heard, with evidence-based research to be utilised BEFORE decisions are made about gynaecological health and women's bodies.
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  • Green number plates for clean vehicles. Red for dirty ones.
    To promote awareness of emissions from high polluting vehicles.
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  • Save Our Citizens Advice
    So many families and Individuals depend on Citizens Advice to inform them of their rights from anything to benefits to employment. Many people are treated unfairly because of their circumstances and are taken advantage of by various organisations and individuals. If Citizens Advice were to go these vulnerable people and families would have no-one to fight for them and remain trapped in their circumstances.
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  • Biodegradable and Recyclable Packaging
    It is important to have packaged things to be accessible for people either on the go or with disabilities, but it does not mean that the negative environmental impact should be disregarded. Keep these items packaged, just change the packaging.
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    Created by Samirah Yasmin
  • Homelessness and Domestic Abuse On Party Manifestos
    Getting the homeless off all degrees and families couch surfers, people in sub-standard living space i.e. hostel accomodation, overcrowded flats and not least domestic abuse along with all other situations of abuse in our society. We must explore every avenue of publicity at our disposal i.e. the INTERNET, SOCIAL MEDIA, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM i.e. the magic of the internet via the family, friends, work colleagues, fellow club members, sports etc.I would appreciate if after signing you could share it on any social media accounts you have. All trade unions, across all sections of our society, and to pass it up the chain to party headquarters. It is in each party's interest and the of the nation's. We don't know when the manifestos will be published in the next two weeks so this is urgent. You may be ware the parties write their manifestos and is their commitment to pass into law. I am involved because at 10 months old I lost my mother from domestic violence and this still affects me emotionally even today. 80 years on it is still happening in increasing numbers and should not be happening in the 21st Century.
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    Created by John Hadman
  • Make the A5 between Lutterworth and Smockington Hollow Safe
    This section of the A5 has always been a black spot for serious accidents, but in recent months has become increasingly treacherous for locals and people passing through. There have been 3 serious accidents very recently, including a fatality on October 22nd. Due to the expansion of the Logistics centre at Magna Park, Lutterworth, and the huge numbers of new houses being built in the area, the volume of traffic on this stretch of road can only increase, thereby making it ever more dangerous to turn onto. The junctions at High Cross and Smockington Hollow are particularly dangerous, although any adjoining road along this stretch carries enormous risks.
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  • Crossing at Weston Bus Stop For Jumping Beans Nursery&Atlantic Acadamy School Children
    I want our children to be safe knowing that they can get a cross that awful road, please support my petition.
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  • Set Up A Fully-Funded, Trained National Fraud and Economic Crimes Division
    Action Fraud has been exposed as a sham, lip-service to what is a growing epidemic of economic crime, leading to poorly conducted police investigations and ineffective justice and recompense for victims. Meanwhile fraudsters and scammers get away with it time and again, succeeding in misrepresenting non-existent investments or opportunities. The banking industry for the last three years has even known - and has remained silent - about a false-investments online platform made available through licence-charges to criminal syndicates to simulate non-existent investments to give the appearance to victims that their defrauded funds are being invested in realistic-looking investments, which don't actually exist. Meanwhile, FCA fines imposed on financial institutions that were complicit either knowingly or unknowingly in the fraud are directed to the treasury, without being earmarked for any kind of national fraud investigation agency. Scamming and fraud, which has become sophisticated and very professional in the last decade, has risen by at least 10% in the last three years without any sign of slowing or being tackled properly. Instead, police forces play pass-the-parcel with economic crimes cases and nobody takes responsibility for investigating these crimes. A lack of a proper concerted government-led response in establishing a national economic crimes and restitution unit demonstrates that the government of the UK in reality doesn't care for individuals who have been played or scammed by sophisticated and persuasive fraudsters, and it reveals that the government and police-forces of the UK would rather engage in blaming the victims rather than the criminals, thereby endorsing economic crimes and their perpetrators.
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  • Stop Building in Flood areas!!
    Because people are loosing their belongings & Animals after been told! It Won't Happen again!! So who is to blame after they built more houses & let the water go into local river!
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  • Protect our right to protest
    The police are pushing the government to give them new powers to clamp down on peaceful protests. But with politics as volatile as they are right now, it’s never been more important for people to be able to stand up for what they believe in - we can’t afford to let this happen. Throughout history, peaceful protest has helped change the world for the better. From the Suffragettes, to Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp, to recent Xtinction Rebellion protests the UK has a proud history of peaceful demonstrations for the issues we care about. Giving more power to the police to shut down protests is an attack on our democratic right to speak out about decisions that will shape our future.
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