• Demand a full consultation for Wakefield city plans.
    This petition demands that Wakefield Council hold a full and proper consultation with businesses, residents and visitors. This should be a 2 week exhibition in the Market Hall, advertised well in advance to local groups, residents and business, using Social Media, posters, newspaper adverts and leaflets. BACKGROUND On Monday 19th August an article titled “Wakefield Council wants YOUR views on how to shape the future of our high streets”, was published on the Wakefield Express website. "Wakefield Council are asking residents and businesses for their views on how to shape the future of the district's high streets. The High Street Task Force, which was set up in spring 2019 and is chaired by Wakefield Council Leader Coun Peter Box, will be holding a High Street Consultation on Friday, August 30. The event will take place between 11am and 3pm outside the Cathedral on Northgate and residents are being asked to come along and meet with the Task Force and partners to discuss their vision for the high street. The hope is to have an exceptional city centre for all and a space for people to live, work, visit and play. The Task Force aims to address the challenge of reviving the district's city and town centres. There are various schemes being proposed across the city and you will be able to discuss the current plans and contribute to the redevelopment of the city centre. The event will be a drop-in session, where people can air their opinions or simply come along to look at proposed plans for the city centre. Coun Box said: "It is essential that residents and businesses in the city centre contribute to the long-term plans, it is their city and we must understand their dreams and aspirations. Town and city centres play a huge part in our five year Economic Strategy and this is your opportunity to tell us what you want." The result of the consultation will enable the Council to apply for funding from various sources, to implement the strategy to revive the high street. Key stakeholders of the Task Force include representatives from the Council, Wakefield College, New River, Orion, Wakefield Cathedral, Wakefield BID, West Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Youth Parliament, The Hepworth and West Yorkshire Police." There were 3 tweets from WMDC, but nothing on their Facebook page, despite other events being listed either side of this date. As a Wakefield resident I take a strong interest in what happens in the City, I found out about the “consultation” on 27th August, as I work full-time was unable to attend. If it’s “essential that residents and businesses contribute”, why hold a single consultation for 4 hours on a Friday afternoon? In a town centre that is already devoid of people! Wakefield Council have mismanaged the City Centre for long enough, they have allowed a large amount of housebuilding, combine this with the expansion of Wakefield College and a successful arts movement, the city should be thriving, however the future of Wakefield City Centre is in the balance, previous planning decisions around shopping centres, markets, out of town developments, public transport and car parks have left this former bustling market town split and desolate, with scores of empty buildings, an absence of shoppers, and increasing social problems. Please sign and share this petition to demand proper consultation for the future of Wakefield’s High Streets.
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  • Make electric vehicles affordable.
    We need to reduce our emissions but electric cars are still out of most peoples' reach financially. If the government is serious about reducing our emissions then steps need to be taken to make electric vehicles affordable. Once electric vehicle ownership has become more commonplace then there is the possibility of a second hand market developing sooner and further improving their affordability in the UK. It needs to happen now!
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    Created by Tom Manser
  • Dual litter & recycling bins in public places.
    This would encourage recycling which would be of benefit to the environment. This would also help to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill sites, especially plastic waste.
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  • Plastic Packaging
    The highlight is on the amount of plastic waste found on land and in the oceans. It does not degrade and is harmful to animals and humans. We need to provide for a better future for our planet and future generations.
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    Created by Pam Jacobs
  • The Future of the Isabel Blackman Centre in Hastings Old Town
    We need your support to save this vital community asset. Age UK East Sussex have been working with the Hastings & St Leonards Seniors Forum, Hastings Voluntary Action, Sussex Community Development Association and Hastings Old Town Residents Association to examine a future for the Isabel Blackman Centre which was closed in March 2019. In partnership, we have launched a petition asking East Sussex County Council to engage with the voluntary sector about the building’s future or, if the building is sold, “ring-fence” the capital receipt to benefit older people in Hastings. You can view and sign the petition here:- https://democracy.eastsussex.gov.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx?id=500000027&TPID=503118186&$LO$=1 The Isabel Blackman Centre has been a vital community asset for older people in Hastings for many years. It needs to be sold off to the voluntary sector and reopened as a community hub and main resource for local older people.
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    Created by David Hannam
  • Make Financial Abuse a Crime
    Many people in partnerships in business or relationships often sign financial agreements together, joint and several, without considering what would happen if there was a breakdown in the relationship. Often they do not seek legal representation due to cost, and finance companies make individuals sign as many guarantees to ensure their debts are paid, but joint and several often leaves one individual being hounded for the money, when the other signatory walks away going bankrupt, or avoids payment, hiding behind false income reporting. This is unfair, unjust and the system needs a shake up where individuals have knowingly been left in dire straits due to irresponsible behaviour by another. Organisations such as Womens Aid, Shelter, Citizens Advice deal with debt, homelessness, domestic abuse daily, but the number of women who are left in horrific financial crises by ex-partners who walk away from all responsibility is a world wide epidemic. Catastrophic when there are children involved. It has to stop. There has to be a responsibility crackdown, so that the culprits are caught, and pay their dues, by whatever means. Financial Abuse has to stop.
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    Created by Lowri Williams
  • Create a UK wide permit allowing free parking for people living in Campervans
    The UK housing and homelessness crisis has been torturing us for far too long, especially young people. #Vanlife may seem irrelevant unless you’re an Instagram influencer, but it is a growing moment encouraging minimal impact living, passive income and recycling of vehicles to meet social and housing needs. A UK wide permit enabling a cheaper and safer life on the move would liberate tens of thousands of people, and demonstrate to others that the cost of living can be far less than what they think is needed to live a full and secure life. Shelter is a human right, if we are denied proper housing, denied efficient homeless care, we should at least be offered assistance in our alternative housing methods.
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  • Half price travel for Under 19’s in Warwickshire
    Under 19’s in the metropolitan areas of the West Midlands can travel for half price on buses, trains and trams throughout the region. This is subsidised by Transport for West Midlands through contributing authorities. Children and young people in the towns and rural areas of Warwickshire need affordable travel to access opportunities in the region. They need to travel to school, college, apprenticeships and jobs, see family and friends and participate in sports and social activities. Give under 19’s in Warwickshire the same support as their metropolitan counterparts by subsidising half price travel.
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    Created by Catherine Timms
  • Get DJCAD Zine Library into the UoD art library!
    The Zine Library is currently undergoing consideration by the DJCAD library as whether to make it a permanent feature and, if accepted, will function as a reference only section of the library. Much like other features of the library the Zine Library will be a valuable resource held within the art school that can be used by staff and students alike.  The DJCAD Zine Library aims to bring light to zine making at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, whilst providing a space dedicated to their creation, to inspire and educate.
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    Created by Lizzie Day
  • Give The Cure a permanent monument in Crawley Town or a permanent Exhibition in Crawley Museum
    Because this band have inspired and helped so many people for more than 40 years with their music and dedication They deserve to be recognised as one of the worlds biggest and most influential bands of all time. Their music brings so much joy and happiness to so many fans all over the world. In some cases their music has saved people's lives.
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  • Referendums on Constitutional Issues Require Supermajorities
    The result of the 2016 EU Referendum is a United Kingdom that isn’t so united anymore, and an intensely divided country that finds itself facing the prospect of losing power, jobs, wealth, international standing and influence as a result of a hasty decision that is only supported by a narrow majority of voters. What if, for example, ‘Leave’ had won by 120,000 votes instead of 1.2 million? What if the margin had been much smaller? Does it really make sense to implement something that will have a fundamental, historic impact on the British Isles and Europe based on such a small majority? Of course it doesn't ! No other major democracy is so cavalier with the security of it's Constitution and Peoples' rights. For example, Amendments to the Constitution of the USA require 2/3 majority votes in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and a nationwide referendum that must win in 75% of the States. The United Kingdom deserves better than this !
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    Created by Colin Sanderson
  • Community centre
    This is important to give young people an opportunity to learn about their history and culture. They would spend less time on the streets or in bus stations.
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    Created by Earl Smith
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