• Reinstate Development Weeks at the University of Chester
    On 8 December 2021 the University Senate decided to remove Development Weeks from the academic calendar in 2022-23, claiming that there is 'no clear rationale for the weeks' and are ‘just a half term.’ However there has been no meaningful consultation with either staff or students concerning their views on this, with the decision only being publicly communicated to staff and students via a portal announcement and email to staff on Friday 14 January. This decision will have a significant impact on the student experience and staff working conditions and should not have been taken without wider consultation. On Monday 17 January Chester UCU unanimously passed a motion calling on the senate to reinstate development weeks and is calling for all those who wish to see Development Week's retained, at least until there has been wider consultation, to sign the petition below. For updates from UCU Chester on this issue follow us on social media Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Chesterucu/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/chesterucu
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    Created by UCU Chester
  • Stop Anti-Serb Sentiment in the UK!
    Anti- Serb sentiment has had a strong presence in the UK in the past 30 years, being especially evident in media. Portraying negatively and demonizing a group of people is damaging to the human spirit, disables them to live a full life and be accepted for who they are; it is a form of ongoing mental and spiritual torture and illegal. In the UK law, this type of behaviour is recognised as racism and discrimination, and yet it seems to be an established and accepted feature of UK politics towards the Serb population in the UK and elsewhere. Regardless of the possible political differences and disagreements that two nations might have, none of them should fall below certain human and moral standards that make us less cooperative and fair towards one another in the shared world where everything must be based on communication, cooperation and fairness and where differences must be respected.
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    Created by Milijana Bodroza
    Each year the Premier League earns around £2.5bn from broadcasting revenue, of which less than 2% goes to professional clubs below the championship. That’s 140 clubs: The 24 clubs of League One, the 24 clubs of League Two, the 12 clubs of the Women’s Super League, the 12 clubs of the Women’s Championship, AND the 68 clubs in the National League. It is time to reallocate football’s wealth fairly and incentivise good behaviour. That's why a fan-led review into football has been carried out. It’s recommending introducing an independent regulator, stronger financial controls, proper fan engagement and meaningful equality standards. And that it's all overseen by an independent regulator that has the power to enforce these changes. All of that can be brought together by the introduction of a Sustainability Index that gives money to clubs who score highly on four criteria: Financial Sustainability Good Governance Equality Standards Fan and Community Engagement
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    Created by Fair Game
  • Strengthen the Ban on Bee Killing Inseticide
    We have already lost a third of the bee population in this country, there are many crops that rely on pollinators and not only commercially grown crops but also in gardens and allotments across the Nation. Even a very small amount of this insecticide getting into wildflowers can cause devastation to the bee population
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    Created by Andy Vincent
  • Peg the Universal Credit rate of reduction to the top rate of income tax
    It is a glaring anomaly that those who earn the national living wage or just above it should be faced with losing over half their Universal Credit whilst those earning over £100,000 per annum pay income tax of only 45%. Using legislation to match these two figures would provide some equity in the tax and benefits system.
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    Created by Frank Geoghegan-Quinn
  • The Met police should investigate the Downing Street parties
    The UK public deserves better than the rank hypocrisy that is shown by the Prime Minister, and others who attended the Downing Street Party. This matter must be investigated by the police who ought to have ample evidence. If not this demonstrates that the Prime Minister and government officials are above the law which is not the case and this sends out a terrible signal to the public.
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    Created by Andy Berry
  • HomelessNotHopeless
    This campaign is important because it is unethical to punish human beings for situations they cannot control, human beings that are already vulnerable and scrutinised. This act has been in place since the Victorian era and it is time for it to go!
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    Created by Amaka Dickson
  • Approve the Stratfield Brake stadium proposal submitted by Oxford United Football Club
    We believe that the new development will: - provide a secure home for OUFC and safeguard the future of the Club - allow OUFC to grow within its means and bring success on and off the pitch - provide facilities to benefit the wider local community, its sports clubs and leisure groups We recognise the many stages in the planning process and the many issues to resolve. Local residents, as well as OUFC fans, must have their views and concerns fully considered. The environmental and traffic impacts should also be assessed and alleviated wherever possible through good sustainable design and construction. This petition has been created by OxVox, the Independent Oxford United Supporters Trust, but is open to all. Please sign if you want to see this OUFC stadium and community project succeed. Have your voice heard - join OxVox. Visit www.oxvox.org.uk
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    Created by Trevor Lambert Picture
  • Keep Rutland's Sea Dragon in Rutland!
    Let's show the strength of local feeling in our voices! Sign the petition and let's be heard. Get behind our Rutland sea dragon fossil. Rumor has it that it's already left the Shire and may be destined for new pastures. We want it back, the giant 'sea dragon' fossil discovered in Rutland reservoir hailed as one of UK's greatest finds should remain here in Rutland! Aside from the obvious tourism opportunities for Rutland, it's been happy here for millions and millions of years, it's home.
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    Created by Katie Larsen
  • 10 Days Isolation not 14 for Care Home Residents with Covid
    My own parents live in a Care Home and I have seen the damage and distress the long period of isolation and lack of human contact can do to residents, especially to those with any kind of Dementia. Almost half a million people live in Care Homes in the UK and it is simply unfair that the period of isolation is 14 days for them when the rest of the population is treated differently.
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    Created by Rita Rees
  • Don't kill animals for fur.
    Why is it important? A story of cruelty and the death of an animal lies behind every fur trim, pom-pom, and animal lining. To obtain fur, animals fall into traps and traps. Their deaths are usually slow and painful. Natural fur in clothing is entirely unnecessary since artificial alternatives provide the same qualities without the inherently cruel nature of natural fur. We care about the health of our pets - dogs, and cats, but, nevertheless, buying products from natural fur and leather, we pay for the brutal killing of other animals that have the same right to life as you and me. The fur production also pollutes the environment, as harmful chemicals are used to make the hides. Establishing a moratorium on products that contain real fur in your stores and collaborating with suppliers who have already switched to fake fur substitutes will show that your clothing line is committed to ending violence. Fur has become a symbol of luxury, not protection against the cold. Faux fur coats and warm coats perfectly warm us, and leatherette products are not inferior in beauty and elegance to genuine leather products. I'm David W., and the whole team believes the world will be kinder and better if we don't exterminate animals for fashion. Trust us and try new substitutes for natural fur. They are much better!
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  • Stop the SEND crisis in schools
    Many schools are so ill-equipped and under-trained to deal with SEND issues, they either treat the child’s hidden disability as a behavioural problem, or blame parents for “exaggerating” (or even causing) their child’s needs. School is not an emotionally safe place for many SEND children, and absenteeism due to mental health difficulties is sky-rocketing, even amongst primary-age children. The trauma and damage these experiences cause is immeasurable, and sometimes life long: Many children fall out of the school system completely because they can no longer cope, meaning they never get the chance to fulfil their dreams or potential. As hidden disabilities become better recognised, this problem is only going to grow. SEND children need action, and they need it now.
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    Created by Lisa Green