• Ban the import, fishing, purchase and sale of Shark/Shark Fins in the UK.
    According to many conservative estimates from multiple sources, 100,000,000 sharks are slaughtered for their fins every year. That’s roughly 274,000 sharks a day. That's nearly double the population of the UK - Dying every year. We need regulations now, to protect these species imperil. Fishermen will hack the fins off living sharks and simply throw the rest of their bodies overboard, allowing them to bleed to death. Sinking fin-less, slowly to the bottom of the sea. Shark finning is a wasteful, barbaric practice, but it also has a devastating impact on our oceans. The use of these atrocious practices in the name of archaic traditions and cultures, must stop. How are we to grow as a species if we continue to act like our poorly educated predecessors. We have no excuse.
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    Created by Liam Right
  • Improve road safety on Lodge Lane , Keymer
    We want West Sussex County Council to address the issue of pedestrian and cyclist safety on Lodge Lane. Lodge Lane links the village of Keymer to the South Downs national park. A 40mph speed limit applies over the southern section of the road from Keymer to the junction with New Road (B2112). This section of Lodge Lane has no footpath and is overhung by trees. Visibility is poor for motorists. There are no street lights in the area. The route is heavily used by walkers, runners and cyclists of all ages at all times of day and night. It is an access route to Downlands school and a leisure route to the National Park. Guests staying at the camp site at the Lodge Lane/New Road junction naturally want to access village facilities, itself to be encouraged as a boost to trade. Traffic on this stretch of road is likely to increase as a result of residential development in the local area, increasing the danger to walkers and cyclists. We want West Sussex County Council to address this risk to members of our community, enabling us to move safely around our village and to encourage both local people and visitors to explore the village and the National Park.
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    Created by Angie Bowles Picture
  • Save Our Day Centre in Norfolk
    The staff recently have had to turn away 9 new referrals due to the closure so there is potential money still to be made. The Local Government should be investing in these day centres not closing them. I would have thought that we should be helping people remain in their own homes and support family carers who need that respite. The Swallows Day Centre provides a home from home and the difference between The Swallows and most other day centres is that the centre takes on clients with extra needs such as people that need feeding etc. For anyone moving from The Swallows with certain needs they will need to travel a distance to find an alternative day centre. Why then is this not an important issue! I would be happy to talk about how it is affecting my family too. Please help!
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    Created by Su Allport Picture
  • Secure the long-term protection of Crossbones Graveyard
    To protect Crossbones Graveyard and Memorial Garden as a key heritage, cultural, community and spiritual asset.
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    Created by Helen John
  • The Thin Blue Line Safe and Accessible Inclusive Cycling Route from Pelsall to Walsall Town NCN5
    It is important to make these routes accessible and safe, that are marked routes in Blue (The Thin Blue Line), the route at present only goes to Rycroft Cemetery. We want users of the route to be able to get from Pelsall Station Rd via a cycle crossing at Station Rd, Rushall then via to Cartbridge Lane South, on to a shared cycle/pathway along Lichfield Rd to the Walsall Arboretum or via Butts Street along Upper Foster Street to Walsall Town Centre or onto the existing shared cycling/pathway to Walsall College
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  • Health professionals petition to Barnet Council for declaration of a climate emergency
    Without urgent action, we fear the situation will deteriorate, as the 2018 Lancet ‘Countdown on health and climate change’ noted: A lack of progress in reducing emissions and building adaptive capacity threatens both human lives and the viability of the national health systems they depend on, with the potential to disrupt core public health infrastructure and overwhelm health services. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736%2818%2932594-7/fulltext Hence we are calling for Barnet Council to join the 60+ councils across the UK who have already declared a climate emergency, as a step towards creating a carbon neutral borough by 2030. This action is an important step towards mitigating the adverse effects such as heat stress on the elderly, air pollution on children, and other health issues which we are increasingly encountering. The full motion to be considered is below: 30 July 2019: Full Council Motion: Cllr Alan Schneiderman Climate emergency motion Council notes: Over 60 councils have passed ‘climate emergency’ motions since the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report on Global Warming of 1.50C was published in October 2018. This report describes the major environmental harms that a 20C rise in world temperature is likely to cause and urges that governments and related authorities world-wide seek to limit global temperature rises to 1.50C. That there is cross party support for climate emergency motions and ambitious carbon reduction strategies – the 61 councils that already passed such a motion include Labour led, Conservative led, Liberal Democrat led and NOC authorities. That the IPCC’s Special report on Global Warming of 1.50C argues that limiting Global temperature rises to 1.50C may still be possible with ambitious action from national Governements AND local Government working in collaboration with partner agencies, organisations, groups and local communities. Council resolves: To acknowledge that there is a climate emergency and that as an authority we can play a part in trying to address it. To aim to make the London Borough of Barnet a carbon-neutral borough by 2030. To establish and support a climate change action group that is chaired by an individual from outside of the borough council and is comprised of representatives of all parties on the council, council officers, representatives of local employers, local education establishments, partner organisaitons, local community groups, faith groups, local environmental groups, trade unions and other representatives of local civil society to encourage and coordinate the drive towards a carbon-neutral borough. To require the Administration and senior officers to collaborate with this action group, to examine what more can be done by the borough council to deliver a carbon-neutral borough, and to work with the action group to produce and publish a plan setting out how the council, through itspolicies, practices and actions will help to deliver a carbon-neutral borough by the set date. To require that the Administration, as part of the regular performance review process routinely reviews progress against this plan and if necessary takes action to expedite progress towards the carbon-netural goal. To require that the Administration works with the Mayor of London and cross-party representatives from Councils across Greater London to produce a regional climate emergency strategic collaboration plan to move to a carbon –neutral region. Regular meetings of this group will become part of the battle for a carbon neutral region. To require that the chief executive and the leaders of all groups on the council jointly write to the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs declaring a climate emergency and urging him to give local government across the country powers and funding to take meaningful action to address this emergency.
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    Created by Joe Piper
  • Stop Kilsyth medical centre refusing Twechar patients
    It is important as this the local practice for most of the village and has been for over 100 years also the community don’t have great access to travel to other practices it has been bad enough with the cuts to services vital to the community.
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  • 20mph for Hadlow Village in Kent
    The Hadlow SpeedWatch team together with our Parish Council have begun a campaign to reduce the speed limit through Hadlow village centre to 20 mph. Also to reduce the 40mph to 30mph along the A26 entering and exiting Hadlow village. These reduced speed limits will make Hadlow a safer place for young and old alike. We NEED YOUR SUPPORT so please complete our online petition and help us get the support of the Council to make Hadlow a safer place for all. Many thanks for your help
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    Created by Hadlow Speedwatch
  • Access to digital banking
    It is important because many, like me, either do not have a mobile phone, or do not receive a mobile signal. Some banks, such as Nationwide, have solved the problem by supplying customers with a debit card and card reader. HMRC use my land line in order to send me an access code. Sainsbury's have written to me to say, effectively, tough titty, if you don't like it take your business elsewhere! I live in a rural area, and our access to banks is diminishing daily. Digital banking is the future, and the first signs are appearing that this might disappear too, especially for those of us who live in rural areas.
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    Created by Colin Davies
  • Reinstate an RBS branch in Dalbeattie
    There are no Banks in Dalbeattie. It is very poor for a State owned Bank to teat people this way. Perhaps all the big Banks could get together and cooperate to start some sort of Banking Hub. Not many years ago it was possible for a bright pupil to leave Dalbeattie high School walk down the high Street and get a Job with any one of three Banks. Not anymore.
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  • Save our home library service
    It's very important for the" shut ins" especially those who live alone, some in that situation either have no family, or non that visit, the librarian calling once a month is a lifeline, they might not see another human face. This is especially important when many of them might loose their TV licence,it would be catastrophic for these people.
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  • Cafe Velo - Save Our Decking Area
    1. It adds a valuable seating area to the cafe and the loss would result in a much reduced income for the business. 2. The outside area is sloped & in icy/wet weather it is dangerous. 3. It has been much admired by passersby, who have commented on how much nicer & inviting it has made the area. 4. We have recently won Cycling UKs best cycling cafe of the year & this has contributed towards it.
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    Created by Vicky Richards
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