• Make it compulsory for the government to provide social housing for all who want it
    This is an important issue as more and more people find themselves in financial hardship as the impacts of coronavirus on the economy become more rife. it is therefore important tat the government building and supplying of social housing aligns with need, to ensure all who want social housing are able. This is imperative for millions of peoples physical and mental wellbeing.
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    A ‘home’ is viewed by many as place of safety, security and comfort; but for some the aspect of safety can be taken away by the act of violence. The entity of a home then changes from a sanctuary to a place of dread and fear.
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  • End discrimination against rough sleepers
    Rough sleeping is a serious issue, stop anti homeless infrastructure preventing homeless people staying in safer areas of the city centers, rough sleeping is already hard enough with the government making it harder and more dangerous!
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  • Provide legislation to end unnecessary evictions
    Unnecessary evictions are the number 1 cause of homelessness, end this practice and reduce the homeless issue.
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    Open discrimination towards people on benefits is actively taking place across the country regarding housing availability. Recent studies show that over the last five years, 1/3 of people receiving housing benefits haven't been able to rent a home due to a 'No DSS' policy. There are over 1 million private renting households in England who receive housing benefit, meaning that hundreds of thousands of people have most likely faced this type of discrimination. In an expanding and competitive lettings market, far too many renters are being locked out of finding a home due to prejudice fronted by 'No DSS' policies employed by lettings agents and landlords.
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    Created by Abigail Hunter-Welling
  • save the junction
    The building is not only a famous landmark in featherstone it is the hub of our community. For many years it has been at the heart of peoples lives from wedding receptions, birthday parties, and funeral wakes. Many people in the area tell stories of happy times in the junction, more recently it has become a music venue and also a supporter of local charities. We have a hardcore of regulars who want the pub to remain and the clientele has greatly increased thanks to the efforts of the recent landlord. It would be a tragedy for the town were it to be sold and re-developed.
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  • Arbroath dual carriageway
    Because the council budget cannot adequately provide current services so why spend money on something that is unnecessary
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  • Renew the Homelessness Reduction Act funding
    The Homelessness Reduction Act (2017) gave new duties and roles to local housing authorities to prevent homelessness experiences from ever happening in the first place. In addition councils must support people out of homelessness, whether classed as 'priority need' or not. (Haringey Council, 2019) Following the introduction of the Act, £72 million was given to local councils by the government, to be used in combatting homelessness (Barton and Wilson, 2020) This funding runs out in 2020 and there is no indication that it will be renewed. (Butler, 2019) Given that the new role of local authorities to prevent homelessness is already being neglected by some as they don't have the fund to implement it (Geraghty, 2018), the renewal of this funding is even more important to encourage more local authorities to take responsibility and engage with the program.
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    Created by Simon Howard
  • Replace the property's leaving the Social Housing pool
    The number of government funded social housing has fallen by 97% since 2010 with over 120,000 social homes lost between 2012 and 2016. (Kentish, 2017) https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/social-housing-government-funded-properties-rent-falls-97-per-cent-study-homes-communities-agency-a7799116.html Councils only replace less than a third of homes sold under the 'Right to Buy Scheme' and without a flow of new homes, the proposed benefits of the scheme will never be experienced by future generations. (McKay, 2018) https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/jun/11/councils-able-to-replace-one-third-homes-sold-under-right-to-buy Many social housing properties are being sold to former landlords. These landlords are increasing rent prices, meaning that some people are unable to pay the rent of even the most basic formerly council-owned property. (Savage, 2019) https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/jan/19/ministers-urged-halt-right-buy-council-homes-rented
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    Created by Simon Howard
  • Expand the support for young homeless people.
    Raising the age important because they are still young and with their lives ahead of them, we shouldn't be turning our backs on them we should be supporting them now so that they can have better lives later on. Abolishing the 'under 21 and having been in care' criteria is important because, whilst these former children of care are incredibly vulnerable and need extensive support, so do all young homeless people. Each case is different with some young people experience abusive and violent home environments that cause homelessness, yet it was never reported and thus care support was never received.
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  • Give Skem Men-Aces Recognition On One Of Our Many Roundabouts
    Skem Men-Aces is one of the most highly decorated disability football teams in the country and deserves some recognition within it's hometown by way of a permanent sign on one of our many roundabouts. Most advertising signs, on our roundabouts, are empty and it would be great to see one turned permanently into a "Home of The Skem Men-Aces" sign. Skem Men-Aces is a real jewel in the crown of the wonderful things this town has to offer and it would be a fitting tribute to such an incredible club that has even won the Queens Award for voluntary services.
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  • 'Please don't let our loved ones die alone'
    This is a matter concerning us all. No one wants to let their loved ones go without the chance of a proper physical goodbye. Signing this petition will highlight the matter to the higher and concerned authorities. Losing someone close without being informed can only make this depressing situation even more lonely. We don't want that. Let's all be in this together.
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    Created by Meojanur Rahman Nijam