• Clean up the toxic culture of harassment in Westminster
    “Please stay away”. Those are the words an MP was told yesterday after it emerged they had been arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual assault. The Chief Whip - who is responsible for ensuring their parties' MP’s attend and vote in parliament - has asked the MP to not attend Parliament, but he hasn't actually been banned from the premises. This is just the latest example of sexual misconduct within parliament. A few weeks ago, MP Ahmed Khan resigned after he was found guilty of sexual assault. And right now a staggering 56 MPs are being investigated after being accused of making sexually inappropriate comments. After the party gate scandal, Boris Johnson promised to change the culture within Downing Street but it’s clear that the Houses of Commons needs cleaning up too. A huge petition signed by hundreds of thousands of us will show those in charge that the public demands they clean up the toxic culture within Westminster.
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  • Repair the Catter Burn Bridge
    Let's get this bridge replaced. The road has been closed since September 2021 and no work has been started this is a major route to Glasgow now having a ten-mile detour. How long is this to be ignored?
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    Created by Brian Johnstone
  • Free parking at Eastrop Park
    The introduction of parking charges at Eastrop Park has been implemented during a cost of living crisis. It ignored a significant level (c99%) of public objection; it restricts access to outdoor space and exercise with the associated health benefits following pandemic restrictions; it adversely affects those on a low income (according to the Council's own Equalities Impact Assessment) predominantly women who are far more likely to be poor, have care of children, and not have access to their own garden; it impacts on the elderly and infirm and their carers; and it sets a precedent that charging for access to parks in Basingstoke and Deane is OK. It is not OK.
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    Created by Cllr Paul Basham
  • Stop The £100 Petrol Fee
    This is an unfair charge that could lead to people entering unarranged overdraft and occurring extra credit card/debit card fees or even being left with no way to purchase fuel. I have, myself, been charged because of this issue. When you buy at the pump, the banks used to make a small £1 charge to check your card then refund it. But now they are automatically ringfencing £100 before you can get petrol, it is wholly unacceptable. This should be outlawed as people are going to find these charges on their accounts without realising this.
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    Created by Andrea Cole
  • Don't electronically tag innocent people for attending protests
    The Government’s new Public Order Bill would allow police to put innocent people on electronic ankle tags and ban them from attending marches and demonstrations. Campaigners and people who want to attend a protest need not have ever committed any offence in order to be given a so-called “protest banning order” by the police. Under this new anti-protest law, the police will be given powers to monitor campaigners using electronic GPS tags, restrict their internet activities and prevent them from attending protests. These are some of the most disturbing and anti-democratic police powers introduced in the UK for decades. After the shocking police behaviour towards grieving women at the Clapham vigil for Sarah Everard, we fear these ankle tags could entail serious abuse. There is no place for police monitoring and oppression of people simply campaigning for change. These extreme police powers would be controversial in Russia and China – we cannot allow them in a democratic country like the UK. If thousands of us sign this petition, we can make Priti Patel drop these dangerous new powers.
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    Created by Big Brother Watch Picture
  • Mortgage Accessibility for Private Renters
    This issue affects everyone. Everyone that is renting a home but doesn't want to. Everyone who is struggling daily, weekly and monthly to get by. Everyone with 2/3/4 jobs just to make ends meet. The people in power don't see this issue because they are not living paycheck to paycheck. They don't understand the stress of paying rent every month for years on end and having nothing to show for it at the end of the day. Or the stress of never feeling secure in your home incase your landlord sells from under you. It's looking after the rich and exploiting the poor, and nowadays, everyone is poor.
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    Created by Brogan Stewart
  • Birmingham City Council Re Open Woodgate Valley Visitors Centre
    The Woodgate Valley Visitors Centre needs to be open and this is why we need your help to get it back open. If you are a resident within the South Birmingham area we are asking you to support this petition by signing it sharing it with your friends and family.
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    Created by Michael Thawe
  • Put tactile tiles on ALL railway platforms - stop fatalities
    A coroner’s hearing blamed lack of tactile tiles for a blind man’s death. Although these sound like harrowing, rare incidents, falls from platforms due to a lack of tactile paving happen all too often according to the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). It says studies have shown that blind or partially sighted people make up 15% of all those who fall from platforms, despite representing only 3.3% of the UK's population, although no specific numbers were provided. It said it was "aware of several similar occurrences" where the lack of tactile paving may have contributed to people with sight loss falling onto railway tracks. Currently, 40% of mainline railway stations in England, Scotland and Wales do not have tactile paving - that amounts to about 1,000 stations. The rail network in Northern Ireland has tactile paving on all its platform edges, according to the RNIB. Cleveland's death happened in the same London region as Artur's fall. "I'm angry that's it's still happening eight years after me," Artur says. "I'm angry because no one did anything.". Since 1998 the government has said the implementation of tactile paving should be "considered" in new developments and improvement schemes at stations. Guidance it reiterated in 2021 but currently, it is not a legal requirement to incorporate it. Artur says: "It is incomprehensible to me that almost a quarter of a century wasn't long enough to install tactile paving. "It only shows that the rail industry doesn't care enough about the health and safety of disabled passengers." This has been advocated for over 25 years! What is stopping this measure except lack of commitment?
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    Created by Johnty Ebenezer
    Each year, on November 11th., we all remember the veterans who died for their country. During the First World War, Private W. Tongs was killed undertaking 9 acts of bravery, each act deserved the Victoria Cross, but due to bureaucratic failure, it was overlooked and not issued, despite being recorded on his Government Burial Certificate 5 years after the event, as can be seen in the website:- www.tongsvc.co.uk
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    Created by Colin Tongs
  • 2030 is unnecessary delay to stop all HIV infections in the UK
    Other people should join this petition to tell those organisations, the government and the NHS that it could be doing better and 2030 is just not good enough. There is no reasonable explanation why HIV cannot be stopped sooner and why are these organisations. like THT, the Elton John AIDS foundation decided to sit on their hands and fail over the decades to democratise HIV sector and push for better representation of HIV+ people directly to have a say in their own NHS care - why has been left to a doctors union to saturate the commissioning of HIV services and wield to much power over the sector. It is important to stop the silent complicity that is threatened by adverse public contract outcomes by the people who set the specifications for HIV treatment and also have a hand in the awarding of contracts to HIV charities and sit on the boards and trustees for the same charities. It is important to stop excluding HIV+ people as they have limited say and input into a sector that claims to be representing their needs but is constantly prioritising the funding applications for public contracts.
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    Created by Craig Reading
  • Announce an emergency budget
    People and families across the UK have been left reeling over the fact that there was no mention or additional support for the cost of living crisis millions are currently facing in this year's Queen's Speech. Energy bills have risen and will rise again in the autumn with over a million households predicted to struggle to pay their bill. Food in supermarkets is predicted to increase by 15% and childcare costs have soared for 2 in 3 families. Something needs to be done to help so many get through this crisis. That's why campaigners and people all over the country are calling on the government to announce an emergency budget to properly tackle it. Agree? Add your name to the petition today.
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    Exeter has a proud culture of welcoming new arrivals, and we believe our diversity makes our city stronger and more vibrant. We’re calling on the U.K. Government to drop this discriminatory and inhumane policy completely, and particularly for LGBTQI+ people.
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    Created by Steve Race