• Channel 4: Don’t take money from dirty oil giant BP
    Channel 4 have just announced that BP, one of the world’s biggest polluters, will sponsor their Tokyo Paralympic coverage this summer. While the world is facing a climate emergency, Channel 4 should not be entering deals with companies who profit from such disasters. BP is one of the companies most responsible for the climate crisis we’re facing, with Australia burning and species disappearing before our eyes. It is the 11th biggest corporate source of greenhouse emissions in history. By signing a sponsorship deal with BP, Channel 4 are allowing BP to protect and hide behind their brand and image. But huge public pressure from viewers like us could force them to u-turn. Will you add your name now?
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  • Gravel Pitt (NW quadrant) car park additional entrances
    Poor access to the North West Quadrant car park at Derriford Hospital (otherwise known as the Gravel Pitt) is a growing issue. This large and well used car park has only one entrance for cars to gain access into it, as well as requiring swipe access. Each morning from approximately 7.30 and during peak travel times the volume of people trying to gain access to this car park creates so much traffic that cars are queued back and beyond the main Derriford roundabout, due to this cars then end up blocking the roundabout stopping all traffic including non-Derriford staff from accessing adjoining roads and so the whole of the local area starts to become gridlocked with cars all stemming back to the issue of staff queuing to get into the Gravel pit with one access point. Over the last 5 years Gravel Pitt has grown in size however no attempt has been made to create additional entrances for the increase in use of the car park and is now effecting not only the hospital site but the local plymouth community and its commuters. Can I ask that if this issue is a frustration to you and effects your morning commute to please sign this petition. Ann James (Derriford chief exec) and Saba (parking company) have been contacted on this issue. Local councillors have been contacted for their support on this matter. Hopefully this small change can make a difference to the local community.
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  • Stop cutting Air Passenger Duty
    This is important because this continues to make a form of Transport which has by far the highest carbon footprint a relatively cheap option. The Government should be subsidising and investing heavily in road and rail based public transport if there is any chance of the UK reaching a carbon neutral target by 2030.
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  • Don’t fuel the climate crisis
    Flying produces the highest amount of emissions of any way to travel, and contributes massively to the climate crisis. Despite this, the government is planning to cut air passenger duty for all flights in a bid to save Flybe, when there are other options on the table. At a time when the government should be trying to cut emissions hugely, this shouldn’t happen. It’s important to save jobs, but there are other options to save Flybe other than giving a tax break to all airlines. Cutting air passenger duty would have long-lasting effects, and increase domestic flights when we should be aiming to reduce them to stop the climate crisis.
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  • Staff Our Stations
    Violent crime and assaults on rail passengers and staff continue to rise. In 2018/19 there was a 16% rise in violent crime on our railways. Despite this, train companies are increasingly attempting to close station ticket offices, cut hours and staffing at stations and increase levels of lone working. In a recent survey, over 70% of RMT railway worker members think violence on the railways has increased in the last year. A massive 90% of RMT London Underground members say violence on the Underground has increased in the las year – and over 80% think this increase is linked to cuts to station staffing. Station staff play a vital role in ensuring staff, secure and accessible railways. They assist with train dispatch and help passengers onto the train. Station staff help prevent suicides, make stations feel more secure, deter crime and provide additional assistance for elderly and disabled passengers. Station staff also provide expert travel advice to passengers and assist them in navigating the complex ticketing system to ensure they get the best priced ticket for their journey. The RMT resolutely believes these cuts are about profit, not passengers. In the last decade, over £2 billion has been paid in dividends by private train companies to their shareholders. The RMT Staff our Stations campaign is calling for: • Stop the cuts to station staffing across the railways and on London Underground • Stop ticket office closures and cuts to ticket office opening hours • Ensure all stations are fully staffed and accessible for passengers • An end to the violence against passengers and railway workers Please sign this petition, and call on the Government, Train Companies and Transport for London to ensure fully staffed and accessible stations across the rail network and London Underground. An Early Day Motion has been tabled in parliament, in support of this campaign. Please consider asking your MP to sign EDM #38. A model letter for doing so is available on the RMT website - https://www.rmt.org.uk/campaigns/rail/sos-staff-our-stations/
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  • No more building on green field sites
    Our countryside is being eroded little by little, and our cities are being abandoned. We need a total moratorium on building on green field and green belt sites until ALL the disused sites and derelict buildings have been put to use.
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  • Urgent Changes Needs to CPCS - NOCN Plant operators cards
    People are missing out on Jobs because they are unable to renew or apply for new cards and thus not prove they are eligible to operate plant & machinery The CITB Card checker is no longer getting updated The NOCN Card Checker doesn't work There is no online booking system for the touch screen tests and to book 3 categories take approx 30 minutes All old CPCS number are now being changed
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  • Ban Dangerous Pesticides in Haslemere
    The use of glyphosates has already been banned or restricted in 8 countries. It is not acceptable that ourselves, our children and the animals we share our community with are being routinely exposed to these chemicals whether we like it or not. This is a matter of great importance for those of us who care about each other's health and the health of our children, our cats, our dogs and all the flora and fauna of this city, of course including our beloved bees. Frensham Parish Council has successfully banned glyphosate and there have been no issues with excessive weeds! Let’s also help to bring our biodiversity back! Surrey County council (Highways) contracts Waverley Borough Council to spray glyphosate on our street verges, round houses, schools, playing fields and churches. Therefore we are concerned about children exposed to this proven carcinogenic herbicide. We at the Haslemere Transition group would welcome unsprayed wildflower verges as an alternative; safe havens for pollinators and insects as well as bee friendly planting in public spaces. If you don't live in this area, click here to sign or start the campaign for your city: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/start-a-pesticide-campaign
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  • Keep the pension for age gap marriages the same.
    Just a year's notice has been given and this is not enough to make alternative plans.
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    Across the globe and in the UK itself climate catastrophe is upon us. We are witnessing floods in the UK, reduction of productive farmlands, extreme weather events, uncontrollable fires, a rapid decline in plant and animal life in the UK and around the world. On May 16th 2019 the Dorset Council recognised a state of Climate Emergency: “We have an opportunity and an obligation to demonstrate leadership – thinking globally about the implications of climate change and acting locally to help address it in our communities.’’ Many councils and our parliament now recognise a state of Climate Emergency. But invariably business carries on as usual and CO2 is continuing to rise at a terrifying rate. This application, validated by Dorset Council, for drilling a new oil well is a prime example of this inability to grasp the reality we find ourselves in and to act accordingly. We demand that you stand by your stated obligation, show leadership and act locally to prevent the worst ravages of catastrophic climate change. Furthermore, this planning application directly contravenes the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF, Feb 2019) which states that “The purpose of the planning system is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development…meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. The environmental objective includes, “mitigating and adapting to climate change, including moving to a low carbon economy.” Therefore, this application is in direct breach of the NPPF. South Western Energy, Ltd, aspires to produce oil from the proposed well for at least 20 years. The oil would then be trucked with 8 articulated tankers a day from 9:00 to 17:00 to Fawley Oil Refinery, 50 miles away Please sign this petition and tell Dorset Council to abide by the NPPF, and to act on behalf of the environment and future generations. Do not approve this application. We must act now as we are witnessing ecosystems collapsing worldwide. We must get off fossil fuels and move to a low carbon economy. Dorset Council, you as our elected representatives, work for us. We demand that you stand by your own words, and Government policy. Do not hasten us to our own demise. Say NO to South Western Energy and drilling in Puddletown.
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  • Stop cuts to the Stockport Local Assistance Scheme
    1) The Stockport Local Assistance Scheme (SLAS) offers support to meet emergency needs, e.g. when someone cannot afford to buy food or clothing, gas or electricity, or school uniforms and it provides support to persons moving on from temporary accommodation, through provision of furniture, beds and essential household items. 2) The Cabinet's Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) reveals that 28% of successful applications to the SLAS in 2018/19 were from residents of Brinnington & Central ward. Davenport & Cale Green ward was second, with 10.2%. At the other end of the scale, the proportion of successful applications to the SLAS that year from Bramhall South was 0.28%, from Stepping Hill 0.8% and from Bramhall North 0.95%. 3) Moreover, the EIA also reveals that, in the same year, 47.7% of successful applications to the SLAS were from single parents (up from 33.1% in 2016/17). 4) That Stockport Council’s Cabinet has put forward a proposal to cut the SLAS budgets currently allocated for care and resettlement, and uniforms, from £288,187 to £68,186, a cut of 76%. 5) The Cabinet also proposes merger of the administration of the SLAS with that for Discretionary Council Tax Support and Discretionary Housing Payments. Substantial new duties are proposed for staff, in searching for help from charities and other external agents, in preference to use of the residual fund held by the Council, yet the staffing budget is to be cut by 41%. 6) The Cabinet proposes to allocate a one-off buffer of £100,000 – for one year only – as the new system is introduced. But this is less than half of the £220,000 cut from the current Care and Resettlement and Uniforms budgets alone, before we even consider the 41% staffing budget cut. 7) That the Cabinet's proposal needs to be viewed in the context of the report of Professor Alston, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights, which revealed that : "14 million people, a fifth of the population, live in poverty. Four million of these are more than 50% below the poverty line, and 1.5 million are destitute". Stockport Foodbank states that 1 in 5 children in the Borough live in homes below the poverty threshold. 8) Professor Alston also commented, “great misery has also been inflicted unnecessarily, especially on the working poor, on single mothers struggling against mighty odds, on people with disabilities who are already marginalized, and on millions of children who are being locked into a cycle of poverty from which most will have great difficulty escaping”. 9) That this proposed cut, hitting the poorest people in the Borough, comes after two financial years in which the Council returned net underspends on total budget of £4.7 million and £3.875 million. Moreover, the Council has just received a windfall of £6 million, returned from the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Contract renegotiation. We, the undersigned believe that it is morally repugnant and wrong for the plight of the poorest people in the Borough to be worsened by this cut being targeted upon them. Note : Please read our full analysis of the Support Funds proposal in Section 3 of our report on the Cabinet’s 2020/21 cuts package, at https://tinyurl.com/scbgl5p Stockport United Against Austerity
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  • Lidl/Aldi for Stornoway
    Because there is very little choice between Coop and Tesco on an ever expanding Island. With tourism being high in the summer months shopping for locals can be a nightmare another couple of shops would help reduce the chaos.
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