• Maths and English GCSE for SEN children
    Under government law, it is compulsory for all children including those with special educational needs to study maths and English to the age of 19 alongside any other course until they reach grade 4 and above. Many SEN teens find this a huge trigger for overwhelm and anxiety. Many are bright creatives, musicians and artists who are finally able to focus on a course that suits them after years of school environments that have failed them. They are forced into retaking maths or English over and over despite trying the best they can and constant failure can seriously impact on self esteem and mental health. If the lack of one or the other of these qualifications are a barrier in life then the opportunity to come back to them without the added pressure of the clock ticking would be far more valuable than the way things currently stand. Metaphorically speaking, it’s time for this government to stop judging fish by their ability to climb trees. They are damaging our bright creative neurodiverse kids as a result. We want our bright, neurodiverse kids to have the best chance at an education that works for them. Currently it does not!
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    Created by Lucy Mizen
  • Review the use of Physician Associates in the NHS
    2 years of training does not qualify Physician Associates (PAs) to diagnose or treat patients. The promotion of PAs within medical settings has a number of negatives: - PAs are not experts in any medical role; unlike nurses or paramedics, their role does not compliment that of doctors, but rather seeks to mimic it at a vastly inferior level - PA courses are not accredited, unlike all other health professionals’ courses - Medical expertise cannot be learnt ‘on the job’ without the basic medical knowledge - PAs lack training/expertise in ethics, communication skills, etc, as well as medicine - Student PAs share and dilute the opportunities afforded to student doctors - The supervision of medical students after 4 years’ study is far more rigorous than that of PAs who have completed only 2 years’ training - PAs have no professional body to regulate their safety or behaviour, meaning they cannot be ‘struck off’ or required to retrain - There are numerous examples of PAs failing to diagnose or treat conditions correctly - They are not responsible for their mistakes because they should be supervised by doctors - Doctors do not have time to supervise and repeat the work of PAs - Repetition of patient history and examination by a doctor is a waste of both patient’s and doctor’s time - Doctors are made responsible for the work of PAs, even where they do not choose to employ them - In numerous NHS Trusts and GP surgeries, PAs undertake doctors’ shifts without supervision - GP practices are reimbursed by the NHS for employing PAs and other health professionals, whereas employing doctors is a cost to the surgery - PAs have a net cost beyond salary and oncosts, because of the supervision requirement - Patients are often unable to access a doctor, but are seen by a PA instead - Patients are often unaware that they are seeing a PA rather than a doctor - The status given to PAs undermines doctors who train for 10+ years and are highly regulated - PAs often have better pay and conditions than more competent doctors or nurses - The use of PAs is creating friction and further eroding morale within the NHS - There are now numerous unemployed GPs, in many cases as a result of their replacement by PAs Many people believe doctors are being devalued by the introduction of minimally qualified PAs in order to undermine the NHS. The public values doctors and the NHS. The usefulness of PAs is questioned if a doctor needs to supervise and repeat their work. Links: https://www.bma.org.uk/advice-and-support/nhs-delivery-and-workforce/workforce/medical-associate-professions-mapshttps://www.england.nhs.uk/long-read/additional-roles-a-quick-reference-summary/#physician-associate https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/government-general-medical-council-british-medical-association-will-quince-nhs-england-b2370453.html https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-66211103 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-12710201/Some-physician-associates-paid-90-000-year-twice-junior-doctors-salary-not-regulated.html https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-12630607/NHS-blunders-prompt-call-stop-physician-associate-recruitment.html https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-13149509/physician-associates-nhs-training.html https://www.pressreader.com/uk/the-mail-on-sunday/20240505/282415584366403 https://mailonline.pressreader.com/article/282729116530778 https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/physician-associates/ https://www.theguardian.com/society/2023/dec/13/public-confused-over-physician-associates-working-in-nhs-research-findshttps://www.theguardian.com/society/2024/jan/18/physician-associates-arent-doctors-and-shouldnt-be-regulated-as-such-says-bma https://www.theguardian.com/society/article/2024/may/12/england-locum-gps-doctors-work-surgeries-british-medical-association
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    Created by Susan Sollazzi
  • Provide a Safer Crossing of Westbourne Road near Gledholt Roundabout
    Crossing Westbourne road at this location as a pedestrian or cyclist can be a scary experience and often involves having to cross in small gaps in constant traffic and sprint out of the way of fast and emerging vehicles. It is hard to judge vehicle speeds coming off Gledholt Roundabout and often vehicles emerge from Grasmere Road without looking for pedestrians crossing the main road as they two are trying to watch for gaps in traffic from the roundabout. This is not helped by the many vehicles that ignore the no right turn signs when emerging from Glebe Street. Personally I have experienced struggling to cross and having to make a dash for it at this junction many times and have heard many others mention similar issues crossing. It is a well known issue for anyone who tries to cross here. It is even scarier for anyone crossing here with children or those less able to cross quickly. This is a busy crossing point particularly for those using Greenhead Park and is in a built up area where the barrier caused by the main road should be reduced as much as possible. This is especially important if we want more people to walk, cycle and wheel rather than jumping in the car for short journeys causing even more congestion on our roads and reducing further the available parking near Greenhead Park. Even worse is the isolation that can be caused by those who don't feel safe not feeling they can get out and about. Amazingly there is already a developed plan to do something about all this. It has already been consulted on twice as part of the A629 Phase 4 project. Unfortunately despite it being 5 years (!) since it was first consulted on in 2019 then again in 2021 the project was paused indefinitely in 2023 on financial grounds. This petition calls on Kirklees Council to fund this particular part of the scheme independently rather than having to wait on funding to become available from the A629 Phase 4 scheme as a whole. It is unknown when, if ever, this funding will become available and the need for work to make this junction safer is immediate.
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    Created by Andrew Dunlop
  • Object to plans to remove two mature trees and a bench from Market Street Hoylake
    We object to the plans to remove the bench and the trees and request that the planning application is brought to the planning committee.
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    Created by Jane Turner
  • Stop the boat licence fee surcharges!
    Have you ever been charged a fee for not having something? Canal & River Trust announced on 19th September 2023 that from 1st April 2024 it will impose an escalating 5% to 25% surcharge over 4 years on the licence fees of boats without a permanent mooring, and increased surcharges for wide-beam boats. This is on top of above-inflation increases to all boat licence fees over the next 4 years, starting with a 6% increase in April 2024. Section 17 of the British Waterways Act 1995 makes it clear that the licence to use the waterways can be held either with or without a permanent mooring. MORE INFORMATION Canal & River Trust has already raised boat licence fees by 8% in 2022 and 9% in 2023. The 6% increase and surcharges are on top of that already vastly inflated sum. Taking the escalating surcharges together with annual above-inflation increases, we estimate that by 2028, the licence for a narrowboat will cost 64% more, and for a wide-beam 130% more, if they don’t have a permanent mooring. We think this surcharge is unfair. It penalises a minority in favour of the majority. We are only 20% of the boats, yet Canal & River Trust want us to pay a surcharge to keep fees down for the majority of licence payers. The surcharge is a direct attack on our nomadic way of life, designed to pressurise us to move off the water. It will generate 0.6% of Canal & River Trust’s total income. Canal & River Trust says it aims to “balance pricing and affordability” in a way which is “fair” to all boaters. It would be much fairer to add another 1% to all 35,000 licences, instead of picking on a minority of 7,000 boats. The surcharge is not about raising finance, it’s about marginalising our community. Most of us live on our boats, and many will be at risk of losing our homes if we can’t afford the licence fee. Socio-economic change has made living on the waterways without a permanent mooring the only route to affordable housing for many people. We are on the lowest incomes of all boaters. If a boat dweller cannot afford to license their boat, their home can be seized, removed and sold by Canal & River Trust under Section 8 of the British Waterways Act 1983. Please sign our petition and help us to make sure the surcharge is defeated now!
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    Created by National Bargee Travellers Association
  • Stop These Huge Wagons Driving On Our Country Roads The Rail Road Should Be Used
    Less congested roads, no stupid risks, and the council wouldn't have to plough so much money on road works and traffic lights because of these monsters huge impact on us who have to sit behind these Disrespectfull Lorry drivers, our stone walls, beautiful bridges and pollution is a HUGE ISSUE. Our poor country roads and bridges cannot sustain these road jamming monster trucks.
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    Created by Karen Shellis
  • The Campaign for Fair Trains
    Rail is one of the greenest ways to travel, yet spiraling costs mean it's not an option for many people in the UK. Roads are becoming increasingly congested, yet many more people are turning to car use for transport because it's cheaper: the cost of taking the train has risen twice as much as the cost of motoring since 1997. And whilst we should be encouraging and incentivising train travel as it's one of the greenest ways to travel, a complicated franchise model has resulted in runaway fares, which are often quadruple the price of other travel options. For example, the cheapest flight from Bristol to Edinburgh or Glasgow starts at £23 with easyJet, while a CrossCountry train starts at £108.50. The plane carries 169 passengers and emits 33 tonnes of CO2e whereas the train has 284 seats and emits 0.3 tonnes of CO2e. What's more, 18 million UK adults do not drive a car, they are becoming increasingly isolated and financially crippled in their need to use train travel to work or to see friends and family. It's time to reform the train system and introduce models such as in Germany, where a hugely successful €49 a month public transport ticket has been introduced, to tackle both the cost of living crisis and reduce emissions.
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    Created by Aimee Brewerton
  • Speed Bumps for Brooklands Road, Bletchley
    We the residents of Brooklands Road would like the safety of our families, elderly and the everyday members of the public to no longer be ignored. Brooklands Road is an important roadway and connection to Queensway, which sees an increasing number of motor traffic and pedestrians. We believe that speed bumps can no longer be ignored for the safety of residents and it should not take an incident to spur our Councillors to take action.
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    Created by Marcello Bianco
  • Legal Aid - Justice for All
    Because legal aid cuts have an enormous economic and social cost on welfare and fabric society. Inequalities erode trust in the UK Justice system, without which there is no order.
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    Created by victoria salomon
  • Stop supermarket bosses from using misleading British food labels
    Supermarkets need to stop misleading us so that they can undermine British farmers who have higher standards. They’re accused of stamping Union Jacks and “Made in Britain” on food grown abroad so you think you’re buying local but it undercuts us with cheap imports. When the Government saw the media backlash this caused, they immediately opened a public consultation about how to make sure food labels tell you where your food comes from. They're deciding right now how to address misleading food labels, and we're worried they won’t know how sick we all are of being ripped off and misled. They need to hear it’s time to crack down on supermarket bosses. We saw them spring into action in March, but to show the backlash hasn’t died down we need hundreds and thousands of people like you to sign the petition so Defra knows that they have to do whatever it takes to make sure food labels aren’t meaningless to protect our food standards.
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  • Implement Minimum Wage and Personal/Travel Expense Policies for Politicians and Ministers
    I, like many of you, have seen the disconnect between our politicians and the reality of life in our state. The very individuals who are meant to serve us seem to be exploiting their positions for personal gain. This is why I am calling for a change in how we compensate our MPs, PMs and Ministers. No state can exist without its population; it's the people that make a state thrive. Yet, it seems that those elected to represent us have lost touch with this fundamental truth. They use their positions as a means to an end rather than serving the interests of those they represent. By introducing these policies in our state, we will ensure that those who govern us do so with first-hand knowledge of what life is like on an average income. There must be no divide and no disconnection between the state and its citizens. It is time we held our politicians accountable not only through votes but also through policies that reflect reality rather than privilege. Please sign this petition if you believe in creating a more equitable system where one cannot rule over another without understanding what their life is like.
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    Created by Aleksandr Zabolotnov