• Pharmacie Café outdoor safe garden
    This is extremely important as we are in the middle of a pandemic and we would like customers to be able to use the café and be at a safe distance from each other. Using the garden and outside space will mean we can have a larger capacity and therefore have more opportunity to be a viable business.
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    Created by Deiron Patel
  • 20s Plenty for Hertfordshire
    Our campaign has uncovered many of our supporters living in communities blighted by speeding and excessive traffic noise and pollution. They have real fears for the safety of their loved ones, leading to poor mental health and impacting on their quality of life. Many of us live in towns and villages that are not equipped for the huge increases of speeding and heavy polluting traffic, Hertfordshire County Council advocate walking and cycling to schools and walks for wellbeing how is this possible when Hertfordshire roads are so dangerous? Why adopt 20mph? 20mph default speed limits reduce serious road injuries and death rates. >70% of residents want 20mph default limits this grows when mandatory. 20 million people in the UK already live in areas with 20mph default speed limits, where local authorities have rejected 30mph as a default limit. 20mph default speed limits marry safety and sustainability (Stockholm Declaration, 2020) therefore improving health and wellbeing from a cleaner environment and more active lifestyles. Medical experts are calling for 20mph default speed limits as they ‘lower the baseline‘ for NHS demand by reducing the NHS load. Please go to our national site for further information www.20splenty.org
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  • Speed calming measures for Elwick Road (nr Elwick Grove)
    This road goes from 60mph to 30mph from Elwick to Hartlepool. The 30mph speed limit starts quite close to the Elwick Grove estate entrance, and many vehicles do not reduce their speed as they pass the estate. The issue is that vehicles tend to ignore the 30mph limit as they drive past Elwick Grove estate, or indeed speed up in readiness for the 60mph change if they are coming up the hill. There are many families living in Elwick Grove estate, using that road to cross with children for school etc. There is also a risk of a collision where people are exiting the estate with speeding vehicles coming down Elwick Road, not having an opportunity to slow down. This is an accident waiting to happen with some residents already experiencing near misses. We request the council assesses this as a priority and put speed calming measures in place before a serious collision or a pedestrian is knocked down by a speeding vehicle.
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    Created by Louise Donnelly
  • Better Primary Care for Stamford “Save St Mary’s”
    Lakeside Healthcare Group unexpectedly announced on Wednesday 16th September 2020 that St Mary’s surgery will close 1st December 2020. This has triggered considerable public disquiet and discontent, not only about this decision but also about the current quality of Primary Care delivery in Stamford. It has become clear that the Primary Care Committee of Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group [CCG] who contract with Lakeside has not approved the closure and will need to be satisfied that patient needs can be met with the appropriate level of quality care. The Patient Participation Group calls upon Lincolnshire CCG to work in conjunction with South Kesteven District Council [SKDC] to develop a strategic plan for the delivery of Primary Care in Stamford that will be fit for the next 20 years in line with the Local Plan. This plan should be based on a thorough “needs-based analysis” reviewing the town and surrounding villages' current and future demography, the distribution & growth of population, its traffic flows and projections of future healthcare needs as defined in the NHS long term plans … and whether it is the public’s best interests for there to be a monopoly primary care provider. This cannot be left to Lakeside alone who by their rushed and unplanned attempt to close St Mary’s have already shown they do not possess the required competence to lead on such an important subject.
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  • Abolish School Exclusions in the UK
    In the UK we exclude around 8,000(APX) pupils each year We are 3x times more likely to exclude Black Caribbean Pupils SEND students are also hard hit In 2011 the Government changed the way in which schools were held to account for the permanent exclusions they decided to issue. The Independent Review Panel (the only Independent part of the school exclusions appeal process) could no longer allow (reinstate) a pupil to return back to the school if they deem the exclusion to have been wrong. The removal of such a vital safeguard to protect young people from putative and discriminatory sanction used by Headteachers across the UK- allowed for a steady normalisation of the exclusion figures of children to loom at around 7,800 each year. We believe this should not be the norm. In Scotland, last year they only permanently excluded 3 pupils. The Government’s disregard for the outcomes of young people has led to this community coalition demanding the complete removal of the ability to exclude children from schools. The Secretary of State is failing its international Human rights obligations of ensuring non- discrimination, and its obligations under the International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. .
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    Created by BLAM UK
  • Make it mandatory for taxi drivers to wear a mask
    A taxi is an enclosed space and passengers can be on long journeys with the taxi driver and should therefore wear a mask. My daughter travels in a taxi for 3 hours a day with no social distancing and the driver is not wearing a mask. This needs to change
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    Created by Lyn Godfrey
  • Children under 11 should be searched for within 3 hours of being reported missing
    A young girl was missing for 18 years before she was found. She was held in a shed in the garden of her kidnappers home, raped and abused by himself and his wife resulting in two daughters. Eighteen years. Eighteen years of abuse. Eighteen years of rape. Eighteen years. This petition is important to me because children will forever be a part of this world and they should be protected because without them there is no future.
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    Created by Natalia Chmielewska
  • No child should be too hungry to learn
    6 children in every class of 30 are at risk of starting the day too hungry to learn. Hungry children struggle to concentrate on lessons and miss out on hours of valuable learning. This all contributes to a learning gap between children from disadvantaged backgrounds and their peers. That’s why the charities Magic Breakfast and Feeding Britain has put forward the ‘School Breakfast Bill’ - a potential new law that would provide schools the support they require to provide a free and nutritious breakfast to children at risk of hunger. But for the bill to become law we need to show that the public supports it. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, even more children are at risk of hunger. Will you sign the petition to demand that no child is too hungry to learn?
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  • Loosen Gender Recognition Requirements
    Many trans and non-binary people do not necessarily feel gender dysphoria to a strong enough degree or in a typical manner that would lead to a diagnosis. In addition, it should be an inherent right of all people to identify personally and legally as the gender that makes them the most comfortable without a rigorous, extended, and invasive investigation into their own experience of gender.
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    Created by Sofia Stannard
  • Lakeside Healthcare in Stamford provide the service you are paid for
    Lakeside makes the following claim: "Lakeside Healthcare is a new type of NHS general practice which builds upon and celebrates all that is great about traditional primary care services. We are local surgeries run by doctors, nurses and associated staff who know their patients and care deeply about the quality of health provided in their communities." Our experience is very different. Phone calls take a very long time to be answered, and it is between very difficult and impossible to get a face-to-face appointment.
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    Created by Kenneth Burke
  • Please fix our footpath
    This is the only safe access to our homes. The other way is by road with no pavement. The footpath has been there for many years and is in need of some major repare due to landslide.
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  • We need a urgent treatment centre in Bordon
    Chase Hospital has insufficient services for a expanding community. The former ward has been left , when it could be used to serve the local community as a urgent treatment centre. Closest A&E is around 30 minutes away and is under much strain . And the local MIU are restricted to what they can do . We need to safeguard our community & major hospitals.
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    Created by Aiden Castillo