• Improving road safety Wickham Way BR3
    There have been 4 car crashes in same spot over last 3 years. Nothing has been changed to mitigate against further accidents despite communications with police and council. Pedestrians as well as road users and residents are at risk. Someone will get killed at some point if not addressed
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  • Voting Fraud
    Our voting system is no longer fit for purpose and open to fraud, in particular postal voting, which should only be an option for our elderly, disabled and those who can prove they are unable to get to a polling station. Sir Eric Pickles' investigation and report in 2016 should be reviewed. Compulsory ID's, strict vetting in election campaigns and vote counters should also be considered. This issue must be addressed in order to prevent fraud and get true election results.
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  • The need for a Bus Service
    There is currently no service between Llandeilo and Cross Hands. Residents along the A476 cannot get to these major business/shopping areas and businesses do not have the benefit of their custom. The A476 is shortly to become a trunk road, the only one without a bus service. Many people do not have access to Cars and need public transport. One day, this may be you !!
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  • Save Midlothian Music Tuition... Again
    We have already petitioned and protested against this once, but despite the proposal being dropped in February, Midlothian Council has decided to go behind the backs of its constituents and move forward with the proposal a second time. If nothing else, it's an insult to democracy. If this proposal is approved then no child in Midlothian will have free access to tuition on a musical instrument unless they are studying music at an SQA exam level. Primary school and early Secondary school age children will be denied the right to experience musical education properly, and subsequently denied the chance to become passionate about it. By making this proposal, the government are saying that the only children who deserve the chance to fall in love with the subject are those with wealthy enough families to pay for it. As someone who didn't discover their love of music until secondary school, and only did so through having the chance to learn instruments and play them, this is deeply upsetting and frustrating. For me, and countless other young people, music has had a phenomenally positive impact. It helps young people build confidence, instil passion, form friendships, and -for some- their whole life will revolve around it. That's why it's important.
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  • Save our Trent road surgery
    I myself and many of the other elderly/ house bound patients will find it extremely difficult to travel to Royton or Shaw health centre for NHS doctors services. I ask the health authority bodies to keep this Trent Road surgery open.
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  • Reopen Lincoln Walk in centre
    People are struggling to get a GP appointment so are turning to A&E, which puts more pressure on them! The walk in centre also saved my life from another potential stroke! By acting very quickly.
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  • Falkirk Council Special uplifts
    Countryside and local areas being used to fly tip. Destroying the enviroment
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  • Ban Online Gambling
    It is far too easy and therefore creates a point where it becomes addictive.
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  • 1 day boycott of supermarkets
    Because the supermarkets are the most powerful in terms of making demands on their suppliers to deliver products without plastic.
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    Planets dying, sort it out folks
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  • End automatic tendering of NHS contracts
    Automatic tendering is allowing private companies to quietly undermine the public ownership of the NHS. These private contracts are being forced on the NHS because this government legislation is a sneaky method of bringing in privatisation. (A perfect example of this was the £14 million contract given to QE Facilities Ltd to replace a free service Solihull Blood Bikes (WSBB) on April 1 2019) If we allow this to continue we will end up with an American style health system where only the wealthy will be treated.
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