• Protect Asylum Seekers!
    In the UK, there has always been a strong tradition of welcoming refugees. Examples from our history are many, including the Hugenots and those fleeing the Nazis. We need to continue this tradition, not let it end with this Bill. The Nationality and Borders Bill, especially Part 2 Asylum 10, needs to be amended significantly.
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    Created by Harrogate District of Sanctuary Picture
  • Brighton and Hove City Council Bin/Refuse Collection
    For the Health of The Community and a provision of ‘Paid for Services’. Council Tax payment is paying for services for which collection of waste is included.
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    Created by Nicholas Bounds
  • Traffic calming needed on Llandaff road and neighbouring streets
    There have been numerous serious accidents along the roads in recent years caused by vehicles driving out of control and at high speed. The area is either totally congested or has vehicles speeding, the result being either gridlock or reckless driving, driving through red lights and mounting of curbs. Especially on the top end of Llandaff Road / Pencisely Road / Cardiff Road junction. There are many schools in the area and there is a serious threat to pedestrians and school children.
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    Created by Jonathan Roberts
  • Help Forest Row Tackle Plastic Pollution
    The world is addicted to plastic. It's viewed as a useful, versatile, and cheap material - but it comes at a serious expense to our planet. 1 in 10 barrels of oil are currently used to produce new plastic, resulting in serious emissions. And yet, despite facing the harsh reality of climate breakdown, production is set to soar in the next five years. Plastic also contributes to serious ecological degradation: it pollutes natural ecosystems and kills 100 million marine animals per year. All for the convenience of a cheap material? Together, we can break free from our addiction to avoidable single-use plastic, and change the system that produces it. For the sake of all future generations and beings on the planet. That’s why Friends of the River Medway are part of the national network of Plastic Free Communities (as run by Surfers Against Sewage), all working on a five point plan to tackle single-use plastic where we live. We need you, our local council, to join us and support us on this journey. It starts here and it starts with us.
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    Created by Zofia Page
  • Empty Bins every two weeks in Oldham
    Emptying household bins every two weeks would make a huge difference to everyone across Oldham. It's the first step to getting on top of the huge litter problem we have.
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    Created by Mike Agnew
  • A Quick Fix to get to Plastic Free.
    Plastic waste is a massive environmental problem
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    Created by Jack Thomas
  • Ban inappropriate cages for hamsters!!
    It is important because it is extremely stressful for the hamsters living in these cages... It can cause boredom, stress and even death. Hamster of very active creatures and need a lot of space to run around, they are wild animals and are used to having all the space in the world now they only have 50cm of space. Please help us raise the minimum and ban inappropriate and inadequate hamster cages under the minumum of 80cm by 50cm!!!
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    Created by Nirvana Box
  • Arise Sir Fury
    We can set an example to young future athletic champions that no matter how humble your beginnings are, dedication and willingness to overcome adversity can bring happiness, admiration and not unimportantly financial rewards.
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    Created by George Lundy
  • Ask Amazon to provide recycling facilities to customers
    To reduce waste, ease pressure on towns & city refuse collections and to allow Amazon to contribute to cleaning up the mess they create.
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    Created by Adrian Hill
  • Sheryll Murray MP, back the CEE Bill to protect our all our futures
    Across Cornwall the effects of the Climate and Ecological Emergency are threatening our natural landscape, health and security. These changes have caused an increase in extreme weather, bringing hardship to many of us - storm damage, homes flooded, travel chaos. The loss of biodiversity and natural habitats has resulted in a devastating decline of fish stocks and wildlife species, that could result in large parts of Looe, Truro and Penzance being lost to the sea by 2050. The SEC Climate Action Network is a group of concerned people, looking beyond the pandemic to protect the future of our children, grandchildren and loved ones. We can restore our fragile ecosystems and bring climate change within a safe limit, but we have to act quickly. We are backing the Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill, it's aims, and natural solutions, because it is based on the latest science, and is the only bill on the table robust enough to restore the abundance of Cornwall's natural heritage, supporting fishing and farming, preserving livelihoods, health and well-being. Support for the CEE bill is growing fast and we would like to ask Sheryll to be open to discussing its aims. By signing this petition you are asking her to commit herself by expressing her support publicly. WHY THE CEE Bill? The planet is heating up much faster than predicted. Targets have been set to slow the pace, but the world is not on track to meet them. The CEE bill ensures the UK plays its part in limiting warming to 1.5 C by 2100, by reducing emissions from imports. 46% of UK carbon emissions come from overseas, driven by UK consumption. Currently these are not counted in our carbon footprint, they are swept under the carpet. All countries must take bold action now. If we don’t we’ll see an alarming rise of 2 - 4℃. A rise of 3°C opens us up to the loss of the Amazon rainforest, failures of staple crops and sea level rise. The CEE Bill is that it calls for the formation of a Citizens’ Assembly (CA).The CA will be a representative cross-section of the United Kingdom population to work in cooperation with the Secretary of State and to recommend measures to be included in, and revisions to, the draft strategy. It will allow people to have a real say in empowering MPs to take bold decisions in creating a pathway towards a fair and just transition to a zero-carbon society that also leads to a thriving, biodiverse natural world. Take one simple action: Sign this petition If you want to do more: share this petition widely, write to Sheryll Murray to show your support and ask for a meeting. [Community groups, businesses and organisations, complete the form at seccan.org to support our open letter] Join our campaign! Email us: [email protected] Facebook @SECCEEBA
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    Created by SEC Climate Action Network
  • More Mental Health Support and Services
    Unfortunately there is a complete lack of mental health services nationwide. Many are slipping through the net or having to wait 3 years or more for just a consultation. This is not acceptable. We lose many people to suicide. Many people can't get the support they need, leaving them feeling lost, isolated and alone.
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    Created by Mandy Warrior
  • Bring Spalding's kids home safe! Bring back later Town Service buses!
    We need the restoration of the later IT1 and IT2 Spalding Town Bus Services (jointly registered as the F42 route), to ensure that children who have a longer walk across town, via some nastily busy and badly lit roads, can get home without incident. The restoration of these services reduce the need for family members to collect children by car, which would further reduce the risk posed to children by traffic outside schools. The population of Spalding has grown hugely since the later services on this route were withdrawn, and it's time for a rethink that protects Spalding's future, it's children. They say it takes a village to raise a child. We all have a duty of care to each other, but particularly to our most vulnerable.
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    Created by Phillip Newhouse