• Save our planet! INSIST on Agricultural and fisheries farming reforms
    The environmental impact of agricultural farming and fishing is NOT sustainable and is killing our oceans, rainforests and will in turn kill our wildlife and our own oxygen resources. This is happening NOW! We are almost too late to stop it but we can start to insist on change now by forcing this conversation to begin!!!
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    Created by Amy Thompson
  • Protect the Aytoun trees in Manchester city centre
    We want to make sure no developers can decide to chop down this 'horseshoe' of magnificent trees as part of any building on the site (currently empty space used for car parking). The Greater Manchester Ecology Unit has said: 'Tree cover, and particularly cover from mature broadleaved trees, is very scarce in the city centre and therefore the trees are an important local resource for wildlife'. Every evening you can see different species of birds roosting there. The trees also play an important part in keeping the city's air cleaner. This makes their presence highly relevant to the Council's aim of making Manchester a zero-carbon city - to achieve the target date of 2038, carbon emissions will need to reduce by 13 per cent every year. The Neighbourhood Manager has said that they are 'a wonderful arboreal asset' for the city centre'. We agree - and we hope you do too! Please sign our petition and share it with friends and family. For updates on the campaign you can follow us on Twitter @AytounBarksBack
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    Created by Lynette Cawthra
    BAN PARAQUAT – LETHAL WEEDKILLER MADE IN HUDDERSFIELD. According to the Pesticide Action Network "Paraquat is the most highly acutely toxic herbicide to be marketed over the last 60 years". It is so toxic that one sip can be lethal. It’s been banned in over 50 countries, including the UK and EU since 2007. Yet it is still produced for export at the vast Syngenta plant near the centre of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman wants to see a worldwide ban on paraquat, and is calling for Syngenta to stop making paraquat in the town. Tens of thousands of tonnes of paraquat leave the plant every year, over a third goes to America where strict licensing laws govern its storage and use, though deaths still occur. Australia and Japan are also wealthy customers. The rest goes to various developing countries where thousands of deaths – both suicidal and accidental - have been reported. Syngenta itself estimated the worldwide toll to be 2,000 deaths per year, 95% of which are suicides. In 2014 there was a leak of paraquat at the Huddersfield plant, but the serious threat to the community this represented was averted by the direction of the wind. Inhaling the substance can lead to lung damage and evidence points to Parkinson’s disease too. Syngenta was fined £200,000 and carried on production. Every April Syngenta’s loudest siren is tested on the streets near the plant. Following a real incident this siren indicates residents should go indoors immediately, extinguish all naked flames, shut all sources of ventilation, leave children at school... until the all clear is announced on Radio Leeds. This campaign seeks to address the direct serious human risks posed by continued production and use of paraquat. As well as suicides, accidental swallowing, Parkinson's and lung disease there is also CATASTROPHIC ENVIRONMENTAL HARM. As it takes up to 6 years to degrade in the soil it can have a serious impact on humans and other mammals. There is an urgent demand from farmers worldwide to reduce the effects of paraquat on agriculture. Jon Heylings, formerly a leading toxologist at Syngenta for over 20 years, warned his employers repeatedly that the levels of PP796 (vomit-inducing additive) were insufficient in paraquat-based weedkillers to trigger prompt vomiting, leading to multiple organ failure and slow death. To read or watch more about paraquat and its dangers, please select the link, copy and then paste in into your web browser or select, right click and select Go To: t.ly/08md (link to Huddersfield Examiner article - MP Barry Sheerman) t.ly/21yM (link to Greenpeace Unearthed) t.ly/jAxX (A sip can kill - Guardian article) t.ly/X7yE (Scientist tells of relief.. - Guardian article) t.ly/jEul (CH4 News - Revealed: Why UK kept exporting a deadly pesticide that kills thousands)
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    Created by Diana Hekt
  • Petition against recent: The Commission's Report into Racial and Ethnic disparities, March 2021
    The petition is important to help to give the overall views of all BAME people in the UK rather than considering a small sample given by the commissioners in the report. Our BAME HUB-UK NETWORK organisation believes that BAME is a single entity that embodies all the ethnic minorities group as an umbrella which express our concerns related to structural and systemic inequalities, injustice and neglect. BAME HUB-UK NETWORK is also empowering and advocating for BAME communities and their families. Nations progress when all its people are involved in a collective endeavour to develop and cooperate. The word BAME and its activities should be retained and supported to achieve these noble objectives which not only help BAME members but also the wellbeing and understand of the nation at large. In BAME HUB-UK NETWORK we don't ask for any special favours but equal opportunities and fair treatment of all that is inclusive of our culture and religious needs.
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    Created by BAME HUB-UK NETWORK
    The cost of parking for the day in the town centre is now £5.50. I believe that is extortionate. Alienating the town and businesses within the town because people are deciding to travel a little bit further to save money. It’s not even free on Sundays and bank holiday anymore - the cost is £1. I believe it should be a couple of pounds for all day. It is discouraging people from choosing Newton Abbot at a shopping destination, costing working staff within the town a small fortune weekly to just be able to attend their workplace. Elderly people will not pay it. It’s extortionate.
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    Created by Ashleigh Croughan
  • Scrap Social Care Charging
    Thousands of disabled and older people throughout the Covid pandemic have experienced social care cuts and increases in care charging. Families are struggling to make ends meet and pay the week's shopping bill. In some cases, people have to make an unenviable choice of heating the home or putting food on the table. Others are being pushed into debt. As Sue explains: "Out of the blue in August, my son got a bill for £4,500. He's nineteen, profoundly disabled. He lives in a care home. I have no idea how we can pay for it. It would clear out most of his account, leaving him with as little as £100 a month to live his life for the rest of his life. We've yet to receive an explanation or how they expect us to pay, and I'm worried this is just the start." Unlike the NHS, social care support is not free, and even people with a meagre income, including those on means-tested benefits, have to pay towards social care. Good social care support helps Disabled and older people to live fulfilling lives with choice, control and dignity to have meaningful relationships, and take part in community life. We are, therefore, calling on the government to abolish social care charging as part of social care reform. And in the interim, we call on the government to ensure Disabled and older people are not forced to pay for social care out of their benefits.
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    Created by Jon Abrams Picture
    SAVE THE CAMERON CENTRE We are residents of Lockleaze and concerned supporters who call for the Cameron Centre Community building owned by Bristol City Council and run by Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust to be saved from demolition to make way for 50 flats. The Cameron Centre is a much loved community hall, library and kitchen offering a home to a packed and varied programme of users from Tai Kwondo to jumble sales, tea dances, playgroups, birthday parties, ukulele groups, bingo nights, lego club, religious services, political groups and polling station needs, public meetings and consultations to name just a few. All at affordable rates that result in a full timetable of bookings. It is a place for people of all ages, faiths, interests and needs to come together. It is a truly inclusive and affordable venue and there is no other large community space - at all - in the whole of Lockleaze which is an area very poorly served for meeting places. There are few shops, no pubs or cafes and the number of residents is due to steeply increase with 25 housing development sites planned across Lockleaze. It would be a massive loss to the area if it was demolished, not to mention a wasteful destruction of a perfectly good building that needs a small investment to update it a little. With a parquet floor and old school serving hatch it is built for purpose and build to last. Connecting doors to the library build community co operation, and the spacious kitchen is a sociable place to volunteer. Now is a time (post Covid) when our Community spaces are needed more than ever, and to deprive the area of this thriving centre is a massive mistake. Taking into consideration the vast housebuilding plans that are happening across this area more community spaces are now needed, not less. Although BCC has suggested that community facilities will be part of the 50 home development on this site, a BCC representative told us that plans are for a library and maybe a cafe. No replacement large multi-purpose hall is on the cards and current plans do not begin to compensate for the loss of this vital community building. We call for BCC to scrap its plans and instead invest and protect this essential Community building.
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    Created by Merriel Waggoner
  • Stop the Removal of Winchester Emergency Dept or Build the New Hospital Here.
    There is major concern in the growing elderly population of having the emergency department removed with the added worry of the air ambulance service lack of funding and the time it takes for an ambulance to arrive being so long, some residents reporting up to 8hrs. It’s clear that the ambulance service can not be relied upon in life threatening emergencies. In addition and contrast to Basingstoke Winchester has many tens of thousands of tourist visit each year and a large number of students this combined far exceeds Basingstoke’s population and therefore requires at a minimum that a 24/7 accident department should remain. The residents hereby petition to keep the 24/7 accident and emergency department in place at a bare minimum. They also suggest given the above a site should be found ( as was the new leisure centre ) just outside Winchester town for the new hospital to be built on the Basingstoke and Andover side to serve North Hampshire. Winchester has excellent bus and rail links and we the residents believe it’s in the best interest of everyone to consult the public properly and listen to what they want and need.
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    Created by Save Winchester
  • Protect the Drews Pond Wood area
    **IMPORTANT: You can help us prove that this land is valuable to the people of Devizes, please fill out our short questionnaire: https://forms.gle/nVaEbX2tSB95Frtf9 ** The Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plan are being reviewed. These plans will decide where to put hundreds more houses in Devizes. These plans shouldn’t just be about where to put development - they also need to identify areas that are special and important for people and wildlife so that they can be protected for the future. Drews Pond Wood Local Nature Reserve and the land around it was once part of the grounds of Roundway Hospital County Asylum (1849). All the land that was part of the hospital is linked by history and has a special character. The old grounds support wildlife associated with Drews Pond Wood and also provide important amenity land for local people to enjoy. Designating this land as a Local Green Space could: - Protect local wildlife habitats throughout the area. - Conserve habitat of internationally rare bats including the rare Annex II Bechstein’s bat on the IUCN Red List as Near Threatened in Europe. - Ensure the retention of well-used amenity land important for health and wellbeing, including disability-friendly green space. - Prevent erosion of a local heritage asset that is an important part of the history of Devizes. More information at https://www.joebrindle.uk/drews-pond
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    Created by Joe Brindle
  • Make Cheshunt Skate Park Safe
    It is impotant to have an area for smaller children as it would help keep them and others safe. I have witnessed many serious injuries as a result of smaller children sharing the same space with older users. When the older more experienced skater/bikers are using the ramps the younger children are putting themselves and others at risk. The skate ramp area is not fenced off and younger children can and do run in the space which results in accidents. Due to the park layout it is hard to keep track of kids in the various areas and this should be redesigned to make it a family friendly space accessible to all.
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    Created by Marie Ertugrul
  • Action for Black, Brown and Migrant Women
    We are all affected by the tragic killing of Sarah Everard. All women deserve to live in safety and without fear. The disparity between the way Sarah Everard's disappearance and death and that of Blessing Olusegun's was reported and investigated speaks to another issue - the invisibility of Black, brown and migrant women. Blessing Ayomide Adetutu Olusegun was found dead in Bexhill-On-Sea, East Sussex, September 18th 2020, just hours after speaking to her boyfriend on the phone. Blessing was on a one-week work placement as a live-in carer for elderly people as part of her studies. When sisters, Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry were reported missing in 2020, there was no immediate response from the police, resulting in their mother conducting the initial search. When the sisters were found dead in Wembley Park, officers dehumanised the women by taking photos of their bodies and sending the photos on to friends. Sadly, it has been shown time and time again that the abuse and murder of Black, Brown and migrant women are not treated the same. All women deserve to be seen and recognised, regardless of race, religion and creed, all of our stories and experiences matter. We call on our allies to step forward and speak out for all women. We all have a responsibility to amplify the voices of the voiceless. This message is a call to action to protect all women and girls. We stand with all families who have lost their daughters, sisters, mothers, aunties and friends to acts of senseless violence. The amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill in the House of Lords called for the introduction of a non-discrimination clause to ensure that all women who experience domestic abuse receive equal and effective protection. However, more needs to be done. WE CALL FOR THE FOLLOWING: - The statistics on the murders and violence against black and brown women should be appropriately recorded and readily available - Better reporting of the murders, rape and violence against black and brown women and girls within the media - We call for conscious and unconscious bias training for the police and better investigations in cases involving black, brown and migrant women and girls - We call for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to ensure all investigations involving black, brown and migrant women and girls are properly conducted - MPs, local councillors, council officers, stakeholders and community leaders must champion this cause “...Whatever effects one directly, affects all indirectly.” - Martin Luther King Jr Photos: Blessing Olusegun (Top), Nicole Smallman (bottom left) and Bibaa Henry (bottom right).
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    Created by BAME Domestic Abuse Partnership Forum (Croydon)
  • Remove barriers to open Thames Path for walkers and cyclists in Tower Hamlets
    The River Thames does not belong to one person or a corporation, yet the Thames Path in Tower Hamlets is blocked in many parts by residential developments and industrial units. Opening up a continuous route from Tower Bridge to river Lea can serve as an excellent clean air route for cyclists and a low pollution walking option for residents and visitors. A continuous Thames Path will allow cyclists, walkers and joggers to enjoy this city’s greatest natural asset, and open a new route from east to west, free of pollution. It will create opportunities for sightseeing and café society and regenerate east London.
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    Created by Cllr Ehtasham Haque