• Stuck in Ghana - Help us get home
    Hundreds of people are stuck here in Ghana, many have had at least one if not two flights cancelled, for which they have paid extortionate fees. Ghana has closed its airports and airspace, leaving us Brits powerless to get out of the country. The UK government urges us to get home, but how can we do this when the embassy just points us towards their social media pages (which have not been updated for days) and when we cannot get through to our airlines. Until very recently, the FCO did not give any warnings about travel to Ghana, we have tried our best to get home, but our best is not enough and now Mr Raab and his actions are our only hope. We appreciate this is an unprecedented global crisis, but the US has offered repatriation to their citizens who are in Ghana, why can't the UK? As British citizens, we are asking you to please help us.
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  • Organise Repatriation of 400+ Brits trapped on board Coral Princess
    Countries such as Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina are refusing to allow Brits to disembark the ship to catch flights back to the UK, including my mum who is travelling on her own. There is no illness onboard and they haven't been off the ship for the last 12 days. The plan now is to sail to Fort Lauderdale in Florida (due to arrive 4th April) but we need the government to step in and send repatriation flights to ensure that they can get home. The reason being is that they have twice been promised that they can disembark (in Buenos Aires and Rio) to catch flights but have then had this revoked at the very last minute. This is causing so much distress to the 400+ Brits on board. Make Dominic Raab take some proper action here and get them all home!
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  • COVID-19 - Recognise Final Year Medical Students
    These young people have invested in their own skill development, and will carry the loans for some years to come. They already face the gruelling years of being junior doctors in the NHS. Now they are showing that strong sense of duty for which our Health Service has been famous. We need to show them that we value their work and will not let the UK Government continue to abuse and undermine both the medical profession and our NHS.
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  • Stop 3D cakes profiting off the coronavirus.
    Brides and Grooms should not be penalised for a situation out with their control and no decent, honest and empathetic company should be MAKING extra money out of an epidemic that has seen thousands of people lose their lives. I urge you to do the decent thing, as countless other suppliers have, and remove the charge and refund all those who have already paid out of fear of losing their deposits.
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  • Stuck in Argentina - bring us home to the UK
    Many other countries have organised repatriation flights to bring their citizens home across the world, and by the looks of it the British government has organised these flights for its citizens in Peru. We ask Mr. Raab to please help us and get us home to the UK - where our families are worried about us and we are worried about them. There are currently limited flights out of Argentina, which the British Embassy has suggested we take, that cost far too much money to book. None of them are direct and we risk our health by going through countries where there is no lock down, especially if our connecting flight is cancelled and we are trapped on the way home. With so many of us here, it does not make sense for the government to leave each individual to "commercially repatriate" themselves. It is the responsibility of the British government to look after its citizens, especially during an international crisis like this one. Please bring us home!
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  • 0 hour contract staff not protected
    This is important due to the current global pandemic!! The staff on 0 hour contracts have families at home to look after!! How is this possible when they only receive SSP?!
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  • Petition for Flexibility in Marking & Extensions
    This is fundamental in allowing University of Gloucestershire students to achieve their full potential and grades which they have worked hard for.
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  • Provide a British sign language interpreter for Daily Government Briefings
    The Coronavirus pandemic is a global emergency and the daily Government updates are one of the most important broadcasts of our time. That is why it is vital deaf people have access to such crucial information at this time and having a British sign language interpreter at the daily press conferences would make it easier for deaf people to follow at home.
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  • Stuck in Australia - bring us home
    Hundreds of British citizens are stranded in Australia. Other countries have organized repatriation flights to bring them home, such as Peru. Mr Raab had suggested it is up to private enterprise and airlines to organise repatriation flights but all airlines are cancelling their flights. Only route left is Qatar which is costing £7000 per person. For the vast majority, this would have been well beyond their reach. And why is the government leaving it to each individual to find a solution? Furthermore many tourists are scattered throughout the country and the country is on lockdown with inter-state travel being closed down so we can’t easily get to key airports. Mr Raab needs to organise for British nationals to come home!
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  • Provide unlimited internet access for all on data plans
    To give piece of mind to all users who have limited use data plans & to those without broadband connectivity. This would provide unlimited internet connectivity to family, friends & colleagues during the crisis, enabling all to stay connected without concerns over costs. It would enabe many people now working from home to access the internet fully so they are able to continue to their individual and collective work duties, commitments and responsibilities during these unprecedented and challenging times.
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  • Coronavirus Extension for ALL students currently studying at Staffordshire University
    On 11th March the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that Covid-19 had developed into a global pandemic. Since then the situation for many in the UK and around the world has changed for the worse. Staffordshire University Campus will be closed as of Tuesday 24th March, yet all students are expected to continue as normal. There are many reasons that continuing as normal may not be possible for students during this pandemic. Some of these reasons are as follows: Loss of income Many students depend heavily on earnings from part time work which has now been lost with the closure of pubs and restaurants including LRV and Ember lounge. Caring for at risk relatives Many students have relatives that are at higher risk of serious illness or death from Covid-19. This means having to become temporary carers, having to self-isolate for the protection of a family member or in worst case scenarios coping with the death of a family member. Closure of University buildings and resources Many students, particularly in the engineering and arts departments may rely heavily on the resources available at Staffordshire university, for example, the Smart Zone. These students have developed their projects believing that these resources would always be available and are now having to drastically change their approaches to fit the current situation. Technical Problems Due to all courses being taken online any students that do not have access to their own laptop/computer/mobile phone is at a serious disadvantage. The number of people now having to access work and study remotely has caused many sites to experience traffic issues leading to slow internet speed or sites crashing completely. The Coronavirus itself We all run the risk of catching this Virus, and though many students will only show minor symptoms and bounce back very quickly we must remember that individuals with existing medical conditions are at greater risk. If we take a look at just those diagnosed with Asthma for example, roughly 1/11 people in the UK have Asthma. This equates to just under 1,400 students at Staffordshire university having an existing condition that may put their life at risk. Self-Isolation and social distancing Any student having to complete group work now has to attempt this while being either self-isolated or maintaining social distance. While remote working measures have been put into place, getting used to using these remote measures is going to slow everyone’s ability to complete group work. Stress Yup, believe it or not watching a global pandemic unravel can be very stressful. No one should be expected to continue working to the best of their ability at this time. Being expected to continue University work as normal puts students at great risk of not obtaining the grades they otherwise would have got. The right thing to do If any individual was having to cope with the above-mentioned issues an extension would more than likely be granted. The fact that this situation is upon all of us should not stop the same consideration being given to all students. Being kicked when we are down Students across the country are having to cope with having their end of year shows cancelled and their graduations postponed. Those graduating in 2020 are going to have greater difficulty finding work after graduation due to the state of the UK economy and for many the end of year show would have been a path to employment. Though it is understandable that these cancelations and postponements have to be made please remember that this is a real hit to student moral, which makes continuing work as normal increasingly difficult. IN LIGHT OF THE COVID-19 GLOBAL PANDEMIC WE REQUEST A REASONABLE EXTENSION TO BE GIVEN TO ALL STUDENTS CURRENTLY STUDYING AT STAFFORDSHIRE UNIVERSITY. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT
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  • Save the Co-op in Clevedon
    It is important that we keep the Co-op open - both for people's jobs, and because the Post Office inside the shop is very important to the public. If the shop closes down, the Triangle area of Clevedon will be badly affected and people will have to go elsewhere to access these services. The nearest alternative Post Office is in a poor location and has bad parking facilities. As a result, elderly people will struggle to access this crucial community service. As a partially disabled person, I will definitely find it difficult to reach this other location. That's why it is crucial that the central Co-op - and the Post Office within it - remains open.
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