• Let us Paddle on the Bridgewater Canal
    Although we can paddle on almost all canals we cannot paddle on the Bridgewater canal. We have been advised that the people from the boat clubs have moaned about Paddle Boarders. Paddle boarding is one of the best form of staying healthy both mentally and physically. Paddle Boarding is the most environmentally friendly sport on the water We have licences which help to keep the canals and rivers clean.
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    Created by Andrea Coulding
  • Reverse Exam Downgrading in England and Wales
    Students teachers know them best and to play statistical games with the futures of our young generation would damage confidence in the education system. Covid-19 is enough of a drawback and must not be compounded by Ofqual playing statistical games. So pass qualifications might be higher than ‘normal’ but better imperfect teacher assessments than flawed statistical algorithms. Have some compassion and reverse the downgrading.
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    Created by Frederick Ruddick
  • Reinstate the BME Network in Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust
    We are petitioning Ms. Griffiths to request that she reinstate the BME Network that she inherited when she was appointed CEO of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH) NHS Trust on 1 April 2017. As Ms. Griffiths is aware the BME Network was launched on 24 September 2004 and over the years the Network has challenged the institutional racism that exists at the Trust, which has adversely impacted the lives of BME staff and BME patients. In 2007 the then Chief Executive Mr Duncan Selbie publicly admitted that the Trust was institutionally racist after losing an Employment Tribunal claim for racial discrimination. As a result, the Trust agreed to work in partnership with the BME Network to address these issues and this gave rise to the joint development of a Race Equality Engagement Strategy which was being implemented at the time of Ms. Griffiths appointment. When the Network first met with Ms. Griffiths, she refused to accept that institutional racism was an issue at BSUH. She then preceded to unfairly dismiss three senior BME colleagues who were instrumental in providing leadership to the Network; we understand that their Employment Tribunal claims are still outstanding. Ms. Griffiths also made it very clear to us, as the remaining BME employees, that she would no longer recognise the BME Network that exists unless we were prepared to do exactly as she demanded. Given we were established as an independent Network and given Ms. Griffiths demands were unreasonable, we informed her that we were unable to agree to her demands and as such she severed all links with the BME Network that she inherited. That said, Ms. Griffiths will be aware of the Public Health England report published in June 2020 which accepts that institutional racism is a longstanding problem within the NHS and in fact was a contributing factor regarding the disproportionate death of BME staff and patients during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is against this backdrop that we the current BME employees of BSUH are now calling for Ms. Griffiths to immediately reinstate the BME Network she inherited on your appointment as CEO of BSUH in 2017. In addition, we are also asking for the following: (i) Reinstatement of the Memorandum of Understanding between the BME Network and the Trust. (ii) The Trust Board to honour the commitment of Ms. Griffiths predecessors to establish a BME Patient Association. (iii) The implementation of an agreed race equality strategy to address the discriminatory practices that exist. (iv) Support for the BME Network (for example funding, protected time etc)
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    Created by Nick Hines
  • Theme Parks to be Grandparent Friendly
    Requiring grandparents to purchase a full-access ticket they will not / cannot use is discriminatory, and actually turns potential customers away. Allowing grandparents and their grandchildren access to the park at a reduced entry price is an incentive to attend; and those people will still visit shops, food and beverage outlets, thus spending money in the park in exactly the same manner as full-price ticket holders.
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    Created by David Radcliffe
  • Stop changes to Planning Law
    The rights and needs of ordinary people must be protected from developers whose primary motive is to develop and make money. There are planning laws in place to,give everyone a voice. This democratic right must be upheld.
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    Created by Mary Anstice
  • Reduce speed limit in Langridge, Tadwick and Upper Swainswick to 20mph
    The speed limit on Langridge Lane and Tadwick Lane is currently 60mph despite the lanes being wholly unsuitable for speeds anywhere near this limit. Unfortunately, some motorists believe that it is safe to drive at speeds approaching the limit which has resulted in a number of crashes in recent years. The lanes are becoming increasingly popular with walkers, cyclists and horse riders, and local residents fear it is only a matter of time until there is a serious incident involving a vehicle and one of these vulnerable road users. To compound this issue, the lanes are increasingly used as a rat-run for vehicles trying to bypass the main routes into Bath, and it is these motorists who tend to drive at dangerous speeds. Reducing the speed limit to 20mph will reduce the likelihood and severity of any incident; if a vehicle strikes a pedestrian at 40mph there is a 90% chance they will be killed, at 20mph this is reduced to 2.5% (www.roadwise.co.uk). The Highways Officer at BATHNES Council has been approached and his stance is nothing will be done to reduce the speed limit unless there is a serious incident (i.e fatality). Please sign up to this petition so that Langridge Lane and Tadwick Lane can be used safely by all road users. The more people who sign up, the more chance those who can implement change will listen.
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    Created by Laura Somodi
  • Trade deals must be open to scrutiny and debate
    Boris Johnson can now accept any Trade Deal he wishes without fear of these being voted down or objections being raised. Why the secrecy? It must mean that the Trade Deals he wishes to sign up to can only be detrimental to the British people.
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    Created by Michael Sheppy
  • Open University Overall Grade Calculation
    Due to the cancellation of End Module Assessments and End Module Exams students were informed their current Overall Continuous Assessment Scores would be used to calculate end module results. The Open University have also used the previous 3 years student results from the same module to calculate average difference between assignments and EMA/Exam scores and applied this blanket approach to all students. In reality what this means is students have had between a 7%-10% reduction on their final weighted assessment scores. With the OU class boundaries being so close at 15% (40-54)(55-69)(70-84)(85+) the majority of students will have slipped down one grade boundary, in some cases affecting the highest achievable overall grade for their entire degree. This process of using aggregate figures from previous students has not treated these students fairly and needs to be reviewed immediately.
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    Created by Joe Whittaker-Brown
  • Bodmin needs new infrastructure
    The current number of schools and GP Surgeries in Bodmin today are hardly adequate. There can be up to a two week wait fo see your doctor with the current number of residents. The residents of Bodmin are not happy with the number of new developments that have been accepted and want Cornwall Council to use money from the developers to improve the infrastructure - a new school and GP Surgery.
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    Created by V Hearn
  • Moroccan Stranded and Living Abroad
    The majority of Moroccan Stranded abroad are findind, the airlines fares and the tests not affordable.
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    Created by Ahmed Zarhabi
  • Ban councils from selling council tax debt to debt collection companies
    Covid has had a dramatic impact on the uk as a whole. With an uncertain future ahead and many jobs having already been lost debt is unfortunately a prospect for many people. Councils have to stop the practice of selling council tax debt to heavey handed debt collection agency's. The practice is out of date and penalizes those on low incomes. To have what little possesions you have taken away and sold at auction is Dickensian
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    Created by Michael Beckwith
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    Created by DAVID NICHOLSON