• Stop DFID/FCO merger
    On 17th June the Prime Minister announced a plan to merge DFID with the FCO, to be led by the Foreign Secretary. The stated purpose is to create a united department that will better promote British interests, to allow the Foreign Secretary to make decisions on aid spending in line with the UK's priorities overseas. In other words, to prioritise helping those who can help us in return. This means that the poorest and most vulnerable people, those who can most easily be seen to offer the UK little or nothing in return, will be pushed not only to the bottom of the queue, but all too easily off the queue altogether. UK charities have already united to condemn this move, condemning it as having been taken "without any process or consultation, and against the recommendations of both independent aid scrutiny bodies as well as the UK's development and humanitarian sector", and transferring the aid budget into "the hands of those with little expertise in global health systems, humanitarian response and disease prevention and eradication" (Stephanie Draper, CEO of Bond, a UK network for international development NGOs). Mark Sheard, CEO of World Vision UK, said it would "risk money being diverted to address UK foreign policy interests rather than alleviating poverty". A Google search of "DFID merger with the FCO" will provide many more, convincing arguments from UK aid and development charities. Of course DFID isn't perfect; no institutions are. But its ability to give aid where it is most needed in the world represents the UK's ability to express our common humanity, not only with those who can scratch our backs in return, but with all our fellow human beings especially the neediest. Please write to your MP now, making the points that: * Aid tied to the perceived national interests of whatever is the government of the day will be inconsistent and short-termist. * Although DFID, like all institutions, can always be improved, removing its independence and subsuming it under a trade-focussed body will both emasculate its expertise and remove its teeth. * Finally, our true "national interests" are best expressed in being both altruistic and, if we want to gather international kudos, in being seen to be altruistic. DFID gives us a good name in the world; merging it with the FCO will lose its identity and its good name.
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    Created by CR Couchman
  • Hair dressers opening clarification
    Safety of customers . also salon owners can prepare for opening before restrictions are announced
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    Created by Clare Dix
  • wheelchair access
    it helps making wheelchair users life easier by allowing them access to cross roads (safely!) and be independent inclusion in our local community and is a basic essential. therefore and I deserve to feel equal and there for my access.
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    Created by Jack Sowden
  • Visa fees and I H S fees paid in instalments
    Many people have been affected badly by the covid 19 not being able to work the fees are high enough and it's stressful worrying about the fees and the process of it all.
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    Created by Jeannette West
  • Erect a statue of Shirley Bassey in Cardiff
    Recent events have made people more aware of our history and what figures we honour and celebrate with statues and monuments. Shirley Bassey is someone who came from humble beginnings in the old Tiger Bay of Cardiff who went on to achieve great success while still remembering her Cardiff/Welsh roots. Something permanent in the Welsh capital in honour of her would be a refreshing addition to the usual monuments and statues that we see of male aristocrats and landowners.
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    Created by William Thomas
  • Restart prison social visits and actually get answers when this will happen
    Studies show that maintaining family ties Is vital to rehabilitation and reduces re offending! How is keeping inmates away from families doing this!? My son is 19 years old and in a hmp&yoi with no signs of video calls happening anytime soon and I’ve not seen him for 14 long weeks. Being in prison is the punishment they do not deserve a further one Others are in the same situation and need to see loved 1s it’s affecting inmates mental heath and their family’s.
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    Created by Amy French
  • Stop Arms Exports to the USA
    Right now arms are being used by the USA to fight back against the peaceful protests of black citizens. This is ingrained into the systematic racism that is rampant in the country. We need to ensure that we send a strong message to the USA that we do not approve of them using arms for fighting peaceful protestors, who are fighting for equality within their country. One needs to only look at the videos being shared by users on social media. Including police firing rubber bullets directly into the eyes of protestors, despite being peaceful. Or tear gas being used very frequently, and as a first resort. Our relationship with the USA is special, and as a result of our "special relationship" (government's words, not mine), we should be pressuring the USA to do the right thing. One final thing to note that is that opposition MPs are also calling for the UK to stop arms trade with the USA for the same reasons. You can find a source of this at https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/uk-protests-boris-johnson-donald-trump-riot-gear-arms-george-floyd-a9545406.html
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    Created by Daniel Ratcliffe
  • Charging mobility scooter in common close and to store there from the weather
    It's important because I have to attend appointments with anticoagulant almost every week and also need doctor
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    Created by Eileen Quinn
  • Norwich People Before Tennis Courts
    Many Norwich residents are facing hardship, and needs are going unmet as shown in this recent report in the Eastern Evening News https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/crime/goldwell-square-goldwell-road-norwich-drug-dealing-and-use-problems-1-6646431. On top of deep cuts in government funding following years of austerity, the City Council has seen a huge loss of income due to Covid-19, and now says it is looking into a financial black hole. The funds intended for the expansion of facilities for tennis players would be far more justly spent on addressing urgent everyday needs such as accommodation for the homeless, community safety measures and more children's play areas.
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    Created by Teresa Belton
  • Keep Covid Accommodation Permanently!
    The housing secretary has claimed that more than 90% of rough sleepers have been housed during the coronavirus pandemic, therefore demonstrating that the accommodation, resources and funding are available to significantly reduce rough sleeping and homelessness. It is not acceptable to tell these people to go back and live on the streets after the pandemic is over as evidently, there is accommodation available. Thus this housing must be made permanently available to house the homeless.
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    Created by Cara Littlewood
  • Prison visits with social distancing
    It is important as a lot of prisoners and thier family members are suffering from mental illness and depression due to the current circumstances they have gone from 2-4 visits a month for a hour/ 2 hours to none and with them on a longer lockdown where exercise is reduced to 30 minutes per day and current education is suspended they are locked in a 4x4 cell for 23 and a half hours per day and it is affecting thier mental health. And as for families they aren't able to see thier loved ones to make sure they are ok they rely on a phone call and that's if the prisoner has credit on thier private cash it is affecting people all over the country not just at HMP Berwyn.
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    Created by Danielle Sherie
  • Furloughed payments
    Its I's important because it is unfair for employed workers to be furloughed, self employed to be given 80% of previous wages. And people who have recently changed from employed to self employed get nothing. When they have paid taxes and national insurance for years like all the other citizens getting paid out.
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    Created by Michael Laird