• Is it time to bring in a Universal Basic Income?
    The welfare benefits system has historically been riddled with problems, but more so over recent years. How many more people need to suffer before we realise that it is an unjust, complicated system which punishes the most vulnerable in society, and that the tough sanctions contribute to the escalation of mental and physical health problems, and ultimately to death in the most severe cases? A universal basic income would alleviate these issues, and could have the added bonus of providing a solid foundation on which more people might be financially able to start up their own creative industries. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/aug/10/our-generations-nhs-support-grows-for-universal-basic-income?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/may/03/universal-basic-income-coronavirus-shocks?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
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    Created by Sandra Lynch
  • Oppose the proposed 24 hour Filling Station in Cressington
    For the residents in the area immediately around the site this is going to be extremely disruptive. A 24 hour filling station in a residential area creating more traffic, more pollution and more congestion at busy times. It is unnecessary as there are already two other petrol stations within a mile of this site, one of which is already 24 hour. This Filling Station will not generate many jobs as it will be largely unmanned.
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    Created by Anna Mulholland
  • Fair Ferry prices for island residents
    The ferry prices are very unreasonable for island residents especially in the summer season. We live on an island so rely on the ferries to get off and over to the mainland whether it be for work, medical appointments or to visit loved ones. Isle of Wight wages are appalling enough compared to other parts of the country so therefore why are residents penalized further with the forever rising cost to cross the Solent.
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    Created by Lisa Jerez
  • Extending the eat out to help out scheme
    Because it brings business back and gets people to to necessarily spend money but have a sense of normality again. Small start with big benefits.
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    Created by Bernie Roberts
  • Pay rise
    its important because just like NHS workers,social care workers should be given as much benefit and scrapping of certain things so as to make our lives a bit stress free and able to focus on giving the vulnerable our 1001%.
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    Created by Divine olisa
  • We need a long term strategy for education
    To give our children as much security and stability as possible during the pandemic, and hope for their futures
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    Created by Liz Storrar
    our children's health ..the environment must be protected. The protected species in wildlife must be protected. The nature tourism of green road co tyrone must be a public road not a waste cynaide site17storey high ..33kw electricity by dalradian gold mining must be stopped from derry to greencastle. The health and enviorment is key
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    Created by dee gardner
  • A level results
    The education system has to be fair for all so the country doesn’t miss out on some excellent students due to an unfair algorithm.
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    Created by Jon Blakeley
  • Make bus fares cheaper in and around kent
    Hi everyone would just love to say thank you for finding this petion. So I would love this to reach as many signatures as possible to make bus fares cheaper in and around Kent as they can be very expensive.
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    Created by Christina Hossain
  • Downgrading of Exams
    For somebody from a deprived area to attain an A* in an exam takes more effort and ability then someone who has all the advantages handed to them.
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    Created by Sarah Goodall
  • Give English pupils grades teachers predicted
    Because our children’s lives matter: our young people have already suffered enough from coronavirus & interruption to their education. They are in despair over the awards process which has given generally poorer results awards today than predicted, & don't deserve to have their whole lifetime ruined. We must stand together to show them we believe in them, & use the weight of our support to get this right for them. This is too serious for delay: pupils are likely to lose their university places if they have to wait til next week to know how to appeal, make the appeal, & wait again while the thousands of appeals are processed. Pupils across the board stand to lose out for their whole lifetime if this is not put right IMMEDIATELY by accepting teacher predicted grades as Scotland has recognised & done. Our country will lose the contribution these talented young people can make to us in recovery & rebuilding, already our brightest pupils hoping to go into medicine science & IT are considering applications to foreign universities to study the subject & follow the career of their choice - they may never return to work here. Others will make decisions which may not make the most of their talents. Frustration, disappointment, mental health issues are likely to bring far reaching personal consequences if this failure in the grades awards process is not put right now.
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    Created by Sue Davies
  • Make school exam results Fairer
    Thousands of school students have had their final results unfairly downgraded. Many received a mark lower than what their teacher predicted - even though no-one sat an exam this year! The algorithm is biased against students who over perform versus their school average.
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    Created by Richard Loretto