• More NHS GIC’s needed
    This is important as transgender patients are being made to wait as little as 2 years right after their referral has been sent and accepted. A further 12 months is usually the case before medication is prescribed to the patient. We are usually looking at a minimum of 3 years before medication is prescribed. Living with gender Dysphoria is a horrible thing. It can lead to depression, self harm and in extreme cases suicide. This is for us just trying to biologically be who we were born as and are meant to be. These waiting lists are far far too long
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    Created by Chloe Smith
  • To Reform Fire Risk Assessments on Commercial and Residential Properties UK
    The health and safety of residents is paramount, and there must be a full debate on all fire risk issues appertaining to commercial and residential properties around the whole uk.
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    Created by Graham Conway
  • Cyclists need to take responsibility
    As people are encouraged more and more to take to the busy city streets on their bicycles, it's time for new laws to be put into place. It should be law for all cyclists to wear at very least a fully reflective jacket. More often than not cyclists are wearing little more than an old high visibility vest with faded reflective strips which makes them blend in to the surroundings. The cyclist who wears the modern design of safety wear eg. a jacket made fully from reflective material, is much easier to spot. Lights are essential and the mandatory amount of lighting needs to be increased. A cyclists with non reflective clothing and the minimum amount of lighting (small light to back and front) is almost invisible on city roads. A person travelling on a bike between parked cars and moving traffic wearing only old or no high visibility and with only a small red light can easily be mistaken by a driver using his mirrors as a reflection of lights from the multitude of traffic surrounding them. Cyclists should be identifiable. I often hear of cyclists scratching vehicles as they wind in and out of traffic (which in a car would be considered as dangerous driving), I have heard of cyclists spitting at cars and drivers, and I've witnessed first hand incidents caused by a cyclist who has managed to escape the scene with no comeback. A registration number would give pedestrians and driver the means to hold a cyclist responsible should they be involved in any sort of incident. Cyclists should not be overtaking cars within 1.5m of the side of a vehicle . Every vehicle has blind spots and a cyclist travelling close to the side of a car are putting themselves in huge danger of being hit. The law needs to change to pass the responsibility of cyclist safety back to the cyclist. No driver goes out planning to hit a cyclist - and cyclists should be made to take responsibility to be as visible as they can be.
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    Created by Gillian Wood
  • Raise Nursery Education Grant Hourly Rate
    Last year as we started researching nurseries for our son,we realised without the Government scheme funding for 2-5 year old, it would have been pretty difficult for us to achieve a nursery place. We were very lucky to find a good nursery for our child, where the teachers have been amazing. While we all agree that this is a very beneficial Government incentive allowing all children access to nursery education , its not that clear cut. In reality the amount paid to nurseries for each individual child does not cover the cost of their yearly expenditure which means they are left with a deficit resulting in a loss, which the Government expects them to cover. For this election some parties have promised to increase school funding but this only applies to primary schools and high schools, yet nurseries are the foundation of our children's education and need more financial support. If Government agrees with our petition, It will allow good nurseries to stay open and raise standards. It will also give more opportunity for people to access free nursery places. It will enable nurseries to pay their staff a decent living wage. Many people are not aware that the NEG is a postcode lottery where boroughs across the country do not get the same hourly rate. But, If the Government continues to pay us such a low NEG amount even the nursery where our son goes will be forced to close, this is a nursery with a Excellent Ofsted. All Nursery school teachers deserve to be paid a decent living wage yet at present many are living below the breadline as nurseries are unable to pay. We hope you can support this petition in making a difference for our children and for all future children who have a right to High Quality Nursery education with high quality experienced staff who deserve to be paid a decent wage.
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    Created by Parmeet Arora Bori
  • Save Daman
    It is important because people are becoming homeless with their children and elders in their family. As a citizen, we don’t want any developments in Daman where they have to destroy houses!
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    Created by Kevin T
  • Zebra Crossing For Castlemilk
    Castlemilk only has four sets of traffic lights one at the bottom of Castlemilk Drive one at the shopping centre one at the junction Castlemilk Drive and Dougrie road the last set is at the junction of Dougrie with Carmunock road there are no zebra crossing anywhere Castlemilk is a large housing estate with four primary schools and two secondary schools lots of elderly people families with young children and no safe places to cross the roads We can all help to make the Roads safer in Castlemilk
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    Created by Helen Morton
  • Pedestrian crossing Goldstone Crescent
    The increasing danger of crossing this road for Pedestrians, especially Children on their way to and from school. This has greatly increased due to the new parking restrictions in the surrounding area. The speeding traffic is a hazard, where the speed limit is still 30mph as opposed to 20mph along the rest of Goldstone Crescent. There have been a numerous near misses with children and cars on a daily basis.
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    Created by Rachel Weinstein
  • Supporting our disabled community with advocacy and employment
    For 20 years Ambis has worked at putting a plaster on gaping wounds with advocacy. Now we need to create solutions to the problems we witness on a daily bases. Our care system is about to hit a crises point. I Have worked in the care system since I was 15, in a field where a high percentage of its staff were born overseas, and who are now feeling that with effectively decreasing wages and increasing rents that they can no longer afford to stay here. We can help bridge the gap with long term carers and people who have been stuck in intergenerational poverty. Who want to work but cannot afford to do so. We can change that but only if we work together
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    Created by Sarah-Jane Brownlie
  • Naga’s treatment by the BBC
    It is the responsibility of all to stand against and denounce openly and clearly expressed racism. All reasonable and moral people are appalled at racism and should stand against it at every opportunity. I support and uphold Naga in her denunciation of unequivocally racist comment as would any one with any decency. Shame on the BBC.
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    Created by Michael Mace
  • Bristol City Council to Support and Respect the Rights of Van Dwellers
    This petition represents a defence of the van-dwelling lifestyle. While the community is very diverse, and many have been pushed into the lifestyle in the face of the housing crisis, it remains a cultural choice and/or is of economic necessity for many van-dwellers whose lives revolve around this mode of dwelling. It is also worth noting here that many people have been born into this lifestyle and wish to preserve their way of life and deserve respect for their cultural differences. Councils have an obligation to promote equality and tackle discrimination. The policy is felt to be disproportionately aligned with the needs of one community – the “settled” community – at the expense of another: the van-dwelling community.
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    Created by Rhiannon Craft
    I am increasingly concerned for all generations of my family and our community. The prospect of devastation and social upheaval as a result of climate change appals me especially as those I love will be affected most. Projections of sea level change significantly effect Cardiff, my hometown and other coastal cities in the UK, More extreme weather events from heavier rainfall, longer droughts, increased wind speeds and higher temperatures throughout the UK make for an uncertain future. The frustration felt by myself and many others about our future demands urgent political action. A determined and coherent plan about such an issue would ultimately unite our community. The UK brought the world the industrial revolution, the industrial use of hydrocarbons with all the ensuing advances for society. We owe it to all to use our ingenuity and to give the world a lead on a sustainable green future before it is to late..
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    Created by Geoff Bowman
  • 'Safe to flush' wipes MUST be biodegradable
    Tests can be made by placing a wet wipe in a plastic bottle of water ... and waiting to see the result. One of Britains's largest supermarket's own brand wipes do NOT biodegrade. Another's start to biodegrade after a very long period of time. One of the smaller supermarket's wipes begin to biodegrade within hours. This inconsistency results in millions of wipes ending up up in our oceans and on our beaches.
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    Created by Gerald Heath