• Introduction of Minimum Standards for Screen Wash Aditives
    It is not just annoying when your screen wash freezes on the screen while going along the road, but can also be very dangerous as I have found from personal experience. It must be a couple of winters ago now that I was driving along a dual carriageway having filled my car up with winter screen wash. The roads had recently been salted and it was dark when I needed to use my screen wash. Within moments of hitting the screen it had frozen solid and my vision was very severely impaired. The road was very busy and it was a truly terrifying experience. Eventually I managed to pull over and scrape my screen to restore my vision. However this situation got worse on returning home, and parking up overnight the temperature dropped to less than - 8° c the contents of my screen wash bottle completely froze solid. Even running the car engine did not help as, like on many modern cars to save space within the engine bay the manufacturers now incorporate the screen wash bottle within the front wing. As a consequence it does not benefit from the warmth emitted by the engine and so it would not thaw out even by running the engine. On further investigation I discovered that the winter screen wash I had used only gave protection down to -4° c yet the outside air temperature was recording -6° c. I then started to look at the various products on the market and discovered some frightening facts; there is no minimum legal standard for screen wash and there is no legal requirement to even print the degree of protection offered by the manufacturers of the contents of the bottle. In an effort to try and remedy this situation I contacted my local trading standards organisation who’s reaction was sympathetic but unhelpful, as without a law they were powerless to take any action at all. Now you might be thinking, so what its only screen wash, it’s trivial and of no real importance, but as you can see from my own experience (and I can’t have been alone in having had such an experience), it could have ended in quite a serious high speed accident and even fatal accident involving both myself and others. As a friend pointed out if I had been driving a car with an empty screen wash bottle I would have been committing a motoring offence, so as the police take that matter quite seriously then why on earth is this situation just allowed to go on in this way? Will it take an attributed death on the road to get a change in the law? Remember when on the road your personal safety is not just very dependent on your own diligence but also on the care of every other road user, and that also includes the care and maintenance of their vehicles too.
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  • Special Needs Trolleys in Supermarkets
    As a mother of a disabled child who is unable to sit up unaided, I have to push my daughter in a paediatric wheelchair whilst pulling a trolley behind me (and doing the shopping on a weekly - sometimes more - basis), and this is extremely difficult.
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  • Hold Banks and bankers accountable
    It is important for the people of this country to know that no one is above the law. The current situation where the tax payer is bailing out the financial institutions is intolerable. How did banks end up selling and purchasing unsustainable mortgages if no fraud was committed.
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  • Crisp packet flavours should have the same recognisable colours
    This would stop people making a disastrous error buying the wrong crisp flavours. Some company's don't stick to the flavour colour rule and this practice should be outlawed.
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  • Get eBay to remove illegal toxic chemicals from their website
    Neonicotinoid insecticides (neonics) are systemic, which means that the chemicals travel through the plant into the nectar and pollen where they are consumed by bees and other wild pollinators such as hoverflies and moths. Neonics are related to Nicotine and target the nervous system; this means that invertebrates can be affected in different ways. Even small doses may lead to ‘sub-lethal effects’ such as making a bee not able to forage for food properly, or queen bees laying less eggs. In December last year, a new piece of law came into effect in Europe which restricted the use of three of the most common neonics – Clothianidin, Imidacloprid and Thiamethoxam. To find out more about the Buglife Neonicotinoids campaign follow this link - http://www.buglife.org.uk/campaigns-and-our-work/campaigns/pesticides-poisoning-our-bees
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  • Should ATOS be charged with "Manslaughter" for all the victims that have died
    This is important as so many vulnerable people have died after being wrongly assessed and being made fit for work when clearly they have not been fit enough. There has been a count of 10,600 deaths between Jan-Nov 2011 some of which were suicides. How many deaths does it take for the government and ATOS to recognise the connection? Since this last count the DWP refused to release the figures that were collected calling the FOI requests "vexatious". Therefore how many more have died since? There are thousands who believe, assessments that have been undertaken were incorrect and there are thousands of witnesses to this fact, which has caused more stress and poverty as more and more people are waiting for money that has been stopped whilst waiting for their appeals to be processed correctly. Due to the negligence of this company ATOS have to be found accountable. Not only for the loved ones of the people who have died, but also for those who may have died without a family and is important that even though they have gone from this planet, they have somebody fighting for them to correct a system that clearly does not work so they did not die in vain.
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  • Allow people to choose their own water supplier
    "Competing companies have a clear incentive to get all of these elements right, so consumers do not take their business elsewhere.This puts them under constant pressure to improve in order to win and keep customers, and to gain market share. At present, water and sewerage services in England and Wales are not subject to this kind of competition. Most consumers are served by one of 21 monopoly companies. Only large business consumers can switch supplier if they can get a better deal elsewhere." (p. 3, "Putting water consumers first – how can we challenge monopoly companies to improve? Water today, water tomorrow" - http://bit.ly/1k53LjF ) Checking that all the 21 water companies do meet the basic service standards is not acceptable when the documentation unveils that some of those companies are often not able to even meet the targets set (as Pollution incidents sewerage, Serious pollution incidents sewerage, Pollution incidents (water), Discharge permit compliance, Water supply interruptions - hours per total properties served and Internal sewer flooding incident often appeared to be below the customer expectations or, worse, significantly below target or expectation for the year 2011/2012). [source: http://www.ofwat.gov.uk/regulating/reporting/rpt_los2012table] Nevertheless, as customers we are unable to counteract the poor customer service, the rising costs for water and sewage as we are forced into a contract with the company serving the local area. Further reading here: http://www.ofwat.gov.uk/pricereview/prs_web_1007pricelimits http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2487626/Dont-water-bills-ministers-plead-suppliers.html
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  • UK Government should support the Financial Transaction Tax
    Banks and financial institutions can make millions from risky speculations. However, when these go wrong, as happened in 2008, billions of pounds of public money were used to bail out the banks and save them from the consequences of their risk taking. Since the 2008 crash the total paid in bonuses will this year pass through the £80bn barrier – some three and a half times the amount banks have paid in Corporation tax and the bank levy – and equates to around £1,250 for every man, woman and child in the Britain. This Tax is not intended to be punitive: nicknamed the "Robin Hood Tax" it is, like the folk hero, intended to redistribute wealth and help those in difficulty. If we, the public and the tax payers, must share the financial risks of banks' trading then it seems simply fair that, at other times, we should also receive some benefit. This money can be distributed and spent to the benefit of all - in the UK, abroad and for the environment.
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  • Boost Evesham Town Centre
    Evesham is a lovely town with much potential! The Evesham area has a population of over 52,000 with over 23,000 living in Evesham town itself. We need more good, popular shops in our town centre to keep our town alive!! We all know what lovely scenery and historical buildings are here for townsfolk and tourists to enjoy but we need to offer more selection in the town centre itself. If you care about our town and would like to be able to do your shopping in your town, please show your support for the above companies to open shops here!
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  • Donate all Supermarket past 'sell by date food' waste to food banks
    Its a no brainer. People are hungry and poor and food is being wasted. Three men were recently arrested for taking food from a supermarket skip, this food would be wasted and yet the needy get arrested for taking it.
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  • Boycott Olympic Sponsors
    The recent laws enacted in Russia relating to the dissemination (they call it propaganda) of information on homosexuality to people under the age of 18 will result in many young homosexuals committing suicide, or harming themselves in other serious ways. This law, therefore, seems designed to "rid Russia of the homosexual problem" as it will result in the deaths of many ordinary and normal young people. The Russian authorities have indicated they do not intend to budge, so the way to hit back is to boycott commercial organisations who either directly or indirectly support/endorse these laws. Olympic sponsors should have a better moral conscience. Those who continue to offer support to an event whose hosts subscribe to such evil beliefs, should be taught a lesson. It is an action that led to the destruction of apartheid in South Africa, where pressure on commercial organisations led to large numbers of multi-national companies abandoning South Africa in the mid-to-late 1980's. The same pressure needs to happen here - we need to protect young homosexuals in Russia from this evil.
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  • Prevent the Sale of NHS Patient Records to Drug and Insurance Companies
    Patient Confidentiality is a key concept of healthcare, and close to most peoples' hearts. These measures, if approved, would mean patient confidentiality will be permanently lost by Spring 2014. Once the data has been sold, it will be in the hands of the Insurance and Drug companies, and there's no guarantee it could ever be recovered. This could lead to a future where patients are sold insurance based on a number in a database, with the patient never knowing why the insurance cannot be sold to them, or why it is being sold at a higher premium. We want to govern our own futures, rather than risking something as vital as our healthcare on a database that could end up having the same flaws as automated credit checking systems. We DO NOT want a future where someone pays a higher rate for a mortgage due to their mother dying of cancer. For those who wish to opt-out of sharing this information, please visit this site: http://medconfidential.org/how-to-opt-out/ Further information about the care.data system here: http://www.care-data.info/ Also, a huge thanks to the owners of the above two websites for these invaluable resources.
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