• Support the European Accessibility Act
    Disabled people are often excluded from using products because they have not been at the forefront of designers' thoughts at the initial stages. The European Accessibility Act has the potential to eradicate barriers to independent living by encouraging the accessibility of goods and services when governments provide services. After initial positive hope on the Act after the European Disability Strategy was published, in 2010, progress has stalled. Aspire the national Spinal Cord Injuries charity wants to resurrect the Act and wants MEPs to apply pressure and get Europe moving on this issue again.
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    Created by Krupesh Hirani
  • Bring Back British Leyland
    Lets look at Dacia (Renault). They've made a car, which has four wheels, some air bags and a little buzzing bag of bolts under the bonnet, on sale from £5995. These are selling where ever there's a Renault Dealer with them in stock. Supply cannot meet demand and more and more people are buying Dacia. All this is doing is funding Renault UK, who has these vehicles built in India. There's no benefit for the people. Introduce something as popular as the Metro was, sell it on the same sort of scale and enjoy the benefits of having a home engineered vehicle that people would be able to afford, giving more people reliable safe transport to use for work, which would in turn make more people accessible to work. British Leyland (Austin, Rover, MG) managed to built the Longbridge plant and implement technology relatively swiftly in order to produce the Metro (It was designed in '77, built in 1980). This isn't a long term project once the financials and commitment is on the table. So, lets put the Great into Great Britains motor industry!
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  • Eric Pickles: GIve Local Communities a true voice in the Planning System
    This petition calls upon Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to make the planning system work for ordinary people and put an end to the way in which big business and its multitude of corporate lawyers can bulldoze over the wishes of local communities. There are far too many instances where the planning system and its officials are exploited by the powerful at the expense of the powerless. Planning policy appears to be a box of goodies from which big business, developers and the legal profession can pick and choose what they want, ignoring those pieces that they don’t like. Take, for example, the plight of myself and my neighbours. Back in 1983 I moved into my house on a large new housing development in St.Ives, Cambridgeshire, knowing that a large Co-operative supermarket and associated car park were to be built on land behind my house. Being somewhat surprised at the size of the car park, before committing to purchase the property I asked the developer for assurances that nothing else would be built on the car park and was given those assurances. In 1985 the first application for a Petrol Filling Station and associated shop on the car park was lodged by the Co-op. Years before completion of the housing development they were claiming that their car park was and always would be under-utilized. The Application was refused by both the town and local district council. In 1990 the second planning application was lodged and again refused by the local district council on grounds of residential amenity and highway safety. An Appeal by the Anglia Co-operative Society was refused in 1991. In 2003 a third application was again refused by the local district council on the same grounds. The Anglia Regional Co-operative Society launched an Appeal which took the form of a public inquiry lasting two days. The Co-op was represented by a top London QC instructed by their agent. The representatives of the local district council deserve credit but they were defeated by the greater resources of the Co-op. The Appeal was granted in 2004, establishing a new precedent. In 2009, the local district to their credit again refused a new application on the grounds of residential amenity and highway safety, despite advice from their own planning officers that the decision would likely again go to Appeal at a cost to local council taxpayers. The application was granted on Appeal in 2011 with 5000.00 costs awarded against the local district council. Thus, not only were the views of local residents and local councilors ignored but they had to foot the bill for this privilege In both 2003 and in 2009, local residents argued their case on legitimate planning grounds. Their ward councilors made every effort to support and present these to members of The Development Management Panel who were convinced by the validity of the arguments. So where has it gone wrong? The Planning Inspector said in 2011: ‘Planning Authorities are not bound to accept the recommendations of their officers…(but)…need to show reasonable planning grounds for taking a contrary decision and produce relevant evidence on appeal. The councils' concerns …are legitimate planning concerns. However… The reasons for refusal have not been supported by relevant evidence’ [para-phrased] The fact of the matter is that neither the local district council nor residents have the wherewithal to fund these appeals. Surely it is enough that the local community is in agreement that this is not an appropriate site for a Petrol Filling Station? What has happened to democracy in the planning system when outcomes can be bought? You will note that in all of this, the Petrol Filling Station has never been built though planning permissions have been granted and then allowed to expire. So we are back where we started, with yet another planning application under consideration and yet another situation in which we are hopelessly outgunned by the resources of the so-called caring, sharing Co-op (this time Central England C-operative Limited) whose barrister warns us that a refusal of the application by local councilors ‘would inevitably bring more uncertainty for neighbours and further delay development of the site.’ To claim that building a Petrol Filling Station and shop within spitting distance of residents’ homes and gardens would not be of detriment to ‘residential amenity’ is invidious given that even the possibility of this has had a detrimental effect on my own and my neighbours’ lives for nigh on 30 years. It is also unworthy of the Co-operative Society, which trades on its reputation for fairness and ethical behaviour. But the fact of the matter is that the planning system is not designed for you and me or for the multitudes of ordinary people whom it oppresses. Sign my petition which calls for a true change to the planning system, one which gives a real voice to local communities and doesn’t represent an electoral sound-bite.
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    Created by Jean Eason
  • Stop Staff Cuts at New Malden Post Office
    This petition is important for the simple reason that the Post Office is a vital part of the community in New Malden, and the only 'main' Post Office for a while around. Even a busy town like Kingston no longer has a main Post Office. The Post Office are trying to cut at least three, potentially four members of staff at the end of April, to be replaced by machines in Mid-May. The people of New Malden don't want machines to pay their bills - they prefer interacting with humans over the counter. DID YOU KNOW? Since 2012, if these plans are to go ahead, the Post Office will have lost 6 members of staff in 2 years - that's 50%! From 12 members of staff, to 6. Queues are already long enough now in New Malden Post Office, and it can't manage with 4 staff less. We need the Post Office to recruit new members of staff at New Malden Post Office to make up for this staff loss, and to, in effect, save New Malden Post Office. (See More at www.coombemonthly.co.uk)
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  • Painful Prong Collars
    A company called LuvMyDog.co.uk is selling these, As my MP I would like you to investigate this petition, and outlaw collars that cause dogs pain and discomfort. There appears to be absolutely no need for a collar like this to be produced. Please help me outlaw products that injure defenseless creatures in this way. https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/page/-/CBY/Joint%20statement%20ETDs%20and%20prong%20collars%20April%202014.pdf
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  • Make Zero-Hour Contracts Illegal in all Sectors of Work
    It's important as greater numbers of people are being offered these contracts and a higher percentage of these people are young. If we don't provide decent working contracts for young people they have no hope for the future, and this is detrimental to a feel-good factor in an economic recovery. It is also treating people as commodities.
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    Created by Joanna Barker
  • Get Taxpayers money back from RBS & other banks who have invested in PFI
    If less money is allowed to be diverted from the NHS and Treasury into greedy Banks and private sector PFI companies, public services including the NHS will not have to bear such deep cuts in their budgets and/or the country will recover quicker from Austerity measures
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  • Utility Companies to refund credit balances much quicker
    Currently they get away with not doing so and it can take more than 4 weeks to get monies owed from them. I know this as this is my experience. Banks can transfer monies instantly and credit payments quickly so why not utility companies. Here is my experience: When I switched from Scottish Power to Ovo (gas & electricity) I discovered that Scottish Power owed me over £600. I requested they pay this back but was told it would only happen once my final bill was done. I switched on 29th January and gave meter readings on that day to both Scottish Power and Ovo. However, its now March and they are still charging me on my bill (reducing my credit balance) even though they have closed my account (it says so online)! I spoke both with Scottish Power and Ovo and was told that even though I had submitted readings for gas & electricity to both companies, it could take 2 weeks for the network (presumably Transco etc) to confirm the readings. Only then could Scottish Power do my final bill and only then could OVO know for sure what starting readings to use. Scottish Power said once my final bill was confirmed they would then refund my credit balance but it could still take up to 4 weeks! This is a scandal. I made an official complaint to Scottish Power but they said it could 10 working days for someone to get back to me! yet another unacceptable delay. I tried speaking to the regulator but their automated telephone service cuts you off if you say you haven't given the utility company 8 weeks to resolve the situation! Why can't utility companies be made to speed the whole process up like banks have? An example is that when I pay salaries at work via BACS I get a text from my bank (the receiving account) within 10 seconds that the money is in my account! yes, I said 10 seconds, not 10 hours, days or weeks! Its time the companies were brought to account and made to reform. In my opinion the big companies should be split up as well. Scottish Power admits it receives around 75,000 complaints every quarter! Its on their website at https://www.scottishpower.co.uk/support-centre/service-and-standards/complaints/complaintsperformance Please support this campaign
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  • Big Bang Fair: Stop Promoting The Arms Trade!
    We love science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). We think its worth celebrating the exciting possibilities it offers with the young people of the UK. We know how vital STEM is to understand our world and make it better. There is so much inspiring and important STEM work done in the UK, and more to do. That's why it makes us sad that companies which profit from weapons which kill people across the world, should be allowed a role at the Big Bang Fair. One of this year's sponsors, Doosan, is on financial blacklists because of cluster bomb manufacture, and yet you allow them space at your event. As well as the products they manufacture, BAE systems have been the subject of several corruption investigations. Are these really the sorts of groups we want involved in the education of children? Science and engineering should be about improving life, not taking it away - please ask the Big Bang Fair to drop the arms trade.
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    Created by Dr Hamza Hamouchene
  • Action on To Let signs in Cathays/Plasnewydd Cardiff
    Cathays and Plasnewydd are blighted by "to let" signs - they blight our area and help to make our streets look untidy. They can also be used by burglars to target student houses. All too often they remain up for months, even years, and become a form of advertising for Letting Agencies.
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    Created by Jo Stevens
  • Halt Sale of Co-operative Group Farms
    The rushed sale of the Co-operative Group Farms to the highest bidder would almost certainly mean that the land would be bought by venture capital or pension funds, who would have no interest in managing the land using co-operative principles and sustainable techniques. However, as the biggest UK land sale for decades - over 50,000 acres of land - this is also a unique opportunity to make a major contribution to sustainable UK food production and help young new farmers to access land. Like minded groups interested in buying the land (such as co-operatives and Community Farmland Trusts) will require time to put the necessary finances in place, to arrange a sale, and to find suitable tenants. The Co-operative Group board should allow time for initiatives to be planned and organised so that the co-operative management of the Co-op's farmland can continue. The founding values of the Co-operative are at stake here, and the Group will lose all credibility if it simply sells its farms to the highest bidder. Tell the Co-op board to remember its roots: "Don’t sell the soil from under our feet - fertilise the future instead!"
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    Created by Pete Riley
  • Bring the Energy Utilities Back into Public Ownership
    The so called competition in selling energy isn't working - wholesale price falls have not been passed on. The disgrace of elderly and poor families freezing cold in the winter is shameful in a modern, caring society; whilst these energy bosses take home telephone number salaries!
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