• Ban Cooked bones for dogs
    Cooked bones sold as treats for dogs are very dangerous and cause intestinal damage which can lead to the death of your animal. To many dogs suffer and many people are not aware if the dangers until it's to late .
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    Created by Diana Weatherill
  • Ban plastic packaging on fruit and veg
    We are killing our planet, choking oceans, swimming in rubbish and are even consuming microplastics due to our the way we treat this long-lasting – sometimes everlasting – material. We chuck it away, and it's out of sight, but, no, it doesn't magically disappear. And it can't all be recycled, either. The use of plastic has to drop – and fast. Changing the way we buy fruit and veg is a place to start. If we can get rid of/ reduce the use of plastic shopping bags, we can certainly do the same for fruit and veg and then see where else the same principle can be applied to other categories of food. There is transparent paper packaging available so goods can be batched and sealed, so there are no excuses to sit back and wait. The time for sharing pictures and posting horrified emojis of the damage we are wreaking on the planet – and our own bodies – is up. Thanks for reading this. Please sign and share if you agree that we need to cut down on plastic wrapping on fruit and vegetables.
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    Created by Joy Persaud
  • No More Plastic Yogurt Pots
    The UK spends around 2.3 billion a year on dairy products, and last year the average UK person bought 10.9 kgs of yogurt. Most of those yogurt-type products come in hard plastic containers that can never be recycled, often with a non-recyclable plastic lid on top. There’s no need for this - most of these products could be packaged in paper cartons or glass (many of the “luxury” yogurts already are!). I’m calling on the UK dairy industry to ditch plastic cartons in favour of other sustainable, recyclable & environmentally-friendly packaging
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    Created by Lisa Green Picture
  • Almerias Dirty Little Secret, Modern day Slavery
    Human rights are being abused for profit, the public should be made aware of the where and how their food is being grown at the expense of human life and the environment. There are many issues here, the British and Spanish Governments must be made aware of the horrifying scenario immigrants are being subjected to. Thousands of people toil under the polythene sheeting that make up the huge greenhouses. They’re mostly migrant workers, Moroccans, Senegalese and Malians, who have gone to Spain seeking a better life, many risking their own lives on the way. Working in the polythene greenhouses temperatures can sometimes soar to 50 degrees. Up to 120,000 people work producing nearly three million tonnes of fruit and veg every year for export to Britain and across northern Europe. Some actually live inside this plastic hothouse. At night, when the security gates are closed, they are locked in. Some who dare to complain of any ailments can be blacklisted, leaving them stranded with no money to get back to wherever they travelled from. Some of the Physical illnesses are caused by pesticides, which are sprayed during working hours where workers are exposed to the deadly and toxic atmosphere, they are not given masks or safety goggles to protect themselves from potentially fatal outcomes to the exposure. How can we sit at our dinner tables knowing that the men and women, who are someones, mother or father, son or daughter are being treated like modern day slaves in order to feed the rest the UK and the rest of Europe. Michael Gove and George Eustice need to be sure that the food they claim they want to be safe and sustainable is not jeopardizing human life in the process..The most heinous thing about this is this nothing new, this has been going on since the 1980s!!!! What will it take to make these Governments stop and change this shocking situation..DEFRA need to scrutinise the integrity of who we buy and import our food from! Together with the environment ministers who should question the side effects of the disposal of the discarded polythene..Please sign the petition to get fair working conditions for these poor migrants, they are human beings.
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    Created by Jessica Reynolds Picture
  • Get Google to display colourful emojis in Google Slides
    Right now Google will show full colour emjois when you're building up your presentation, but as soon you present your slides, it flips to monochrome black ones. 😞 Just imagine the horror, when you come to present your carefully crafted beautiful presentation, and the emoji sugar that you've sprinkled all over it goes sour! 😵 You're left with a 😳 as your whole team look on in disappointment 🤨 Your whole presentation goes 📉 and the 😭 are welling up inside of you. Google! let's get with the times, let's stop living like we're still using Windows 95!
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    Created by Robin Priestley Picture
  • Keep the Guard On the Train
    This is a safety critical job, meaning that more customers will feel safe on the railways. Current disputes are going on for no obvious reason, disrupting millions of commuters every week. Have a look at some of the RMT's stories on Facebook and Twitter and see some of the reasons we need to keep our guards.
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    Created by Matthew Davies
  • Delivery cyclists and lights on bicycles
    They would not allow motorcyclists/ scooter riders to work without obeying traffic laws so why do they allow their cyclists to flaunt the law.
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    Created by Bob Jenkins
  • Say NO to a Mega-Prison in Glen Parva.
    The numbers of people sent to prison in England and Wales are out of control. Prison does not work to address harm, it increases harm. Currently England and Wales have the highest rate of imprisonment in Western Europe, and building more prisons will make this worse. More people will be sent to prison for minor crimes. In Glen Parva, pollution from construction activity will enter the Grand Union Canal and local bat, hedgehog and toad life will be affected. The increase of prisoners will put a strain on local services and infrastructure as it did in Wrexham with HMP Berwyn. Local residents will also be affected by increased noise, light pollution and congestion. The £170 million planned to build the mega-prison should instead be invested in public services, which will benefit the community.
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    Created by Midlands AEN
  • Pay British Wages To Workers In British Waters.
    SSE is a privatised utility building Scotland's flagship renewable energy project. They are in receipt of £2.6bn of taxpayers' money. The ITF union and RMT union have discovered that HM Government has relaxed the rules for migrant workers in order to allow SSE to import workers from Indonesia and Russia and pay them less than the minimum wage, let alone the going rate for British offshore workers and seafarers. Furthermore, this is happening in a region that has already been hit by the downturn in North Sea oil production. Thousands of offshore workers and seafarers have been laid off in the last couple of years so there are local men and women eminently qualified to take up these roles. That opportunity has been denied to them because the UK government is collaborating in importing non-EU workers to undercut local workers and the UK minimum wage. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/oct/21/migrants-building-beatrice-windfarm-paid-fraction-of-minimum-wage
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    Created by Stephen Beadle
  • Online takeaways to ban under 3 hygiene ratings
    People who use their services dont get a chance to see the food establishment ratings as it is not advertised on the sites. For public safety these establishments shouldn't be trading
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    Created by Stu Cairns Picture
  • A bypass tunnel - the only viable solution to the Rest and Be Thankful problems.
    To allow daily movement for the individual, business, visitors, all people who wish to access Argyll and Bute via the A83
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    Created by Jane Ireland
  • ReFit - prominent traffic light recycling information on packaging
    The current detailed recycling information on packaging (while necessary) is often complex, and doesn't allow the consumer to make rapid and informed judgements on packaging when shopping. The system will succeed because it is voluntary. The population will drive change through market forces. Companies who use environmentally friendly packaging will be keen to display the logo (and thus gain sales), companies using non-recyclable packaging could lose sales and will thus be encouraged to adopt recyclable packaging with a greater urgency. This scheme will work because it is simple. It's a rapid way to push through change without waiting for Government to legislate. There really can't be any excuses when it comes to the environment. 'ReFit' is a short form for 'Fit for Recycling'.
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    Created by Peter Brooks