• Give PC Keith Palmer the George Cross for Valour posthumously
    This policeman gave his life to stop terror it will be a sign we honour his sacrifice and that terror has no place in our lives and proof we are not afraid.
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  • Criminal records data retention until a person is 100 in UK
    Bill to amend the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 will be debated soon. England and Wales brand young offenders criminals for life. The punitive and penal approach to the rehabilitation of young offenders and disclosers and retention of criminal records is vastly different to many other countries. Below is brief guide of how other nations treat criminal convictions. • Canada permanently deletes records of juvenile convictions once an individually turns 18 or after 5 years of turning 18. Murder, manslaughter and aggravated sexual assault are never deleted. Canada also has a pardon system that allows adults to appeal for their records to be suspended and not disclosed if an individual can show good character and rehabilitation since the offence. Also in the USA individuals can apply to have their records expunged; this is for citizens under 18 and varies from state to state. • Scotland does not disclose convictions if 15 years has passed or if an individual were 18 or over 18 at the date of conviction, 7 and half years, if an individual were under 18 at the date of conviction • Australia expunges juvenile convictions after 3 years of no repeat offending and has a pardon policy for adult convictions • In Spain, conviction records are not erased completely but are ‘cancelled’ in a process known as ‘cancelling a conviction record’. Once conviction records are cancelled, the individual will possess a clean criminal record. Therefore, the record of their convictions will be sealed in the Central Criminal Records Registry and is likely made unavailable to the police. To cancel a conviction record a period of time after having served the sentence must have elapsed (6 months, 2 years, 3 years or 5 years depending on the sentence); no further crime has been committed in the interim and civil compensation has been paid or the person has been declared without money. • Ireland. If 3 years has lapsed juveniles records are wiped clean. • In France for adults once the rehabilitation period has passed (depending on the severity of the conviction either three years for misdemeanors or five years for felony crimes, after the sentence was completed) the records of the convictions will remain on the system but will not show on the request of a record. In the case of minors and children, these are removed once the individual concerned has reached 18 years and/or three years from the date the crime was committed. • In Germany most adult convictions are deleted after 5, 10, 15 or 20 years, respectively.
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  • Driving penalty points
    Because as a driver you have had to pay for a raised premuim for the time you have your penalty points as well as your initial fine so it should not have to continue for the next two years
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  • British Man's Wife Denied a UK Visa
    We are a family of 5 people, 4 of us are British citizens. My wife in Venezuelan. The children are aged 8, 7 and 3 months. I live and work and pay taxes in the UK and my wife is being denied a UK visa for no reason. Our family is being destroyed by this ridiculous decision. My wife and children are currently in Venezuela while I am in the UK setting up a home and working so everything is ready for my family to come here. We have been separated for more than 10 months while waiting for the visa to be issued. We meet all of the visa requirements including my wife passing an English proficiency exam with the British Council in Venezuela and me being in full time employment earning more than the £18,600 wage threshold that is required by the British Government. Regardless of my stability in the UK, mine and our 3 children British nationality and citizenship the immigration department refused the visa and a Judge dismissed the appeal. The dismissal was based on my work situation but this is not a true or valid reason because I am in full time employment and earn more than the minimum wages required. There is no reason to deny my wife the visa yet she is being denied the visa. My children are suffering terribly by this unnecessary separation that has been enforced upon us by the British authorities. Their future is being taken from them by a decision that is wrong and is contradictory to the visa requirements. We meet every one of the requirements and we are still being denied the visa.
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  • Police Wear Body Cameras
    Police Officers and Citizens are protected from the violation of the law.
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  • No fines for homeless in Northampton
    It targets vulnerable people and fines them when they are clearly not in a position to pay. It criminalises people who are already at a low ebb and already face considerable challenges in getting their lives back on track. It is a waste of taxpayers' money chasing people with no money through the judicial system for money that they cannot afford.
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  • Blame Culture
    Another example of the deficiencies of the regulator essentially shifting blame and their own shortcoming on to these practitioners who very bravely risked their own lives in treating ebola patients. These wonderful nurses and human beings should be honoured and deeply respected not persecuted, its an absolute disgrace. Its about time this injustice was recognised and put right please speak up on their behalf
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  • Action against raising the Small Claims limit to £5000
    The proposal has been presented as necessary to target fraudulent whiplash injuries suffered in Road Traffic accidents. This is not correct. The proposal affects victims of all injuries, however suffered, including injuries at work. The Government has already relaxed the Health and Safety obligations of employers and the data on whether this has resulted in an increase in works accidents is not yet available. The consequence of raising the small claims limit is that anyone who suffers an injury such as a fractured ankle, caused by the negligence od another, is unlikely to be able to employ a solicitor to fight for recompense. Solicitors fighting for justice for injured people already work on a no win no fee basis so if there is no negligence then there is no legal fee for the injured person and if there is no negligence then there will be no entitlement to be compensated. The injured vulnerable person who is a victim of negligence is therefore immediately placed at a disadvantage against an insurance industry with vast amounts of money and legal resources available to them. The law of negligence is complicated, the court systems are complex and expensive and the insurance industry are increasingly employing tactics to intimidate legitimate victims of injuries to avoid payments out from the vast amounts of money from premiums paid to them to increase their profits . The combination of all this will leave the vast majority of victims of accidents who suffer physical and financial loss without access to justice.
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  • Swearing an oath should be secular.
    British society and its legal proceedings should be secular and not alienate. I recently attended a swearing of probate and was handed a bible before being asked to repeat the words of the lawyer. When I asked the lawyer that I wanted to swear an affirmation, I was made to feel awkward. The lawyer claimed this was the first time such a request had been made. It is clear that many of us merely accept a christian oath as the accepted format, and by doing so perpetuate a procedure that no longer represents our society.
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  • stop forced adoption now
    too many children are being removed from loving families, more often than not by force; the end result is predictable, their voices are not heard; if you were to really ask children without using local authority employees; or representatives of, ie; cafcass, nyas, childrens services, you would get the same answer, why am i not allowed to go back home to my normal mum and dad; why are they with strangers, foster carers etc? little do they understand the fragility of their future; no-one has really told them, let alone talk to them, and ask them what they want. forced adoption, and the practise of it is draconian; the same with foster care; that too is enforced on the children that no-one wants to adopt. send them back home, stop wasting tax payers money on the excuse of possible future harm, it would cost far less financially and is in the interest of the child, if families need help; give them it, do not split them up ; and tear them apart because it is easier to do so!! spend the taxpayers money being used to keep them in care, away from their families differently, use it to enable parents to be better parents; so that their children can stay at home; with them
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  • Reimburse Tribunal Costs Pertaining to ATOS Misdiagnosis
    This is important because the government withdrew legal aid at a time when it contracted out its duties to ATOS to assess whether or not claimants, of sickness benefits, were fit for work. Job Centres and the Department of Works & Pensions have strict guidelines to follow when assessing claimants, however, by contracting out to ATOS they avoided these strict guidelines to reach the government's targets to reduce the number of people on sickness benefits. Thousands of people, who were misdiagnosed by ATOS, won their appeals. No fines have been levied on ATOS, or compensation paid by them, for financial loss or the pain and suffering caused to the individuals, despite the proven negligence at the tribunals.
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