• Test all UK prisoners for COVID-19
    Prisons provide the ideal setting for contagious diseases to wreak havoc. They are crowded, cramped, often unsanitary institutions, with inadequate healthcare provision for a population often already in poor health. We also have an ageing custodial population, with many prisoners now in the age group at greatest risk of complications from Coronavirus. Many more prisoners will become seriously ill and die.
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  • Domestic abuse
    Because this is close to my heart
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  • A voice for the people
    I think it is important because if you are an innocent victim of such a awful incident your justice system will work hard to find out the truth where a lot of countries cover up the evidence of incidents that have happened because it is in the country
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    Created by Charlotte Coleman
  • Improve mental health provision in prisons
    Prisons have suffered severe cuts in funding which has resulted in prisoners suffering mentally. As you may be aware, re-offending rate has been higher than ever with 60% of prisoners re-offending. With lack of support due to cuts, can you blame them? By signing a petition, you make the government aware of this rising epidemic to all prisoners. Improving the mental health of prisoners is a difficult and complex task, but it is an essential step to reducing re-offending and ensuring that those who are released from prison can rebuild their lives in the community. Despite this, Government’s efforts to improve the mental health of those in prison so far have been poorly co-ordinated, and information is still not shared across the organisations involved, and not even between community and prison GP services. We want to help the inmates feel like they can reform and that society is supporting them in this. We all have a responsibility to help them because we are all affected when prisoners reoffend on their release.
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    Created by Hannah Kinchin-Frost
  • Caroline's Law
    Sections of the British press & media act with impunity, and more recently there have been a number of cases where they have sought to sensationalise the misfortune of individuals (mainly those already in the public eye, but not always so) to the catastrophic detriment of the individuals' mental welfare. The Jeremy Kyle show, and Caroline Flack being recent examples. We'll never truly know all of the things that were going on in Caroline's mind when she took the decision to take her life. But we do know that sections of the media were quite happy to drag her life through the wringer purely in order to sell a few more papers and it's just not right. What price is a life? This isn't the first time this has happened, and I'm concerned that without a new law, it won't be the last.
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  • CCTV Cameras for Fox's Bank Cemetary
    Due to an increase in Crime and Anti Social Behaviour in and around the cemetery we are calling on Knowsley Council to invest in CCTV Cameras to cover the Cemetery. Residents visit the Cemetery to pay their respects to their loved ones and it's heart braking to see people treat the Cemetery in such a disrespectful way. Will Saundo, Founder of Friends of Fox's Bank Cemetery said: " I would like to welcome any help that the local community would like to give along with my wife kerry we will strive to get the cctv up and beyond that we have many more ideas in the future all support is welcome I'd like to thank everyone who gives there signature for this cause" Barry Oakes, a member Friends of Fox's Bank Cemetery added: "The Cemetery should be a safe, secure and peaceful place for our loved ones to rest in peace"
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    Created by Sandra Gaffney
  • Stop Merseyflow's Penalty Charge Notices and use of Bailiffs
    Stop this bridge system destroying lives!!
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  • Increase the number of front line police officers in England and Wales
    Over the last 10 years the number of front line police officers in England and Wales has decreased by almost 20,000 officers with the number of violent crimes increasing year upon year. Additionally, the Office for National Statistics has reported that individuals in England and Wales have a 1 in 5 chance of becoming victims of crime. It is time that things changed and we need your support. With enough signatures we can get this issue discussed in Parliament and hopefully see a much needed increase to the numbers of front line police in England and Wales.
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    Created by Chris Ralphs
    I strongly feel that if the South Yorkshire Police took the time to launch a full investigation into these crimes and liaised with the wider police forces such as West Yorkshire Police in particular, they would have enough evidence to catch the culprits of these crimes; and restore justice for all the victims, so that people can feel safe again parking their cars at night. There are plenty of cases that I have become aware of that the police are yet to gather evidence for (as they have not spoken to the victims, looked at CCTV or investigated many of the reported crimes). Should an investigation be launched tying the crimes and the evidence together, the police should be able to catch the people responsible and restore justice, as well as a sense of safety within Sheffield and the wider community. Not only are the victims having to deal with the situation of having to get their cars fixed, which can cost thousands of pounds in repairs and also steeply hiked insurance premiums; but they also face the added fear of the crime happening to them again, as these criminals continue to roam the city stealing parts of targeted vehicles. If you yourself have had this crime happen to you or someone you know, or you just want this kind of crime to stop, then please sign this petition to make the South Yorkshire Police and the Local MP’s listen. There needs to be a full investigation into all the reports of car part theft in South Yorkshire and the surrounding areas to catch the people responsible for this.
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    Created by Melissa L
  • Set Up A Fully-Funded, Trained National Fraud and Economic Crimes Division
    Action Fraud has been exposed as a sham, lip-service to what is a growing epidemic of economic crime, leading to poorly conducted police investigations and ineffective justice and recompense for victims. Meanwhile fraudsters and scammers get away with it time and again, succeeding in misrepresenting non-existent investments or opportunities. The banking industry for the last three years has even known - and has remained silent - about a false-investments online platform made available through licence-charges to criminal syndicates to simulate non-existent investments to give the appearance to victims that their defrauded funds are being invested in realistic-looking investments, which don't actually exist. Meanwhile, FCA fines imposed on financial institutions that were complicit either knowingly or unknowingly in the fraud are directed to the treasury, without being earmarked for any kind of national fraud investigation agency. Scamming and fraud, which has become sophisticated and very professional in the last decade, has risen by at least 10% in the last three years without any sign of slowing or being tackled properly. Instead, police forces play pass-the-parcel with economic crimes cases and nobody takes responsibility for investigating these crimes. A lack of a proper concerted government-led response in establishing a national economic crimes and restitution unit demonstrates that the government of the UK in reality doesn't care for individuals who have been played or scammed by sophisticated and persuasive fraudsters, and it reveals that the government and police-forces of the UK would rather engage in blaming the victims rather than the criminals, thereby endorsing economic crimes and their perpetrators.
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  • Protect our right to protest
    The police are pushing the government to give them new powers to clamp down on peaceful protests. But with politics as volatile as they are right now, it’s never been more important for people to be able to stand up for what they believe in - we can’t afford to let this happen. Throughout history, peaceful protest has helped change the world for the better. From the Suffragettes, to Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp, to recent Xtinction Rebellion protests the UK has a proud history of peaceful demonstrations for the issues we care about. Giving more power to the police to shut down protests is an attack on our democratic right to speak out about decisions that will shape our future.
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    Created by Richard Warren
  • IOPC to release details of their criminal investigation into Boris Johnson before 12th December 2019
    We should all be equal before the law. Privilege, high office and politics should not delay or obstruct the law. If Boris Johnson remained Prime Minister after the election and then was found guilty of criminal misconduct resulting in a prison sentence that would disqualify him from parliament and render him unable to continue as Prime Minister, it would be a gross affront to democracy. It would be better to prosecute and 'Lock him up' before the election.
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